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Found 6 results

  1. -It took me half of the first season to become a brony -I didn't hate Mare Do Well -I found the Crystal Empire extremely disappointing -I prefer Celestia over Luna -I hate Just for SIdekicks with a passion
  2. What do you prefer? My preference are the girly ponies because they aren't afraid to show feminity doesn't equal weak.
  3. Under the control of lesser creators, the show could've started out being a roughly equal ensemble in the theme song and some of the two-parters/The Best Night Ever, but then ended up as a show like SpongeBob where there were essentially three or so characters where the main protagonist interacts with regularly (In SpongeBob's case, that would be his next-door neighbors, one of which is a co-worker, and boss), with other characters only appearing when they happen to cross paths with him (such as Sandy and Plankton) In MLPFiM, the other five ponies have roughly an equal chance of interacting with Twilight. It's not like some are particularly more close to her than others. FiM easily could've made the show a girl version of a dumb buddy antics show with Rarity being her Patrick(SpongeBob and Patrick are both childish, Twilight and Rarity could be BFFs because they are both unicorns) AJ, Fluttershy, Pinkie, and Rainbow having various shades of pridefulness combined with straight-man voice of reason, or nuggets or wisdom, like Squidward and Sandy... ...with Rarity being directly involved if not the catalyst of the events that Twi gets involved in on a regular basis for at least half the episodes (just like how Patrick is alongside SpongeBob for many antics, and Patrick never interacts with other characters of his won accord without SpongeBob being involved) with Princess Celestia or some Ponyville authority character such as the Mayor appearing much more often, possibly moreso than a "Sandy" (Mr. Krabs) and a consistently reoccurring nuisance antagonist (like a young mare, non-filly version of Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon).
  4. In the West, a "tea party" is a girl's game, where the players talk and pretend to serve each other and the dolls tea. (Meanwhile, in Japan and Morocco, men are also involved) What are the origins of the Western tea party? British Victorian customs and times?
  5. “Rainbow Dash hates dresses/skirts.” “Rainbow Dash hates pink.” “Rainbow Dash hates fashion.” “Rainbow Dash hates hugs.” "Rainbow Dash hates singing." Am I the only one that doesn't like these misconceptions of Rainbow Dash? Some fans seem to think she hates these things even though evidence shows that it’s the opposite. “Rainbow Dash hates dresses.” Now, we've seen her wear at least 3 or 4 dresses in the show, and she's had no objections to them. The only time I can think of was in Inspiration Manifestation when Rarity put that dress on Rainbow, but I think anyone would freak out if they were in the middle of something and all of sudden a dress appeared on them. And it looked rather heavy, so, yeah... The Gala dress: They say “Diamonds are a girls’ best friend” and apparently that includes Rainbow Dash. And I just love her Gala dress! The Bridesmaid's dress: She looks pretty happy to be a bridesmaid, especially since later during the rehearsal, she and Rarity were giggling. The Coronation dress: This is probably the only dress that doesn't have rainbows in it, and she still looks great! And the Fall Formal dress from EqG: And her EqG outfit: A pink skirt, no less. I’ve seen a lot of fans complain about how her wearing a skirt and how “she would never wear one/she hates skirts.” Really? She’s worn dresses, why should skirts be any different? And it’s not like it’s all she wears. We’ve seen her in pants: Soooo…what’s the big deal? She’s not even wearing a super girly one. Not all skirts are girly, you know. There’s plenty of sporty and cool-looking ones that she’d probably wear. Anyway, I find it hard to believe that she hates dresses. If she did, we’d certainly know it, as she’s not afraid to say her opinion. “Rainbow Dash hates pink.” The idea that she hates pink just comes out of nowhere. I’ve gone through screenshots on MLP Wikia and found quite a few pictures of her with pink things. S1E3 - The Ticket Master: Of all the different-colored blankets in the world to have and she chose a pink one. And if it was a gift, she has no problem using it. S1E7 - Dragonshy: Here she’s playing with a pinkish-purple ball. S2E7 - May the Best Pet Win: She’s wearing a pink scarf in the photo shoot for the Style part of her competition. Also, Dash seems to have no problem with that super, sparkly, purple backdrop. S2E9 - Sweet and Elite: Dash playing with a pink balloon. There’s plenty of balloons of many colors in that room, but she chose a pink one. Might be a bit of a stretch, but I thought I’d include it anyway. S3E6 - Sleepless in Ponyville: Nice sleeping bag, Dash! Where'd ya get it, cuz I want one! If that isn't proof that she likes pink, then I don't know what is. S4E12 - Pinkie Pride: Out of all the party hats she could’ve worn for her birthday, she chose pink. Not sure if she had any say in what the cake looked like, but there’s a lot of pink frosting on it. Am I forgetting something? …Oh yes…her eyes! So, while it may not be her favorite color (or is it?), she definitely doesn’t hate the color. I wouldn’t be if surprised she liked every color of the rainbow, heh. Anyway, not sure where fans got the idea that she hates pink. Is it because it’s a “girly” color, and since she’s a tomboy she MUST hate all girly things? There was a time when pink was a masculine color, and blue was the feminine one. So, she should also hate blue because it was once a girly color, even though she IS blue herself, a rather girly blue, might I add. But, I don’t think Dash would care about that stuff. Pink would be just another color to her. I must say, though, she looks really good in pink. “Rainbow Dash hates fashion.” For a pony who supposedly hates fashion, she sure was excited about being in a fashion show in Suited for Success. When Rarity told her friends that the fashion show was going to be fun, Dash didn’t go “Fun? You call on being a stage with weird outfits fun?” Nope. Her reaction: “Oh! I love fun things! ” In Luna Eclipsed, it looks like Dash made the Shadowbolts costume herself. She was the only one out of the girls to see them up close. And the stitching implies that it was amateurly made, so she most likely sewed it herself, but she made it good enough to not fall apart from all the flying and movement she was doing. Then, there was her little photo shoot in May the Best Pet Win for the “Style” part of her competition. She was basically modelling with each of the animals. She even let Rarity put makeup on her: And she had no problem helping Rarity with her business when she needed it like in Rarity Takes Manehatten and For Whom the Sweetie Belle Toils. “Rainbow hates hugs.” Oh yeah, she really hates them with a passion! There are plenty of other hug scenes like in part 2 of the pilot episode, Dragon Quest with Twilight, Rarity and Spike; in Rarity Takes Manehatten, and the fact that she hugged Daring Do. "Rainbow Dash hates singing." Yeah, she said it was weird for ponies to burst into song, and yet she's done that very thing herself. Winter-Wrap Up anyone? She sings the first line. And every time she does sing in the show, she makes an epic show of it, like in Find a Pet song, or even the Junior Speedsters song/chant. So, I find that hard to believe...and I'm still waiting for a Rainbow Dash song, Hasbro. :okiedokielokie: So, yeah, I just wanted to express my thoughts on these things. Is it really that hard to imagine Dash liking these things? She may be a tomboy, but not all tomboys are the same. There’s no Tomboy Code that says she must hate all girly things, or that she should stick to the stereotype. Being Rainbow Dash, I don't think she'd like being put into a tiny box like that. I’m a bit of a tomboy myself, and I certainly don’t hate feminine things. While I prefer to wear jeans and shirts and no makeup, I still don’t mind dressing up every now and then. I like that she has a girly side, but I am a girl myself, so that’s no surprise. I just love those little moments in the show where her girly side comes out. If Rarity can be tough as nails when she needs to be, then Rainbow Dash certainly can have her girly moments. So, yeah...that's all I've got. Sorry, if it's too long, I seem to have a habit of making long posts. And this is my first topic, so woo-hoo!
  6. About an hour ago, I was school shopping in Walmart for supplies. The current one being folders. As I walked into the isle, I noticed that the majority of the items on the shelves were already taken. The only Folders that remained were Tinker bell, hello kitty, My little Pony, and pink folders. Now, there happened to be a boy and his father there looking for folders as well, the boy to me seemed to be bout 13-14. Now, given the selection, he chose a pink Folder. The father, who before this wasn't even paying attention, was aghast. Father: "You are NOT getting a pink folder!" Boy: "well why not?" Father: "Because pink is a color for girls. Jeez... what is it with you boy today?" Boy: "What are you talking about?" Father: " It's the government. They're teaching you to be more sensitive and turning you into half-girls." The father then ruffled through the folders until he found a black one and forced his son to take it instead. I then picked up one of the My Little Pony ones and walked out of the isle. Catching a glare from the ignorant father on the way out. :3 Here's the folder I got.