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Found 23 results

  1. Note: you are a underpowered human. Would a pony girlfriend/boyfriend be overprotective? As in the ponies are insanely more overpowered (blame fan fiction) physically than a human. To the point they would not out Mike Tyson without a sweat. Topped off with ponies having insanely overpowered magic. Would you say let's say Twilight Sparkle as your girlfriend be extremely overprotective of you? Overprotective as in never leaving you out of their sight and by placing magic barriers and protection spells on your body in general just in case some mean bully pony tries to hurt you.
  2. Have you been kissed before? I was kissed by a girlfriend I had in fifth grade. It was an experience I cherish to this day. She moved a year after and it really sucked for me. But hey, if any of you girls on the forums want to date me, pm me or something like that.
  3. What traits do you find attractive in a potential boyfriend/girlfriend/companion/love slave? Physical traits, personality traits, whatever! Let's all just gush about what we like in the other half to our romance sandwich. For me, it greatly varies from person to person. I might like one guy with a full head of hair, and I might like another bald! Blue eyes are great on some girls, but on others it doesn't do much for me. But there are some things that I pretty much always find attractive for all eternity until the end of time itself: -Being taller than me -Da chubs, although I'm also quite partial to slim, petite women as well -Body hair -Facial hair -Good hygiene -Halfway decent sense of fashion -Nice hands -Big noses
  4. What are yours? 1. Drug use & drug abuse. 2. Drinks alcohol (moderately or heavily). 3. Smoking (moderately or addicted). 4. Criminal history/prison sentence. 5. Abusive or using me. 6. A "two-timing" history. 7. Racist, prejudice, or hates animals. 8. Can't accept that I'm into anime, video games, MLP: FiM, etc. 9. Can't look past my Panic Disorder, Depression, and Bipolar Disorder. 10. Have children.
  5. In the spirit of (almost) Valentine's Day here is a post dedicated to all things romance (or lack of it)! :3 I guess I'll ask some questions for people to answer to get the discussion going... <3 <3 <3 - What are your plans for Valentine's Day? - What's the most romantic thing you've ever done? (Or want to do) - What is your dream date? - What is your significant other like? OR What is your dream girl/guy like?
  6. Hey guys, I was just thinking right now... I love my girlfriend, and I'm sure those of you that have a boyfriend or girlfriend love yours! (Well... I would hope.) I was thinking how cool it would be if we could come on here and show off our significant others to each other. What do you think?
  7. This is just meant to be fun to do. Post some things about yourself and see if someone would date you. I'll start: 1. I am somewhat of a nerd. I love Pokemon and MLP FiM. 2. I love animals. I work at an animal hospital and I love riding my horse. 3. I hate flying, I get motion sickness easily, and I love being really really lazy. 4. I have panic disorder and manic depressive disorder. 5. I live in a farming community and I'm not afraid to get dirty
  8. Hello, everyone! Since it's the weekend, I just wanted to spend some time writing something I feel like I should say... I am truly grateful for everything in my life thus far, and that includes my family, my girlfriend, my friends, and even just my life in general. Things might not be perfect, but, the closer we get to Christmas and the New Year, I just can't help but say thank you... Thank you to everyone in my life, and thank you to the universe for teaching me, helping me grow, letting me find out who I really am, and just having a lot of fun throughout the year... Since the start of this year, I have learned what it is truly like to love someone, what it means to have friends, and I have finally faced many challenges in my life that I previously ignored, and I hope to continue to do so well into 2018, 2019, 2020 and beyond! To the members of MLP Forums, I am truly sorry that I ever left you guys behind. I missed being here a lot, especially since this place was my first Brony community I ever hung out on, and this place was my first glimpse of what its like to be a part of this fandom. I am proud to be a member of this website, and proud to be a Brony. Don't know what my life would be like if I had never become a Brony in the first place... Over the next few years, I also plan on getting much more into films, digital art and animation (perhaps also music as well...), in fact I've already started work on an animation now, and who knows where that might go in the future... -Nightfall Gloam. That 19 year old guy that lurks around in the background and might be a little ambitious...
  9. Good afternoon, everypony! Well, I have no reviews for you at this time, but what I do have is 110% Grade A adorableness. I'm so sorry, I just can't help but gush over the simply wonderful girlfriend that God has so richly blessed me with that I just had to introduce you all to her (rest assured she knows about this and said she's more than happy to have me introduce her to my pony fam ). So then, everypony, meet Julianna (or just Juli for short as she usually goes by, but isn't Julianna just the most beautiful name!!! ). Right now, this beautiful, wonderful, amazing young woman is the world to me, and being with her has helped the both of us grow happier in general, develop an ever-growing love for one another, and most importantly grow closer to God, knowing He's looking out for us every step of the way, wherever things may end up for us. Nothing's set in stone obviously right now, we're not just naively assuming that we're one another's one true love or anything, BUT we do know we already love each other very much and that we want to see where God takes us as a couple and to make the most out of whatever we'll be blessed with. She's having a very fun time learning more about MLP and you lovely folks in mah pony fam, and thinks the show is very adorable thus far (we haven't been able to get too far into it unfortunately just because we're in a long distance relationship at the moment, but we've watched it most times we've been together). With our relationship about to turn 5 months old next week, I can't believe I've been blessed with such an amazing young woman in my life and wanted the rest of you lovely folks to know all about her. Oh, and ya wanna know how amazing she is? Well, get a load of this; early on we both figured out that one of her big ways for showing love was through gift-giving, so guess what this amazing girlfriend of mine got me for my birthday as early birthday presents??? First, a WHOLE ton of candy, seriously, look at all of that! An AWESOME DC 4-glass set that she found at Target of all places! And best of all... A DERPY FUNKO!!! I HAVE NEVER HAD AN MLP FUNKO TO THIS POINT AT ALL, NEVER BOUGHT WON, NEVER WON ONE, NOTHING, AND EVEN MORE AMAZING THEY STOPPED MAKING THESE IN 2016 BUT SHE FOUND ONE OF MY VERY OWN BEST PONY, NOT EVEN KNOWING THEY WERE SUCH A PRIME ITEM FOR BRONIES, ON AMAZON!!!!!!!!! IS THAT AWESOME OR WHAT???????? So yeah, in short, we're both in a very great place right now. I don't know in the long run where God is going to take us, but I'm so very happy for what we have right now and can only hope things get better and we get closer as we go along. She was a great friend for many years before we ever considered dating one another and I just feel like the luckiest and most blessed guy in the world to have such an amazing sweetheart right now. In short, she is, at the moment, the Catwoman to my Batman (and hopefully that stays the case for a longggggg time to come). I'm very happy I could share this amazing girlfriend-of-mine with ya'll everypony, and I hope there may be only more good or even great things to share going forward. Hopefully will have some reviews up for you soon of some of the recent EQG shorts, but until next time everypony, this is Batbrony signing off. I'm off!!! *cue dramatic exit*
  10. http://file:///home/chronos/u-33e7f2aa7f2567c07d3e7645d82df93b6b94fef0/Downloads/IMG_20161111_213621.jpg I wanted to try a new art style and it turned out great (at least I think so) This is me and my girlfriend (she's the one with glasses) Let me know what you guys think!
  11. Hello everypony! I want familiarize you with creation my girlfriend External Evil. She's 31 old, and she like to draw 1 year. External Evil's art on competer, mouse. translate: where I get 50$??? medication: 50$ External's art on paper danger! pg-13 External's art on grafic table it is pony adrenalin rush
  12. I am not sure if a similar topic exists, but I couldn't find one. Then again, I am using mobile, and I am rather inept on this. So, I recently got back together with my girlfriend, who amazingly is also a Brony. I've been wanting to get her something pony-related that she'd like, but I don't know what. I'd feel childish just giving her a ponified drawing of her. But her mother and sister are also Bronies, and have given her pony merch as well. Mostly shirts; she has so many that I chucked that possibility immediately. I don't know if she has any of the comic books (her mother has a comic book collection, that's all I know). I guess I don't even need to get her MLP merch; we're both into other really geeky things. But basically, I need some general input. Any suggestions?
  13. So this is a relationship thread - basically to discuss your relationship partner, post pics of them etc. I will start This is my partner richard - we have been dating for 2 and a half years - he lives in albany ny and I live in hamilton ontario, so we have an open long distance relationship - consists of visits whenever time and money allows - it works He is german swedish and lebanese background. the pic below shows him 4 years ago when he was heavily into powerlifting - his last relationship went sour and he got really depressed, started drinking and stopped going in the gym and gained a lot of weight.. that's what the second pic shows since he has been dieting and had bariatric survery (had his stomach stapled) and has lost a lot of weight.. now he just has to go back to the gym and bulk up.. it's been a tough relationship - he has a lot of things wrong with him physically, arthritis, sciatica, bursitis, synuvitis, etc. He's often in pain - the weight loss has helped alleviate that somewhat fortunately. He is an aquarius so he doesn't open up much and I am a libra so I find that hard, but I know he cares, I just wish I could see him more.. eventually the goal is for him to move up here.. I am 32 and he is 52, so there is a big age difference too, but as you get older, age becomes less of an issue - heck when I was 18 I didn't want anyone who wasn't outside my age range.. but that changes hehe.. feel free to post relationship pics and discuss your partner here
  14. Would a pony be a scary girlfriend/boyfriend? (Note you are still human... normal human not overpowered magic human) Just think an Earth Pony had super strength... so yeah, that's quite intimidating. The pegasus can fly, that's is also quite intimidating. Unicorns... they got magic... it get even scarier if your girlfriend/boyfriend is an alicorn as powerful as Twilight Sparkle or Princess Celestia. And... it gets even scarier if they are as overpowered as some ponies from fan fiction. Would you not be scared of them and trust them not to hurt you even though their bodies are vastly physically stronger than your own... topped off with them having magic?
  15. Oh @Pinkiponi, my lovely girlfriend. So depressed right now you don't know what to do. Your life may seem like it's hit the end, or you seem like you can't feel anything but just remember one thing. You have this place. This place full of many people you can talk to, full of people you can ask for advice from, full of people like me you can talk to. Full of love, which is the one thing you need. Which is why I need your help. Show her some support. Show her some love. Show her some positivity. Her life is terrible, full of people who laugh at her for being depressed. That is a terrible and cruel thing to do. I want you to show her love. She truly needs it.
  16. There are some of us who would want to date someone in the mane six, or if not a girl like their best pony. So the question today is what kind of girlfriend would each of the mane six be. Twilight would be girl who tries to keep a date in order. She would also be a nerdy kind of girlfriend who would be suited with a guy who is just like her. Pinkie Pie would be the excited girlfriend who wants to do everything on a date. She would also be the girl who would make sure her boyfriend is always happy. Rainbow Dash would be the competitive type of girlfriend. One who would play a video game with you and competitively flirt with you. Fluttershy would be the girl who would let the guy take charge. She might take charge at some point but would be rare. Even then, she would still always be there for the guy. Rarity would be the romantic kind of girl. The girl whois like the excited girlfriend but a bit more reserved and romantic. She would flirt and she would take kindly to flirting. Applejack would be the girl who never keeps secrets from you. She would also try to bond with you so you two are closer than ever. So, discuss away!
  17. Do the Mane 6 / MLPFiM characters influence /reflect your choice of girlfriend / friends? Does anyone here have friends or want friends that have the virtues of the characters in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic? Especially the Mane 6? I wonder if, what with the inherently feminist message of MLP:FiM, that there are dudes who have been influenced by the characters on this show to have a preference for girls who have friendly, personalities. Then there's physical appearance, to some degree in the form of mane shapes and human hair... if you want to talk about that... but I personally am not so into that. I, for example adore Rarity's cuteness and beauty as a pony, but believe that her mane shape, moreso than any other pony can't truly be translated onto a human head. And females, I ask you, do you ever relate the cute adorable girlfriend moments that the ponies do here? Mane 6 or Cutie Mark Crusaders maybe? Sacred sisterly-ness?
  18. This is sort of for fun and sort of serious at the same time. This is the very issue I'm going through right now, and I'm surprised I'm not mature enough to just drop it. But don't ask who my Waifu is, because you wouldn't know who she is anyways. But there must be other bronies with this problem, so... any suggestions?
  19. Would Twilight Sparkle be a scary girlfriend? You as a Pony or a Human (Hey, it's xenophilia to date sapient beings. And also parallel universe!) she's in love with. I mean she can get crazy at times, (Lesson Zero) has the ability to carry (cartoon logic) massive boulders like Tom and now she's a freakin all powerful Alicorn. Seriously, I better not hurt her feelings or she might get all Nightmare Moon on me. Or would you not find her scary? Convinced, despite her magical might, that she would never seriously hurt you. And is in fact very protective of her weak boyfriend she loves? At least not hurt too badly. XD
  20. I was watching the Pokémon Anime. I saw an episode of each generation. And then I can't believe he is capable of. He keeps changing girlfriends every time he changes region (except Jolto) It's like you have girlfriend here and then you have girlfriend there. He has like 5 of them already! 1.Misty 2.May 3.Dawn 4.Iris 5.Serena And He just friend zoning them? He is luckier than most of us single men here and he is just 10 years old! What is your reaction? C'mon, even violent and vulgar reaction is allowed here
  21. So I'm going to be asking this girl out who happens to be a my little pony fan as well. I'm hoping it goes well So I was wondering if anyone else has signification others who are also fans. Who was the fan first and did the other introduce them to the show? If they aren't a fan, what do they think about your interest?
  22. Hello, fellow bronies! Okay, one day I talked with a fellow brony friend of mine. He told me that his favorite pony was Fluttershy, and I suddenly remembered his crush - she's a cute and quiet girl, who's kind to everypony. So that got me thinking... Maybe one's favorite pony reflects the desire what someone wants in his/her companion. There are certain characteristics in ponies - stereotypical things. I've done a list of the mane six, for example... Twilight Sparkle - intellectual, likes reading, curious, organized, hard-working Rainbow Dash - adventurous, sporty, likes attention, likes racing, loyal, spontaneous, lazy, has attitude Rarity - likes attention, lady-like, into fashion and beauty, generous, has class Applejack - honest, sporty, family's important, hard-working, likes to bake and help Pinkie Pie - Fun, humorous, musical, never boring, loves to laugh, parties Fluttershy - cute, quiet, loves animals, gentle, caring, kind I think you get the picture. It's also a "mix-and-match" type of thing - you might like, for example, that Pinkie's constant randomness is annoying but you love her attitude and her willingness to get everypony smile. So, what do you ponies think of my theory~?