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Found 38 results

  1. I'm not sure if there is a topic of this already or if this is in the right section, but please feel free to move it if possible. I was discussing this with a friend of mine in a Skype call and we both came to the conclusion that I have a gift and/or a curse. For me, I'm able to memorize all MLP episodes in order and have a good general idea of what the episodes are about. The funny thing about this is that I don't rewatch most of the episodes and yet I remember their titles, order in which they appeared in and the synopsis. It feels like gift, but at the same time a curse because I don't even know how I remember all the episodes. How about you guys? Do you have something you consider a gift and/or a curse? If so, feel free to share your thoughts.
  2. Previously in 2016, Poniverse's Making Christmas Merrier V campaign was raising money for an organization called Charity: Water. Just like this year, there were many events happening on the forums as the goals were achieved. Since I was unable to donate, I decided to give my time and effort instead. I offered you all a side event, where I was giving little gifts to those, who donated. "Very generous indeed!" -PiratePony More information about my little, yet demanding project: Now it's been a while since it went quiet, due to me completing the requests. ...But there was still something I had planned, so the project wasn't truly finished. Until now... This year in June, @PiratePony has announced the final update of MCM V, sharing the results of that campaign. Quoting his post; Under the links he provided you can find more information about the achieved goals with photos attached. And this was the time for me to provide the final gift for everypony, who took part in my little project... This gift is a ponified group photo of some sort, that is summarizing the MCM V and my project. It is also based on the real photos found under the links mentioned above. So first things first, please meet the last pony, that I designed for this gift: She represents the ones in need (see the real photos for reference). I gave her name "Hope Sprinkle", which is a reference to the charity's goal of bringing the clean water to developing countries and communities that do not have access to it. And now it is my turn to say thank you to everyone who donated and kept me busy with all those requests. PONIES INCLUDED IN PHOTO (in order of request queue) @Lightwing ● @Creamtastic Jeric ● @Creamimaxis ● @JonasDarkmane ● @Troblems ● @Creme Horse ● @Mr Dash ● @Amorphis ● @Mesme Rize ● @Raritas ● @Floppy Pug-Bunny Star Wars Man ● @Compeador ● @Buzz ● @Totally Totally ● @Mentis Soliloquy ● @Yoshi89 ● @Derplight Sperkle ● @Vera Veil ● @Glacies Frost ● @Mohawk Blaze ● @VengefulStrudel ● @PiratePony ● @Buffy ● Pixel Wavelength ● @Rikifive ● Hope Sprinkle You can find more details about ponies and their owners here. It's nothing amazing I know, but all I had were these pixel ponies facing towards the same direction. Nevertheless, I believe it does the job. Oh I cannot even express how many days--weeks--months it took me to get that all done, despite it looking so simple. For me it was a good practice and an amazing opportunity to do and share something with the others. It was a pleasure to work with you, for you all. And finally the time has come to officially announce, that this project is COMPLETED! My gift thread has been updated. Thank you once again!
  3. Happy holidays, everypony! I have never actually celebrated Christmas with my family, so I thought I might as well celebrate it here with this wonderful community. It's the Christmas season, and one of the major parts of Christmas is giving presents. Which user would you give a present to? Make sure it's the "Best Gift Ever!"
  4. In light of all these devastating recent events, I just wanted to post about one of my favorite charities, Samaritan's Purse International Relief. Samaritan's Purse provides disaster and medical relief all over the world, including the hurricanes that hit Puerto Rico, Texas, and Florida. Click on the link below to donate: I've also included a link to Global Giving for Mexico Earthquake Relief and the Gofundme page for victims of the Las Vegas shooting: Another Samaritan's Purse project I wanted to talk about is one they do every year around Christmas called Operation Christmas Child (OCC). OCC is a project in which donors fill shoebox-sized boxes with toys, school supplies, and practical items. These boxes are distributed around the world to needy children living in impoverished countries who might otherwise not receive anything at all. Please consider giving and show your support. And the King shall answer and say unto them, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me. - Matthew 25:40 (KJV)
  5. All right, I'm searching for gift ideas. Since money is tight, cheap DIY/handmade gifts would be great, but I don't want it to be something boring or tacky. You can say "it's the thought that counts" but I do want to give a good gift, you know?So tel l me: what is the best handmade gift someone has given you? What have you made for others that was truly awesome and well-received?
  6. No not giving gifts. No one above so I'll gift a pizza!
  7. The person who gave that box wants you to keep it as your treasure, for some reason he/she won't give to you. That person has tested the Elements on some victim to show you that they are not some cheap fan-made replicas or toys.
  8. Hey guys! I've just recently released a gift song I had made for the awesome laserist, Las3r! It was great working on it, and I hope you enjoy! Finally, new music! Otty~ --- --- Download (Bandcamp) : --- Otarine on SoundCloud : @officialotarine Otarine on Bandcamp : Otarine on Youtube : Otarine on Twitter : Otarine on Facebook : ---
  9. Title asks it all. Can this be done? I have tried using my debit card as well as my Paypal, but neither will work.
  10. Imagine if you were given the opportunity to meet a pony (just one), and you could give them one (just one, affection doesn't count because that's a given) gift. What pony would it be, and what would you give them. Bonus: What do you think they would give you?
  11. another addition to the RP universe me and a few friends have created please comment and critique
  12. Instead of Santa, what if we had Discord granting wishes for Merrymas? Would you dare to tangle with the trickster or skip the whole ordeal for the fear of him corrupting your wishes? If you would try to match his wits, what would you wish for?
  13. @, To a new friend who made ??me an amazing drawing for me and this is my retribution for her, I've showed it to her, but if you want to come here comment will love it. Based on my new style of drawing.
  14. i just wanted to show a draw i made for a really special friend Horsefly belongs to : slimmyjimjim
  15. Now for those of you who know me, you'll recall I have a great love and passion for this fandom. That has not changed. However, I have noticed a few bronies here and there that don't seem to extend common courtesies to one another and appear no different than your average internet, opinionated GIFT user. I'm not saying this marks some horrible trend that will bring about our downfall, but it is a little disheartening to see comments like: "You don't have a contrasting opinion, you have a misguided, idiotic opinion." or "Honestly fuck the analysis community!" I mean, should we really dismiss an entire portion of our fanbase just because they indulge in something we individually don't care for? I'm not a fan of dubstep, but all bronies who make it are not my enemies.
  16. I just received a most thoughtful birthday card from a distant friend. Oddly enough it had a Pinkie Pie on it! Maybe she's a brony / pegasister? But if she isn't - how did she know i am? I didn't exactly made it known (My close friends know, and some of my family, that's about it). Anyway, did YOU get something special lately from someone?
  17. Today I came home and a package had arrived from my best friend TheFluttershyGuy. It was awesome, it was a t-shirt, two posters one pony and another Regular show poster. Then a few necklaces, tattoo and a sticker, cards as well as a ponycon Au pass and a guide. Also included a pocket watch, a USB and a letter. One of the poster is too big to be posted on here, it's a Regular show poster. Just felt like making a blog about it, thank you for the package.
  18. From Luriel To Sweet Pen My special somepony <3 Spended 3-4 hours on this, I love it.
  19. Not much to say. Need to work on the wings, but I pretty much drew them in a hurry so whatevz. Plus other stuff such as the legs and muzzle, be sure to work on those sometime this weekend. Made this for my brother since Rainbow Dash is his favorite. /)^3^(\
  20. So my little brother loves luna so much, I wanted to draw him a little gift since he drew me a pony picture today. Granted he's 9 so it wasn't Picasso kind of drawing, but it was super cute. Hanging up in my room right now. this wasn't colored cause I'm too lazy for that and didn't wanna mess it up. Wish I had bigger paper though, had to cram it on a piece of computer paper Dx
  21. A candle, a toilet seat and tickets to a Barney concert! WHYYYYYY
  22. Just some more works I've composed and run through the music programs I have. These are electronic versions of real-life music from either video games or albums, so if you recognize the titles or the similarities in music, that explains it. Downloads are welcome, reviews are also quite welcome and much appreciated. Embrace the Night, Darkest Star
  23. A gift for my close friend, Kat. A poster of her character, Koe the cog, holding a moth that bears a striking similarity to my dragonsona, Claire...hmm... c: It would seem that the moth!Claire is offering a gift... I actually worked really hard on this one *-* Look. A backgound. omg. Look, lighting. omg. It's all so beautiful *tears*
  24. @ I know his name now is Soul Distortion, but he will always be G?A to me So, this was my first background I've ever made. To be honest, difference between making this and a signature? Nothing, just a lot more space to work with. However, this was also my first time really trying to use Photoshop instead of my normal medium GIMP. T, you're an awesome person, and, were/are my inspiration when I started out making signatures. Owe quite a bit to you and your personality. So I dedicate this wallpaper to you. - I may update this thread with edits to the wallpaper because it just doesn't seem complete just yet. But for now, the results are okay by me. Version with Text Version W/O Text Thanks a lot, especially to you Gone. You truly are an awesome person~
  25. I decided to draw a picture of Kaynah who belongs to Chigens and Kay. I really like this snake pony and thought it might be nice to draw a picture for Chigens and Kay. Hope you like it.