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Found 24 results

  1. I've heard ghost stories and personal paranormal experiences here, but I'd like to know if anyone here has been on any 'official' Ghost Tours. If you have, where was it? Did you encounter anything ghostly or unexplained? Were there many others on your tour? Why did you go and what did you hope to find? Let's have some details!
  2. Her Granny, was a Pious Mare. Don't talk about her Granny.
  3. Hi Yet again, I have made and drawn new OC. This time it's ghost-thing. Here She is. I made this pretty quick so quality isn't best . I made background in 2 minutes so it's obviously bad :-P . You know the drill, critique/feedback and all that. (I use GIMP)
  4. The selection of Halloween decorations was kind of limited where we live, so I made a few of my own decorations using poster board, a couple of markers, a pen, and an all-important pair of scissors. SPOOKY GHOST oooOooo SPOOKY SKULL ooOOOOooOOo FAIRLY AFFABLE-SEEMING MUMMY oooo?
  5. Can i please get some one to review and give me some tips on my video id rely appreciate it.
  6. So I didn't find a better discussion for this, but yeah: Yes this is not about something like "Illuminati is real!!" Just post some "easter eggs" or "subliminal messages or mystery stuff in the background" what is usually ignored or not seen. Like some funny faces or something funny happening in the background etc. You get the idea, right? If not, I cannot describe it better...
  7. My friend recently linked me to a fan video for the song 'Ghost' by Mystery Skulls and like a lot of people it seems I instantly fell in love with it. It was animated by Youtuber Mysteryben27 who is also known for his fan work in this fandom too. The animation is bouncy, fluent and colourful and it tells a surprisingly emotional story, and it's also very reminiscent of the old Scooby-Doo cartoons. There already seems to be a small following and with over a million views in under a week, it comes as no surprise. I just hope we will be able to see more of these characters and their past because it seems quite interesting. Here's the video: So what do you guys think? I'll definitely be giving Mystery Skulls a look because I'm currently addicted to that song.
  8. Hello everyone some days ago I've started with my personal blog and a own theme written from scratch. It will be totally responsive using HTML5 and CSS3 currently it's on the first alpha version (that's why some parts aren't finished yet) but I would like to know your opinions about the current look and how i could improve it, also if somebody could give me some mlp related animation (a short video without audio) for the header, the current is just for testing purposes. Currently is deployed in OpenShift ( but soon i'll migrate it to Heroku and these are the tools that i used: NodeJS 0.10.35 Ghost 0.5.8 HTML5 and CSS3 Source code is on Gitlab but soon also i'll move it to Github anyway feel free to modify it or get involved sending some merge request
  9. I know this will sound crazy, but this is a picture I took after I called out whatever was scratching at my mirror in the middle of the night a few days ago. It was followed by a distorted grunt shortly after I took the picture. It happened three times before, but this was the last time I heard it.
  10. Oh goodness, i've done it again. What did I create?
  11. Welcome to the Brotherhood, stranger. We are the Ambassadors of Fabulosity, guardians to the one known as Rarity the Generous. We are a tight-knit group with a common allegiance to Her, and by default, to our Brothers as well. We serve the Lady in whatever way we can our of the pureness of our hearts. Members List: Rank List: Pledge: Codex of Protection (Rarity's Generous Deeds): Codex of Retaliation (To defend Her honor):
  12. They tend to slap the theme song, or accuse him of "Bronyism", even though he is not, and he virtually hates that show, falling by his own anger. What do you think of them?
  13. In case you don't know, True Capitalist Radio is ran by your host, the man they call ghost. He is a communist fruitbowl racist brony jew grinch hambone. Don't understand? Well find him on youtube. The prank calls started getting big at around June 17, 2011. so you can understand what goes down there. Oh yeah, and some of the stuff said is a bit too vulgar for younger viewers. You've been warned. So yeah, this radio show usually updates monday thru friday, around the afternoon. But sometimes he doesn't do it some days. Why? Who knows. So yeah, discuss Ghost here. Oh, just be careful of what you say, or he might cause two words; PUNITIVE DAMAGES
  14. Ghost Pony would like to wish everyone a Happy Nightmare Night. To those of you who are celebrating Samhain tonight, Blessed Be.
  15. Tonight, I had some fun with blur and smear brushes to get cool smokey/ethereal effects. ... aaaaand ... Lookie! A lil’ pon-pon ghostie! Have a great Nightmare Night all!
  16. Ok, I was just playing around with Paint Tool SAI and this is what I came up with. Don't really know what it is, but I found it kind of interesting and felt like sharing. Tell me what you think.
  17. So, I realized I haven't made a blog entry recently, so here's one that shows this isn't abandoned. It was about 9:30 PM yesterday, and me and my cousin were just riding bikes outside (for those who don't know, I live in the Philippines, btw). I decided to leave my stuff (my iPad and my charger) out on a table in front of my cousin's house. After riding for a few minutes, I came back to get my things, and they were GONE. At first, I thought my cousin hid it from me, but he was riding with me, so it didn't make sense. Then, I remembered that my younger cousin likes to hide things from me, so I decided to look around and search for him around the house. But I couldn't find him, no matter where I looked. I gave up, figuring he would return it sooner, and went back outside. And guess what- my things were back right where I put them. "What a relief!" I said to myself. But when I tried to reach for it, the table slammed upward, and a groaning noise was heard underneath. Again, I thought it was my younger cousin, since he likes to do those things as well. So I looked under the table: no one was there. Since it was a relatively small table, I would have seen him run out of there if this was another one of his tricks, but I didn't. Finally, I asked where my older cousin, the one I was running with where he was. He told me he went somewhere........ What does this mean? ;_____;
  18. Well, I think I am getting better at drawing. Maybe not coloring but drawing I am starting to get down. Now here is a corny piece of work I did, so feel free to look at it, and then point and judge harshly
  19. Here is the glorious character of mine, Pterotaum: Pterotaum (Commonly called "Taummy") Is the ghost of an alien species called Pterotaum. He died from the super nova of his original planet's star, and practically hitch-hiked with my Persona (Now a Ponysona) and a few other OCs of mine when they met him at the nebula left by the solar system. He lives a giant purple gemstone, and he is practically the Pinkie Pie of the Afterlife dimension. He captures souls released from the dead bodies of others, and turns them into something like this: This prossess is called "Taummitization" The term "Taummitize" means to make into a Pterotaum-like being. Since Pterotaum didn't think of his own name, rather just use his species name, this is what a female human might look like when she is turned into a Pterotaum. Or, at least, a Pterotaum's Spirit. Pterotaum (Himself) pays a visit to Diane (See second quote in signiture) when she is in the middle of killing someone. When that person is dead, their soul lifts up to the roof, and just floats there unconscious. That is, until Pterotaum comes along to take that soul, taummitize it, and bring it to his Paranormal Party Room. Once that has been done, the soul has little recollection of its living self, so its memory is filled with an artificial story. That story is written by Satyr (See first quote in signiture), and it takes a while for it to be created. Before it knows about its past (Which is often a positive one), it is introduced to everyone else, more so to the Miraculists. Every other soul that is in Pterotaum's Paranormal Party Room is very nice, but loves to play around with living souls that pass through the Party Room. Every living soul that enters the Party Room leaves either with: An awkward smile, a disturbed frown, tears, or they just don't leave at all, rather they just give their soul to Pterotaum so they can party with all of the other ghosts. A human's Taum-soul represents them in only two ways: Their essence color, eye color, and their hair style. Their essence color is the color of their bodies. For instance, the essence color of the Taum above is a sort of cyan-tealish color. Their hair style relates to the hair style they had while they were alive. Their eye color is just randomly chosen. Other than that, they all are the same. All female Taums have a very thin waist and a more skirt-like drag. The male Taums have pretty much the same body formation as Pterotaum. Pterotaum also has the ability to literally rip the soul out of a living being's body. He does this by going up to a being, grabbing it, and tugging on it, which breaks the connection between the body and its soul. Then, he can taummitize the soul. When he does this, the being itself dies. But, as long as the body still has functional organs, he can put the soul back into the body to revive the being. Just for fun, I made this as well: That is Pinkie Pie when she is taumitized
  20. May his tombstone bloom with ponies carved in. Sad he ended the show for good this time, but he obviously needed it. But since it's now over, I figured I'd collect pretty much all his encounters of bronies and put it in a single video. Over 2 hours of ponies! The poor man.....
  21. I need you're help on this guys I am planning on getting a Ouija board but I am kinda nervous and afraid of getting one cause of the story's I have read about it. But I am wondering if any of you guys have had one or use one or have had any weird experience with it before.
  22. If any one of you guys ever watch Ghost Hunter on SyFy or Ghost Adventure on the travel channel which one do you like the most between both of them.
  23. I was wondering if any one can help me out on this situation I am currently dealing with I am not so sure on what is happening around me but its starting to get a little creepy. It all starts at night time when ever I go to sleep when I am sleeping I always feel like some one is holding my hand and I know I locked my door every time I go to sleep so I don't know what could be causing this. Also at times when I am sleeping I can not move my body when ever I am still it feels like my whole body is paralysis and I cant moved at all after couple of minutes has pass. And also this had happened to me lately but once when I had my body very still and was sleeping I felt my whole body being levitated I got so scared I didn't know what to do I started to move a lot so it could stop and eventually it did. So if any one ever had any of these experience before please let me know what I am currently going through I am kinda nervous and afraid to go to sleep cause of it and I don't know if its paranormal or not.