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Found 59 results

  1. As the title reads. :3 I believe you guys may find this fun, to come here and express your moods using the powa of teh gif! My current mood would be something like this:
  2. seriously, MY GIF'S WONT ANIMATE!!!!!!! can someone take a screencap of how they do this??????????????????
  3. How do I make a GIF my avatar? I have found GIF on google and I saved it. I uploaded it to the avatar changer, and it only takes a screenshot of the GIF. What I'm saying is, the GIF doesn't move. The avatar is just a picture, still.
  4. So, maybe I'm just overlooking it, but, is there something I need to do to be able to have a GIF on this site? Cause I want a GIF as my avatar.
  5. I tried to follow Pathfinder's example of putting a gif of my "Pokemonsona" Zoroark on as my avatar, but every one gif I tried using says it's too big to be used. How does one go about getting a working Gif for one's avatar? Some advice would be appreciated.
  6. Rules: please keep it SFW and limit the description to two sentences MAX. EDIT: no extremely violent gifs and no vulgar language or swearing
  7. I would like to see the Best Top 10 Pony GIF's!!!
  8. I want to know if I can use GIFs in my signature and as my avatar? If I can use GIFs, are there certain size and duration limits to follow? Thanks!
  9. It took two hours, but I did it >:D (Just click it and zoom on the page to see it :P)
  10. Oh boy, I simply don't get why some people in the fandom dislikes the Crusaders. I've always thought that they're funny to watch, and each of them has at least one heartwarming moment. I love their interactions and the episode when they got their cutie marks is one of my favourites... Welp, not really, but you get the point. Also, they sold me with their disguises of Glam Rock stars. I swear the series has one or two Bowie references. Of course the galore goes to the Beatles, but that's a story for another day. There's a gif version and the original Twitter! deviantArt!
  11. I did that animation the whole day long because I was bored. There is my OC named "Downgrade" Chili Pepper (because she was literally downgraded from fire horse to pony). So I did a random scene from my head. Also notice that the text doesn't match to lipsing because she actually says it on Russian. Or just imagine that's sort of "anime" lipsing. I drew it barely in Photoshop frame by frame. I was curious about how hard it could be. And I realized that it was not so difficult as it looks like. As you see I also was experimenting on lights and colour pallette. By the way, some people said that they read that in Pewdiepie's voice.
  12. I found this gorgeous gif right here, but it's too large to go in my signature. So i was wondering; could someone possibly please be so kind as to shrink this gif to the right size for me? I love it so much, i would really appreciate it if someone could do this favour for me. I don't know how to do it myself and the last time i tried, i ended up ruining the gif. URL for the gif: Gif: Thank you so much!
  13. After 2 months, I have finally finished cheating a gif of my Pony OC (Pixel Dusk) running!!! This is my 1st gif/animation that isn't just blinking so I'm quite proud of myself (even though it isn't that good :I ) I tried to reduce the file size of the gif but I couldn't without ruining the whole thing... If anyone can reduce the file size without ruining it, that would be much appreciated!!! Thx
  14. I am having issues linking gifs onto my profile. What I would normally do is visit, upload a gif, copy its direct link, click on the icon of the photo of the tree on the Edit About Me Page box, paste it into the horizontal box provided, and save. For some reason now, however, this process no longer works. When I try using this method, the gif just shows up as an icon... I have been using my PC for this and always have been. I suppose this may be an issue on imgur's part or I am missing a step considering that imgur changed their site layout, but if anyone can assist me, I would truly appreciate it. A few notes: - This is a method I have been using ever since I can remember. - I am trying to post a gif that has been on my profile before it was randomly deleted and it is the same size as it was before. - I have tried a few different image uploading websites as well.
  15. Well this is one little test of Gif HD animation, well Jane is by me... Art is by @@Mrbrunoh1, and Animation is by Me , Thanks Bruno for this...@@Pinkamena-Pills, for help me all the time
  16. GIMP is a wonderful program. I actually kinda like this animation. Charming.
  17. Same rules as "Respond with a picture", but with gifs.
  18. So what is your favourite gif or set of gifs to use to either respond to posts or are just plain good? Don't post to many though, if you do, please put them in a spoiler! ^w^ Here are mine thus far in which I use quite a bit:
  19. Post funny gifs here.
  20. Tada. I drew something. Whatcha think? EDIT: You have to click the second picture to see it animated... I guess.
  21. this thread is for the purpose of everyone posting there favourite funny mlp gifs/memes. you can post as many as you want. ill start it off with this
  22. So I learned to animate with flash puppets. YAY!!!! Specail thanks to youtube tutorials: so here it is:
  23. Post Your Favorite Gif! The Forum needs more gifs. Why? Gifs are 20% cooler than normal pictures (Yes I actually did the 20% thing) and the can show your reaction or mood in the post or topic you're making. Happy Posting! Here is my favorite Where i got these? From
  24. Well, I have a gif blog callled GIF dump. Does anyone wanna be an editor to post new entries with gifs?