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Found 10 results

  1. what do you think is the biggest rivalry in geekdom? it can be rivalry between to different fandoms like star wars vs star trek, or a character rivalry like batman vs superman. personally the biggest fandom rivalry ive been a part of is thor vs hulk ( thor should always beat hulk). please post your thoughts on which rivalry is the biggest and the biggest rivalry you have been a part of.
  2. Hellow, fellow pones. We are living in interesting time of second informational revolution. One of fruit of modern technologies is an machine learning. In other words AI can be learned how to act on samples instead of being programmed. It easily allows to reach amazing result in image recognition, natural speech understanding (hello, Siri ^-^) and other stuff which is really hard to program. But in other hand we can't just open and research code inside their memory - it has no human understandable algorithm. To explore their behavior we need to supervise their actions and analyse (Hello, Freud XD). Here's discussion topic for you, fellow pones. How far AI can go? Can machine become equal part of our society? And how smart machines can make our life better or worse?
  3. During my time as a brony (and even before), I've noticed that hardly anyone I meet has played either Dungeons and Dragons, or Magic: the Gathering. (The closest I've found is five or six people recently, but they all play Yu-Gi-Oh.) Does anyone on the forums actually play either of these?
  4. I'm a huge fan of the Blender project and just wanted to know if there is anyone else here who shares my love towards the freedom of creation. (If you like Maya, Max or something else, I'm still interested in your opinions.) Write about anything in the subject. eg.: What features do you use the most? Works you've done? Years of practice? The UI wars? (active users should know ) I started using (heh) after I saw my cousin playing around in 2.4x (old times), but it turned serious only when I began attending art lessons and spent all my time on the classroom's only working computer. I still do My favorite parts of this amazing software are the modeling and simulation tools, compositing and Cycles nodes. I think the interface is 98% perfect the way it is and would prefer seeing improvements in modifiers (especially the boolean) and Unity integration than the developers wasting time on editor tabs. So far I've been doing it for ~2 yrs and now that I have my tablet, nothing can stop me My 2 bigger projects were a request and a present, one for my crush (a logo for her fashion show) and an OC for my best friend. They both sucked from a Blender point of view, but the look on their faces was worth every sleepless hour and coffee brewing and occasional missing from school. I want to do this all my life. PS.: 2.7 RC is out!!! Let's open that champagne!!!!
  5. So hi guys! Happy Geek Week!(I know I'm not the only one who knows about this) Have you ever had a moment where you were so hyped up about something that you literally started to geek out? In public maybe? Or probably it was that new game you've waited for so long? Well type your story in the comments! I would be interested to hear one
  6. Looking up at the stars people have, for generations, been asking “Are we alone in the universe?” It’s a deep question that conjures up images from science fiction and fantasy. Strange looking aliens flying massive ships through the vast empty void. Planets filled with exotic life. Treacherous asteroid fields and clouds of cosmic dust. All jump to mind. Cosmic Encounter doesn't answer that question at all. Cosmic Encounter is a game of small scale galactic conquest driven by negotiations, bluffing and a fair bit of betrayal. The game actually has quite a legacy behind it. The very first incarnation of the game was published in 1977, the second release of the game arrived in 1992 and most recently it was republished by Fantasy Flight in 2008. It’s garnered quite a following, the real question is does it deserve that following? Read more »
  7. Hey I went to Geek Week and took a Geek IQ test to see how awesome I was. It turns out that I am pretty awesome. No i'm just kidding, My Score was only 258. I want to know what your score was. So please, please, PLEASE reply to this topic. That's all I got for that. Thank you for taking the time to read my post and hopefully reply. On that note I hope to see some really high scores. Until then I am Squeak Squeak Revolution reminding you to let your inner geek out.
  8. Hi all. This article was posted in Equestria Daily's Nightly Roundup last night, and I thought that it was interesting enough to share with you all. The writer makes some very interesting points about the matter, as do many of the people who commented on it. I do not agree with everything stated in this article, but I wanted to know what you guys thought of it before I throw in my two cents.
  9. You guys will never guess. what. happened. Alright, rewind to yesterday afternoon. I was just browsing through Tumblr. Then I saw this. I thought, "Wow, these fakemon look really well made." then I scrolled down. "...Wow there is a lot of fanart for these guys." THEN I SAW THIS! The Gifs didn't work here, but they're real peices of footage. Nintendo even released an official announcement about it. YESYESYESOHMYARCEUSYESSSSS! ...Ahem. Fast forward to this morning. It was before first period, and everyone is in the cafeteria. One of the teachers on monitor duty was the band teacher. He's a pretty cool guy, and we've talked about video games before (despite me not having him for any class). So this morning he saw me putting my 3DS away, and asked me if I had heard about Pokemon X and Y. It went a little something like THIS: "Oh my god, Did you hear about the new Pokemon generation? Which one are you going to get? I'm going to get X! This is so exiting!" Man, that guy is awesome! Have any of you had a moment where you and a teacher geeked out about the same game?
  10. So i got to thinking what if Rarity wasn't into gem hunting for her dresses, what if she was a geek who loved collecting Rare collectibles? Some names in Equestria are too broad, what other names can you think of that can have more than one cutie mark, and what do you think it might look like?