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Found 22 results

  1. Just wondering how everyone would feel if the show writers decided to conclude the Mane 6’s stories’ and introduce a new set of fillies/colts for the show to focus on, while still giving the original characters chances to appear in episodes. Yay or nay? I personally think it could be cool!
  2. In g1, Flutterponies were insanely op- being more powerful than the Rainbow of Light, which took out Tirek, but lost to the Smooze when it wasn't at full power (without the "Floom" added to it). Yet Flutterponies were able to defeat the Smooze while it had been at full strength, and free the rainbow from it. So if Flutterponies were incorporated into g4, do you guys think that this op fairy race of ponies would also make the EoH and the Mane 6's element spirit rainbow powers an absolute joke?
  3. It's finally that time! With two days left of my series, "RealityPublishing's Tales of Unfortunate Tails", I thought I'd address something that has been thrown around quite a while. No, there is not a cover photo this time because I wanted to address this from a serious tone. This episode is a two-parter and will span until tomorrow where I'll be wrapping up the season and saying my good-byes until next month. It's been one helluva good ride, and I'm glad to have been able to share my experiences with everyone over the last month. This first part of "My Perception of the Brony Fandom" is going to be analyzing the main question and trying to answer as best as I can. Tomorrow, Part 2, will address some of my personal opinions. So, without further ado, let's get this show on the road. Here's a question that's thrown around quite often on these forums: "Is the fandom dying?" Now, for every brony who's kept up with the times and has closely followed their favorite artists and the show accordingly, they know just how devastating this realization can be. If you saw the show when it first aired, then you know just how much times have changed. It's hard to imagine something we all hold so dearly disappear after so many memorable years. So why are we feeling this way? Is this fandom truly dying? Can we save it? The answers to those questions are mixed with a solid, yes, and no. As with everything, times change, new ideas are born while others die. It's just a fact of life. But can something be saved? How long can we keep our sinking boat afloat? Considering our fanbase is consistent around a popular television show, many believe that Bronies will live on through the work of the fans, who, create art, animations, and other forms of artistic contributions. This is, in some way, possible. The real problem behind this solution, is that it isn't one. It's just a pass time. Each and every content creator is driven by a form of confidence known as, Inspiration. It's this feeling that gives creators the ability to build new experiences for others to take part in. The only problem is what gives Inspiration: the show. The show is like a rebirth. Something to give us a breath of fresh air before we drown in the unsanitary pool of crazed fan-theories. It keeps us close to the roots and reminds us all that deep down, we are, Bronies of the familiar kind. Without the show, though, we tend to find ourselves wandering astray and inventing new ideas like those horrid snake-ball-tail things that became famous during the Season 6 Hiatus. So to answer the question of this part, can we save the fandom? Yes, but at the same time, we'd all be destroying ourselves. Further and further away we'd drift from the source material, leaving us with nothing but crazed imaginations who only long for the sounds of thundering hooves being blarred from our large, 4k television sets. -RealityPublishing
  4. Basically admitting to all past gens being considered canon in FRIENDSHIP IS MAGIC-just before the founding of Equestria- would you accept that admittance as g4 canon? Would you vehemently deny it?
  5. Here in MLP Forums, we all kinds of ages and ethnicities. Regardless of both, almost all of want to make friends with just about anypony. But all of us also have aspects we frown upon with actions of certain people, or everyone in particular. A common one with people in our general age group is immaturity. What do you label as immature? Is it reasonable and strictly an action that should presented by the younger? I'd like to know.
  6. Before we get started, I'd like to state a discretion... WARNING: OPINIONS ON THIS MATTER ARE TO BE RESPECTED. I WILL NOT WARN ANYONE BEYOND THIS POINT. SO PLEASE THINK BEFORE YOU REPLY. Thank you Okay sorry about that. It's just whenever I bring up g3, everypony seems to flip out. Or just yell "KILL IT WITH FIRE!!!!!!!" -_- So moving on, I honestly think that g3 was decent. Sure it's not very entertaining to guys in their late teens or early 20's. (the majority of the fanbase) But it was never meant to! And no, I'm not including g3.5. I think hasbro had already hit rock bottom and was desperately trying to climb back up with a broken stick... And I realize that there are episodes like: I can't find my shoes! or what color should the dress be? But I've watched stuff like "A Very Minty Christmas" and it was okay. Not the offspring of the Devil everypony leads you to believe. So what do you think about g3? Have you watched it before? Tell me below.
  7. Ok so nowadays the gaming generation is rapidly aging and is getting more advanced each year. Gaming in todays day is more about graphics, while back then it was all about gameplay ( i.e. Dreamcast, Nintendo 64, Playstation 1 etc.) I personally think mid to late 90s gaming was the golden age for video games. Reason being is because games were just starting to release in 3d and the 8bit generation was ending so it started to become a nice blend of graphics and gameplay in most cases. Tell me what generation you think is better and why in the post below.
  8. Quite simply, which generation of Pokémon do you think is the best one, in terms of story, gameplay, music and new Pokémon? For me, it'd have to be a tie between generations 3 and 5. (I included X and Y for when it comes out in October)
  9. So, in your opinion, which opening is the best? My little pony special: My little pony escape from catrina: My little pony the movie: My little pony n' friends (potato heads): My little pony n' friends (glo friends): My little pony and friends (moondreamers): My little pony tales: My little pony (G3): My little pony (G3.5): My little pony FIM (season 1): My little pony FIM (season 2): My little pony FIM (season 4): My little pony equestria girls: My little pony rainbow rocks: (I think there's some intros I forgot)
  10. I hear a lot of different comments on the old generations of My Little Pony, but none of them good. Does anypony out there even like the old shows? Personally, I can't stand them at all.
  11. So, I'm just curious. What do you think, how would generation 5 ponies look like? If you want to, you can designe your g5 ponies! That would be fun!
  12. ...and it was sooo epic. Even the songs were really good. Rescue at Midnight Castle somewhat compares to the two-part episodes of MLP. It opens up with a semi-utopian society, which in a matter of seconds (in Rescue at Midnight Castle) can turn into a disastrous kingdom ruled by an evil villain In all seriousness, Rescue at Midnight Castle is a really great G1 episode. But again, the company responsible for MLP wanted to attract more girls, which is why they came up with the G2, G3 (which I can't stand) and G3.5(a baby version of G3). So, what did you think of Rescue at Midnight Castle? In case you haven't watched it, here's the link to the full episode.
  13. Could it be? I know "battle of the bands" is a fairly common plot device in high school-ish movies, but after seeing quite a few instances in which characters, and even entire episodes had taken from g1 and carried over, with slight differences into g4, I couldn't help but wonder if the same had been done for g2. (My Little Pony Tales) Particularly, in the episode "battle of the bands". (obvious episode to take inspiration from, right?) Sypnosis: Melody and her band The Rockin' Beats prepare for "The Battle of the Bands" competition. Melody is asked to look after her younger twin sisters Jing-a-Ling and Ting-a-Ling. Unable to find another babysitter, she takes them with her to the competition. She does her best to keep the twins out of trouble but the twins appear on stage. The Rockin' Beats wins the competition. Of course, we already know that the movie won't follow the same course, other than band vs band. But moving past that, one thing I really would've liked to see come out of EQD2- (aside from an actual movie about ponies, rather than humanoid ponies) - if it HAD to be a battle of the bands, was instead of our favorite Mane 6 getting all rocker'd up (and playing....pop music ;_; no really. That saddens me) was the return of a band pulled straight from the G2 battle of the bands episode- "The Metalloids" Though this band was only shown playing for a second or two (5:34), they look pretty awesome, with long manes tails, and mohawks and kind of an 80's glam rock/metal look to them. And their band name is kinda cool. (better than the alt mane 6's rival band's name; "the Dazzlings" ;_; )
  14. how do you view the previous generations
  15. I found this in at a garage sale and I am wondering if any one knows who this is .
  16. Is it even possible at this point? And if so, how would you react.? I'm not saying they'll start plastering gritty war heroes and the color blue all over it, just that they'll stop with the overtly girly themes. (And don't even act like you don't know what I'm talking about.) One one hoof, they've experienced success with a much broader audience in recent years, and they may attempt to take it a step further. So it'll either go really good or really bad. On the other, they already have a lot of success with the little girl market. If it's not broke, don't fix it, right? Unfortunately, the risk of a dip in quality for G5 is higher. So what do you think?
  17. I highly doubt that if FiM didn't exist, that we'd give as much flack as we do to G1-3.5. We'd just dismiss those incarnations of the MLP franchise as just little girls shows or TV for toddlers. But now these past incarnations are under scrutiny when being compared to the divinity incarnate that is FiM. So Bronies, let's all take a step back and look at the broader pictures. Are there any positive qualities about the past generations? Anything you liked, anything at all? My only experience w/ proto-MLP is from buying two G3 tapes at a garage sale for $0.50 last year, A charming birthday and Dancing in the clouds. And after watching them, I kind of liked them. Took me back to a simpler time, just having fun with the program, not anticipating whats going to happen next or looking deep into the context of the show. Just going along for the ride. Kind of gave me that little kid feeling of anything being possible. But being more specific, the animation was good, I liked the music score and the voice acting was decent. I walked away feeling like my intelligence wasn't insulted. Nothing awe-strikingly amazing, but nothing really to rag on either. What do you guys think? Anything good about the prior generations?
  18. I was inspired by somepony's 'The Offspring 6' thread and art (sorry I forgot who did it ) and decided to do my own. Drawn in GIMP2.8. I wasn't feeling to do a vector like I usually do, so I just experimented with the other tools. I used my mousepad and my finger to draw it, which is why the lines are so shaky. But I think they came out okay. Here are the pairings, first of all: RarityXFancy Pants -Jewel Heart (unicorn) . Pinkie PieXBraeburn -Apple Pie (Earth) FluttershyXBig Mac - Little Applebud (Pegasus) .{Initially her name was Little Daisy, but then I realsied that it had to do with apples} Rainbow DashXSoarin' -Skye Blue (Pegasus) . ApplejackXCaramel -Candy Apple (Earth) {'Caramel Apple' exists already, unfortunately..} DoctorXDerpy -Time Bomb (Unicorn) . (BTW Apple Pie, Candy Apple and Little Applebud are cusions. Just so you know..) (Please scroll down to view all) Apple Fondue Jewel Heart Little Applebud Skye Blue Time Bomb Apple Pie Twilight isn't there mainly because I don't think she'd have a child, and also because I couldn't think of who to pair her with Anyways, Time Bomb is my favorite name; I think it sounds awesome, if I do say so myself XD My favorite drawing is Skye Blue; I drew her first; before I got tired with the others. Unfortunately, they are QUITE messy, so please bear with me. Now for the pairs: Rarity and Fancy Pants are quite fitting, since he seemed quite warm towards her, and they're both interested in being popular and famous, and stuff like that. Pinkie and Braeburn would make a good pair since they're both very energetic and like to talk fast. Of course, no one can measure up to Pinkie Pie! Fluttershy and Big Mac are both shy and quiet, and I think they'd be a good pair because of this. Rainbow Dash and Soarin' are both very talented flyers, and their personalities are very alike. Plus, they're both the best ponies, so wouldn't that make them the best pair? XD Caramel and AJ are both very hardworking, so they'd also make a good pair. Derpy and Doctor. Need I say more? .................... Hope you liked the pictures and the pairings! Please brohoof and comment! ~Fireball
  19. You guys will never guess. what. happened. Alright, rewind to yesterday afternoon. I was just browsing through Tumblr. Then I saw this. I thought, "Wow, these fakemon look really well made." then I scrolled down. "...Wow there is a lot of fanart for these guys." THEN I SAW THIS! The Gifs didn't work here, but they're real peices of footage. Nintendo even released an official announcement about it. YESYESYESOHMYARCEUSYESSSSS! ...Ahem. Fast forward to this morning. It was before first period, and everyone is in the cafeteria. One of the teachers on monitor duty was the band teacher. He's a pretty cool guy, and we've talked about video games before (despite me not having him for any class). So this morning he saw me putting my 3DS away, and asked me if I had heard about Pokemon X and Y. It went a little something like THIS: "Oh my god, Did you hear about the new Pokemon generation? Which one are you going to get? I'm going to get X! This is so exiting!" Man, that guy is awesome! Have any of you had a moment where you and a teacher geeked out about the same game?
  20. The biggest reason I'm a brony in the first place is because I love (EDIT: LOVE) Lauren Faust's art style. I've always been a sucker for the colorful clean palette of the show akin to the PowerPuff Girls and Foster's Home to Imaginary Friends (also, two of my favorite cartoons on earth). But something hit me the other day; a shrill voice of cold realization echoed through my mind: what if that went away? What if Gen 5 was in a completely new art style no where near the creative genuity that Lauren offered the world; the mane reason (pun, sorry) Gen 4 sets itself apart from Gens 1, 2, 3- with a completely different plotline and fanbase as exceptions. What if it was made in CGI? What if they take that as a logical good reason to make the show crap, or become lazy with the animations as to make every setting a boxed room with a plant in the corner (watch an episode of the new 'Garfield Show' and you'll see what I mean). Or better yet how will you feel if the series became a cash-in? Granted, the series was meant to sell the toys in the first place, but what show ISN'T? Look at what Transformers has become: not only did the movies become a recycled let's-use-the-same-charcters-over-and-over routine, but for some reason the toy quality went down with it (Transformers that don't Transform? How is this acceptable??) Imagine Gen 5 with no Mane 6; with a complete bunch of new ponies. This is what they always have done with every new MLP Gen, but imagine it like the Michael Bay movies: "We'll only include three ponies, and I'm sorry if you want to see more, but people are too happy watching the same thing over and over, so it's just easy to keep making the same thing with no distinct differences because they'll pay money to see it and we don't care about your nostalgia." I like to use the "If you don't like the new Star Wars, watch the old ones" attitude in situations like this, and I know I can always look back at Gen 4, but not everyone would feel the same as me. How would YOU react? Do you think Gen 5 could exceed in what Gen 4 is accomplishing right now, or become a entirely new show for the worse?
  21. So today I was at the shopping center in my town, and decided to go in one of the stores and see if they had and FiM merchandise of any kind. Unfortunately, all the merchandise I saw was G3, coloring books, toys, shirts, all G3 merchandise. And I even saw a little girl wearing a G3.5 shirt who couldn't have been more than 4 or 5 years old. She begged her parents for one of the toys there and they said no, she then started crying and they had to drag her out of there. So I wanted to ask you, why are they still selling G3 merchandise? How can they even sell it? G3 has been dead for over a decade I'm pretty sure, so how is it still being sold on store shelves?