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Found 6 results

  1. So CopperCab has been ridiculed for his ignorant rants and has been teased for being ginger. Red hair and freckles. He has ranted on Gangnam Style saying it's sublimal messaging from North Korea, and claims St.Patricks Day is racist. He also believes that Ginger is a race. I have nothing against this guy but sometimes he just makes a fool of himself.
  2. Hello! So, I'm a ginger and today I was curious to see how many other gingers there are on the Forums. I thought that if I created this thread I could see how many other Gingers there are, and we could talk and get to know each other and help each other if we need it. Also create an army to take over the forums and enslave Feld0 and rule with a red and freckly iron fist. I know that there is not that many, so feel free to type a question for the gingers here even if you're not one if your curious about something (ex. opinion on South Park). ~RD4
  3. I've had my OC (Ponysona) for many months now and I've just decided to make a thread for him to answer questions. (Profile under signature) "So, does anypony have questions for me"
  4. Hello everyone, I'm the artist for a tumblr, featuring Doctor Whooves, but he gets his long time wish of being a Ginger. It is an ask, as well as a story tumblr, Sundays we answer question. We're currently about to update to the story, sometime tonight or early tomorrow. Thank you supporters!
  5. Flicker Sweet

    Ask Red

    Got questions for me? Post 'em here! This is meant for general questions about me or my life. Please, if you're going to ask for advice, post it in the Life Advice Forum or send me a PM. Keep it clean! And please try to be serious.........
  6. file:///C:/Users/Billyk115/Desktop/ponyWithBackground.png Hello Everypony I have just finished making my OC pony using the Pony Creator on DeviantArt and I have named it Ginger Snap. The back story behind Ginger Snap is that it is a Colt who lives in Ponyville, he is very talented in the art of comedy which makes him very good friends with Pinkie Pie and because of that he knows the rest of the Mane 6. He usually attends parties with them and have gotten to know them pretty well. He is one of the funniest Colts in all of Equestria and sometimes has to do shows for Canterlot Royalty. Through his time in Ponyville he has developed a bit of a crush on somepony and he will not tell who. His Cutie Mark came to be when he was very young, he was sitting at a picnic with his friends making jokes like every usual afternoon, but then he was asked by one of his friends what his special talent was, Ginger Snap answered with one word and one word alone "Comedy". He then started to do shows over in Cloudsdale and eventually during a show it just appeared out of no where right on his flank. (Constructive Criticism on the short summed out backround story is very welcome because this is my first OC Pony and I would like Criticism)