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Found 13 results

  1. I absolute love certain gifs/animations I find on youtube or google. I want to show you them and let you share yours! This Zootopia gif! ITS SO CUTE!!! This cool cat gif!!! This clip from a great movie! One of my favorite anime's!!!
  2. I recently have tried to use two animated gifs of Thorax from the web to illustrate my points. But when I put them in my posts, they turned completely still, spoiling the effect. Is there a way to fix that?
  3. Welcome to the GIF battle! You must try to post a GIF that's better than the GIF of the user above you. RULES: 1. GIF must be related to MLP. (past and present) 2. GIF must be somehow related to the GIF the user above you 3. All GIFs may not be sexual, offensive or disturbing. Here's my gif...
  4. this thread is for the purpose of everyone posting there favourite funny mlp gifs/memes. you can post as many as you want. ill start it off with this
  5. I guess I'll start. Here we go. And never forgot the god of the internet that created this one: So, what are you waiting for? Dump your gifs! Unload your folders! Be a disgrace to all of humanity! Be free, my children!
  6. That may sound confusing...but here's what I mean. Let's say... I post the word, "anger", and then the person after me has to post a gif or picture of a character showing that emotion: #1 Poster - Anger #2 Poster- #3 Poster - Sad #4 Poster- and so on... Also, no, the character in the picture or gif does not have to be MLP...Also...emotions CAN repeat, as long as you don't have the exact same picture that has already been posted. But, if this gets big (which it won't), then you can post the repeated image anyway...since going through several pages can get annoying.
  8. I always had a problem with uploading gifs on the forums, usually ending up either not uploading it at all or degrading it far too much to be viewable, hence I suggest increasing the limits for gifs to what I would suggest 1 mb. This could allow users to upload more creative profile pictures and if lag becomes a problem that it could be possible to turn them into .webms to help with this. P.S. Adding Pol so that users can agree/disagree with this suggestion
  9. Post The Best GIF's You Have! Thread. Hello everypony, the point of this thread is to post your favorite .gif(s). **NOTE: THIS THREAD DOES NOT ALLOW ANY NSFW POSTS.** **You can post as many as you like, but please, don't go overboard.** I will start off with some of my own. **You can post more than once, if you happen to find some more that you'd like to add.**
  10. Again, was going trough the brony music seeing what I could find when I stumbled upon this. Maybe you guys should do one of these one of these days? it seems quite fun.
  11. Only .gifs and possibly some text explaining the reason for said gif. Have fun! it is... it is gon b gud. (100 character minimum will have to be dealt with though) Remember... only gifs!