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Found 8 results

  1. So this is for posting and commenting on genderbent fanart of characters from anything you like! I made this topic (and my new blog) for this (rather large) picture: I really really like this picture and I made it my phone lock-screen background. So, what cool genderbent pictures do you have?
  2. I love this song way to much so I drew a picture for it, I feel proud of how it turned out so may as well share it with yal~
  3. So... what pony do you think looks best as it's opposite gender? Well, my opinion is Princess Molestia(yeah, molestia) Look at this LOOK
  4. I decided to try out a new style on Acrylic Flow, my rule 63 ponysona. (I am better at drawing mares.) I painted her using an acrylic brush tool.
  5. I created a more show accurate version of Acrylic Flow. Still not perfect though.
  6. Rarity from Rainbow rocks, as a dude :3
  7. Rough sketch Genderbender of my fave Rainbow Dash ship
  8. I posted a Macareina (Big Mac genderswap) wallpaper just a week or so ago. I just finished another one for Butterscotch (Fluttershy genderswap). Since I'm doing more vector walls, I decided it would be best to just post my works in a single topic. So here it is. Wallpapers are in 1920 x 1080. I'm using DeviantArt now for ease of access. The characters (without the wallpaper) are also available in my DA gallery. Macareina Butterscotch ADDED 12/1/2012 Rainbow Blitz ADDED 1/11/2013 Bubble Berry BONUS ADDED 1/11/2013 BlackWater I'll post more whenever I finish them...