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Found 608 results

  1. We all know the issue: only Toriyama’s vision and work on the Dragon Ball manga is considered canon, and every Toei’s original, be it OVAs, filler, and even a spin-off sequel isn’t. Among the latter is the Legendary Super Saiyan himself, who surprised many when the news hit that the first DBS film canonizing him So, is that the start of other non-canon lore to be adapted in the official DB canon? who knows? But this inspired me to open this thread (it has spoilers of the DBS manga)
  2. We watch videos from famous YouTube people, with funny and epic videos of any kind, but as time goes on, their qualities eventually diminish to the point where they become forgettable and utterly predictable, not to mention being too unfunny and monotonous. Here are my personal lists of YouTubers I no longer express interest anymore: PewDiePie: Yes, he's a self-proclaimed YouTube legend with a whopping 70 million subscribers, and used to watch him a few years back, though once he stopped doing gaming, he basically started doing nonsense crap just to cater on the demographic viewers that are basically either attention-craving children or PewDiePie elitists who will openly defend him and belittle others for no apparent reason because they clearly don't care for opinions altogether. If any, I've grown fed up with his sheer desperation in trying to be funny altogether. It's just become awfully cringe-y. In general. he's slowly becoming an afterthought. And to top it off, he's become so self-absorbed, that he cares nothing, not even his own fans, except try and maintain his personal crown for his self-serving needs. It's just... no, just no. AngryJoeShow: Used to love his shows when it comes to rants on bad video games, but over the years, he's completely strayed away from gaming reviews and gaming controversies and went to rate movies and nothing else. He rated a few games like Overwatch, but were in a rushed and brief manner as well, no actual angry game review at all. Yes, he's been doing Angry Video Game Reviews this year and last year, but even then, I have long unsubbed his channel since he basically threw a rage fit at his fans because of his petty excuse he made regarding making video game reviews. It just goes to show that once you start belittling your fans because you can't keep up to date, it's basically considered crossing the line and haven't gotten near his channel since then. That's all I have. What are the YouTubers that you used to enjoy but since unsubbed without looking back for several reasons?
  3. heavens-champion

    General Media Star Wars Planets

    Which Star Wars planets do you like the most?
  4. DivineBlood1000

    General Media Favorite PS4 game?

    Uncharted 4. Hands down, it’s the BEST and most beautiful game I’ve ever played!
  5. That's right, starting Tuesday Jan. 1, 2019, every copyrighted media from 1923 will enter the public domain. This also means the oldest copyrighted material from then on will be dated January 1, 1924. And of course, during Trump's years as President, we're gradually going to see all other 1920s works in the public domain, and guess who's going down the ship with these old works: And as long as Trump doesn't sign another copyright law, those copyright holders can kiss their works good-bye.
  6. It’s one of my favorite TV shows and I loved all the characters and the animation were so awesome at times!
  7. Whenever such a thing happens, they can surely piss you off. It can even make you sad knowing that the video will likely be gone forever.
  8. Usually, parents should always only ground their kids for exhibition of age-restricted media, such as movies like Sausage Party and Blade Runner 2049, and video games like Conker's Bad Fur Day. But, I heard of a 16 or 17 year old guy who was actually chastised for being a fan of MLP. I find this a super unfair thing because his parents just want him to see more harmful stuff rather than anything family-friendly. To be honest, parents should never at all do something like this to their kids no matter what their age. So in other words, it's right to teach kids a lesson about attempting to see R rated media, but never ever for family-friendly stuff like MLP.
  9. E.g. -- Count Dooku from Star Wars, and Bane from The Dark Knight Rises.
  10. Honestly, I'm surprised than no one has thought to do a crossover movie with Winnie the Pooh and Christopher Robin meeting Calvin and Hobbes. Two boys with their imaginary friends/ stuffed animals would be so sweet (and another tiger pal for Tigger!). Why do you guys think this hasn't been done?
  11. According to sources, the first two generations of My Little Pony lasted in the US from 1983 to 1998. And guess what? Pokemon was introduced there in 1998! I also want to point out that most Pokemon toys were sold by none other than Hasbro, the creators of My Little Pony. This convinces me, Pokemon might have been the successor of classic (not today's) My Little Pony back then!
  12. Midnight Solace

    Music Songs That Make You Feel Better

    Recently I've been feeling pretty... Down. But sometimes playing music helps. I've been listening to these lately: I have to turn it up Real loud otherwise I would still feel bad. So, do you guys listen to music when you're feeling sad?
  13. Which is better? I say heel, as that's the easiest way to get someone over with the crowd. (That, and WWE sucks at creating babyfaces these days.)
  14. List 1 Superstar each. E.g.: Push: Damien Sandow. (He deserves compensation for being screwed out of his Money In The Bank last year -- and, on top of that, currently having to play dress-up and job out every week.) Hire: Jim Ross. (Buck Vince McMahon for firing him over something Ric Flair did.) Fire: Hornswoggle. (Obvious reasons are obvious.)
  15. I've seen petitions all over the internet to bring back old stuff we are big fans of, but usually, they just don't seem to work. Is there really need for "silly" things like these?
  16. .. While I normally like listing off my favorite things... this list is actually gonna be kinda small for me personally. This could maybe be attributed to the fact that hardly any one fictional character really connects with me, usually it is the combinations of characters within certain settings. That being said, here goes: Ripred, The Underland Chronicles Rarity, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Luxa, The Underland Chronicles Gregor, The Underland Chronicles Boots, The Underland Chronicles Spike, My LIttle Pony: Friendship is Magic Captain Holly Short, Artemis Fowl series Applejack, Scootaloo, Sweetie Belle. ... and then, uh...I'll probably just hafta go with like, Buzz Lightyear and Woody and Toy Story characters. I know a ton of people here will be like, "too many to count". I hardly care about... like, Harry Potter characters, or Hunger Games characters. They just sort of exist and are pawns in a larger story. the characters from both those series I just mentioned. oh yeah... maybe I like the major characters in my actual favorite movie of all-time, the movie called AKIRA. I like Kei, and Yamagata, and Kai, and even the Colonel. I also just realized, I forgot to mention how excellently written most of the characters are in that one manga-about-the-manga-industry called Bakuman. I adored that manga, despite the fact that it is one of the only manga I've ever read and that I generally dislike manga and generally don't read manga. Kaya Miyoshi is one of the best-written female characters I've ever known. I also like the two main characters, Moritaka "Saiko" Mashiro and Akito "Shujin" Takagi.
  17. Every Christmastime, I like so many people, watch various Christmas specials on TV and or YouTube. Like so many. I'm a fan of Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol. Of course everypony knows that it has had many adaptations through the years. MLP had it's version this season. But what I would like to know is what everypony's favorite adaptation of A Christmas Carol is. Animated, Live action, etc.
  18. If this topic has been taken, and closed, I'll understand My top favorite are these: - Dude Perfect - Goldenlane Studios - PDK Films (Shoot, I forgot the rest.) Oh yeah, here are the rest! - RedHatter - Markiplier - MichaelHickox Films - Fancy Pants - 2Cellos - Ember Trio
  19. Usually, only media that contains content more offensive than Adults Only in your area ends up banned. However, on other occasions, media that is approved for all ages can also end up unreleased as well at the end. Has this ever happened to your favorite entertainment? Take Song of the South, for example. Despite still being rated G by the MPAA since the 1970s, it wasn't ever released on video in North America.
  20. Nightmare Muffin

    General Media What would result?

    Does anyone wonder what kind of horror might result in a Bendy & The Ink Machine crossed over with Venom?
  21. Jedishy

    General Media Spooky Media

    How about we share and discuss our Halloween and Dia Delos Muertos related media. For example on Halloween, I am watching Hokus Pokus and reading NightMare Knights number one.
  22. I ship Shrek and Shadow the Hedgehog together as a couple. I mean look how cute they look together as a couple in this drawing
  23. Steamgamer27

    General Media Guilty Pleasures

    Like what it says what are some of yours? Everything from TV shows, music, films, books, women/men, hobbies ect.. ect.. ext. I shamefully have seen every episode of sex in the city, via my own choice. You?
  24. Do you guys think that, in the midst of this reboot wave that companies are riding, that Hasbo will reboot some of their old IP's, such as Moon Dreamers?
  25. I had it laying in dust for days. It revolves around a boy of strange behavior who goes around different worlds befriending people. Most notably an ice princess with a pessimistic behavior. Here's an excerpt. Prolouge Princess Icelle lied on her bed, slowly dropping her diary. Her seal, "Samsun" caught it, as it slept balanced on her nose. She slid her hands onto her face, "God my date will be late." she murmured. Suddenly the door opened, as a servant seal entered. "Princess your father cancelled the date. In favor of a play date." The servant informed. The Princess got up in protest, then fell off her bed. Samsun's eyebrows raised, as he slid underneath his master. "What?! Who?" she gasped. Suddenly from the door appeared a boy, in sightly ragged clothes. He didn't move a muscle, only his faded blue hair made him recognizable. "I'm Nate." he bowed, as the princess put on an unhappy expression. "Why is he in my room?!" she fussed. Icelle got up, and saw Nate's slightly uncomfortable expression. She sighed, softening her expression a bit. Icelle figured Nate could very will be just as confused as herself. "Now Nate we will take you two to a place with chaperones." The servant finished. She turned around, her hand on the door. Icelle's gains slowly rose. "As if!" Icelle pulled Nate's arm. Along the way he seemingly didn't mind too much. Well except when they stopped to see a muffin cart. Icelle's eyes sparkled. Nate rolled his eyes. "Can I get a Bran muffin?" Icelle asked. "Oh my! When a muffin is in her mouth Icelle's irritability vanishes!" The servant said. Nate pointed to her name tag, it was labeled "Tarry." Icelle tucked Nate close, as she offered a muffin. He shook his head, and grabbed from his pocket a pudding cup. "What? You don't wish to partake of Royal Muffins?!" Icelle slowly let go. Nate saw her confused expression, as he tilted his head. "These are recipes passed from King's and Queens." she murmured. "It would seem he was simply offering the cup in exchange. It's rare to get an offer from a magic boy." Tarry suggested. Icelle's eyelids rose, though in slight obliviousness. "Magic boy?" she asked. Yeah I'm cringing too.