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Found 4 results

  1. My current OCs. Drawing Sign (left) and Drawn Signal (right) are mainly the best to meet for their personalities and what they are that's what makes them unique and different, there is a lot to know about them in future.
  2. All right, I'm bored so I decided to just make a blog listing a bunch of facts about myself. Hey, it's just like that get to know x user trend from a few months back. But whatever, here we go! My favorite pony is Pinkie Pie because she is the character that makes me happy the most, she's the funniest, and I relate to her the most since I get hyper and talk a lot, due to my ADHD. My favorite video game series is Pokemon. It was the first game series besides Mario that I was hooked on. Plus, it's the only RPG I'm actually good at (yeah, I'm not that great of a gamer.) I live in St. Charles Illinois, just moved there recently but am currently staying at my Dad's house in Memphis for the summer. I have both autism and ADHD. I'm agnostic. I find pros and cons in both sides of religion and atheism. Plus, I'd rather not focus my entire life on what happens after I die nor get into any serious debates. My political views are independent since again, I find pros and cons in both Democrats and Republicans. I'm not into a lot of live action. I just can't get into it and prefer animation. I have one cat named Beatrice. She's a Russian Blue. I've been playing video games since I was 3. My least favorite pony is Diamond Tiara. I freaking hate bully characters. I tend to not swear that much unless it's to properly get my point across. I currently have 11 siblings. That might seem like a lot but here's the thing. My parents got divorced when I was 8 and my dad remarried someone with 7 kids and my mom remarried someone with 2 kids plus there's the 2 siblings I've known my whole life. My guilty pleasure is looking up flame wars over stupid things. I don't hate any of the mane six. In fact, I love them all. I really like bouncing on yoga balls and trampolines. The only sport I like is Hockey My favorite Pokemon is Chikorita because it not only looks adorable, but I loved its personality in the anime. I don't really play much games outside Nintendo since other consoles tend to be much more expensive. I don't really have a least favorite episode, just ones I don't like. My favorite episode is Pinkie Pride. I am African American I've worn glasses since I was 2. In real life, I can range from being very hyper and excited, to very shy and reserved, or even sometimes very angry and cynical. And that's all folks!
  3. I might as well make this since I've got nothing better to do. I live in northern Illinois. No I am not specifying which town due to privacy reasons. I am 15 years old and turning 16 this coming April. I am a sophomore in high school I'm down the middle when it comes to political opinions. I see both sides have good arguments and crap arguments on their political views I'm actually protestant christian but don't talk about religion that much. I have been diagnosed with autism and ADHD since I was a toddler I have played video games since I was a toddler I own a Wii, Wii U, Gamecube, N64, game boy Advance SP, 3ds, orginal Xbox, and most recently a PS2. Favorite game series is Pokemon as you can tell from my username. I like cartoons but I actually don't watch a lot of tv outside of FIM. When I became a brony, I found the cmc annoying but they grew on me over time. Also when I first became a brony, Spike was my favorite, and then I realized how super fun, awesome, and relateable Pinkie Pie was to me. I always feel the need to be fidgeting with something like the strings on my pants or the strings on my backpack. I am currently writing this blog well sitting on a yoga ball that I like to bounce on whenever I hear catchy music. I have fallen asleep well surfing the web before, I was just in such a comfortable position that I just fell asleep. Pinkie Pie is still the best super duper ultra awesome totally terrific party pony.
  4. BASIC: Name: Kyle Nickname(s): Ozzy, Flutters, hey you, yo man, hey dude, deb, hey guy, pony boy, Gender: Male Age: 24 Birthday: 26th January 1989 LIKES / DISLIKES: Favorite Color(s):Blue, Black, pink, yellow, orange,purple. Least Favorite Color: Green Favorite Food: Deep Fried Mars bar, chocolate chip cookies, chocolate anything, pizza, hamburgers, scallop/mashed potatoes, salad Least Favorite Food: Raisins Favorite Band/Artist: Pick one? Metallica Least Favorite Band/Artist: Beiber, Miley Cyrus,Pitbull, Nicky Minaj, etc... Favorite Type of Movie: Sci-Fi Least Favorite Type of Movie: Mystery One thing you can’t get enough of: Sweets One thing you hate more than anything: ignorance LOVE LIFE: Are you single? No,not really Do you believe in love at first sight? Not really. Do you fall in love fast? Nah. Do you ever make the first move? not usually. Do you want to get married? Perhaps....I don't know. ARE YOU. . A daydreamer? Yea sometimes. I've gotten some good ideas for stuff in daydreams. Shy? My middle name is Shy (First name Flutter) Talkative? Eh, depends on the topic at hand.(or hoof?) Energetic? Usually yea. Happy? It varies daily. Depressed? Varies daily Caring? I try to be Trustworthy? Hell yea. Confident? Depends,but I often doubt myself. Friendly? After I've had my morning coffee, yes. Sarcastic? Sometimes yea,butit's hard to convey sarcasm over text. Dependable? Yea, I'm never late for work. Adaptable? Ya, I don't mind change. (Except Google+) Emotionally strong? I try to be. but not really. Religious? Not really. Indecisive? Sometimes. Outgoing? Sometimes, depends on the situation. Nosy? no, not really.(By The way I love your new TV in the living room) Lazy? yes and no.I'm active outside on my bike, but I sit around at home too. Artistic? Not really. Serious? Not usually. Thoughtful? I try to be Considerate? Yea,I think so, I mean I try to be. Romantic? Ehh,no not really. :/ Obsessive? Not usually. Sincere? Yea. Tolerant? Yea,of course.(to an extent)