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Found 7 results

  1. I was recently looking at a map and trying to work out how many countries I've been to. While I thought 16 was a lot, in the grand scheme of things it's really not. There are so many countries I still want to visit, which brings me onto the second part of my question: what countries would you like to visit? I've been to: Botswana Lesotho South Africa Swaziland Zambia Australia Fiji China Singapore France Germany Ireland Spain Switzerland UK United Arab Emirates But I'd still like to visit nearly twice as many as I already have with the main ones being: New Zealand Russia Japan Sweden Canada USA Jordan
  2. Out of curiosity and interest in people from different parts of the world, which places have you lived in throughout your life? I've made the poll with multiple choice options, so you can list anyplace you've ever lived in and not just your current location. The places you've lived in can include study abroad sessions, lengthy business stays, or overseas stations if you're in the military. Due to the sizes and populations of different countries, some of the smaller countries (such as micro states) would have to be grouped with nearby larger ones, some are big enough to stand alone or are first on the list, and others are so big that they have to be split up into different regions (especially English majority countries, particularly the USA). I apologize if those who live in small countries have to be on the same list as others, but I wanted to keep as less filler and blank poll spaces as possible since I don't entirely expect a country with a really tiny population to be filled up on its own. As for me, I've only lived entirely within the United States. The states I've lived in include Hawaii, California, Florida, and very briefly Washington. I'd much prefer to live in Washington out of all of these, due to my preference for cool climates over hot ones. The others seem more like decent places to visit, but not to live in, in my opinion.
  3. Hi everyone, today I'm proposing a discussion that interests me a lot. Canterlot, the capital, but how is this city structured? We, with our knowledge and a bit of fantasy could make a realistic map for Canterlot, with the real Palace and his towers, parks, residences and main structures. Maybe a lot of you won't be interested but if you are, I hope you'll help this topic grow. I know that in MLP there isn't such a detailed description of environments, but only points where the characters are making their actions. This is why I want your help to structurate a pretty realistic but also accurate map for the city starting by important buildings such as towers, library or Canterlot's arena. After this damn long presentation I need a list of important places. I was arrived until 4th season's start but I had a year without watching it so I needed to restart. Things are re birthing in my memory! If there are Canterlot places not listed until 4th season I ask you to list them anyway. Any idea will be discussed! Without spoilers
  4. If that were even remotely true we would nee to psychoanalyze everything in the environment for what symbolic purposes they were made and for our interactions with them. Which makes it environmental anyways. I dare you to find a cause in behavior thats not environmental. Look up baby psychology. Existence though is fascinating, as is consciousness, but to presume without evidence is certainly fallacy. People who ponder such things have the TIME to ponder such things. This implies its environmental. Also depression increases with boredom, which proves its psychological. Regardless of environment? Please do as much research as I have into the causes of depression before you conclude IT MUST BE THE HEAVENLY FATHER! Your heavenly father drives people to suicide who don't know about him? How omnibenevolent of him. Nomads wondered less because they were more busy, its evidenced by the differences in their tall tales and myths, compared to sedentary society's. The difference being no dogma, its about understanding and learning their environment, it was made to be confusing to be easily remembered and pondered about in relation to tasks they needed to develop, thus it was beneficial to their survival. Just like its beneficial to be part of a community, even if they are wrong, it means more help regardless and who can compete against numbers of people all by their lonesome? Did nomads need purpose? Life simply was. Temples were not built til sedentary lifestyles emerged. And their stories and myths were to cause a deeper understanding. Its like combining confusion curiosity planning and possibility. And psychology dictates those feeling confusion hear contradictory facts. But it makes things more interesting if people only subconsciously recognize it as inaccurate, perhaps. Giant wolves and beavers fighting which formed the Mississippi and its basin? A story involving such forces them to imagine it, then when they see how massive the region is, it feeds into the idea of how great and massive they must have been. Its like stretching the imagination for better structure on working around those animals (both have to do with rivers, without wolves rivers change its been factually proven, and of course beavers make sense too, and a lot of natives loved wolves.) Originally the fact would be there perhaps, someone might have known it, then shared it. But remembering a fact is climactic. A story that seems impossible is not climactic, it continues to be shaped, and thus had social benefits to develop it over time, and to remember the more imaginative ones. Ones which could help the generations better. With the advent of religion that changed to dogma. Behavior is what determines the course of the village or town. Thus they tried regulating it severely. Even innate curiosities had to be stifled with threats to avoid danger against bandits and neighboring villages. They took up sheep, and their doctrine as early as genesis says the land is human property given to them by god to exploit. This justifies hunting off wolves, and raising sheep, despite it promoting dry-lands. Now look at the middle-east, does it look fertile to you? Thats the result of your 'purpose', to procreate, dominate, and consume regardless for the consequences. Just for one example that I am not pulling it out of my ass. Source: Life was just an accident?
  5. If the Mane Six and your favorite characters didn't exist (Oh Celestia no!) or were wherever you were where would you choose to live? I only chose officially recognised/on the map/mentioned in the show by a reputable source, for example, Celestia - Fillydelphia/Saddle Arabia)
  6. Hi, This topic is simple. What sort of place is Equestria in a geometric sense? By this I mean to ask if Equestria lies on a plane, or a sphere, or whatever, as the show leaves it rather unclear and has at times hinted in more than one direction. I would like to discuss evidence and arguments that might help solve this question, and also to promote my own view that Equestria must lie on a flat plane. Thus, I feel that we may as well jump right in. First I'll give reasons to think that Equestria is flat, and then some counter-evidence that rebuts my claim. For a flat Equestria: Celestia and Luna are said to "raise the sun" and "raise the moon" respectively, and we have even seen Celestia do so in the show on one occasion. Furthermore, we also witnessed the sun and moon rapidly moving across the sky when Discord was playing around with everything. Think about what that would mean for a spherical Equestria. The first implication is that by "raising the sun" over one part of the globe, you'd be lowering it for the opposite side, which while possible, runs contrary to the idea of truly "raising the sun". Furthermore, by raising the sun on a spherical Equestria, that implies that (if heliocentric) the sun is actually rotating about the sphere (and Celestia controls the motion of a massive body at will), or (if geocentric) that Celestia is controlling the rotation of the planet itself, which is a no less improbable proposition. As a final point, we should note that the sun/moon move rapidly when being raised, and even more rapidly when they were under the influence of Discord. As I said before, on a spherical Equestria view, this involves the rapid movement of some really big objects, which seems improbable for a single pony (even an alicorn) to accomplish. For a spherical Equestria: We once saw a model globe in an episode. There is reference to the cardinal directions in the show, which makes a lot more sense with a geocentric sphere model. There we are. Now assuming that this thread is in the right place, and that some of you have thoughts on this issue... Discuss!