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Found 5 results

  1. Just got back from buying our first portable generator as part of an employee auction. 7000 watt DeWalt gasoline generator with an electric start. Because it was a test unit, we got it for a fraction of the market cost. Good to have in case we get hit with another bad storm and the power is out for a day or two. How about you? any of you invest in a portable generator?
  2. Check it out! Generate fake antivirus names, and other random stuff. "A scary wooden indian chief ingested some black Uranium" lol
  3. Capitalism at its finest. The input? Human waste. Something we all want to get rid of anyway. The output? Clean water, electricity, ash, and money. Now, while it may not generate enough to replace coal or uranium, it's a brilliant step forward for third world developing countries with too much crap and not nearly enough of anything else. And the best part? It's profitable on every end, so there's nothing stopping prospective entrepreneurs from setting these things up everywhere they can.
  4. Recently I started working on Autoshipper in the processing programming language, a language built off jave but is pretty much just C, the software picks to characters form different fandoms and generates a ship fic. The concept is simple enough but some features I may need help with are selecting which fandoms you want to allow as well as checking rather or not you want homosexual pairings. Anyone wanna help, the ide is free and like I said, it's pretty much C.
  5. Well I was bored and I found this cool pony generator and I started making a bunch of ponies until I got crazy XD and for curiosity I was wondering which one would you guys pick (Most of them have cutie marks but some have them hidden under their clothes :/ others I didn't know what to put for cutie mark and there's one that I forgot to put him one which it's FTH but I would guess it would be a sword XD) Note: what I mean by 'pick' could be to pick it wishing it was on the show, or pick to have as a friend, or pick to have as a pet, or pick to have as a ship, or pick to have as a knight, and/or as a villain, etc. ps. Some of these are real people, and some are celebrities, but a lot of them are characters as well (I only put their initials)