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Found 992 results

  1. So, a couple things I've noticed, but maybe am just not seeing the "proper" channels for such. #1. A week ago or so, somebody was inviting others to join a Brony Second Life community. Keep in mind, Second Life is technically a game, and probably the closest thing the world currently has to "The Oasis" of Ready Player One. It can be designed to be pretty immersive, with lots of modded content, effectively making it possible to create a virtual Equestria to interact in. This thread was locked as "advertising." I'm wondering if the definition of advertising is too broad in cases like this. It's certainly not the same as, say... inviting users to join another forum. Gaming is a completely different animal. Would the same post have been a problem were it posted in the gaming section (and I'm kind of surprised it didn't get moved there instead of Sugarcube and then locked)? Gaming communities are an important thing, and Brony clans would be a cool thing to happen, but based on what I witnessed, there wouldn't be a way to try forming such a thing here without breaking the rules. And in a way, that brings me to #2... #2: General convention discussion section? Currently, the convention part of the forums only has sections for very specific conventions, and this is far from an exhaustive list of the conventions that exist. Currently, there seems to be no correct place to discuss those other cons. Also, if one were to try to organize a gathering or a party at such an event, that might again fall under the definition of advertising, especially if there is no correct forum section to even discuss it.
  2. Hello, I was just wondering how I access the fan club section of this forum? I can see the fan club threads in Google, however, I get a permission denied error when I try to enter them. Do you need a specific forum rank to view them or something? Thanks
  3. Everyday, five birthdays are highlighted on MLP Forums. But there are like, 50 or so birthdays everyday here on the forums. So who or what decides which ones are shown?
  4. Just wondering if we will be celebrating respective upcoming show events like Zap Apple harvest and Running of the Leaves.
  5. I've noticed, that I'm unable to give any reactions to newcomers anymore. That is, users with the "Blank Flank" rank. The button is simply gone, even in posts to which I reacted already. Is it intentional? Or did Jeric break something again? Just kidding I don't see that being mentioned anywhere, so that put me in confusion.
  6. Is there a recommended size for it? I am talking about the individual profile head images.
  7. I was under the impression that brohoofs were the only reaction that would increase total community reputation, but apparently that's not the case. Currently, on my profile, the green box for Community Reputation says that I have "622 Brohoofs", but if I look at reputation activity, then under Reactions Received, I have 615 brohoofs and a scattering of other reactions that add up to 628 reactions in total. What accounts for this disparity? Do all reactions - not just brohoof, but also "yay", "thanks", "teacup", other temporary reactions, etc. - increase reputation? Do reactions to certain content not count toward increasing reputation? So, for example, do reactions to posts in certain subsections of the forums not count? Do reactions to status updates, status replies, blog entries, blog comments, etc. count or not count? I looked around a bit, but I wasn't able to find a topic or post that explains what exactly counts or doesn't count toward reputation, and I think this would be useful/interesting information to have. Also, would the rules for what counts or doesn't count toward reputation be liable to change in the future? I would appreciate any explanation that can be provided for how exactly these aspects of the reputation system work.
  8. Hey.... after all of my time here... which was not too long at all... I no longer feel welcomed, wanted... and just.... a lot of people hate me already. And after being told not too long ago I need to rethink my life because of liking ponies and... mostly only ponies.... It has hurt me to a point of no return anywhere now... So I guess I can ask this now... is there anyway to get rid of myself around here at all...? I just... do not feel safe anymore and... I think it is time I forget it all together....
  9. can u change the text above the profile pic if you can tell me how
  10. Hello, I want to deactivate my account with no way to longer login. Be it a permanent solution, banned as such. Is this possible?
  11. There is this 3D virtual world called Second Life, it's without objectives so I'm not sure if it would be called a game. Would there be a place to talk about 3D models in the platform like MLP building replicas, avatars, ect? (Also here is a picture of Scootaloo)
  12. I've been real hooked on Ponyvania, and I wanted to start a thread about it, but it seems the games subforum is for games YOU made. Is that more of a Sugarcube Corner thing? Where is the best place for this?
  13. I want to make my own, but I'm not really sure how big to actually make it.
  14. Lately I have been seeing more retired site Admins around so I was wondering How long they usually stay for?
  15. I've never really done an event like this before, so I just want to know things work. Like, how do I play along and such? :O
  16. Just curious: What does it mean if someone's username appears in italics font? I see it often in the "Recently Browsing" part of a thread. Thanks.
  17. I read the description but i didnt really get it. what is it?
  18. I've noticed this recently. In the "Recently Posted" area, it tells me when a private thread is posted. Why? That's none of my business. It shouldn't be notifying me about it publicly. Should it? Should I be able to go in private threads?
  19. How do I reply to comments on my post, or can I only quote them? If I can only quote them, do they get the notifications for it?
  20. Darth Vader

    answered A question

    How do I 'unlock' other forum threads? When I click "+Create" and then "Topic", most of the threads are greyed out, INCLUDING Forum FAQ. I had to go directly here to access it. Why is this?
  21. I can post a picture when making a topic, or a status feed update. but i can not do it while i am DM'ing someone, is that how it is?
  22. I've tried several times to edit in a quote to a post I made when I realized I've missed something I want to respond to but it always go to the new post at the bottom of the page. Could someone tell me how I can edit a post and add a quote to it rather than needing to make a new post please?
  23. Is there a way to turn down a badge when you earn it or remove one you already have?
  24. I am just wondering if the visual art section of non-pony artwork would be the appropriate place to put my photography, or if it would be more appropriate as a blog post? Just for some info on my pictures: they are not just fun pics of friends or updates on what’s going on in my life, they are simply well-planned, serious photos of nature and such. I consider it art, but I just wanted to check that I’m putting it in the appropriate place. Thanks! ~L.G.