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Found 20 results

  1. So what is the oldest item you have?
  2. ALPHA 2 Hello everypony! Originally I planned to make this game for Rarity's day, but... It didn't work hue hue. I've manged to get the game working in about 5 days, but polishing it and adding next features... well, took waaaaay longer. I was never programming puzzle games of any kind before, so this was ... and still is an interesting experience! But okay, enough of that. What is this game about? Basically, it's a match-three puzzle game starring our beloved fashion pony, Rarity. At the moment the game lacks of many features, it only has the basic ones... And it only has two levels, because drawing these dress sketches (rd's is actually just 'borrowed' heh) took longer than I expected. RIP ;-; FABULOUS Screenies! DOWNLOAD CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD FILENAME: Art of the Dress (Alpha 2) PLATFORM: WINDOWS FILE TYPE: .zip FILE SIZE: 30.2 MB HOSTED ON: Google Drive ESTIMATED GAME LENGTH: About 5 minutes ... EPIC! System Requirements: I tested it on my potato laptop and it was working fine. I'll you'll experience any framerate drops, please let me know, along with providing your computer specs. Press M to toggle debug overlay, which displays FPS and what exactly might slow down the performance. How to Install: This is a packed .zip file. All you need to do is to unpack it anywhere and launch the game, no installation required. You can unpack it with various common packing software, such as WinRAR. I believe there are even online extractors, so just ask Uncle Google. Installation files for little demos isn't practical, so for now .zip will be enough. Reporting Bugs: I tested it multiple times and the game seemed to work, but there were many additions in a short period of time, so chances are, that something might glitch in rare cases. Well, it's just Alpha, duh! Nevertheless, if you'll experience any weird behavior, I'd really appreciate reporting this. Videos would be perfect, but a proper explanation what and when that happened would be good too. Please try your best when reporting issues, thank you! DISCLAIMER Just in case, let me mention, that this is an alpha version and there might be bugs. Worst case scenario will be the game freezing, but that shouldn't happen. Just keep that possibility in mind, you never know. GAMEPLAY VIDEO If you can't or don't want to play this game, it's totally fine, there's not much into it at the moment anyway. Buuut perhaps at least take a look at the gameplay video I've recorded? I worked so hard on that game. uwu CREDITS I hope you'll like it, thank you for visiting!
  3. What is the name of the MLP App music when you're going to purchase Gems?
  4. Or had a hankering for it? Or was he just brought up as a vegetarian dragon and is okay with that? Are dragons even carnivorous in MLP? I assumed they were, and that gems are just something they snack on.
  5. Hi Everypony!! not sure if this was the right place to post this but I have to share this glitch with you all before it gets taken away. I have discovered a glitch in the official mlp game specific to the gem mine mini game. I believe this is exclusive to laptops or pc's, okay so when you are in the mine hold W on the keyboard it will activate a permanent shield I don't know if this helps but I'm always using a 5 star twilight sparkle as the passenger also the when you collide with something the shield will be down for a half second or more and you may even have to press and hold W again to reactivate it. this glitch will not be around forever so share it or tag Ponies here who you know play the game so we can make the most of it. Also again I'm not sure if this was the right place to post this so it might get moved or removed from here. ENJOY!! AND HAVE FUN MINING!! P.S. yes I am a 26 year old man playing this game don't judge me lol also it's a glitch so don't always assume it's going to work so keep trying to dodge things.
  6. Just decided to create a big topic so I can post my doodles I do (almost) daily. I don't have my own artstyle, so it will change a lot. Also will have a lot of Jasper because she's my favorite character on the entire show.
  7. Trust me, you'll need this: About two days ago, on an island far, far, away. . . PONE WARS EPISODE II GAMELOFT STRIKES BACK Now, I wasn't going to ANOTHER one of these, but about two weeks ago, during my CRUSADE toward the other side of the world, I was looking at the MEDIOCRE laptops in a convenience store (laptops in a convenience store, how about THAT?). Normally, I'd simply fiddle around with them and CRITICIZE how bad they are (2.5Ghz SINGLE core? What is this? The 90s?); but this time around, something caught MY EYE. On the start menu was a little blue icon with a loopy "G", signifying the ever-so triumphant, GAMELOFT. My timing was bad, but never before had curiosity grown on me. I began to wonder if My Little PONY could be played on WINDOWS 10. When I got HOME, I pulled open my NEW laptop and began to search the store for anything resembling my FIANCE'. Finally (after about three seconds), I managed to find a copy of the famed, "HASBRO simulator" dubbed, "My Little Pony: A GAMELOFT game". Here's where things got a bit complicated. FIRSTLY, the game is so outdated, they're still pulling up Equestria GIRLS promotions (which was equally bad as it sounds. It's some kind of RHYTHM game, but it's got a really bad delay of about 0.75 SECONDS). And the HUD is about as old as Windows 98 (This version dates back to 2013). Unlike the LAST, this version had hardly any lag. In fact, it ran at a smooth 180FPS . . . when it wanted to. Ever so OFTEN, the game would drop to a dead HALT at the worst times. "Want to grab that apple that's falling on the other SIDE of the screen? WHOOPS, let's drop the frame-rate to 12 and forget this was going to happen". It does that QUITE often and always at the most inconvenient of times (like that STUPID EQG dance party mini-game) A lot of the THINGS here are the same as what I said in the ORIGINAL post. It's a waiting simulator that only runs BETTER because it's a Windows 10 counterpart. Despite this, I still MANAGED to have fun by burning all of Ponyville's REVENUE and forcing all the MARES to work for low wages, basically creating Gameloft's COMMUNIST dream society. One thing that, REGRETFULLY, remained the same were the loading times. Now, in WINDOWS 10, apps that work like programs are SUSPENDED whenever the person clicks off them or MINIMIZES them. That's fine and all, but when you're DOWNLOADING updates? It resets EVERYTHING and you have to start it all over again. For a game that already had LOADING issues, it was pretty bad and took me 6 HOURS to downloading something with bad HOTEL internet. Nice thing is that after that FIRST boot, everything goes back to normal and you can spam your Twitter feed with as many horses as you want. The BETTER thing about this version is that I could ACTUALLY experience all the game has to offer. (Such as BAD minigames and other DELICACIES) A lot of the minigames are the same, do the task at HOOF and earn some points. Problem is, it gets really repetitive and you'll soon find out that you earn the same amount of EXP per game (I'm looking at you, TELESCOPE game [which is harder with a MOUSE). The game still costs a lot to play. Not so much REAL currency, but the bits are just as bad. Buying is a pain and really scrapes you dry. ONE problem with buying is that it NEVER tells you just how much money you'd be making with a new SHOP, forcing you to blindly punch numbers into a calculator to find the bits per SECOND ratio. (Yay, SCHOOLWORK) Eventually, like many of you I'm sure, got TIRED of the waiting and remembered a little trick. CHEAT ENGINE, the problem solver of the world. Within this MAGICAL program is a SPEEDHACK, which can UNLIMIT the FPS in the game; thus, making me more MONEY. As soon as I remembered it, I downloaded and submit my COMMUNISTIC Ponyville to EXTREME measures (Pinkie Pie style). Now we're happy to announce that we're making 10,000 BITS every twenty seconds. So that's GAMELOFT'S PONY GAME, from what I've heard, there's a co-op mode where you can play with others. I've got a friend who might be able to help with that; so if all goes well, I'll UPDATE this story and add an EPISODE III. No this is NOT the 5k special. -REalityPUBlishing
  8. Every once in a while, there's a cartoon that not many people heard of, remember, or even liked, but people who have seen it, saw its brilliance. What are the most underrated cartoons you enjoyed? My Life as a Teenage Robot: Created by Rob Renzetti, This gem of Nicktoon came and went as Nick tried to make people forget it existed towards the end of its run. But most people who have seen it can tell you how good it is. While it isn't my favorite Nicktoon, Teenage Robot is at least in the top 10. Its characters are likable and often funny, its plots were inventive, and its action was solid. But what really sold me on the show was the main character herself, Jenny. Not only is she as cute as a button, but she also avoids the annoying, overused "valley girl" stereotype common in many teenage cartoon characters. She possesses a unique comination of teenage sensabilites and child-like naiveté, making her relatable to both teens and younger children, and Janice Kawaye does a great job capturing the anime-esque innocence of her character. Yin Yang Yo: I saw several people weren't really a fan of this show. I kind of see why, it IS pretty flawed. Regardless, I still found it hilarious. It stars two rabbit twins, Yin and Yang, as they learn the magic/combat hybrid art called Woo Foo, by a Grumpy Panda named Yo. The humor is reminiscent of early Fairly Odd Parents, will meta-jokes, and self-awareness. It's far from perfect, but if you like Fairly Odd Parents, you may get a chuckle out of this show. The Weekenders: Please watch this show, If you like Slice-of-Life shows, please give it a look. It's basically about 4 kids doing stuff on weekends. That may sound boring, but you'll be supprised at what they do with this.
  9. Which Pony (or Ponies) do you think are the funniest? I guess you could include Spike, because even though he's not necessarily a Pony, he's still pretty halarious. Feel free to add as many Ponies as you want . For me, My favourites are 1. Pinkie Pie because she's so spontanious and hyper all the time 2. Spike, he's pretty good with jokes 3. and that "YEEAHHHH!!" guy from Season 2 I still find him ugly though
  10. Took work over two days to get this project done but it was a lot of fun and I really like this style. It was so hard to wait till I finished to release all these together. If you don't know the show Steven Universe then I don't even know. Style wise I was partially trying to mimic Steven Universe's distant models. I feel I did well in picking the best matching characters. I wasn't happy with Applejack as Garnet, but she didn't really fit as anyone else, and Maud fit Garnet better then anypony else, but I couldn't not have Applejack so I compromised. Rarity was basically a joke. I think Fluttershy and Trixie are my favorites in this set. Click here to see them individually too
  11. ...Believe it or not, I think they might! Let me back up a bit. Some things I've noticed from the show are the gems in Equestria have some huge differences from gems IRL. Equestrian gems tend to be enormous in comparison with most gems on earth, they can be found in shallow soil, and they come out of that soil looking like they've already been cut and polished. Real gems are tiny (the biggest you'll find in most jewelry stores is the size of a man's thumbnail), they're found deep in igneous rock deposits, and they tend to look like dirty pebbles until they're cut and polished by human industry. So...why so many differences? I figure it's because latent magic in the soil causes ordinary elements like Aluminum and Oxygen to come together to form sapphires and rubies---and other elements to form other gems, e.g. carbon to form diamonds, beryllium into emeralds, silicon into citrines and amethysts, etc. The magic in the soil must naturally stimulate the growth of crystals, which explains the size, depth, and shape of the gems in Equestria. Also, if that gem-building magic waxes and wanes with the seasons (and it probably would), then there literally can be a "Sapphire Season"! (Remember Spike's line about Sapphire Season from Super Speedy Cider Squeezy?) Of course...why should that magic just affect gems and not other types of rock? Especially when rock farms are canon. It makes sense that, if latent magic in the soil can cause the growth of rocks, that ponies would find a place where a lot of rock growth is happening, and then they'd use that aspect of nature to make those rocks grow the way they need them to so they can be used for landscaping and building materials---which is, indeed, what Pinkie's family's rock farm sells rocks for, according to her chapter book. All this make a little too much sense to me. Even if these thoughts never passed through any of the writers' minds, it just adds up a little too well. I'm hoping I can get to use this worldbuilding in a game I'm working on. Anyone else agree/disagree with this?
  12. The " Rarity or Gem " stance (pictured) is a unique style. This is set up for those with a bit more in the way of combinations of short and long attacks, Throwing is not used as often as this style uses more pushes, trips and low strikes, also it is a style that uses 1.) deceptions like fake outs, changes in directions and ducking. 2.) A long and drawn out dance like movement, almost like a waltz or ballroom dancing movements. Utilizing random bowing and swirling motions in order to move around your opponent so you can get in a short but strong combo of strikes.
  13. It's easy to see that bits are a common currency in Equestria, but we've also seen several instances of gems being used as currency in and of themselves. In real life, while gems are certainly quite valuable, they can't just be tossed around as currency. Instead, they have to be carefully appraised and sold for currency which, of course, can then be used as... well, currency. But in the show, ponies have actually bought things only using gems. In Rarity Takes Manehattan, the bellhop even offers to get Rarity change for the gem she gave him as a tip. All that leads me to believe that ponies must either have an innate sense for how much gems are worth or be taught the values of all manner of gems as they're growing up. Thoughts?
  14. I've been working on these two drawings since a few days ago, and I just finished these. Personally, I'm a big fan of Rarity and Flash, and of course for other ponies out there, but here I just want to focus on these two. Traditional artwork for Flash Sentry I like Flash Sentry because I find him a really cool character, even though he's not that interesting concerning about his personality according to canon results, but even so I tried to bring out something different from him were he's practically doing something. I imagine him that he's in a battle, in which he lost his helmet, and got a scratch, etc. but still has the guts to courageously continue the fight. Digital artwork for Rarity And Rarity, we all know the fabulous Rarity. I really like her because I can really relate to her when it comes to her admiration to fashion. I myself am very familiar with fashion, even for the women, so all her dress-making capabilities are not much of a mystery to me. I also added the gems in the drawing because that is her trademark design to her creations. So, I hope you like it guys
  15. We've seen two big examples when crystals have been used as a medium for magic: when Celestia with dark magic made a crystal project an image of the past (and more), and when Twilight, also with dark magic, made a hidden staircase appear. But do crystals on their own possess magical power? The previous feat at least indicates that crystals are very responsive to magic which could be because they contain traces of magic within themselves. This could explain why Rarity uses magic to find gems but a similar spell to find other objects hasn't been shown. Chrysalis mentioned to the imprisoned Twilight she was in the caves under Canterlot, once home to greedy unicorns in search for the gems the cave obtained. The Alicorn amulet's source of power appears to be a gem. The greedy unicorns possibly wanted these gems under Canterlot for their magical power. The Elements of Harmony also are studded with gems but this may just be the physical form they decided to take on. The crystals that make up the Crystal Empire have shown to be a very strong medium for magic, the crystal heart itself being a prime example. The crystals that make up the ground beneath could be what gives the crystal ponies their shining coats thus explaining why there aren't crystal ponies elsewhere. In conclusion gems are highly reactive to magic, possibly due to traces of magic already within. They're a lot more than dragon chow, that's for sure. What are your thoughts? Do you think gems have more magical power than I credit, or do you think they're just a bunch of shiny rocks?
  16. A little thing I put together for the most underrated VA on the show. Seriously. However much you think you like her, believe me, it is not enough. Cheers, mates. EDIT: Major linkage, brah.
  17. Hello there, little ponies. We are Diamond Dogs. You ask us questions here, and we answer them! We...much more friendly with the ponies now, yes, much friendlier. Hehe! Oh yes, we answer all the little pony questions, as good friends of ponies! And if you have any gemstones, uhhh...give us them! We really like gemstones! Hehehe! Gemstones, yes! Precious gemstones! Shut up! Let the kind, gentle ponies come and ask their questions. Come now ponies, no need to be frightened.
  18. Another track I made during free time in Music Tech. It's supposed to be based on the underground place in "A Dog and Pony Show". Don't know if I pulled that off well, but whatever. Hope you enjoy de track! :3
  19. My mod allows you to GAIN gems, bits, and hearts from the Apple Picking and Ball Bounce minigame! Spend money no more on pricey gems to complete the game! I know it looks boring, but I didn't know what i could do to pep it up, without people moaning that it's hard to read. Note: You need the first winter edition of the game, as well as being able to access files. Android can do that by default, you will need to jailbreak for iDevices
  20. I've come to the conclusion that the only way there can be so many gemstones in Equestria is that they REPRODUCE! I mean, Rarity can find simply hundreds of them in just one afternoon, and yet she isn't rich, and there are just too many out there! Don't you think that by now she would atleast have to dig deeper? Also, spike eats them, so it only makes sense they are biological. They are probably protist beings, like sea weed. They are very simple life forms wich are basically no more than just a group of identical cells connected, having no organs and stuff. I know that Rarity could probably do better by farming them, but i'd say that there are way to much of them in the wild for it to be actually much more gain. I bet few ponies actually seek these, so they aren't endangered EDIT: And as it was pointed out, remember Pinkie was raised in a rock FARM! It all makes sense now.