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Found 22 results

  1. Everypony, are you excited to might get what deer claws got you for unicornimas it should be rainboom awesome like me Rainbowdash ! Hopefully I get from gamestop - the collectors edition of Sailormoon Monopoly, then paw patrol Everest with snowmobile and others are the mighty pups collection as superheroes. Oh yes I need more novels to read like the princess collection and last the new blind bags of LOST KITTIES! I find it unique way of getting your mystery toys out by digging it out of play-do how cool is that anyway later !
  2. So, how this is gonna work! Is that you give a gift to one of your friends or all of your friends! By giving something they like! Make sure to include your friends and not leave anyone out! ( Example from me at the bottom of this! ) It's the one I did with Midnight Solace, but it doesn't have to be a plush!
  3. It's the holidays! You know what that means? It means I've gotta come up with some kind of "Christmas Special" so I can get some kind of BOOST in popularity. But I digress, it's the holidays, a time to sit back, create some debt, worship the chimney-sweeping Coca-Cola dude, Santa Claus, and replay that "NINTENDO 64" meme I love so much. So let's sit back, relax, and step down to earth with our first-ever: REPUB'S 2016 HOLIDAY SPECTACULAR A WEEK IN THE LIFE OF REPUB, KING OF REALLY BAD FANFICTION, EXTREMELY BELATED BLOG ENTRIES AND FORGETTING WHAT DAY IT IS. SERIOUSLY, IS IT LIKE . . . SUNDAY OR SOMETHING? DOES THAT MEAN SCHOOL IN THE MORNING? DARN. Monday, December 19st, 2016 We had an early Christmas, nothing more than a few presents under the tree. Reason we did it early was because the movers were coming the next morning and we had to be prepared. Now, usually I'm the last person to do so, but I really think I had the upper hand in all this. For the last three days, I'd been throwing all my old toys and such from the last 8 or 9 years (a lot of tears were shed), so my soul was prepared for anything (about 5 huge garbage bags full of junk). Unfortunately, I'm still a procrastinator and still had about two bags to take care off; I didn't sleep that night (partly because of the early Christmas) I will admit, I have a terrible gift of "The Careful Eye"; meaning, my holidays are always the most anti-climatic parts of the year. No matter how well you hide a gift, I; for some reason, always find it. So there was no surprise in my holiday gift list. I received a new laptop (AMD Quad-Core 1.6Ghz HP Notebook PC w/ 8GB RAM), the MLP Twilight Sparkle Train Conducter set (really cool, btw), and the Twilight Sparkle Holiday Ornament (Hallmark. It looks like it's one of the newer designs for the 2017 movie). Not a bad loadout for this year, so I'll take what I can get (that laptop was a very good payoff). I didn't sleep that night. No, not only because I was up all night downloading 3.2 GBs of the famed, "Blackjrxiii"'s work, but because I still had a lot to pack and throw away. Since then, I've been sleeping really late. I suppose you could call that the, "Last Sunrise I'll Ever See". TUESDAY, DECEMBER 20TH, 2016 Movers in Japan are no joke. For one, they take their jobs very seriously and will starve to finish their duties (unless it's lunchtime, which they'll ditch anything for). We in Japan like to call them the, "Ninja Movers" because if you don't specify every little thing you do not want packed, they'll take it away. If you turn your back, they'll pack your stuff in such an aggressively careful way, whatever you left will be compact in a neat little box the next time you look. I sat in the bathroom, the safest room of the whole house, and wasted away with erotic roleplay with some of the PonyCrush Community. (It got really saucy, so I'll leave it at that). Afterward, the house was pretty much empty with the exception of a few pieces of furniture later to be sold to some random people online. WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 21ST, 2016 Lazy day #1. We did nothing but sit around; I did a bit of late schoolwork (wow, RePub does school? What is this?) but I didn't get very far. I did, however, get to download my entire Steam library along with many other programs I needed from my "Le Brick" Windows XP computer. Y'know, I take back what I said about Windows 10. It's kinda cool once you remove: -Pre-installed programs (Includes HotalAdvisor. WHAT THE HELL IS THAT FOR?) -Cortana -OneDrive -Office 360 (If I have 2007 forever, why would I pay a subscription for something marginally better?) -Microsoft Edge -Custom Toolbars -Bing -Wallpapers made by Windows -Xbox Everywhere -Xbox Live -Apps on the Start-Menu -Apps in general -Pretty much everything added in Windows 10. Other than that ^, everything's pretty cool. Best console I've ever bought. (Did I tell you it has a Numpad?) THURSDAY, DECEMBER 22ND, 2016 I played CS:GO all day and scammed my friend for 9 extra skins (Plus one I got via random drop). I think it's hit me . . . the Skin Insanity. I had a conversation with another friend of mine (wow, RePub has friends?!? What is THIS?!?) about Stage Definition for many of the Skin Insanity symptoms. Here's what we came up with: Stage 1 - Want it, need it. Stage 2 - Spending all your money in CS:GO Stage 3 - Attempted Thievery Stage 4 - Scam your friends and Family Stage 5 - Investing every dying cent into that rare pair of Gloves (or knife) Yeah, Stage 4 is hitting pretty hard, but I think it's been dying down. Now if you'll excuse me, I've gotta shoot 600 more bots in training ('cause I suck real bad) Oh, and I think this was the day I wrote about the MLP Gameloft game. Uh . . . yeah . . . something like that. FRIDAY, DECEMBER 23RD, 2016 We donated a lot of extra crap during this day; but that night, I had the honor of viewing the Assassin's Creed Movie in theater (3D, but I recommend 2D because of a lot of action). Without spoilers, it's not bad (which is a first for a video game movie). I think it needs a lot of work; there are a lot of scenes that'll cut from the middle of a conversation to look at some random plant, but that's all good when you look at it as a whole. It's got some trippy parkour (which is expected), but I think the underline message is to create a withstanding example for future video-game based movies. And with that goal in mind, I believe it succeeded. Let's hope FNAF doesn't screw it up. (Oh, I saw Rogue One a week earlier; I'll write a review on that whenever I get the time) SATURDAY, DECEMBER 24TH, 2016 Technically, this was Christmas Eve, but we didn't have anything to give so we went out for the day. It was more of a family day, so it's not much to talk about. My mother was on her usual quest to find the "perfect photo", so that left me and my father out to linger. Earlier that day, however, we had to find our little bird, Kiwi, a new home. He didn't make many appearances in this blog, but he's in the thumbnail for the entry, "HOW 2 SNORT WASABI (Part 1)". RIP Kiwi, gud burd. SUNDAY, DECEMBER 25, 2016 (Wow, that title really trumps yesterday) It's Christmas and I awoke to Windows 10 updates that've been collecting over the past week! Thank you, Microsoft for a present more forgetful than my grandmother's socks: Three hours of waiting! Now, there's a tradition here in Japan. When that holiday where you see Americans dressing up in reds and hanging lights over their door comes around, you better call KFC for a reservation. "Why?" You ask. Well, I'll tell you. When Christmas rolls around, every single Japanese person in this country runs to their nearest KFC (potentially a mile away) to collect their holiday chicken. It's true! They'll run across the island to pick up their holiday tradition of taking in the Coronal's moist chicken with the least amount of time between bites. My mother decided to jump on the band wagon this year and pushed us all out the door (and across the island) to pick up the golden-fried legs of an Ancient Japanese tradition. When we arrived, we half expected a line to be waiting outside the feeble red and white building. Much to our surprise, no one was there except two petite Japanese women; they were no older than 20. My mother tried to go inside, but the two ladies told us they were closed for the holidays and instead offered us a tiny box of $10 chicken legs. From the corner of her eye, however, a large family, no smaller than six or seven persons, barged out from the KFC with huge, black drums of chicken. My mother was furious and demanded to know why they were closed and what happened to all that chicken; I stared at the feeble box of second-rate food. The lady backed off, trying to explain that those customers had paid for a reservation one month in advance. So while we were stuck in the cold with our poor-man's turkey, everyone else was living it up with their enormous barrels of exclusive KFC. We had to settle with the low-rate 10 dollar chicken, splitting a single box between the three of us. --- We're almost at 5,000 Views, so I'll make my thank-you speech here for the holidays: Thank you all for sticking with us throughout the year! It's been quite an adventure writing these, so I sincerely hope that my disparity has given all of you a few laughs! Since coming here, I certainly hope I've made a good impression on the many of you, even if few of my conversations were a bit aggressive (I've got an inbox full of take-down notices ). We're still working on big projects and I hope this entry can make up for all of the ones I missed. I remember writing my first entry as some sort of complaint/rant about BronyMate (my, how short those entries were back then) and somehow they evolved! Now we're at 5000 Views by strangers who I don't even know! I honestly didn't think people read my work (they probably don't; it's probably me just refreshing the page a hundred times ). My, how we've all grown. Yes, I've run into a few dry patches from here to there, but life goes on and there's always new things to talk about. I know there's still a long way to go, but I hope this blog continues to grow and make its mark upon these forums; that's my only Christmas wish. Thank you all, and I'll see you in the next post, -RealityPublishing Discord: FiMFiction: DeviantArt: Youtube: "Special thanks to everyone in the Brony Fandom. Without you guys, I wouldn't be half as creative as I am today." -RePub
  4. I'm going to redo this post about the game by making a new forum about it..As of right now, this forum is closed..There will be a NEW updated better forum concerning this game idea under the same title, so please look out for that. Hopefully when I make the new update it will be better thought out and more organized. I have a pretty bad habit of getting excited about a new project, and then posting it to soon before all details were well thought out. For now, the project will be closed until I can think of a newer, better, update. Thank you for reading everypony..I hope to bring you the updated news about the game soon.
  5. I am not sure if a similar topic exists, but I couldn't find one. Then again, I am using mobile, and I am rather inept on this. So, I recently got back together with my girlfriend, who amazingly is also a Brony. I've been wanting to get her something pony-related that she'd like, but I don't know what. I'd feel childish just giving her a ponified drawing of her. But her mother and sister are also Bronies, and have given her pony merch as well. Mostly shirts; she has so many that I chucked that possibility immediately. I don't know if she has any of the comic books (her mother has a comic book collection, that's all I know). I guess I don't even need to get her MLP merch; we're both into other really geeky things. But basically, I need some general input. Any suggestions?
  6. These are collection of artworks I have done today and yesterday. One for a friend, one as an art request, and one of my ponysona.
  7. For four years I used to volunteer at a local orphanage and play Santa, Oh the children would light up whenever I would enter the room. I always cherished every moment of it.. for one day out of the year, I wasn't just a loser with a crappy job lol I was a living myth, bringing joy, love and hope too those unfortunate souls, I told them stories of epic battles and fun times with elves and Rudolph... until it got real, There was a little girl, around 12. She had bright green eyes and a smile that was infectious. She ALWAYS looked forward too my visit every year, she would always sit on my lap when I told the stories and helped handing out presents.. she cared more about the spirit of giving then... crying or dwelling on her lack of parents.. .. anyways, she always would ask me " would Santa be my father again? " with that smile and glimmer of joy in her eyes.. and I would always reply " Of coarse, I would love too" then I would let out a hardy " HO HO HO! ". Then, the last year I did it, as I walked into the orphanage something was wrong... I noticed the mood wasn't like it normally was.. it was.. somber.. I was pulled aside by one of the care givers. Apparently she passed away from an illness two weeks before.. her empty bed, it tore Santa's heart to shreds.. I still did what i could to cheer them up and I succeeded in bringing back some cheer.... however, her empty bed still haunts my dreams. I found out after I packed up my costume, one of the more honest care givers told me the ugliest of truths.. that the company who owned the orphanage didn't even attempt too treat her because " It was a WASTE OF MONEY!!!!!! Til the day I die I will always keep her in my heart, because lord knows the people who ran that place cared WAY more for dirty green paper than a human life.. You will always be Santa's little helper, Jenny..
  8. Hey everypony,yesterday was christmas or whatever holiday you were celbreting. And usually you should get gifts ,so if you got gifts then tell us what did you get. Myself I got: The Inheritance book from Christopher Paolini High Speed 16GB USB 2.0 Memory stick A hoodie (sadly it had nothing to do with MLP ) A lot of candy An Angry birds towel 15 Euros of cash
  9. I'd like to think I got a good haul this year. mMost of my presents were MLP themed. I got a Derpy backpack/hoodie hybrid, a pair of Derpy themed shorts, another RariDash starter deck, another Lyra figurine, a Rarity figurine, an Equestria girls Rarity doll, a SDCC vinyl collectible Derpy, an interplay Derpy card poster, Rarity & Fluttershy dog tags, and a Rarity TCG box. I also got a Rainbow Dash robe and Chrysalis trading card coming later. What gifts have you all been graced with this season?
  10. It's nearly that time of year (5 freaking days) and well I want to know what you guys want. Not that I can give it to you My list: -Portal 2 for steam -eShop card for 3DS -Sonic: Lost World -Animal Crossing: New Leaf -20$ steam card -money in general -Minecraft for PC How about you guys?
  11. All I want for Christmas is a pen pad so I can draw my stuff on the computer instead of on paper. That way, I can really get my deviantart thingy going and I'll have something to work off of when I'm working on my art.
  12. Am back, still recuperatin but ah can git back online (that's already sufficient, yes?), then suddenly CANDYGRAM for Halloween greeted me in mah e-mail. So, ah am struck by an idea, but first things first..... Question: do your parents allow you to receive and send anything to online friends (e.g.: MLPforums buddies)? If many of you are able to have parental consent (just be honest with them, say that it is for Christmas's community project with your real friends existing all across the globe on your fave forum), I am going to begin with the mass Poniverse Secret Santa event (further info will be included upon receiving your replies to this topic). What say you? Ah'll be waitin........ That. Would. Be. Awesome! They should take that idea into consideration.
  13. Hello, everypony! I would like some advice, if you'd be so kind . My boyfriend is a brony, and while I very much enjoy MLP, I don't know nearly enough about it to surprise him with something really cool and original. We've loved giving each other handmade things in the past (mostly Adventure Time related) and I'd really like to keep it up. What do you think he would REALLY be taken aback by? Thank you so much!
  14. From what you know about the user above, what would be a good present to give? It could be anything, just stick to the site rules :3
  15. So recently I have been thinking about what my cutie mark would be and that got me thinking what gifts I posses and how it would be best to use them. I always thought finding your gift would just happened and that I would just "Know" but it took a few days thought and practice before I discovered my greatest talent, encouraging people.But that got me thinking about how I would use it and how the ponies in the show use there gifts. From this I think that the show gets over really nicely that you can use your gifts from both good and evil the prime example being; Twilight and Trixie. Although you could say Twilight was more magically gifted, both of them have a special talent in magic, however they both use there talents in vastly different ways. Twilight helps and protects other and all of here friends, where Trixie only seeks to humiliate others and use her gifts for her own selfish ends (and we all see how that turns out ). We also see this with Discord (but he gets reformed woop!). And from this I realized that although I could build people up with my own gift, in the same way I could also use it to be hurtful to other people. This can be shown best when critiquing people work, I can give complements and nice helpful improvements or I could completely destroy the artist and tear there work to bits. Overall I will strive to encourage and help people the best I can (just like how the ponies all strive to use there gifts for the good of others), I also love the depth of the show and how I had never even seen this before this week ! Also tell me about your own cutie marks and how you use your gifts and abilities here: Thanks for reading !
  16. So After the holidays were done, I was left with a couple of Gift cards. We'll start out with a 15$ Itunes Gift Card just for you guys. To enter the drawing for this gift card, simply leave a comment below talking about... uh... I dunno... How about your favorite instrument? That's slightly relevant I guess. The winner will be chosen randomly. As in, I will pick a number from a random number generator and the person's comment that corresponds with that number will then receive a PM with the Gift Card code. So just leave a comment below, there's no hidden fees or anything. The contest will end January 5 at 12:00 PM US Eastern TIme. Also keep on a lookout for the next Giveaway, which will be another Itunes gift card. If you couldn't tell already, It will be titled something along the lines of "Gift Card Giveaway #5" "Why Am I Doing This" you might think? Well it's because everyone on the forums is just so nice and awesome and stuff. And everybody's good at doing art or music, whereas I have nothing to offer . So instead, I give you free stuffz in hopes that I'll make somebody's day. ALSO, FREE BROHOOFS FOR EVERYONE!!!!!!
  17. Source: What did you get for christmas Three days late because excuse to update this blog. c: Just an FYI, this guy will be on break until Wednesday, the third. Till then, bye. :3 ~NASCARFAN160
  18. So for a podcast, I had to make a Flash game in under 42 hours. So I worked all day and night. You can check out the test for it right here: BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE! Go on to our livestream tonight at 8pm EST and play the game when it's done and you could win: 1st place: 10$ Gift Card to Amazon or Starbucks 2nd place: DJ TommyDeloreanDude's awesome album! + any more prizes we can manage during this time. So what are you waiting for? Oh yeah, the show to start. Ok, well you guys keep waiting, and I will keep working on this game. Tell me what you think of it down below!
  19. So I'm getting my final paycheck from my summer job in later this week (don't ask why it is so late) and I decided to spend $100 of the $102 dollars of it on my friends, buying them all gifts on Steam when the winter sale hits. They're all from my Skype list, but we have fun a lot and I like to consider them friends. Plus giving gifts to people makes me feel so Does anyone else do any gift exchanging/gifting people things during the holidays? How does it make you feel? Do you like doing it? Any interesting stories about gifting?
  20. I believe that talents are gifts that you born with and you develop it through the years. For example, I am an artist, and I've been drawing since I can remember (5 years old) but sometimes I'm kind of insensitive towards people who can't even draw a stickman, and I am like "it's not that hard to draw circle, c'mon!", but maybe for that person is trully hard to draw! I may know how to draw, but I don't consider myself a singer, actually I am awful, and I am secretly jealous of people who can sing very well, not autotune good, but natural good :3 (Usher, Christina Aguilera, Mariah Carey etc.), maybe they may have the same attitude, "how come you can't sing? is not that hard!" There are also people that are natural born dancers, I am not talking about professional dancers, I am talking about people who don't have issues trying to feel the rythmn through their bones and move their bodies accordingly no matter what music are thrown at them, then learning dance moves are rather easier for them than the rest. I consider myself one of these (kind of ) it is possible to learn, all of the above, or more. There people who are natural leaders, other are very elastic and agile, other are rather fast with numbers and complex formulas, and the number of talents are infinite! so, what do you stand for? do you think that talents are gifts or skills?
  21. ZOMG GUYS!!!!!You guys were just so awesome when I first got on these forums, so I decided that I should give back to the community. Just leave a comment below about, oh, IDK, whatever type of music you like to listen to and on Sunday, October 21, at 1:00 pm (Eastern Time USA) I will give one of you a $10 Itunes Gift card! This is selected randomly, thanks! and Good luck!
  22. This is the gift thread. It's a thread. For giving. Gifts. With Thanksgiving around the corner, as well as the absence of a thread like this so far, I thought it'd be a good idea to start an organized thread so you generous folk and those willing to receive from said generous folk can engage in all the giving and receiving their hearts desire. Now, obviously it's easiest to give away Steam gifts, Minecraft codes, download URLs, etc. but if you want to go all-out, swap addresses, and give someone an actual physical object (dun dun dun DUUUUUN!) feel free. Just please keep this organization to personal messages. If you want, you can even run miniature contests to decide who to give it to, or just choose someone at random. To start things out, I'm going to give away a gift copy of the Humble Voxatron Debut (which ended today) in case anypony missed out on it, which includes the games Voxatron Alpha and Gish. I'll give it to the first person who offers a gift of their own to give to someone else.