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Found 26 results

  1. Is it easier to live being male or female? Clearly both sides have their ups and downs, but which is overall easier and why? ~
  2. My friend thinks it isn't, and he does it all the time. "OMG. I'M EATIN SOME ICE CREAM AT COLDSTONE! HERE'S A PIC IN CASE YOU HAVEN'T SEEN ICE CREAM BEFORE!!!!" Yeah. I've never done that before. But he has.
  3. Me and my friend were having a discussion on whether or not this is sexist. If a female does something good, you say things like "Awesome job, girl" or "You go, girl". If a female does something bad, it's things like "Lady, how dare you?" or "Stupid woman". My friend is arguing that this is a construct of patriarchy and that it is infantilizing and trivializing women's deeds while adding responsbility to errors. I think that she is looking too far into it. What do you guys think?
  4. What are some of your favorite names? Or alternatively, what names would you give your future children assuming you will be allowed to make that decision (which most likely won't be us, fellas) boy: Michael or Patrick Michael is an all-around solid name. It's my godfather's name and I have a couple friends named Mike. I like Patrick too. James would be distant third choice for me. girl: Alexandra or Elizabeth I like Alexandra a lot because I think Lexi is a very adorable nickname. Elizabeth is also a cute name and is very versatile when it comes to nicknames. inb4TompicksTrixieorsomederivationofTrixieforgirlname
  5. So I wanted to redraw the original character I got going as my avatar and here was the result that I got from that. I'm sure I still need lots of practice, but I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.
  6. It's become a very popular character archetype in cartoons lately. You know, that spazy, random girl who follows her own logic, and is enthusiastic about almost everything. Pinkie Pie, Mabel Pines, Minka Mark, Sticks the Badger, Star Butterfly, Patty from Back to Backspace. Why has this character become so popular all of a sudden?
  7. In the West, a "tea party" is a girl's game, where the players talk and pretend to serve each other and the dolls tea. (Meanwhile, in Japan and Morocco, men are also involved) What are the origins of the Western tea party? British Victorian customs and times?
  8. Watch the video first before answering: What do you guys think of the statement 'like a girl'? What is your reaction when someones says 'like a girl' to you? How do you respond? What is your reaction to the video?
  9. Another picture that I drew recently, and the first one I colored in a long time Let me know what you think, if it's not too much trouble. Sorry for the poor quality, in advanced. I had to take this from my phone
  10. I'm actually really proud of this one, because this was the first time I drew a skull, and colored it no less, and it came out fantastic! I also put a lot of detail into the girl's pigtail This was taken in multiple shots, and I apologize in advance for the poor quality, these were taken from my phone
  11. Drawn entirely in Sketchpad for Wii U. Was on the fence about posting this one lol. My pony-drawing skills are limited (and not long developed), and I draw them mostly in my own weirdo style. You'll have to settle for the acronym version of her name, only: PLSV xD. The crazy eyelashes and hair, I think, come from my frequently drawing tentacles.
  12. Became a present to a British girl?
  13. There once was an actress, born with lovely, natural pink hair, who was (un)fortunate enough to be chosen to play as Pinkie Pie/"The Rebel Queen" * (a. k. a. "Rebbie" or "Pauline") in a school play. Here's the myth behind this mindlessly dumb spectacle: "An alien girl gets selected by the gods to kill the god-like Painis Cupcake. Armed with only a divine sword, a bow-and-quiver-full-of-arrows, and a pink pony to ride on into battle, she must kill Lord Painis. Without the sword, she and her pony will definitely become Lord Painis-chow, his next kills and meals. The ending varies: you choose your own: 1. Lord Painis Cupcake still manages to kill and eat the girl and the pony. He proceeds to destroy the world, and become king of his new, monstrous pantheon. 2. Rebbie, with the help of the divine, kills Lord Painis, only because the gods aided her, and destroy his body in such that he will never reassemble. She and her pony were forced by the gods to join them. They vehemently reject, but they are now weeping in the heavens as stars." This same actress ("Minnie" or "Minerva") hates this play, and especially her own character. Yet, this play is considered a patriotic play in her country (Nation Y), as it is facing a war against the most powerful dictatorship in her world. "Rebbie" and her pony are even considered national symbols there, despite some opposition, because "Rebbie's Story" is a satrical inversion of the enemy's propaganda, in which Painis (Nation X) is a supreme god who slays the demon Pinkamena (Nation Y, and all other enemies, in general.). So, you encounter Minerva in a park, on a sunny day, pouting and cursing secretly against her character and society. She also hates it that her pink-haired family is seen as "human P*nkies/Bubble Berries" with a high chance of being psychopaths. Here are some questions: 1. What ending would you choose for this retarded play? 2. What advice would you give to her? * Hint: "Rebbie" looks like a rip-off of the EqG Pinkie wearing a blue Mongolian dress.
  14. So,what i have noticed as a girl, since i watch MLP and i am 17 that people tolerate it more then say if i was a boy. That made me think: Are we girls of any age more accepted then boys because the show and merchandise are for our sexuality degined? Because when i go to a store and just look at the MLP section, nobody looks at me weird. But when a boy goes watching, the entire store points and laughs almost.
  15. Hey y'all! I have finished my new OC recently, well i mean for the most part, there is still some bits of work to be done, but shes mostly done. However, one big thing still remains, finding a name for her... First heres the reference picture from pony creator of her. Now, first of all, i want a 1 word name, and i also kinda want a more humanish name, I think it'll mostlikely end up a human name, unless it goes really well with her and works with my ponysonas name. The reason i want the names to go together well is because my ponysona and my new mare are going to be lovers basically, So yeah, i'm shipping my ponysona with another OC of mine, because i don't feel like shipping it with any cannon ponies, plus it means i can make or have others make adorable art of them together(well i need practice before i can make anything look adorable.. but yeah ) Also I can have another Mare OC which I can make art of or have art made of that wouldn't work on my stallion(Like her in dresses, or stuff like that, or just looking adorable .) Or just idk doing whatever I want, its fun to make a new OC, and maybe i can do other things with her i can't with my ponysona. Plus i felt like my Ponysona needed a lover so yeah.. The new Mare who has yet to be named, was born! Anyways, I need a name for her, so since i'm kinda sucky at thinking of names, i turn to you the forums for help! please note that first of all again, i want 1 word names, and probaly humanish names(Unless you have a really good name you think i'll like enough and goes well enough with my ponysonas). I also want you to see if you think the names sound good together, of course i won't totally based it off this, but it helps. (Btw my ponysona is the same as my username "Zygen" if it isn't obvious.) I want a kinda feminine name, i'm really not sure i'm gonna like any duo gender names for her, just because i want it to be fairly obvious shes a mare. (Plus idk i just want a girly name ok xD?) I want the name to be a serious name, i'm not looking for a punny name exactly, i want a nice regular sounding name. I like puns and stuff, but i want a regular sounding name. And uh, i guess if the name sorta makes sense for being her name then well uh.. yeah. Guess thats the point of this thread though.. Far as i know right now the only thing about her is that she has a musical related talent, like my ponysona. otherwise personality and stuff, i'm not totally decided on frankly. Oh and also, i'm pretty picky with names(Almost as picky as i am on fixing the exact colors for my color schemes on my ocs that i like.) so if i don't end up picking your name or whatever, please don't take it personal or anything, i don't wanna hurt anyones feelings, i'm just picky, sorry :/. I really have no idea what i want besides that stuff, so just start listing if you can i guess. Maybe one will just hit me like (Thats the one!) Anyways, thanks for anyone who suggests names in advance, hopefully i can get a name for this mare, because calling her "The mare yet to be named" is getting a bit tedious . Thanks again! Later! Oh and Ps. if you have any suggestions you want to suggest for my OC, put them in this topic.
  16. When working on this piece, I wanted people to get a fairly strong sense of unreality. In order to do this, I decided to go with a style similar to that of anime, leaning towards cartoon. I gave them four fingers, rather than five and I made sure the proportions of the "demon" didn't match the proportions of the girl. I also wanted to frame her fairly well, so it's a good thing I can draw circles. I plan on putting this image up for sale as a print after editing the image (so that I know for sure that the small problems won't show up). I hope you all like it. ^^" (Because I think it sucks terribly, and I have no possible chance at succeeding at an artist.) Poor girl, she's having a nightmare. I'd have to apologize for the image quality though, because the scanner seems to have picked up things that aren't actually visible in real life and this was the first time I've ever used my promarkers, so I was a bit unaware of how it would lay on the paper.... It also did some weird things to the line-work, which is actually incredibly smooth in reality. PS: The fire isn't meant to look realistic. PSS: I've also finished my NM print (this time the right way, because I got the last shipments of markers, and I actually know how to use them now) and I will post it up soon. Consider this a color test XD Not quite sure what to call this so uhm....fantasy? Or would that be abstract? I'm getting better, right? There's also a hidden meaning behind this picture, but you wouldn't notice it unless you knew me well. PLEASE COMMENT!!!! I NEED TO KNOW IF PEOPLE WILL/WOULD BE WILLING TO BUY THIS PIECE, SO PLEASE TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK!!! - Description posted off of DeviantART. This picture sucks so bad >.< Here's the link to the page: The stuff I've been working on lately is much better.
  17. My brother's birthday is coming up in a week, and I thought, what better gift to give him than a drawing of a Yugioh character? So, I drew my favourite yugioh thingy! Yeah, drawing anime isn't really my thing..... But I tried..... Kind of.... I have a very short attention span. I have a few issues with this one, but oh well. I can't be bothered listing all of the problems with this picture. I'll just let you do that. XD Damn it! I'm rambling again! I've got to learn to stop doing that in my art threads... *sigh* Here's the pic. Constructive criticism would be nice. /)
  18. I have always loved Tim Burton's art style. It's so creepy yet, so beautiful. So, I decided to try it out and draw a Tim Burton-style girl. It was done in MS Paint. I think I did pretty good, but tell me what you think.
  19. Well first manga girl I have ever drawn in my entire life hope you like it I did this with paint tool sai and a mouse and please tell me what you think of it
  20. Well here it is I worked some time on it and as usual I used paint tool SAI and a mouse And I really want some critique/advice
  21. Sooooo...I'm not used to publicly sharing my art...I'm really shy and I don't handle criticism very well but I try! So Her name is Fae. She comes from a long list of characters I come up with in my head.
  22. Well I've drawn yet again a manga girl I used a guide because I'm bad at it so no need to say it's good or anything because I just copied it... Anyways this is what it has become I hope you like it Used paint tool sai and a mouse*
  23. I heard this contest on the radio, except at this time of year, it's Dead Guy In A Turkey. Basically this is how it goes. I think of a dead person, and you guys try to guess. Simple. Whoever guesses the correct dead guy/girl first will win a free art request. Have fun!
  24. Story time, MLP Forums. >be right out of college >not many friends >Go to beach with cute girl >7/10 >still the best I could do >I'm pretty weak, not too bright, and not a "ladies man" >but she tells me I'm funny. >notbad.jpg >spend whole day making jokes with her. >people start to notice >soon people think I'm hilarious >make tons of friends and start to get along with everybody >everything went better than expected >girl starts crushing on me >fuck yes >go into funny over drive >people continue to love me >but soon they get tired of me >my jokes get annoying and repetitive >girl tells me I'm a loser >feelsbadman.jpg >start to feel really shitty >thought that everybody liked me, but I blew it >and now she won't even spare me a passing glance >all just because I ripped my pants.
  25. That's me, isn't it? All wrapped up in chains.