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Found 59 results

  1. Who was your favorite villain so far from the MLP:FiM Franchise? What makes them your favorite? Mine is Discord, because he has amazing power, yet he only uses it to amuse himself. Reality doesn't apply to him at all, he just does what he wants.
  2. Why is it that ever Griffin we learned the name of all start with G? Gilda, Gustave Le Grand, Greta, Grandpa Gruff, King Grover, King Guto, Gabby, Gallus.
  3. I was honestly very surprised to find Grandpa Gruff being the griffin to represent Griffinstone and introduce Gallus to the School of Friendship. I was expecting Gilda to be the one to introduce Gallus. It has been a good couple seasons since the last time we saw Gilda and an even longer time since Gilda was given a speaking role. Are we to assume that Gilda is now in charge of the Griffins? Or does the voice actor of Gilda not want to reprise her role? What do you think we haven't seen Gilda in a while and will we see her this season?
  4. Hello Everypony! I normally don't do this sort of thing but I recently finished writing a Fallout Equestria Fanfiction that explains the fate of Gilda after her legendary showdown with Rainbow Dash. It has had a good response but not a lot in the way of constructive critisism. Not only that I was hoping to get some feedback on whether I should expand this story into a full fiction instead of just a one shot story. Anyone who's interested I'll leave a link down below. Thanks everypony!
  5. If I could go back... To that one day... Where all was carefree and gay Where no one or nopony hesitated to offer a snack... What would I do...? What would I say...? Would the hurt go away? Would they see me as somepony brand new? Would somepony be against me? Would they hold a grudge? Would they see the new me? Would the image of the old me in their mind not even budge? I am scared I am afraid With the impression I've already made... I don't think I'm even prepared... I am a beggar inside... Always wanting and needing But with my selfish gain and pride...*sniffle* How could I...fess up and...say what I...really need...? I know s-she was there... ...and left chase her dreams... I...*sniffle*...can't undo it all This biggest...*sniffle*...fall... If...I could go back...I would *starts sobbing lightly* Heal all the wounds that I...inflicted... I know it's never too late...but... All my guilt is making me feel so...constricted...*still sobbing* I'm strong... I-I'm brave...*sniffles trying to recover from her sobbing* But...I feel so...weak... Like...I'm...all alone in a cave... Please... If you can hear me... I-I wanna start this over...*stands up and wipes her face with a talon* And make it right... Because now I see it...and understand... What is now...but our future...will be brighter than the brightest all of the land... ~Gilda A freewrite I did one day when I was thinking. Hope you guys like it.
  6. This is an epic theme for Gilda. What started out as a new lead sound, turned into this theme. It is divided into 3 sections: The First Encounter, The Reformation, and Friends Forever. Hope you all enjoy!
  7. Hello Everypony, It's been a while since I posted here, but I wanted to show you some of my new art. I've recently taken to drawing the Ponies in a stylized form I have no idea why it comes out sideways Sorry about that folks.
  8. Yunno the Idol of Boreas? The very thing that keeps Griffonstone together? How did the king actually get that treasure from anyway? And why did a cyclops come to try to steal it but failed? Could he have been trying to, I dunno, steal it back? We dunno where that treasure came from, and knowing the griffon's greediness, it could've been stolen from the cyclopes in the first place. Hopefully we can have an episode that explains this. What do you think about this theory? Where did the Idol of Boreas come from and why was there a cyclopes trying to get it?
  9. Say, FiM airs in a country where: the gryphon/griffon is its national animal, the gryphon is the most popular animal of that country, some people even worship gryphons in that country, or (Optional: gryphons actually exist there, and some of them are kept in zoos or aviaries.) Considering how negatively Gilda the Griffon was received in the West (while other gryphons get a new fanbase there), how do you think that sort of country would deal with FiM, especially in regards to her character, and those of Gustave, Gabby, and Greta?
  10. This GIF of furries dancing with Syrian refugee children inspired me to think of a civilization that prays to gryphons, as though they're angels, and poor Gilda is no exception to their weird beliefs. So I would like to ask some questions, about what do you think a Gilda-worshipping religion would be like, for amusement: What animals, or objects, can I offer to Gilda as my offerings? What are some rules for Gilda-worshippers to follow? What are some sins in the Gilda religion? What would their afterlife look like? What are the dates for her festivals, and how can we celebrate them? What do their temples and ceremonies look like? Are they conservative, or liberal? How would they deal with the fanatical Flutter-cult, since the Flutter-cult was notorious for killing gryphons over Gilda bullying Fluttershy? How would you deal with any Gilda-worshippers, if you meet them? Thank you and may Gilda and her gryphons visit you in your dreams.
  11. So, here's a question: Gilda the brush off was meant to show that there are some people that, no matter how nice you are to them, you can never be friends with, and that's okay. But in the show, they've kind of reversed that with pretty much EVERYONE being reformed or being made a friend with, with the only two villains to NOT be reformed being Chrysalis and Tirek. Do you think that the message of There being people that you have to accept as being Unfriendable is one that should be used more, or is it good that the show seemingly has discarded it?
  12. I thought about asking who would be the most/least likely to eat meat but that would be a bit too obvious. We know Fluttershy would never do that because even the thought of it would traumatize her and Rainbow Dash would probably be open to it because as a former friend of Gilda she has probably witnessed her eating meat a few times and may have even tried it herself out of curiosity. I think the most likely to eat meat aside from Rainbow Dash would be Twilight Sparkle due to her natural curiosity, all she would need is one book on meat to spark that she may have some reservations but if her curiosity is strong enough she may be able to overcome them. Rarity would probably be the least likely to eat meat aside from Fluttershy because she would judge it as undignified and unladylike in addition to being horrified at the idea of eating another living creature.
  13. We've seen a lot of reformed villains/antagonists in this series. Some I agree with more than others. But the one that I am not the most supportive of is that of Gilda the Griffon. Now from what I have been led to believe, a number of fans wanted Gilda to be reformed, and got their wish in "The Lost Treasure of Griffonstone". However I on the other hand feel as though Gilda was better off as an antagonist/bully/whatever. So you can probably guess that I don't exactly support this reformation. But I am willing to compromise. Maybe they could have gone through with having Gilda rescue Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie, but instead of doing the 180 and being all nice with them. I would have had Gilda come to some form of reconciliation with Rainbow Dash yet still retaining a fraction her cold, gruff persona. Like if Pinkie Pie tried to hug her, Gilda would shove her off and tell her: "GET YOUR HOOVES OFF OF ME!!" or something along those lines. Yet Gilda would still shake wing/hoof with Rainbow Dash relatively slowly before making friends with one of the other griffons. Thus Pinkie and Rainbow Dash's mission would still be complete. What I'm saying is that Gilda would still be reformed, but she would still manage to keep a small percentage of her antagonistic traits. That way she'd still be somewhat more believable. MLP has done it this way before. Case in point: Discord. Discord may have been reformed, but he still commits various acts of mischief and chaos against the ponies, even after being reformed. What do you think? Should Gilda have kept just a portion of her mean personality traits, even after being reformed?
  14. Hi Everypony! Here is my newest Hearts and Hooves Day story! If you haven't read "Meet me under the Mistletoe" and/or "All I want for Christmas is you" there are some spoilers! I hope everypony enjoys it!
  15. I thought we wouldn't see a team-up as unexpected as Rarity and Babsy, but I was WROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG, now we got Rares, and GILDA SYNOPSIS Rarity has found a very difficult client in the form of Gilda the Griffon! Gilda demands the perfect uniform for a new sports team in Griffinstone. Rarity travels to the desolate kingdom and realizes there is more than fashion to be accomplished in the home of the Griffons!
  16. Yeah we all remember that certain griffon. But tell me what your thoughts on her are! I personally feel rather neutral towards her (except for that one time she yelled at Flutters, goodness that made me mad). In any case, let 'er rip!
  17. I was just wondering if they are going they bring back Lightning Dust to the how again,since hey already did that to Gilda are they going to do it anytime soon?
  18. Just a basic little drawing I made (Ignore the lighting and background, don't have a scanner or anything yet). I drew it a few days ago and colored it yesterday. Haven't really done many drawings that weren't tracings or anything, so decided to try it myself. There are some things I'd like to improve, but I decided I might as well share it.
  19. I haven't ever drawn Gilda so nothing totally unique about this doodle with one of my colored pencils. Also because I do what I want, I'm gonna throw in a couple of doodles of my cat that I did today. Do you understand how annoying it is to doodle a cat that won't stop moving?
  20. ship it so hard God DAMN I love season five! so many good ships this season
  21. Gilda gets secret lessons from Pinkie pie in baking to impress a certain griffin she likes :3 Inspired by today's wonderful episode, the writers are sure giving me copious amounts of shipping fuel this season lol
  22. RubyW32


    So... there you are, Gilda! Trying a different style this time (I'm just trying the possibilities, but I'm totally making more art with my usual style
  23. Pretty late with this video admittedly, but that won't stop me from making it! It's been a whopping four years since we last saw GIlda the Griffon in ANY official MLP work, and with today's episode, we're finally going to see her once again. Join me as I go through a slightly different (That's an overstatement. It's really not that different) structured Points of Interest in Episode 8 of MLP FiM Season 5, The Lost Treasure of Griffonstone!
  24. So, after looking around some I noticed that we do not have a fan club dedicated to griffons (or gryphons; if you prefer that spelling). Considering the upcoming "The Lost Treasure of Griffonstone" episode I figured it was about time we introduced this into our repertoire of clubs. So, why griffons? Why not, I say! Famous examples: 1. The most obvious was the jerk Gilda; who I am hopeful makes a return. Maybe we'll see her in the upcoming episode? Heck; she even has her own fan club, so please be sure to visit it! Gilda Fan Club 2. Then we have Gustave le Grand; who I admittedly almost forgot about.... 3. Next we have the three unnamed griffons that participated in the Equestria Games. 4. Silverquill as well...if you count him. But yeah, let's discuss all things related to the race of griffons and give them some proper attention! If Hippogryphs are more your style, you can post them here, but there is also a fan club that should be ignored. Hippogryphs Fan Club So yeah, normal rules apply. Enjoy.
  25. You know what, my video reviews haven't really been going well. They keep ending up very brief and not well thought out. This is due to not having a lot of time to make them. I go to school during the week and I get really busy on weekends. So I'm gonna hold off on video reviews for a bit. I might do them once summer hits where I'll have more time, but meh. So here we are with The Lost Treasure of Griffonstone. And honestly it's my favorite episode so far this season. Okay, I might come off as biased seeing as I wanted to see more of Pinkie and Rainbow Dash interaction, but I was left pretty satisfied from this episode. But lets just delve into why I love this episode. First off, the world building. This episode managed to do pretty well in the world building territory. It makes sense that Griffonstone would be run-down. We've seen in the show that griffons come off as not very friendly and having a very, "I don't care attitude" so here we have it here. I just want to say that this episode's strongest area is it's characterization. Pinkie Pie has all of her strong points shown here and so does RD but the best showing of characterization is in Gilda. Oh yeah, Gilda is back, but she's actually made likable here. We learn that the reason she is jerk is because she grew up in this run-down area where the citizen act very not nice. She goes through kind of a mini character arc but not really where she learns to improve. Also, I like how they used the "baby steps" idea from Filli Vanilli due to it coming off as realistic. Humor? Pretty well done. Not the funniest episode of the show but there are some good stuff here like Pinkie's baking soda ad. That was unexpected. This episode isn't perfect the ending comes off as rushed and the moral is debateably too optimistic. Those may bother some people, but to a casual and slightly analytical person like me, they don't bother me too much. Other points: Pinkie flirting with statues? They just wanna ship Pinkie with everything. Adorkable Twilight is best Twilight. Skulls in MLP? WHAT IS THIS WITCHCRAFT!? So overall, good episode with a questionable ending that doesn't personally bother me. Final Score: 10/10 If you're curios about my season ranking so far, from greatest to least: 1. The Lost Treasure of Griffonstone 2. Make New Friends but Keep Discord 3. The Cutie Map 4. Tanks for the Memories 5. Bloom and Gloom 6. Applelooza's Most Wanted