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Found 21 results

  1. I know generation 3 is not the most amazing generation, but it seems so many people hate it I like the art I think its really pretty and I don't see why a show has to have violence or combat to be considered good I must admit I do find the songs to be catchy now I'm not forcing anybody to like generation 3, but a lot of people consider it ugly and horrible which I feel they are over exaggerating now I'm not starting an argument or anything everybody has a right to their own opinion or things that they like I just thought I would start this topic and see what everybody thinks me personally I like generation 3 and a lot of ponies in generation 4 are from that generation so without generation 3 and older there would not be a generation 4 so do you like generation 3 or hate it and why?
  2. General quality of the show aside, what generation do you think has the best looking ponies? I'm partial to gen 3 and other past gens, which is why I still put hearts on my ocs hooves.
  3. Generation 1 takes place in Ponyland. Friendship is Magic takes place in Equestria. So, what world does Generation 3 take place in.
  4. Drawing of two gen3 ponies I adored when I was smol.
  5. Not sure if anybody will be interesting in seeing this, but figured why not show an error in generation 3 so while I was watching We're the Ladybugs I noticed that near the end Pinkie Pie's cutie mark changed I did snap some photos which I did crop so only the pictures are seen the first picture is showing Pinkie Pie with her normal cutie mark, the second picture is Pinkie Pie with a different cutie mark and the last one is a close up I'm sure anybody who has seen the song has seen the magical changing cutie mark its like she was breaking the fourth wall in generation 3 as well lol.
  6. LIFE. OUR FINAL DECISION. THESE ARE THE VOYAGES OF THE PONY, NOTEWORTHY. HIS ONE-NIGHT MISSION: TO EXPLORE STRANGE NEW GENS, TO SEEK OUT NEW MARES AND NEW CIVILIZATIONS, TO BOLDLY GO WHERE NO COLT HAS GONE BEFORE RealityPublishing Copyright 2016. Don't sue me OH YES! I've been waiting to talk about this one! OOOOOH BOY! The fun I had. Following my last entry, I mentioned that I checked out a MLP G3 DVD from the library and that I'd be watching it that night. I kept my word, and I regretted it. So before I really dig in, let me give it a fair rating: 6/10 - RePub, "The menu spooked me" As my mother always says, make sure you say something positive! Hmm. . . Pinkie Pie was there? Oh, and Rainbow, but I'll get to her later. Yeah, the positive ends there. The episode I watched was dubbed, "The Princess Promenade", and featured two other episodes to accompany it's trough of manure. So as soon as I got home, sat around, and drew a bit, I popped in the disk and called up my friend. It took a while, but we eventually agreed to watch the full, 50-minute feature film. The episode is just littered with bad writing. Everypony has no other emotion but happy, even Pinkie Pie, ponies don't intervene, and even the musical numbers sucked. The story starts off with about three breezies flying into "Ponyville" to aid in some kind of flower festival. The main breezy, Zipzeey (who is voiced by Andrea Libman, so you can imagine how many times I thought that was Pinkie), is allergic to flowers for some reason, but that's not really a problem. The "real" focus of the story is set on Hysteria (Her name is Wysteria, but I swear they kept saying, "Hysteria"), G3's very own, Twilight Sparkle. Hysteria, accompanied by Pinkie Pie, is digging around in the "royal"(?) flower guardian (after a song) when they find a weed. The two try to pull it out, but they end up falling in a deep hole. Zipzeey, who apparently has a close relation with Hysteria, follows them. The three find themselves in a dark tunnel that leads them toward a big pile of dino dung. (I'm not kidding on that one.) On top of the dung, however, was a flower that interested Hysteria, causing her to try and pick it up. Dino Dung awakens, reveals its name is Spike (the dragon) and he appoints Hysteria a princess for picking up a flower or something. This is where the movie takes a turn for the worse. Everything before this point, I could handle. In fact, the notorious intro song didn't even play at the beginning, so it was giving me a good impression. Until the word, "Princess" was thrown in there. I swear, to this day, I wish I had taken shots for every time someone said, "Princess", but I'll get to the shots later. Spike, for some reason, has access to a big castle in the middle of Ponyville. It's not introduced or even explained why the castle is there, but I had to run with it. Spike explains that the flower gives whoever picks it the power of a princess and is the rightful ruler of however big Ponyville is. Spike then describes that his "role" was to teach the new princess how to be one, and this point, you should already figure out what the rest of the story is about. Hysteria is taught how to be a princess, but it's too stern and she can't see her friends. . . blah blah blah. . . musical number. . . no freedom. . . destroys the Death Star. . . gives up princesshood. Now, all that is fine and dandy, it's nothing I haven't seen before, but what makes these stories unique (despite having the same plot) is the resolution. Let's see how they solve this problem. . . Princess Hysteria, in a drunken, depressing rage, messes around with Minty / Pinkie's Float (Which, by the way, I would totally ship.) and comes up with an A M A Z I N G resolution. I swear, this blows G4 out of the water. In fact, I think the rest of the world should try this. Hysteria solves her princess problem, BY MAKING EVERY PONY PRINCESS Yeah, and they sang a song about it. I think the only funny thing about that whole thing is that as soon as they started dancing and such, you could automatically see that Spike was the King. He dressed up and even went as far as making the ponies bow to him. Not joking, see it for yourself. (You can find the episode on under the extras tab) The whole thing is just littered with bad writing (as I said before). Not a single pony makes an advance toward Spike or pressures Hysteria about her princess problem. All the ponies in the town drop everything they're doing and sing a song about how there's, "A Princess in Town", which was just terrible. Every character has a stereotype and they follow it to the tee. This is where the drinking sets in. Firstly, I'm not old enough to drink, but that's fine. Water is more deadly. Rainbow Dash, who dresses so nice, has a bad habit. Every single line she has, ends with, or has multiple of, the word, "DARLING". As soon as I heard it twice, I grabbed a half-gallon of water and told my friend that every time Rainbow said, "Darling", I'd take a full swig. 40 Minutes and 36 swigs later, my hand is shaking, I've got a burning hatred for Rainbow Dash, and I'm screaming every time she appears on screen. My head is in the clouds, I can barely move, my bottle is just about empty, and I've got fifteen minutes left. At that point, my friend looked up "hyponatremia" and was begging me to stop, but I sucked it up and kept pushing 'till it was over. By the end of the night, I had water all over my shirt, I forgot how to swallow and I lugged my water-hopping bod into bed. And that was my G3 experience. A simply delightful encounter with Rainbow Death and Hysteria. Though, I must add, they kept making references to Pinocchio which made me chuckle. Good job, G3, you got me to chuckle. -RealityPublishing Oh, I also took some snapshots of the. . . highlights. Have a look!
  7. THE DAMAGE HAS BEEN DONE. I have now officially invested myself into the vast world of Equestria and all they hold. Yeah, probably. Anyway, the day has finally come to celebrate my very first anniversary of belonging to this wonderful fandom. It's been quite a journey with a few ups and downs, but nothing too noteworthy (yeah right. Read my blog ) But anyway, for those very, very few avid readers who actually spend their time to read my blog would know that it's my anniversary today. Exactly one year today, I snuck out of my home and (potentially) risked my life in order to buy an Applejack Plush. (Happiness with a price, I suppose) Ever since, I've been slowly gathering toys, watching the show, and wishing upon the BronyCon star in hopes that next year will be my arrival. Since my first few days, I've written over 300 pages of fanfiction dedicated to the show, bought over 200 dollars of merchandise, and watched approximately four weeks of MLP and fan-content. Has it been quite a ride? You bet. Is it far from done? You betcha'. What will make this feature special? As I always do, I'll tell you a story. A story of how I came to be who I am now. About a year and a week before today, I was a FNAFer. Cringe all you want, but that was who I was, and who I thought I was going to be for the next three years. I'd heard about the movie and thought my registration would live on until then. Unfortunately, it didn't. On August 24th, 2015, I and everyone else who had bought FNaF4, received a messaged from the developer, Scott Cawthon. To skip the boring details (I'll link it on the bottom), the message stated that the theorists, who I was, weren't doing a good enough job. He said that for some reason, we were all too slow and he was disappointed. After that, I was just stunned. Confused and unsure what to do, I left the fandom. I never looked at he or his games the same way again. For someone who's been met with failure in the past, he of all people should've known not to insult the fanbase. Now looking back, I know I probably took it a little harshly, but I didn't really care. It was OVER. I was depressed for a good month. I didn't have anything to think about, so I just resorted to contemplating alternative life-choices and surfing Youtube. Finally, it's four weeks before October, and I was starting to think about my birthday. I knew this was going to be my worst birthday yet; everything was terrible. While surfing Youtube, I managed to find a video titled, "Top Ten My Little Pony Facts" made by, who is now called, "Lemino". It was an old video and I knew very, very little about MLP. I only knew about G3 from when I was but a toddler. I watched it and after a while, my youtube suggestions started going crazy with MLP suggestions. I didn't watch them all, but I did make a choice. Being very interested in the mental developments of the Mind and how certain material can change the way a person thinks, I gave myself a promise (which I've broken). The promise was that I'd watch the series until I came across Derpy (or The Last Roundup episode). So, I combed Youtube and managed to find a full Season 1 back-to-back episode viewing. I was thrilled. I watched the entire season in a good two days; I found it shockingly good. After finishing The Last Roundup, I paused my player and looked around the room, thinking to myself if I really wanted to cross this bridge. I figured it'd be for research; thus, I continued until I ran short of episodes (my season compilation was missing everything after "Over A Barrel"). I grew frantic and finally found a site where I could download them all in a low 480p for quick transfer. After a good two weeks, I finished Season Three and grew tempted to buy merch. I've seen people around here calling it, "The Brony Craze", or "The Brony-itis". Whatever it was, I caught it really fast; I was unsure of what I wanted to do. It was a threshold that I knew was a one-way road. If I did indeed buy something, there would be no going back from where I was. At that same time I discovered the charm in Applejack; I dubbed her my favorite pony and was excited to see there was a plushie of her at one of the local shops. That's pretty much it. I joined the fandom out of a name of science and never left. I guess I got caught in the hype and didn't care to leave. I ended up buying that Applejack and finished watching the series. After that, I personally declared myself a brony. I told my parents a month later, both of which accepted it. I began writing my own additions to the series, and not long after, I joined a steam group and changed my profile pic to an Applejack. It took a lot to get out, but I think it was the right choice. If people judge, let them be; let them hate, but words will always be stronger than actions. So, now that I've told my story, how will I celebrate this epic achievement? Well, today I stopped by the library and noticed a copy of G3 MLP sitting on the shelves of the movie section. Let's just say I've got one helluva good night ahead of me. Oh, don't worry. You'll hear all about it on Tuesday (potentially Monday for time-zones) Well, that's all folks! I'll see you on the flip side! Links and an extra photo are down below. -RealityPublishing FNaF ANNOUNCEMENT LINK:
  8. I thought I would share this lovely moment that I happened to capture while watching my little pony generation 3 meet the ponies Rainbow Dash's party and well Star Song wants you to look deep into her eyes so she can steal your soul or something that look I don't know lol.
  9. The voice of G3 Pinks will be voicing in FiM in the future according to the voice actress' twitter. While many of you might chuckle in a healthy irony, she's far from the first G3 pony voice to join FiM, that honor belongs to Andrea Libman and Tabitha st GerMANE. It's also speculated that S7 might be coming, as by now, all S6 episodes finished production, and the pony movie seems to only look for big celebrity voices for the movie, so that either leaves her in EG5 or S7
  10. I'm not sure if anyone else has noticed this, but our whole basis of our everything (Pony related) is to love and tolerate. And one thing about MLP: FiM That we stand by is people can like whatever they want, and we should just stand up for what we like. Now, what i have noticed is that we, (The MLP: FiM community) Love MLP: FiM and we stand by it with the fact that we like what we want to like. But, we continuously make fun of previous generations of MLP. Now, don't get me wrong, i hate those generations, iv'e actually seen them, and i hate them, but, that's just my opinion. If someone else likes it, fine. To each his own. I just find it ironic that our culture (Gen.4) is constantly berated by others, and within our own show, we berate the other genrations. Just something i wanted to point out (Also, i realize i say the same thing like a million times but i don't wanna rewrite so, ) -JK Loves you! <3
  11. I've been thinking about it for a year or two by now, but should I?
  12. Before we get started, I'd like to state a discretion... WARNING: OPINIONS ON THIS MATTER ARE TO BE RESPECTED. I WILL NOT WARN ANYONE BEYOND THIS POINT. SO PLEASE THINK BEFORE YOU REPLY. Thank you Okay sorry about that. It's just whenever I bring up g3, everypony seems to flip out. Or just yell "KILL IT WITH FIRE!!!!!!!" -_- So moving on, I honestly think that g3 was decent. Sure it's not very entertaining to guys in their late teens or early 20's. (the majority of the fanbase) But it was never meant to! And no, I'm not including g3.5. I think hasbro had already hit rock bottom and was desperately trying to climb back up with a broken stick... And I realize that there are episodes like: I can't find my shoes! or what color should the dress be? But I've watched stuff like "A Very Minty Christmas" and it was okay. Not the offspring of the Devil everypony leads you to believe. So what do you think about g3? Have you watched it before? Tell me below.
  13. I had no clue about this. Sunset Shimmer is actually a G3 original, or at the very least based off a G3 original. What do you guys think?
  14. Hey everyone, does anyone else think that G3 of MLP is way too underrated? I mean, what's so bad about in for starters?
  15. So...what do think? This is the most I've ever watched of Gen 3--in fact, I'm still working my way through them on DVR (reluctantly)--and I'll just say that I'm glad Lauren Faust came along... Ya see, THIS is what the haters think we're watching. You could OD on estrogen just watching (and get some cavities while you're at it)... If only they'd had the rights to the Gen 1 Specials and Movie... Though I gotta admit...I'm getting a bit of a kick hearing Tracey Moore in MLP! XD
  16. I'd like some help, even if it is just the right keywords to search, in finding some fanfictions that are purely from previous generation of My Little Pony. I am specifically looking for charming, sweet, and happy fictions. Has anyone encountered any like that, or know a good place to look? Please and thank you.
  17. Iveechan Arts at Babscon will be my second convention as a vendor, the first being Equestria LA last year (though I guess it's not happening this year :I). I do have one print design but hope to come with atleast a few more before this con. This year, I plan to bring my buttons for the older gen ponies, which can be found on my store, as well as my avatar (who's that pony? No cheating!). A few examples! Ones in planning are remakes of the rest of the Mane 6 in the style of the Princess Twilight button, maybe with their element written on it. I'd also like to do the key givers, Cheese Sandwhich, Coco Pommel, and so on. I am open to other character suggestions, though there's no guarentee I'll make them.
  18. heres a sample of it hey minty! whats the meaning of Christmas?! SOCKS. but minty what about the birth of- I SAID SOCKS ....okay........
  19. What if G3 MLP back in 03 was actually Friendship is magic? What if the animation style, production and voice cast from back then was paired with the writing, character development and story lines of today? Would MLP garner similar viewership as it does today? How would the fandom be different? Bigger or smaller? 3 years after airing (2006) would the size, creativity and dedication of the fandom be equivalent to what we have now? Would FiM have a bigger legacy and following in 2014, over 10 years later? Pic semi-related. G3 ponies in G4 style.
  20. "Hay there, ponies!" "Just go ahead and ask me whatever you'd like. As long as It's not uncomfortably sexual, kay?" "Okay... oh, and yeah, the other Generation 3 ponies are here to. StarSong, Rainbow Dash, Sweetie Belle, Scootaloo, Pinkie Pie, and Cheerilee. But ask me, okay?" Rainbow Dash ____Cheerilee_____Sweetie Belle______StarSong______Pinkie Pie_____Scootaloo < ME "Heh heh... here we go..."