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Found 17 results

  1. Hello darlings. Finally, the powers that be at Poniverse have decided to take this community in the fashionable turn that has been just way too long coming. I know everypony has been desperately pining for the day when the most fabulous pony has taken over our, shall we say, quaint group of ne'er-do-wells. Finally, the horrible wait is over, and I, very proudly I must add, hereby present: Rarity Forums: Chic Couture, Fabulosity, and Generosity for all! Oh my, what a perfect time to present my line of personalized handkerchiefs, embroidered by hoof, imported from the finest silk of Saddle Arabia, to my adoring public? I believe these are the happiest tears that any mare has dared to tear. Have fun at your new home, darlings. EDIT (2017-04-02): It was fun playing Rarity for a day, I hope you all had a fun April Fools
  2. Rarity is my second favorite pony, (behind Rainbow Dash). Lately I think she hasn't been getting the attention and screen time she deserves. It's like they just decided to leave her out. I just want her to have her own episode. Maybe season 4 will have more Rarity.
  3. Title pretty much says it all. The fandom always blows a gasket whenever the mane six don't follow their element to a tee(which I think is ridiculous). But the more I think about it, the more I realize the elements aren't that easy to follow, whether it be not following it enough, or following it too much. Out of the six elements, which do you think is the most difficult EDIT: Also consider: Which of the mane 6 has it the hardest?
  4. So I took to making a Rarity Wallpaper and for the first time trying to work with some textures a bit! Some how a crystal one seems to fit Rare and I used Paint Tool Sai for some effects on the vectors to make them blend a bit more. I had a thought to use her cutie mark but I see that used a lot so I did her Necklace of Harmony, used some shadow and glow effects on the textures and a bit of a blend tool. Lay out is simple but it seems to work. Tell me what you ponies think or something I could add and all! This is a rough draft!
  5. xyae


    Did I over do it with the hair? I think I did. But I liek it. :3
  6. Some of you guys may remember a PMV I made a couple months ago. The PMV was on Rainbow Dash with Mandopony's "Loyalty." I decided, since I had fun making the first PMV, that I'd make another one. This time, I have created a PMV on Rarity with "Generosity" another Mandopony song. This PMV took me about a week and a half of nonstop work to make, but I think it turned out better than Loyalty did. Like last time, I want you guys to let me know what you think of the PMV, and if I should make a 3rd one sometime in the future. I hope you guys enjoy what I conjured up!
  7. Yeah, I'm going back to this, again. And I know everyone's sick of this thing but I thought of a good point so I don't give a crap. Let me start by saying that I'm neither a hater nor a number 1 fan of Rarity. I like her pretty well, but I'll admit, she's my least favorite of the mane 6. That doesn't mean I don't like her. It just means that somebody's gotta be last. So, I noticed that Rarity tends to get a lot of shit for not being "true to her element." Many people agree with this statement. Others feel that Rarity is unfairly singled out as all of the mane 6 have deviated from their element from time to time. This kinda bothered me for a while. I knew that other ponies deviated from their elements and I knew that it was probably in relatively equal amounts as Rarity. However, I still felt like Rarity was a worse offender, even though I didn't have any way to prove that. It was all just what I felt. I think the other day, I understood why I felt that way. I want to look at it this way. We're going to exclude magic because it's not a real worldly phenomenon and we can't easily ascertain the rules and parameters of it. So the remaining 5 are loyalty, laughter, kindness, honesty and generosity. For most of these, they're expected things in society, but we allow for the occasional deviation. For example, kindness. We expect people to be nice to each other. However, we understand that people have bad days sometimes, and we allow them a little leeway. Laughter: we expect people to be in a generally good mood most of the time, but understand that sometimes people get sad. Loyalty: we expect people to stick with us and while we might get annoyed if they ditch us, if it's occasional, we tend to forgive them. Honesty: we generally expect that people are telling the truth, but we allow for people to tell little white lies to spare someone's feelings. Generosity, however, basically works in the opposite way. Generosity isn't an expected thing. We don't have a social expectation that people be generous toward one another. We may think it's kind when someone is generous and be very happy for that. But we don't expect it. We do, on the other hand, expect people not to be greedy, and there's a rather strong stigma against that. We look very negatively at someone who's being greedy and tend to feel rather strongly about it. So the other 4 elements, we expect people display to fair amounts, and because we think of these as common, we also allow for people to deviate from these traits in real life as well. However, generosity isn't one of these expected things. Rather "not greed" is the expected trait in this situation. So when the other 4 deviate, it's normal. However, when Rarity deviates, it's more something that she shouldn't have been doing in the first place. And this is where I feel the unfairness comes in. Another problem about Rarity's element is that it's not as easily demonstrable. We have seen Rarity being generous in the past. Probably most notably, making a unique, personalized evening gown for each of her friends. Two, actually. However, like I said before, generosity isn't an expected thing. So when Rarity does something generous, it usually has to be a big to-do in order to demonstrate it. However, again, since generosity isn't an expected thing, when it's in smaller ways, like, Rarity giving her unique fabric to Suri Polomare, it can be glossed over and not appreciated because it's a bit of an off-handed thing. So when most people think of Rarity's generosity, they probably forget about the small things such as that. Additionally, speaking of demonstration and deviation, I think the other 4 do tend to get a pass on their deviance from their elements. I've basically exemplified this in a previous paragraph where I talked about, for example, people being usually in a good mood, but allowing for them to be sad. Also as I've said before, greediness is met with much more of a negative reaction than many of these other deviations are. (Sadness, dishonesty, etc.) Again, the negative emotion is a bit disproportionate to how we often gloss over generosity, but this is how things are. I do think that deviation from the elements is a good thing. As many people before me have said, it makes them more well-rounded characters, and I agree with that. However, when your element is generosity, the only way that you can really be portrayed as deviating from that is to be greedy. I suppose that she could also be portrayed as just not being generous. Like she could do something, but chooses not to. However, that's a lot less obvious and takes more time within the show to set up rather than being out-and-out greedy. It's a little unfortunate, but occasional greediness is probably something that Rarity's going to be stuck with. It's really more about how we view the assigned elements to each pony. From the start, Rarity is set up to be more harshly judged than the other 4 for the reasons listed above. Does she actually deviate more than the others? I don't know. We'd have to count each account of faithfulness and deviance from each pony's element and weigh that against their appearance in the show. However, I finally realized that I do agree with Rarity fans. Rarity is rather unfairly pegged for not being true to her element. I don't think this is her fault. And honestly, I don't even think it's the fault of people who don't like Rarity. Nor is it the creators' faults. It's just a culmination of incidental things that just happen to stack things against Rarity. Realizing this, I think I have a newfound respect for Rarity and like her more than I did previously. I hope when people read this post, they'll take these things into consideration when watching Rarity in the show and analyzing her actions. I believe that if more people realize consciously how we view generosity and greed within our society, it will put the character of Rarity much more into perspective and maybe people will even, like me, like her more. Those are just my thoughts on this issue. *edit, 1/31/14* I know this is a bit late to edit, but I just came up with another good point. It's not very in depth because I don't have time to sit and write an analysis on this point. However, one more thing I noticed is this. Honesty, laughter, kindness and loyalty, you can put very little effort into. In fact, you can do almost nothing and still be considered to fall under all those categories. Except maybe laughter, but out social structure and expectations make it so that most people smile during exchanges, so that's basically effortless. Generosity, however, you really have to go out of your way to exemplify. You're not just considered generous because you haven't been ungenerous, as opposed to many of the other elements. You might be considered kind or loyal just because you've never been blatantly unkind or unloyal. Generosity, however, is more of an active thing. I think it might be weird to make Rarity a character who gives all the time. It would, in fact, make her rather unrealistic. This is another reason I think Rarity's generosity isn't shown as much. I might write more on that later to tie it up in a neat little bow, but I don't have the time at the moment.
  8. Hello everypony! So, there I am with another song, this time, a remix from the amazing song Generosity Hope you all enjoy!
  9. I'm pretty new to the show; I'm only on the first season. But, I already have some questions, and I was hoping to get some insight on one of them. I hope this question doesn't seem too self-evident or silly, but I've been thinking about it. I get that Fluttershy represents Kindness, and Rarity represents Generosity, but I'm having trouble divining what the difference is. Thoughts for a pondering friend?
  10. Later today (Sunday, 2 Feb 15) at 2100-2300 GMT (4-6PM Eastern) some friends and I are hosting a live broadcast of our studio session. We are putting the finishing touches on a song dedicated to Michael Morones, the 11 year old Brony who survived a suicide attempt, but is in need of significant medical treatment. The event will be hosted on this YouTube channel and is open to the public.
  11. Kindness: The Element of Kindness is found in characters who have a deep compassion for others, and an acceptance of others for who they are. A kind character seeks not only to do no harm, but also to heal hurts in others, and nurture them. While they aren’t necessarily as generous, encouraging, or devoted as others might be, a character who embodies Kindness has a deep compassion and empathy for others which most do not. They are more aware of someone’s feelings and well-being, and how their actions—and the actions of others—might affect them. For this reason, a kind character tends to be reluctant to engage in confrontation and might try to stop it before it starts, and would be the first to make peace afterward and take care of those who were harmed. Laughter: The Element of Laughter is found in characters who are optimistic at their core, and seek to use their positivity and energetic good cheer to make the world a better place. A cheerful character tends to be upbeat and rarely discouraged or fearful; even when things are at their worst, they can find the silver lining in the dark clouds. While they can tend to be odd or appear to not take things seriously, this is often not the case; a cheerful character generally understands the gravity of a situation, but chooses to focus on the positive and fun aspects of it instead of dwelling on the grim and negative. For this reason, a cheerful character tends to be more apt to encourage others than to oppose them; they are more likely to throw a party to try to change someone’s attitude than to argue with them. Generosity: The Element of Generosity is found in characters who readily make sacrifices for others, giving of their time, effort, possessions, and even opportunity. While Generosity is similar to Kindness, it differs in that while a kind character might nurture someone by making sure that they get the medical care they need, a generous character would absolutely insist on taking care of the person themselves. It’s not enough for a generous character to make sure someone gets something nice or something they need; a generous character has a deep need to make, give, or deliver it themselves, personally. This can get them into trouble by causing them to try to take on too many responsibilities and thus suffer from the ‘weight of the world,’ but it is this theme of personal and dedicated self-sacrifice which is the mark of a generous character. Honesty: The Element of Honesty is found in characters who focus on personal integrity, responsibility, and straightforward morality. An honest character is more than simply someone who doesn’t tell lies (in fact, they may lie if it serves a higher sense of responsibility); they have an ‘honest heart,’ and try to be dependable in all aspects of their life. An honest character usually has very strong self-discipline, and firm convictions in what they think is right or wrong; they rarely (if ever) cheat, even against their enemies. To an honest character, a commitment they have made is a sacred duty—an oath or vow that they must fulfill at any cost and by any means necessary. This can lead to an honest character being blind to the assistance others can offer, as they focus on their own personal responsibility and how important it is to their ‘honest heart’ that they make good on their promises. But it is this dependability and firm moral core of steadfast integrity which defines an honest character. Loyalty: The Element of Loyalty is found in characters who place immense value on those who they consider important, and choose those friends over others—and even themselves. A loyal character desires value and acceptance from their friends, and regularly does things in service to their friends which they do not—or cannot—do in service to others. While a loyal character shows aspects of the other Elements in the things they do, they usually show them more when serving their friends. While they might help others and reap the glory for themselves, when helping friends they are likely to do so even to their own detriment. This is the difference between a loyal character and anyone else: a loyal character will push themselves far beyond the lengths they would normally go to when they do so out of loyalty to those they care about. Magic: The Element of Magic is found in characters who approach the world with an outlook of idealism, faith, and wonder, and strive to see what makes all things special. A wondrous character focuses on the unique and the important, looking for what makes each pony, each situation, each experience, ‘magical.’ Often, a wondrous character tends to have an innocent, even naive, outlook on life; they have an optimism which is similar to (but more restrained than) a cheerful character’s. A wondrous character approaches situations with a unifying faith in the world around them and their friends, and more often than not, it is they who more readily see the ‘magic’ of friendship for what it truly is.
  12. Title says it all. Rank the rest of the mane 6 in generosity. Consider every little act, big or small, and the actions throughout all the seasons. Who stood out to you the most; who did so the least?
  13. This blog entry should be considerably shorter than my last, but I just had to tell ya'll this great little story! So all week I've been preparing with Preserve Historic Sleeping Bear (the nonprofit I'm interning at this summer) for our last big event of the summer, the Port Oneida Fair, this Friday and Saturday. Today my boss had me driving all over Traverse City picking up various items and donations all over the city that we needed for the fair. One of my last stops was back in Glen Arbor, the city near PHSB, at Cherry Republic (a place whose business is pretty much cherries and that's about it, but hey, the whole area's famous for cherries so what do ya expect? ), where I went on my way back to the office to get some donated tubs of ice cream. At this point, it's just after 6:00, I've been driving around for about 3 hours, am dog tired, and just wanna get done as soon as I can. So when I come into Cherry Republic's cafe, I'm greeted by a friendly waiter who was extremely polite the whole time, but this is where things get cool. The guy not only was extremely friendly, courteous, and fun to talk to, but while I was waiting for him to bring up our donations, he offered and gave me a couple free cherry sodas and a delicious cherry and white chocolate oatmeal cookie! Batbrony Loves Cookies This little act of charity was very kind, generous, and certainly the last thing I expected, and it was the exact kind of pick-me-up I needed at the end of a long, tiring day. I thank God that there are people out there like Cassidy, the gentleman who was so kind to me at Cherry Republic, and I'll continue to try and do my best to treat people with the same courtesy and friendliness that was shown to me there. I think we should all aspire to spread what little acts of friendship we can to whoever we can; sure, we'll fall short some of the time, but if there's one thing MLP's taught us, it's that we should spread the magic of friendship to whoever we can whenever we can. Hope ya'll enjoyed reading this little story as much as I enjoyed experiencing it. It certainly made my day! A big shoutout to Cassidy and the rest of the staff at Cherry Republic; you guys run a wonderful establishment in a friendly and courteous manner! Later ya'll! This is Batbrony signing out. I'm off!!! *cue dramatic exit*
  14. Behold, the fabulous marshmallow known as Rarity! Not much to say here. Just another vector. I hope this pose hasn't been done before. Had a few problems with the layers but I resolved that issue by placing some stuff on the same layer. As always you can see all of my work on my deviantArt page.
  15. Before I was working on the "Super Friends" present for Chaotic Lightning, I was working on this after being inspired by SparkBrony: Basically, I wanted to give a deeper perspective on how Discord could have convinced Rarity to abandon generosity, and how she returned to it when Twilight used the memory spell on her.
  16. Here come more lyrics. This time, it's a rock cover that uses some aspects of the layout of Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata in C# minor (1st movement). This one's about the fall of Nightmare Moon. The Fall (Nightmare Moon) (Beethoven Moonlight Sonata intro for 3 bars, on fourth lead into 6/8 Medium-Hard Rock) (Medium-Hard Rock for 4 bars then lighten) Verse 1 Days, turned into to months Months, into years Years into decades To centuries and then a millennium Verse 2 Darkness filled her heart A clash with the light A simple request Turned into a vengeance of fire Chrorus It was her plan Spoiled by light The sun and the moon collide, a fight For whom shall reign the skies above The night, shall reign forever more (Short guitar solo for 2 bars) Verse 3 Twas told the legend The mare, in the moon Nightmare moon, she was called Brought fear and terror in the night Verse 4 Just a simple request Rejected by her older sis Forced herself, unto the throne Banished to the moon Chrorus It was her plan Spoiled by light The sun and the moon collide, a fight For whom shall reign the skies above The night, shall reign forever more (Guitar Solo for eight bars then lighten) (Spoken) Elements of Harmony (with an echo effect) To end the night of terror Take six Who are the chosen (Getting a little heavier) (Spoken) Applejack, you are the one The one who everypony can trust You assured Twilight in fear’s eyes You…represent honesty (Short medium heavy riff and guitar solo for 2 bars) Fluttershy, you are the one The one who can be shy at times But, you have compassion overloading as you tamed the beast You…represent kindness (Short medium heavy riff and guitar solo for 2 bars) Pinkie Pie, you are the one The one who spreads the spirit of joy wherever you go You laughed away the fears and in fear’s eye You…represent laughter (Short medium heavy riff and guitar solo for 2 bars) Rarity, you are the one Despite your love for gems and riches You gave up your lovely tail to a serpent in need You…represent generosity (Short medium heavy riff and guitar solo for 2 bars) Rainbow Dash, you are the one The one everypony can depend on You stayed with your friends instead of following your hearts desire You…represent loyalty Bridge And once combined the 5 elements Produce the one to end it all The true meaning is that… Friendship is magic! (hold “magic” for 4 bars) Chorus (Reprise) It was her plan To rule the skies No longer her great destiny It was the fall Of Nightmare Moon! (hold “moon” for 2 bars) (Chorus riff chord progression for 2 bars) (Last 6 bars of Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata 1st movement, guitar solo over these bars, then begin to slow arriving at the end of the 6th bar. Take last 6 notes of the third to last bar and slow them down. Hold last note with a heavy C# minor chord. Roll cymbals with Nightmare Moon’s cry, Crescendo to two final hits. Cut on final hit) (Rainbow Dash: Awww yeah!)
  17. This is the gift thread. It's a thread. For giving. Gifts. With Thanksgiving around the corner, as well as the absence of a thread like this so far, I thought it'd be a good idea to start an organized thread so you generous folk and those willing to receive from said generous folk can engage in all the giving and receiving their hearts desire. Now, obviously it's easiest to give away Steam gifts, Minecraft codes, download URLs, etc. but if you want to go all-out, swap addresses, and give someone an actual physical object (dun dun dun DUUUUUN!) feel free. Just please keep this organization to personal messages. If you want, you can even run miniature contests to decide who to give it to, or just choose someone at random. To start things out, I'm going to give away a gift copy of the Humble Voxatron Debut (which ended today) in case anypony missed out on it, which includes the games Voxatron Alpha and Gish. I'll give it to the first person who offers a gift of their own to give to someone else.