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Found 9 results

  1. So, from what we've seen so far, Lauren Faust (the original creator of Gen 4) will not be involved in Generation 5 of My Little Pony. You don't have to believe me; this is coming straight from the horse's mouth (no pun intended ). I suppose it's to be expected, Lauren left Hasbro on a pretty sour note, so I don't guess they would want to hire her again. Do you believe that this is a good thing? Will this be a nigh-death sentence for Gen 5? Will this really mean anything in the end? Feel free to speak you mind; just try to keep this civil!
  2. I heard people say that the leaks said that there will be entirely new main characters for generation 5. This is what this person said: "Okay, there is one BIG problem with this piece, and I've noticed this problem persisting almost every time Gen 5 gets brought up. The Mane Six are NOT the main characters of G5. It was stated multiple times in the leaks that G5 will have a whole new cast of main characters. The only significance of the Mane 6 redesigns featured in the leaks is just to test out the new artstyle, since they haven't even created the new characters for G5 yet. Now, it could be possible that the characters that were once the Mane 6 will show up as supporting or background characters in G5, but it has already been reiterated time and time again that they will not be the main characters." It was comment on an EQD article about G5. This is the one: Edited just now by heavens-champion
  3. Is anyone here looking forward to G5 of MLP? According to some leaks I may or may not have seen they're going to look alot like G4 except as Clydesdale horses. If anything, I think G5 is going to strengthen the brony fandom and give new life to this series.
  4. Quick question for you all. Would you like to see the sons and daughters of the mane 6 in Gen 5?
  5. Hello everypony, So according to the rumors, G5 will come up and the bases and the drawing lines and styles of the ponies are already ready. Here is how some of our characters from G4 will look like in G5 version according to rumors; What do you think? Are these rumors true? Do you like these styles? If not, would you appreciate if this was a thing? Thank you for reading! <3
  6. From time to time, I see threads on this site asking questions about MLP Generation 5. For those somehow unaware, the current generation is number 4, and the generations leading up to it are generally agreed to suck ass. In fact, FiM's success is still treated as an anomaly to this day. A happy accident akin to winning three lotteries with the same ticket. Bronies like to treat the hypothetical Gen 5 like it will be a continuation of FiM. It won't. When Gen 5 comes, I'm sorry to say that it will be a fresh lottery ticket with the same near-zero chance of winning. New cast, new characters, new setting, new marketing, and that's if it gets a cartoon at all. What we have right now is basically what Scooby Doo had for two seasons. After sucking ass for upwards of 40 years, Mystery Incorporated sprung up out of the blue and was miraculously very good. They made two seasons, and will never produce another episode again. And now the next Scooby show looks like it'll suck ass. Be happy that we're on season 6 with no end in sight. Don't tempt fate by putting all your money on a number that probably doesn't exist anymore. We got lucky. Savor it.
  7. A special look at the brand new My Little Pony G5 toys, courtesy of The Marefriend!
  8. Alright, well, quick thoughts on this. Before I start, I'll put it out - HASBRO sucks at making certain types of pony toys. So, here we go: I got the Idea that maybe G5 won't be as good as some predict-- What if Hasbro goes back to girly, princess-y toys and TV again? What if they don't? I'd like to put out some points and questions here: 1 - Yes, G4 is different, but Lauren put that impact on it. Hasbro might have just done the same thing again; Girly, childish, mind-wrecking cartoons 2 - MLP is a money maker, not only do we buy the toys and movies, but parents do too. Could this mean Hasbro may continue to make MLP like it is now? Family-based and enjoyable? 3 - Many people can't think of G4 ending. What if G4 was a returning factor, as in the same base cartoon, but what if it is just a money-making copy of the Generations we didn't approve of; G3 and G3.5? Would you still watch and support it? 4 - Yes, many bronies will remember MLP:FiM after it's off air (people still remember DBZ), but think if most don't and our fanbase declines. Hasbro may steer off from what it has going for our current cartoon. Keep the fanbase up! Just to keep the style we want and enjoy! So, again, if G5 is just the plain old tea parties and dress-ups we knew from our last Generation, what if it returns? Just wondering about you're thoughts on this...