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Found 2 results

  1. General quality of the show aside, what generation do you think has the best looking ponies? I'm partial to gen 3 and other past gens, which is why I still put hearts on my ocs hooves.
  2. Not to be confused with MLP: Tales, which could be considered G1.5, MLP G2 took place between 1997 and 1998 worldwide, and then continued on in Europe until 2003. Apparently, the reason the toy line was so short lived was becasue it tanked in North America but was a hit overseas. G2 never got it's own animated show. Only the video game Friendship Gardens, released on PC. But what if it did? What if in '97 or '98, G2 was successful enough to have a show to promote it further? Given the time, how would it have been done? Would it be SoL in a modern setting, like tales? Fantasy and adventure like G1? A more Fantasy/SoL combo like in G3? Would it dare to be character driven like G4? Or a completely different route like a comedy theme with Johnny Bravo or Dexter's lab, super hero styled like dark wing duck or gargoyles or Sonic SatAm or maybe a set of variety style skits like Animaniacs, House of Mouse or Tiny Toons? Or how would you have done it? Also, who would you have liked to have seen voice characters in the show and be the creative lead at the helm? Also, a previous discussion on G2 for some insight: And a G2 play through as well.