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Found 14 results

  1. Some genres of movies can be tough to get into, depending on who you are. We all have preferred genres and different tastes. Sometimes, there are genres that we just cannot get into for whatever reason. That's this thread's whole dealio! Are there an movie or show genres that can't pull you in? For me, one of those is love films or shows. I cannot ever get into these. Love is a beautiful thing when treated right and yet, these types of movies or shows never catch my interest. For me, they tend to come across as forced or featuring bad storylines, even with good acting at the helm.
  2. So lets try something! In this game you basically respond to the user above you with any music lyrics from any song you know of. But the lyrics has to be from an actual song. Heck if you have a song of your own you have written then go with it! You can post the artist below if you like. Just make a response with any music lyrics to this and keep going! Try to keep the lyrics flowing like that go with the song lyrics or something similar. " Black coat, white shoes, black hat, Cadillac Yeah, the boy's a time bomb " By Rancid
  3. Video games have tons of genres. I mean, A LOT of them. With each genre comes hundreds upon hundreds to potentially thousands of games that specialize in a specific genre, sometimes mixing between different ones. With each genre, there are games that rise above the rest and manage to do things in that genre other games simply haven't done. They master their craft and are pinnacles of what that genre is about. So let's dive into this big pool! To you, what games or game series are the absolute kings of their respective genres? For me, I can start off with an easy one: Racing: Forza Motorsport 6 This is a game that I have absolutely loved since its 2015 release and it is because of Forza 5 that I began to love these types of games. Forza 6 is basically 5 jacked up a few notches. Wit ha plethora of things to do, over 500 fully detailed cars, amazing graphics, 24ish courses recreated beautifully, rain variants, night variants, custom paint schemes, tons of online stuff, the rewind feature and the awesome leveling up system, this is a game and series that I feel absolutely destroys the competition. It might not be the most absolutely realistic racing sim ever, but it nails pretty anything that could make a racing game fun. Simulation: Rollercoaster Tycoon 2 While the first game is the by far most nostalgic game for me in this series, RCT2 ironed out some of the flaws of the original. What we have is theme park building amazingness. Yes, I know of Planet Coaster but I haven't played it. So for me, RCT2 holds the title for best simulation/management game.
  4. What kind of music do you want to see for the song numbers in Season 5? This may sound weird, but I'd like to see some more 90s style Europop, and jazz mixes. Examples: There's just something about this kind of "PS1/Arcade style"-esque music that's just so damn catchy.
  5. Title says it all, what musical genres do you dislike and why?
  6. Hey guys, just looking for some good music to PvP to, any underrated bands anyone recommends, so far I'm loving Limp Bizket and Egypt Central - I'm creating a playlist so I'd like people to get the best variety. Feel free to post your favorite bands and songs and why Remember NO FLAMING other peoples opinion, each to their own.
  7. Obviously you probably aren't great at absolutely everything that falls into a particular video game genre, but I'm generally quite good at platformers. Specifically: Mario. I've beaten eleven different Mario sidescrollers without dying; one of which was SMB2 (JPN) a.k.a. "Lost Levels." I've completed all 32 levels of SMB consecutively without dying (and I've done this twice). I could maybe make a case for rhythm games, SHMUPs, falling block puzzlers, and old school turn-based RPGs. If only on a good day lol. The genres I'm horrible at: Modern first-person shooters. Nothing I do is ever right lol. If you're bad at them, I guarantee I'm worse. Realistic sports games. If Mario isn't in it, I probably stink at it. Realistic racing games. Again, if Mario (or Captain Falcon) isn't in it... xD There are some exceptions, but I'mma say stealth games. If I can't be Batman, I will probably get my butt spotted by enemies left and right. Alarms will sound... *Sigh.* MMOs. Not only am I not a fan of them in general, but I tend to not be especially good at them. I'm not much for the whole... Team effort / social thing? In my day, you simultaneously controlled the black mage, white mage, warrior-type, probably some thief guy with so-so stats who usually failed to steal anything... And you LIKED it! Your best / worst??
  8. So I got to thinking there are a couple of bands I still listen to today even years after they had broken up. Long forgotten bands that maybe no one has heard of. One of those bands were the Explosion and they released 3 albums before they broke up. Their music was featured in games such as Tony Hawk's Underground 2, Burnout 3 Takedown, and Midnight Club 3 Dub Edition. 2003-2005 perhaps one of my favorite times in gaming. Another band that broke up that I still listen to would be JET They also made 3 albums then broke up unfortunately and I loved this band. Breaking Benjamin is a band that made me sad that they broke up... every single one of their albums I have and I grew up listening to that band. What are some bands you still listen to that have broken up a while back?
  9. has a beautiful genre index. But, while randomly selected track covers are certainly nice to look at, they lack... flair. The QA team agreed that a consistent cover to represent each genre would ultimately create a more uniform branding. Now, a few days ago, Dawn Rider put forth the idea of getting an offical mascot, which received a lot of support from the rest of the team. But when the question became whether one pony could possibly encompass the diversity of every single musical genre, RayFriedh had this to say: The idea resonated with the QA team, so in direct response to user feedback, will have a "genrepony" mascot representing every genre on the site. Ray was all too eager to hop on the job of creating a whole bunch of original characters to be's genre mascots, and his first concept is already up! Please head over to his forum thread to see the full picture and provide all the feedback you can - even if all you have to say is a simple "this is awesome just the way it is!" The ponies he creates will become an integral part of's design and branding, so this is a prime opportunity for everyone to get a say in part of the site's future.
  10. So I was thinking, I pretty much all kinds of music (Except for country and Nikki Minaj) but I bet you guys have different opinions. I'm fairly new to this forum and I would like to learn more about my fellow Bronies! So I ask you, What kind of of music do you like to listen to? Do you have a favourite music video? Tbh I like Hard Rock the best and my favourite music video is Bat County by Avenged Sevenfold.
  11. I'm not sure how many people have checked out my Rate Your Music account as TheScientist which i've linked in my profile (likely not too many) but in case you haven't figured it out yet, I love lists. Listing allows you to gather and pass on information you've gathered and make the elaborate world of music a little more bearable to explore and understand. I created the RYM Ultimate Box Set project as the idea that you could put together a cd compilation of the best tracks from the essential artists for just about each and every genre (ok 5 cd's for something like Progressive Rock) and at the same time explore how that genre came to be chonologically and hopefully tell a better story of what a genre is then many of the profiles in Wikipedia. Why genres? Well genres aren't just something you adopt as a style at some point (well they are NOW) but more importantly they were a new movement and a new musical scene that came to pass. While you're living in an age where there's not much going on for new genres (except a few like Trap Music, Vaporwave, Chillwave, Moombahtonm, and of course Brony Music) at earlier times there were a lot more genres coming into being. So genres really represent musical history and how music often branches off from one genre to the next as it develops out like a tree. So I'm going to try to post a genre each day that I've got time to kill on MLPForums , talk about what makes then unique and how sound wise what defines them, and a few youtube examples of each. I hope that this gets you excited about musical exploration and what's out there. If ya got any questions lemme know as I'll answer them as best as i can. Comments are great as i can post more video examples and do more genres. Requests are ok too.
  12. Zoop

    Genre blurbs

    I had a thought while looking round the genre listing and realizing that if if I weren't on this board and/or in the Skype group I... would honestly not have any idea what EDM is as a musical genre. Similarly, I might find myself somewhat confused as to what goes into synthpop, and such things. While I will be the first to confess that I'm a bit of a dunce when it comes to anything and everything remotely musical (just ask anyone that has ever heard me sing), I think it's safe to say that I'm not the only person with nary a single clue that will hop onto this site. With that in mind... how about adding small text blurbs to each genre directory? Talk a little about what makes that genre unique, and perhaps give some examples of some subgenres within the genre. My thought is that this would help to steer users toward the type of music that they're interested in finding, and perhaps clear up some confusion as to what things like the soundtrack genre is intended for. Thoughts?
  13. Got in a discussion on MLR (mylittleremix) about what consititutes a brony musician. While i understand that people often avoid labels like the plague or want to branch out from manking JUST music about ponies i find it so SAD when people are afraid to call themselves brony musicians or don't see what it's all about. So here's a bunch of points all cut & pasted into a blog entry. WALLOFTEXT approaching We are a fanbase that actively writes music ABOUT the show (and in many genres and in many different ways). I wouldn't consider a person who is a fan of the show but who doesn't do anything with pony images, titles, or MLP-themes a "brony musician" and i don't think most people use that in that way. But some people who sometimes say they aren't brony musicians title their tracks with character names, use pony images, and then hang out in the community and yet don't want to labeled as part of us; and thats really disengenuous. We allow a lot of flexibility when it comes to brony music you can do any genre, you can do instrumentals, all that we ask is you find some way to channel some influence of the show. Just being a fan of mlp and making non affiliated music doesn't really make you a "brony musician". I think we know that and yes we benefit as much as we limit ourselves when we take that on. There's a load of people just waiting to give your music a chance if it just captures some of that MLP magic. There's been a few people like Swagberg, Renard, Ken Ashcorp who've done 1 or 2 pony tracks. I wouldn't call them "Brony Musicians" anymore than I would call Queen, Rolling Stones, Kiss, Rod Stewart a "Disco Band" that did 1 or 2 disco songs in the 70's. But they COULD be lumped in with us/them if you wanna include making a well known brony/disco song in the most generic sense or more importantly in the past tense. They still made an impact as a one-hoof wonder and there's a lot of people who make a pony track or 2 and disappear forever from this community. As a "brony musician" as you are combining 2 things - music and MLP as the subject. For awhile people were equally calling it "pony music" but that sounds a little weird to the outside world so brony musician or brony music stuck. When you don't combine those 2 interests you're not a "brony musician" you're "a brony who happens to be a musican". Andrew WK doesn't make "pony music" and is not a "brony musician". He's a musician who happens to be a fan of MLP. See what I'm saying? People can come and go and make pony music and then decide not to make it at a different point in their lives. It doesn't stop what they've done (Archie **cough* Icky *cough*) but it may change how they choose to identify themselves in the present tense. But don't be embarassed to be a PART of our community as MLP is a show that has HUNDREDS (if not one THOUSAND plus over 2 years) of people making dedicated music about it, that has its own massive fanbase, that has about 6+ dedicated radio stations playing NOTHING BUT pony music, that has blogs that get hundred and thousands of hits a day highlighting that music, that has several conventions dedicated to that fanbase, it's own musician forum (mylittleremix), and it's own compilations and events. I'm a guy who runs a directory just to help brony musicians be found and stick out from each other because that's actually needed. That's a big fanbase. But a label isn't something that shouldn't restrict or embarass anyone! There's no reason to feel that!! It's just simply means "hey there's a person who made some music about mlp" and that's because you did (and likely several times!). What we share in this community may not be that unique. What's important is how you create your own story about who you are as a person outside of that and what makes you different and unique. Just because we share a lot in common doesn't mean we're all the same, we're not. It's great to be linked as brony musicians but we're all different in the many ways we make music and live our lives. This music community is still built up of hundreds of individuals just trying to tell the stories of who they are through their unique contributions, personalities, pasts, and styles. And that's awesome, that's as it should be. It's great to be different but it's wonderful to have shared interests.
  14. Name all the genres you like, maybe toss in a song you really like, too. I like: House, Trance, Metal, Rap, (Not the mainstream shit on the radio/MTV) Rock, EDM, (As in the fused genres sense) Nu Disco, Jazz, Nu Jazz, Orchestral, Electro-Swing, Moombahcore, (Not alot of it, but still, a bit) Reggae, Ambient/Downtempo, Viking Metal, Pirate Metal, Hip-Hop, Trip-Hop, Dark Neurofunk, Drum and Bass, Techstep, Glitch-hop, And Acid-fusion genres, like Acid-house, Acid-Trance, etc. Here is a song by SimGretina 'cuz I like da Sim.