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Found 31 results

  1. Sometimes less is more. A proper description in the right spot can help make a story. Too much description, however, can cost you. Oddly enough, it can really cost you in a horror story. The trap beginners fall into is the idea that gore = fear. That’s not necessarily true. The right amount of blood, the right amount of description, and the right amount of direct action can make a horror story. The wrong amount can leave you with something like Jeff the Killer. Why does less tend to be more in a horror story? Well, the reason boils down to the psyche of the person. Meaning derived is meaning described. For the average person, the things the mind comes up with tend to be scarier than whatever you actively describe. Consider, for instance, the famous shower scene of Psycho. Each shot is deliberately cut such that we rarely, if at all, see the victim being stabbed: Additionally, there’s far less blood here. This has the effect of keeping us in the dark as to the extent of the injuries. Less blood can bring us more alarm. Too much blood and too much gore, however, has the opposite effect. Take a story like Jeff the Killer. You get more a feel of something written by an edgy 12-year old. The story becomes satire and loses its horror element. It becomes something that you may fear or take seriously as a child but does not age. As a writer, you’re constantly striving for what you can’t quite achieve: ageless. In many cases, the less blood and gore you use, the better off you’re going to be. The exception tends to be satire. Generally speaking, using less blood is better enjoyed because blood has become almost a cliche these days. This by no means is to say you should never use a drop of the stuff. But toe the line. It will help you greatly. Lay the ground work, but let your reader’s mind do the rest.
  2. What do you guys think the Mane Six like to listen to? I have a few ideas. Rainbow Dash - metal and rock Pinkie Pie - pop and dance Rarity - classical Applejack - country (obviously) I'm totally stuck on Twilight and Fluttershy. So what do you think?
  3. What's your favorite story genre? I like stories with Romantic fantasies, action, and adventure etc. I would like to know your favorite kind of stories.
  4. What are your favorite genres of electronic music? It would also be nice to post your favorite examples of the genre. (I'm not using the term EDM because this isn't limited to dance music.) I used to like progressive house a lot, but I realized that it's quite generic right now, like most of the "house" genre. While I'm not familiar with the leading artists in most of these genres, I like complextro, future house, happy hardcore, and chilled out tracks (not sure of a genre name for this one, just music that's softer and more calming.)
  5. Hello and welcome to the fourth installment of my series: What Makes Up This Genre. EDM Summary/Subgenres "Bump, bump, bump-ty bump..." Ah yes...that beat...that beat that makes up the majority of today's electronic music...that beat that makes up nearly 75% of brony music and that beat that's sadly taking over the music scheme today...yes...EDM. Electronic Dance Music has been around since the 80s. Like Eurobeat, you may think it originated here, but it actually originated in Britain. When the synthesizer was developed, it was mainly used as a backup in rock, R&B and early forms of metal. EDM is divided into several genres, each with subtle differences. House: House is the most basic form of EDM. it consists of a straight percussion drive with kick on the downbeat. The downbeat is is the main part of the beat. In conducting, every quarter note lands on the downbeat. Sometimes, there maybe a high-hat on the upbeat. A high-hat is a type of cymbal that is comprised of two cymbals facing each other on a stand. A high-hat on an acoustic set is controlled by a pedal for open hits and closed hits. The upbeat is a half beat found on "and". Trance: Unlike House, Trance consists of a more melodic aspect. An arpeggiated plucked lead almost always will be present. Arpeggiated means broken chords. Arpeggios input a more dexterous feel to the piece. Percussion lines may be a bit more complex consisting of synth toms for fills. A fill is a percussion line that consists of a complex rhythm that can end with a crash on the 1st beat of the following measure. Hardstyle: Hardstyle takes the basic elements of EDM, but gives it a more intense feel. The most notable element of hardstyle is the fact that it's drop leads into leads into a harsh thumping rhythm that may consist of hard sawtooths and distinguished plucked leads. The drop is the part of the EDM song that leads into the main thumping kick. We will discuss drops later. Techno: Techno is a little more complex, as it combined the African American styles with the edm styles to create a hip-hop/edm fusion. In techno, you may hear a mix of open and closed high-hats. In techno, plucked leads may be phat. "Phat" is a term for a plucked lead that is deep in the low end with filter work. Those are four subgeneres of EDM. Now that we've got those out of the way, let's get into the sounds of EDM. Instruments and Sounds EDM is mainly known for its full-on electronic sound. You can easily recognize it due to that deep pumping kick. The synthesizer is always used in EDM no matter the sub-genre. In addition, some producers of EDM rely on what is known as a launchpad. A launchpad is a special device that is calibrated for creating electronic pieces. Launchpads are very unique because clips of instruments can be assigned to them. Clips are small audio samples of instruments. Clips can be programmed to launchpads. There are other controllers that aid in the production of EDM. Alternatively, a MIDI controller can be used. A MIDI controller is a device that transfers MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) to trigger sounds, create effects and other parameters. Furthermore, a drum machine can also be used. A drum machine is a tool that plays pre-recording rhythms. Early drum machines did not have the capability to add fills and other transitional elements. Nowadays, drum machines can adapt to the way you create your music with modernized technology. In terms of sounds, the four basic soundwaves are present: Sine, Square, Sawtooth and Triangle. These waves are all characterized by their distinct sound. The Sine wave is the most basic wave. It is characterized by sounding like a digital "hum". In EDM, sine waves are usually one of the main leads. They are often condensed down to a beep lead. A beep lead is often found in the higher range. It usually takes arpeggiated runs on a quarter beat. Here's a sine wave: The square wave is a very versatile wave. It can act as a solo lead due to it's melodic character. A standard square wave can be somewhat sharp due to its already high harmonic level. A standalone square wave may need to be adjusted. Running it through a very soft low pass filter can help your square wave not sound so sharp. In fact, if you lower the attack (the time it takes for a note to fully sound), you can even convert it to what is known as an LM Square Wave. This variant of the square wave is more mellow than the standard square wave. It is close to the triangle wave but not quite there. In EDM, a square wave can be transformed into a plucked lead for arpeggiated runs. They are often used in slide drops. A slide drop is an element of EDM where a wave is rapidly shifted downward in pitch via a sliding sound. Slide drops are always chromatic. Chromatic means consisting of all half-steps. Here's a square wave: Notice the very sharp sound The triangle wave is quite similar to the square wave in sound, HOWEVER, there is quite a difference. The triangle wave has a more mellow sound due to the fact that it's harmonic level is not as high as the square wave. In fact, the triangle wave is often used in making synthesized wind instruments such as clarinets. In EDM, the triangle wave can be transformed into what is known as a popcorn lead. A popcorn lead is very short sounding. It sounds like popcorn popping. Popcorn leads are rapidly arpeggiated running on 16th notes. Triangle waves can also be transformed into slow ascending sliding leads. An ascending sliding lead is found mainly in the build-up section of an EDM track just before the drop. Sometimes, smooth gating is applied. Gating is an effect that rapidly adjusts the volume of the sound. In EDM, gating is done to the beat of the song. Smooth gating occurs when there is a soft cut in volume, sort of like someone adjusting a volume knob. It has a very natural sound. Here's a triangle wave: Finally, the sawtooth wave, the brightest wave of the four, is the most popular wave used. Due to it's bare sound, it almost always has to be tampered with to get that bright sound. For details on how to get the bright sawtooth wave, you can visit the second installment in this series, which is eurobeat. After the equalization and transformation of the sawtooth wave, you can make it into a backup lead or plucked lead. A backup lead is any lead that performs chords on rhythms and other elements. In addition, sawtooth waves can be run through harsh gating. In comparison to smooth gating, harsh gating is very choppy-sounding. Here's a bare sawtooth wave: Well, are you overwhelmed? It's not over yet...we still have one more section to tackle...and it's the most important Song Formats and Chord Progressions In EDM, there is much repetition, and sadly nowadays, producers limit themselves in chord progressions. For best results, it is best to use 4 chords, since you have 24 ways of ordering them. EDM does have a specific order. It is comprised of phrases with 8 bars. A bar of music consists a certain number of beats. In EDM, it is 4 beats to a bar. 1-2-3-4|2-2-3-4|3-2-3-4|4-2-3-4|5-2-3-4|6-2-3-4|7-2-3-4|8-2-3-4| Study this beat chart. Now, focus on bars 5, 6 and 7. These are the most important bars in EDM. This is where most of the transitional elements, drops and other stuff appear. When an EDM song starts it may start softer, but it all depends on the producer. In bar 4, a small fill may occur with synthesized toms. In the early part of the song, bars 5, 6, and 7 stay normal. Bar 8 is reserved for a larger fill with more activity. This repeats until the drop-prep phrase begins. The drop-prep phrase is the part of the EDM song where there is a setup for the drop. In bar 5, a noise sweep rise may begin. A noise sweep rise is a sound where general noise is run through a filter and swept out of the filter. A snare may begin on quarters as well. In bar 6, the snare converts to 8ths, and then 16ths in bar 7. Bar 8 contains the drop. The drop is the most important element of an EDM song, as it's the transition between the main phrase and the breakdown. The breakdown in an EDM song is the loudest part of a song, which contains many elements. Anything can happen in a breakdown. There are endless possibilities. Outros vary as well. Sometimes, everything is swept into a filter, or it just ends abrubtly. A more unique approach is the subtraction element. Here, an instrument is taken away after every 4 bars, until there is nothing left. To hear this all come together, take a listen to one of the most famous pieces that even earned a meme on youtube. guessed it. Sandstorm - Darunde Notice how all the elements come together. Also, listen out for the drop. Keep count using the chart I provided you above so you can listen out for the drop. Miscellaneous Info Synth Strings are also used in EDM. They can be created with a sawtooth wave equalized, chorused and with a higher attack time. A reverse cymbal can be used for short fills. To make one, all you have to do is collect a crash cymbal sample and reverse it in any audio program. Well, I hope you've learned a lot from this guide. Remember, I'm always here if you got any questions. Just shoot me a PM and I'll get back to you ASAP.
  6. Welcome to #2 of my series "What Makes Up This Genre?" This's... Eurobeat Summary/Subgenres Ah yes, the genre that officially launched the brony music community...the genre that laid the foundation for fan music in mlp...yes...that catchy...awesome...speedy...Eurobeat. Some of you guys may think that Eurobeat started in Japan...well...hate to say this actually didn't. You see, if you take a look at the word'll see the big hint. "Euro" means of european origins. Eurobeat actually was british dance pop. However, what was considered Eurobeat back then, wasn't what we know today. Eurobeat back then was slower than your average Eurobeat song of today, which is between 170 and 190 beats per minute. Because of it's high-energy feel and continuous beat, Eurobeat is mostly about energetic situations. Here are some common themes Eurobeat uses Love Energy Speed Adrenaline Cars/Racing Eurobeat also has some popular fusions. Euro-Rock: Euro-Rock takes elements of Rock and Eurobeat and puts them together. Sometimes, rock bands who perform Eurobeat tunes don't use a drum machine to produce the artificial sounds. Instead they use electric drum sets. Some may even stick with their acoustic drum set to give Eurobeat a "pure rock" feel to it. A drum machine is a device that produces a beat without someone having to play it. Euro-Punk: Euro-Punk is Punk Rock and Eurobeat put together. Again, artists may do different things with drums. Instruments and Sounds One of the biggest characteristics of Eurobeat is the heavy use of the synthesizer. The synthesizer is the key ingredient of Eurobeat. With it, the four types of soundwaves (plus a few more) cannot be produced. The most notable sound in Eurobeat is the Sawtooth Lead. The Sawtooth lead is what makes the melody sound. The sawtooth wave is created when the harmonic level of a sine wave is equal to 50. A sine wave is the simplest form of sound. It sounds like a digital hum. The harmonic level is the number of harmonics in a sound wave. A harmonic is a sub-sound created when a tone is played. Most harmonics cannot be heard, but when the harmonic level is raised, more of them are exposed. Here's what a naturally sounding Sawtooth Wave sounds like: (Sound byte used is from Wikipedia) Now you can't just send this Sawtooth wave into the eurobeat scene. No. You need to tweak and tune it. To get the signature sawtooth lead sound, most artists of today have turned to what is called a polysynth. A polysynth is a special type of synthesizer that uses more than one oscillator. An oscillator in music is a machine that produces one of the four basic soundwaves. An oscillator is usually part of the circuit board or built into higher-end units. To make the sawtooth wave the bright lead sound we need for eurobeat, we must first run it through what is known as an equalizer. An equalizer is a program that allows the user to adjust the volumes of sounds in all of the frequency range. The frequency range covers the different tonalities of sounds. There are three basic frequency ranges: low, mid and high. To get the sawtooth wave brighter, we focus on the high frequencies. Some musicians even go above and beyond and add what is called a sub-oscillator. A sub-oscillator produces pitches one octave below the principal pitch. An octave is the distance between two notes of the same spelling but difference in pitch (ie. C1->C2). Furthermore, this sawtooth lead sound requires minimal attack. Attack is the time it takes for a note to fully sound. In this case, the sawtooth lead has to sound in a blink of an eye, no delays at all. In addition, it's release is instant. Release is how long it takes for a note to fade after a key is depressed or a string is muted. What's more, musicians add what is called a chorus to the sawtooth to give it that dual bright feel. A chorus is a sound effect that duplicates the signal to give the illusion that more than one person is playing. Besides the sawtooth lead sound, there is another sound that is used known as a plucked lead. A plucked lead is any lead sound that sounds like a plucked string instrument. Plucked leads are mainly used in the background, but some musicians put them up front in the spotlight. Sometimes, they play licks in the middle of a verse or lyric. A lick is a little passage of notes that falls in between a phrase, line or lyric. Plucked leads are heavily controlled by filter effects. Filter effects are highly advanced equalizing effects that not only affect frequency range but bring about human-like vowel sounds such as "wah". Plucked leads are often fat sounding and contain a lot of low end. However, some musicians make their plucked leads thin-sounding for a more delicate type of feel amongst the steady beat. In terms of percussion, eurobeat features electronically-made drums. It is most notable for it's continuous pumping kick. Kick is another term for bass drum. It's usually used when referring to a drum set. The kick is played in quarter beats and lays out the tempo of the piece. Synthesized toms are present in fills. They are noted for their very unique punchy sound. They sound like someone shouting "Dew!". Synthesized claps are also present, and again, mostly found in fills. Sometimes, musicians put synthesized on beats 2 and 4 of the bar. Now that we've laid out the comes the fun part...the song layout: Song Formats and Chord Progressions Eurobeat has a very specific formula to it. According to japanese artists, it is said to have always follow this layout: beginning → riff (musical synth) → a melo (verse) → b melo (bridge) → sabi (chorus) → riff (musical synth) → c melo → ending Let's use this layout to breakdown perhaps the most famous eurobeat in all of the MLP fandom: Discord The beginning of the piece starts with the moving organ, which has a very similar pattern to Bach's Toccata and Fugue in D minor. This intro lasts until around the middle 0:48, where the riff comes in. Notice the bright sawtooth lead I discussed earlier. If you're hearing a sort of wobble at the tail-end of the lead each time it holds a note, you're hearing what is called vibrato. Vibrato can be both naturally and artificially produces. Artificially, it is when an oscillator rapidly modulates from one pitch to another. These pitches are usually a half-step a part and the transition is a smooth bend. Modulation is any change made to the sound of a pitch. Moving on to the a melo (aka verse 1), this part starts at 1:01. The b melo (bridge, or pre-chorus) starts at 1:13. The sabi or chorus starts right at 1:25 and then the sawtooth riff picks up again at 1:37. Eurobeat Brony slightly modified his layout for a more extended eurobeat, as your typical eurobeat can be pretty short. In terms of chords and progressions, there is actually no specific progressions people use. In eurobeat, progressions are drawn out to cover more than one line of lyrics. In the verse, some people stick to the tonic key of whatever key the song is in, or use only two chords. Other times, they go with simple known progressions such as the I-vi-IV-V (aka the Love Progression). Now that we've covered the core concepts of Eurobeat, here is some miscellanous info. Sometimes, in the very beginning, musicians insert what is called a noise sweep. A noise sweep is a sound where a noise starts deep in a filter. As the frequencies of the filter rise, the noise is "swept out" of the filter to create a build-up effect. Some musicians even do the opposite and sweep the noise into the filter quickly for a drop. A drop is the part of the song where all of the instruments come in at once. It is usually hard-hitting. Drops usually have an accented kick combined with a crash cymbal. Well, this brings us to the end of our exploration of the genre of eurobeat. I hope all of you aspiring musicians benefit from this guide. If you have any questions, drop a PM to me and I'll be sure to get back to you.
  7. I'd have to go with Metal, dubstep, and I legitimately listen to vaporwave. Metal because... well... I like that standard guitar, drum, and mic combo that's missing today. Dubstep because it follows the standard measure system (and the beats are sometimes pretty good). Vaporwave? Well... it's... relaxing? What do you listen to?
  8. So back when I had friends (It's a long story and I'll be more than willing to tell when I run out of ideas), I was really into the music genre of Vapourwave. This style of music captivated me because of just how hilariously stupid and simple it was to make and listen. Because of this, I ran out and snagged my very own copy of FL Studio just to make Vaporwave. Yeah, very good investment. Now of course, I try to learn it here and there, which, in fact, I have written and composed a few good pieces. But back to the story, I told my former friends about this new discovery and exposed them to it as much as possible. Naturally, they'd never heard of it, but immediately fell under that same "So stupid it's good" spell as I had. No, they didn't want to make it and were just happy to have a quick listen, but I was ready to go the extra mile. Now, having not been born into that "early 70's" commercial and jazz era, I had no idea where to find the source material and begin making this masterpiece. The only songs I had on hand were a few Metal arrangements composed by none other than DAGames. At the time, I just wanted to get my career on the road and didn't exactly care for quality control, so, I booted up FL, messed around with the settings, slowed it down to about -37% and... well... I'll let you be the judge of this piece. (I was able to extract it from my Google Drive before my laptop shut down. See "I AM A COMPUTER") Having embraced the severity of quality it was radiating from my headphone speakers, I soon came up with a name for this newly bred beast of a genre. I insisted that it'd be a new hit, but I never got around to having it published. So, I present to everyone here, my timeless masterpiece... Meet Deathcore, the very embodiment of emo hell. (Trust me when I say it's bad and I think runs at about 8 minutes.) -RealityPublishing
  9. Say, if the Mane 6 would sometimes take time to write stories (non-fiction and fiction alike), what do you think each member's works would involve (like happy/sad/bittersweet endings, that kind of character, cliches, etc.)? Also, what genres do you think each member of the Mane 6 would prefer?
  10. Okay so the goal of this thread is to share and discover good albums. That is albums where the majority of the songs are just as good as the top hit. For me, there is always that next album I'm wanting. What about you? Rules: Method of purchase? Be it by compact disc, vinyl, mp3, etc. Not free. Must be an entire album that you plan to buy next. Artist? Album? Genre? Favourite song? Post a link to Youtube, Amazon, or the like, so we can listen to it, if any. Optional – Tell a short story about this album or artist. This could be about anything. This is your chance to mention other albums you bought from the same artist. Lets say you already own every album you ever wanted from a particular band. I don't see why not, so go ahead and share. Supertones, Supertones Strike Back, #8 Unite. Christian Rock, Rap/Hip-Hop, Jazz, trumpets. I always prefer compact-disc. Supertones is the artist that best describes my childhood. My Dad played the Supertones all the time super loud and super clear on his sweet JBL speaker setup. This is the Artist that I remember best from my childhood. It's about time I buy a new disc from them since we only had one Supertones album. Can any pony name this other Supertones album? Hint given in this paragraph. Fun, a riddle.
  11. I've been thinking about the songs in mlp lately, and even though there is a large variety in music, MOST of the songs mainly come down to two categories: Theatrical and Pop. BTW, I define theatrical as a song you could image being sung in a play or musical, and pop as songs with effects and voice modifications. Ex. Theatrical: Bats, Flim Flam Songs, the Filli Vinnili song, Pinkie's Lament, etc Pop: Smile, Let the Rainbow Remind You, Make Our Mark, True True Friend, etc. If you like other, more sparse styles, like Applejack's country-ish songs, feel free to say so, but also add which of these 2 categories if you can.
  12. Hey, everyone; I have seen these kinds of threads (for other genres, of course), but I have yet to see one for the lovely genre: ambient. To fix this, I have decided to create one. So yeah, if anyone out there is a fan of ambient music (anyone is welcome though); here is a place to share songs you enjoy in the genre, and discover more. Also, downtempo and post-rock will be accepted genres here as well. And don't worry about whether or not the song you want to post counts as ambient. As long as you think it belongs, it's good. Please don't tell other members that their posted song isn't one of the accepted genres either. I'll start with one of my favorites from Stellardrone, and a very relaxing song from Aphex Twin:
  13. What's your favorite genre of fan fiction? Mine, is war of survival. I always love the feelings of weak fighting against the inevitable, in defiance of their fate. They don't go quietly into the the night, even though they know they can't win against the enemy. I love brave Ponies or any other race standing up against those they can't win, or at least have very little hope of winning against themm
  14. Found Footage Films! I honestly really love them! Course their really aren't that many I can find, mostly because I'm picky about them. I don't find anything wrong with them (well, maybe a few things), I think there's so much you do with them just like anything else! So, I want to hear your thoughts about Found Footage Films, how do you feel about them? If you have a favorite, what is it? By the way my favorite is VHS 2! -a~N
  15. When I was in elementary school (mid-late '90s) I mainly listened to country. In middle school I mainly listened to rock/alternative/pop (late 90's-early 00's) In high school I switched mainly to alternative/rock because of the rap invasion taking over the pop/rock station I liked. (early-mid 00's) :okiedokielokie: From mid 00's to now I still mainly like alternative/rock, but have gotten into classic rock like Led Zepplin, Fleetwood Mac, The Beatles, etc. I also have more 80's music. Since the Mid 2000's I also have really come to like the British bands Coldplay (their older stuff- they've gotten REALLY lazy as of late IMO.), Keane, Blur, and Gorillaz. I've also come to like a little electronic music (Smoother stuff- Not dubstep/techno type stuff though.) I've found that i don't care much for the newer country much at all. Here in the US it's the fastest growing Genre. It all seems to sound the same to me kind of like a "droan" and doesn't have much variation or much high and low end range (vocally or instrumentally.) The country I liked (and still do) from the 90's seems brighter and more interesting sounding to me. Funny thing is at our cottage or camping people always want my iPod on at the fire, out of everyone else's phone/ iPod. So how has your taste in music changed over the years?
  16. I was wondering if anypony likes the genre of Metal? I personally love it. My favourite song and band are: Amity Affliction ~ Open Letter What about you!
  17. Oh god I don't even want to see this. No, I hate my music from early 2012. Ew. Wow. Metal fur lyfe. Question still applies though
  18. Whatever media there is, there will be a genre of it that you do not like in the slightest, I think there are exceptions to that rule, so this thread is for posting all of your diamonds in the rough. example: Media: Anime Genre I don't like: Horror Exception: Psycho Pass
  19. Hmm, I'll actually try starting a topic for once. Given the finale, do you think you would like to see more adventure (or action) episodes in the future for mlp:fim ? I can't seem to find it, but I originally thought Lauren Faust has said she had planned a 50/50 split between slice of life and adventure feeling for the series (i can't seem to find it, so don't quote me on it). So the question, do you think it would be good if the series started going for a more balanced 50/50 split on the slice of life and adventure feel? (Currently the series has leaned more on the slice of life feel and slipped in a bit of adventure here and there.) What's your say on it?
  20. Since the rework of Age of Empires 2 is on the way, I felt like reflecting over the genre as a whole. Do you like the genre? If so, which are your favorite games? I personally love Age of Empires 2 and 1, I pretty much grew up with these games Otherwise, Starcraft and Warcraft are truly brilliant and never gets old
  21. I'm not sure how many people have checked out my Rate Your Music account as TheScientist which i've linked in my profile (likely not too many) but in case you haven't figured it out yet, I love lists. Listing allows you to gather and pass on information you've gathered and make the elaborate world of music a little more bearable to explore and understand. I created the RYM Ultimate Box Set project as the idea that you could put together a cd compilation of the best tracks from the essential artists for just about each and every genre (ok 5 cd's for something like Progressive Rock) and at the same time explore how that genre came to be chonologically and hopefully tell a better story of what a genre is then many of the profiles in Wikipedia. Why genres? Well genres aren't just something you adopt as a style at some point (well they are NOW) but more importantly they were a new movement and a new musical scene that came to pass. While you're living in an age where there's not much going on for new genres (except a few like Trap Music, Vaporwave, Chillwave, Moombahtonm, and of course Brony Music) at earlier times there were a lot more genres coming into being. So genres really represent musical history and how music often branches off from one genre to the next as it develops out like a tree. So I'm going to try to post a genre each day that I've got time to kill on MLPForums , talk about what makes then unique and how sound wise what defines them, and a few youtube examples of each. I hope that this gets you excited about musical exploration and what's out there. If ya got any questions lemme know as I'll answer them as best as i can. Comments are great as i can post more video examples and do more genres. Requests are ok too.
  22. Hello, hullo, hallo! RayFriedh again, with some more genreponies! This time it's Pop and Metal: Feedback is appreciated~ Pop Pony! CM is a microphone. Metal Pony! I took a risk here, making the metal pony female (I did it so you could ship Rock and Metal more easily). I hope it turned out alright. No CM yet, since a guitar seems to be a very common Cutie Mark amongst OC's. If you can think of any awesome metal icons for the pony to wear on her flank, that'd be great! If you have any suggestions, just comment below! Or PM me here, or on dA, or add me on Skype! Feedback is very much appreciated! Thank's for reading! There's punch and cookies by the door.
  23. Maybe an underrated or unheard genre, but I really love it. It's basically punk/alternative but using traditional instruments (I.E. banjo, acoustic, violin,) and usually centers around depression or anger. If you do happen to like it a/o interested in it I'd love to give and get some references for music. Here's one of my favorite albums from my favorite band!
  24. This is sort of in regards to the "Search by pony" thread, but it's a little different and could be separate so I've made it in its own topic. Well as I was browsing around on Pony.FM, I was wondering if perhaps there could be a "Filter by Genre" page. Say you select the "Electronic" genre. All songs that weren't selected under the electronic genre would be filtered out, so you would only see what you want to see. What do you all think?
  25. I've been wanting to make this thread for a while now, but I was unsure whether anyone even listened to ska here. I finally figured, "What the heck!" and decided it is time for a ska thread. Discuss anything related to ska music here or just post your favorite songs from, or related to, ska music.