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Found 9 results

  1. Are you left or right handed? I'm left-handed And it's always a shocker to see somepony else who is a fellow lefty I want to know what hand you write with
  2. What would happen if a non-pegasi filly was born in Clousdale? It is possible after all, although it seems unlikely. Mr. and Mrs. Cake had non-earth pony fillies, despite them both being earth ponies. I would assume this is because Mr. and or Mrs. Cake have unicorn, and pegasi blood in them. (Ancestry) Then again, maybe they just had non-earth pony kids because that's possible in the show. Either way, what would happen to the non-pegasi filly in Cloudsdale? Since only Pegasi can walk on clouds, how would the filly survive up there? Would they have to fly the filly down to a land town such as Ponyville? Would the parents go with it, or would they be ashamed that it wasn't a pegasi and put it up for adoption in a land town? Then again, maybe the non-pegasi fillies are used to make rainbows?
  3. In the Equestria Girls universe, every person appears to be too colourful, in that anyone can be born with something as unusual (in our world) as blue hair, pink eyes, and green skin. However, would there be any dominant hair/eye/skin colours, or behaviours, among people from this technicolour folk?
  4. So, as you may all know if you have been to high school, there are dominant and recessive genes. Let's take (only an example) a pony with a "rainbow hair" gene and another with a "blue hair" gene. If the rainbow hair gene is recessive and the foal made by the two ponies has one rainbow and one blue hair gene, the foal will likely have blue hair. How can we apply this to MLP? By examination of parents and foals in the show, we can create a map of dominant and recessive genes, and use it to find out some stuff we've been asking, stuff like if Dinky is really Ditzy/Derpy's daughter, finding out how Scootaloo's family was and many other parent-foal relationships. I was thinking we could all examine different families from MLP and draw out a map of dominant and recessive genes. Image made by Vector-Brony So, first analysis, Rarity's family. Rarity's mother is an unicorn who has a purple mane and pink skin, while her father is an earth pony who has a brown mane and white skin. Because the two daughters they had both have white skin, we could imply that the white skin gene is dominant, if this result is repeated in other families.. The problem is with the mane: Rarity's mane is fine, her purple mane probably coming from her mother, but how can Sweetie Belle have a mauve mane? It's because things are never that simple in studying living creatures. That's why I like "hard sciences" or however you call it in English more. You see, as we talked earlier about dominant and recessive genes, the dominant gene does not erase the recessive gene. Even is that rainbow hair gene was dominated by the blue hair gene, the gene is still here. What could we imply? That a mane with two shades of mauve is a recessive gene, but that Rarity's parents both had it and transmitted it to their daughters. This would mean that somewhere in Rarity's family, there could be another pony with a mauve hair gene, but that got that gene dominated by another color. This could also explain why both sisters are unicorns. Their mother obviously has the gene, but not their father. This could mean that either the unicorn gene is dominant, or that Rarity's father had an ancestor with the unicorn gene and transmitted it to his daughters. So, what are your findings about genes in the pony universe? post them here.
  5. It is done! I bring you my Ramblings on the genetics of Ponies with speculation on the origins of Alicorns. This was inspired by the “Is it possible to have alicorn offspring for non-alicorns?” thread. As seen in Baby Cakes (S2, EP13), it is possible for a pony couple to give birth to ponies of a different tribe. However, as seen is various episodes, whether or not this happens is not completely random, as Pinkie’s Family are all earth ponies and Rarity’s are all unicorns fr example. However, as it has been shown that the tribes can interbreed, they are not separate species as such, more along the lines of breeds, but as you do not see a half unicorn/pegasus for example, that does not quite work, (hence my use of tribes). My theory is that within the genetic code of each pony is a gene, or set of genes, that reconfigures other parts of the genetic code for each tribe, which would usually be the same as the parents. Having ancestors of a different tribe must also be carried down in the genetic code, or be a rare random mutation, not enough data to go on here. I suspect there could be a mixture of both. However, we must also include magic in any theory. It is evident that magic is built into each pony, for example, just having wings would in no way allow a pegasus to walk on clouds. This built in magic is also shown in Cutie Marks. This magic could allow any pony who reaches a certain, rare, mental state of enlightenment to undergo a transformation into an Alicorn. On the Origin of Alicorns. Did anyone else notice the flag at the end of Hearth’s Warming Eve (S2 EP11) had what appeared to be Celestia and Luna on it? And yet the pair are not mentioned at all, seeing as if they were there they would have helped against the Windigos. Thus, I do not think they were around before the Fire of Friendship was created, but they must have been around afterwards. I think either they were created by the Fire of Friendship, or transformed by it (Elements of Harmony created at same time??). Either way, they did not start their rule straight away, as Discord was around first (Possibility of Windigos caused by Discord??) Thank you for reading this. Thoughts? (and yes I know I haven't followed up all topics fully. These are just ramblings)
  6. Here, we will discuss the history of species in Equestria, and I will edit this post to reflect the current widely agreed phylogeny sorting. This is a work in progress, and I have lots of studies. I will add new content in my free time. The Equestrian Phylogeny Book
  7. Awhile back I read that humans ability to evolve technology will only go so far. The most interesting to me being humans will never develop the ability to travel at the speed of light, hence never being to expand past our solar system. Even though I take this with a grain of salt, it got me thinking. How long till we can no longer advance? Where do you believe we stop?
  8. Since mules are canon in the show, we can assume donkeys and ponies can reproduce. Now, if the pony parent of the couple is a unicorn or a pegasus, would you say it's possible for their foal to be born with wings or a horn? Could we ever hope to see hinny-corns or peg-asses on the show? Also, since the mules we've seen do not have a cutie mark, do you suppose this means that cutie mark genes are recessive, or are cutie marks simply not genetic at all, but purely magical? And finally, since mules, donkeys and saddle arabians have no cutie mark, could that mean that only ponies get them, and that therefore Zecora's cutie mark is not a cutie mark at all, but just a tatto of some sort?
  9. So I'm currently studying genetics in my biology class and I decided to open this thread for discussion on pony genetics. Of course, as we all know there are four species of pony: Earth, Unicorn, Pegasus and Alicorn. It is also said that Alicorns are not naturally born...well, there is one thing that can happen for an Alicorn to be naturally born. This can happen via a mutation in the chromosomes. Humans have 23 pairs of chromosomes. According to Wikipedia, horses have 64 chromosomes, or 32 pairs. Here's a karyotype, or diagram of chromosomes, for a horse. Now, let's say that pair numbers 30 and 31 were responsible for determining wings and horn. The diagram shown above would be the karyotype for a normal earth pony. But, for a unicorn, there would be an extra chromosome in pair #30. For a pegasus, the extra one would be in pair #31. For an alicorn, which is extremely rare, both chromosome pairs 30 and 31 would have an extra chromosome. Alicorns would be sprout only because of a mutation. Just because a pegasus and unicorn breed doesn't mean that the result would an alicorn all the time. It can be either one. This is determined by what is known as a Punnet Square. Don't let the results confuse you. The capital letters represent dominant traits and the small case letters represent recessive traits. As you can see from the Punnett Square above, there can be four outcomes. One would automatically assume that the first foal, the red square, would automatically be an Alicorn. REMEMBER, alicorns can only sprout via mutation. Also, the father's traits are usually the dominant traits (this rule only applies to the first foal). The first foal would be a pegasus, the second foal would be a Unicorn, and the third and fourth would also be pegasai. But you're like: "Wait! Both the traits in the fourth foal are recessive. Wouldn't it just be an earth pony?" I see what you're thinking. But remember the rule of dominance? This also applies to the fourth foal as well. So, let's have a little debate here: Were Princess Celestia and Princess Luna born Alicorns? I say yes. Let's take this a little out of the canon shall we? Princess Galexia, Princess Celestia and Luna's mother bred with their father, Prince Universto. Because they were both Alicorns, they could breed Alicorns themselves. This begs yet another question. "If an alicorn breeds with another non-alicorn (Earth, Pegasus or Unicorn), wouldn't it produce just another alicorn? Well, actually no. If the mutation is passed on then yes. But otherwise no. This may confuse some people due to the Punnett square situation, as the Punnett square would produce 3 alicorn foals. Well, what's your opinion on pony genetics?