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Found 27 results

  1. Sweet Sweep Sweepstakes! You know @SFyr. He’s one of our awesome artists. He’s been so kind as to offer a one-of-a-kind custom artpiece for one lucky winner. What’s up for grabs: a flat color, single character piece. Here are a couple samples of his work that he is willing to do for you: All of our donors are automatically entered, so why not throw in a dollar for a good cause and enter this giveaway*! Only one entry per person, so please don't spam a hundred singles at us hoping to lock it up in your favor. I will draw names at random on December 10th at 9AM EST and announce the winner. Thanks SFyr! *no purchase necessary to enter. If you want to enter without contributing, please contact me via PM. Thank you.
  2. In 30 minutes its my birthday so i thought id spread the joy around a little with a 20 dollar steam gift card dealy. I will be closing the polls so to speak in 24.5 hours from now. The winner will be through a random number generator i will use. The winner will be notified via PM as well as on this post. How do you enter do you ask? Post something pony or just tell a joke! Or if you dont want to do that than just post whatever. Posting more than once wont net you extra entries though, so try to limit yourself to as few posts as possible (just to make things easier). (P.S. Im running another give away on my own forum, link in my sig.) Good luck my little ponies!
  3. I am ever so sorry to bother anyone about this, but I have been wondering for a while about the MLP Box giveaway in association with I was lucky enough to win the giveaway and an MLP Box subscription. I received this news via DM, and was asked to provide all of the information required for merchandise to be mailed to my home address. I did, and the reply was sent on March 14th. I have not since heard anything of the matter. Again, I apologise greatly if I'm bugging anyone too much, and if the subscription has had to have been cancelled or forfeited, it's honestly fine! I'm simply curious as to why I have not received any sort of news regarding the MLP Box subscription giveaway. Thank you!
  4. I don't know if this is the right place for this but does anyone want a few free game codes? I'm limited to a few so their won't be a lot and it's for only 2 games if you are interested. The two games are: Starcraft 2: Legacy of the void Tom Clancy's Rainbow six siege If you are interested in one of these 2 games I can give you a code which will give you access to Closed Beta only! Sadly, Rainbow six only lasts until this October 4th but if you still want it I can give you a code. The legacy of the void closed beta doesn't end until November 10th. If you are interested in a code then just say so and I'll PM you with your code.
  5. I'll cut to the chase. I'll ge giving away any steam game that's equal to or under 4.25 (that's including tax). Soo yea. There will be 1 winner, if you want a chance, PM me with the subject "Steam Giveaway Entry". Entries end September 30st, 12PM CST. Time left in CST: Timezone conversion:
  6. I hope this is the right spot to have this in. So as the title suggests, I would like to give away probably a good portion of my pony collection mainly most of my blind bag figures, a booster deck set of the Rarity & Rainbow Dash set that was opened but never used, and finally one of the mini Octavia figures from the Funko blind boxes. I am not quite sure how to go about this.
  7. Ok so i wanted to do a Giveaway on 2 steam keys? If so where should i put the giveaway? Am i allowed to? Please answer. Im getting kinda confused over this point. And yeah the giveaway will work so that people have to choose one of 35 numbers. And then i will go to random ( Randomizer website ) and check who won them. But please answer where should i post it. Thanks -SmokeyPie
  8. OPERATION: SCAVENGER HUNT "Saddle up, Everypony. You're going on a hunt". Rules 1. Do not ask for codes. 2. DO NOT ask for codes. 3. Trading is not allowed on this thread. If you would like to donate, please feel free to PM me with your code. 4. Please remain on topic. 5. Whenever I post the Mission Objective, please do not post after that, b/c once thats up, the questions will follow. Welcome, Fillies and Gentlecolts This thread is where answers can be found by completing “hunts” inside and outside MLP Forums to get you closer into obtaining a free code/prize. How it works I will first label what the code is for, in terms of what game and system. After that There are five sets of 5 letters or numbers. ????? - RC43M - 2DA95 - PQJJ7 - VX49B Set 1 -- Set 2 -- Set 3 -- Set 4 -- Set 5 When a code is posted, you will notice one set missing *it could be random*. Once you see the missing set, you will see 5 questions and once you answer them, the first letter of the answer goes in as part of the missing set. HINT: DON'T WORRY, QUESTIONS WILL BE VERY EASY. Example: GAME: Halo 4 Ex. ????? ..... 1st "?" - What is the name of the device the Didact used on humans? Answer - C for Composer. C???? It will keep going in order until you completed the code. HINT Please let us all know if you manage to snag a code and once you obtained the code successfully, display the entire code! Alongside that, I will post codes/prizes every Tuesday and Thursday, so if you want to participate, feel free to drop in. Another thing, who ever posts all the correct answers first, gets the prize, so be ready to rock the house, b/c its gonna get wild. *Anyone who wish to donate a scavenger hunt code, please PM me the entire code and I'll see what I can do. If you would like to come up with questions, PM me the questions and I'll take a look at them.* As you can see, I run a similar thread on Halo Waypoint - The Giveaway Topic - Scavenger Hunt. I felt, since i wanted to connect more to this community, thought I share something fun and exciting for everypony to enjoy. Good luck and have fun. __________________ SIT REP: I will be making posts, like these every Tuesday and Thursdays, informing a code/gift drop. Also, below, will be the list of giveaways. MODS: If you wish to pin this, that way if im delayed with gift/code drops, feel free to do so, __________________ Coming Soon: (FOR XBOX 360 OWNERS) 2 x Haven Theme 2 x Longbow Theme 2 x Outcast Theme 2 x UNSC Female Avatar T-Shirts 1 x Ghost Props 1 x UNSC Male Avatar T-Shirts 1 x Champion Bundle 1 x 7-Day XBL Trial (FOR PS3 OWNERS) COMING SOON (FOR 3DS OWNERS) Pokemon (X & Y) 5 Shiny Squirtles (4 males/1 female) 5 Shiny Bulbasaurs (4 males/1 female) 5 Shiny Charmanders (5 males) 5 Shiny Chikoritas (4 males/1 female) 5 Shiny Cyndaquils (5 males) 5 Shiny Totodiles (5 males) 5 Shiny Mudkips (5 males) 5 Shiny Torchics (4 males/1 female) 5 Shiny Treekos (5 males) 5 Shiny Piplups (5 males) 5 Shiny Turtwigs (5 males) 5 Shiny Chimchars (5 males) 5 Shiny Oshawotts (5 males) 5 Shiny Tepigs (5 males) 5 Shiny Snivys (4 males/1 female) *30 Shiny Eevees (25 males/5 females) *thought they could be useful for Eevee Evo-Lovers
  9. Hey guys just wanted to let y'all know about this giveaway I'm doing to promote my new mugs. I just got this new setup where I can design and make my own MLP mugs, it's pretty freaking awesome. Anyway the lucky people who win will be able to custom request a character, which is pretty cool if like love Rarity or whatever. Anyway it's free to enter , just go to Facebook and enter, and I'll pick winner on wednesday. Facebook Contest- This is one of the mugs I designed, I call them the 'Starbits Coffee' mugs, they're one of the few things I'm proud to show off.
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  12. That's right folks! Sorry for the large image files but I'm offering up these ponies for a FREE GIVEAWAY! First come first serve. Just tell me here which pony you want, then note me your address and I will send it out ASAP! Here is a master list of ponies; I will strike out the ones taken: From left to right: Trixie Sky Wishes Metallic Pinkie Golden Delicious Purple Unicorn Various pets Fluttershy (Mc Donalds toy) Pink Unicorn Yellow Unicorn White Pegasus Crystal pinkie Big Cherry Cutie Mark Pony Electric Sky Chancealot Apple Jack Some of them I don't remember their names so I just described them how I saw them X3 So yeah, again, everything is free No shipping/handling required!
  13. Awhile back I posted some pictures of a Silence Pony I sculpted, made casts of in resin, and painted. Here's the original post: Well, I've decided to have a giveaway over on my deviantart, where on September 8th I'll randomly pick a winner who will get a Silence Pony sent to them for free, to see te details on how you can win check out the journal entry on my deviantart:
  14. HEY THERE! I have purchased the Humble ORIGIN bundle with all the proceeds split evenly between the five amazing CHARITIES and I did this only to give to charities. Therefore, I would like to help out the members of MLPForums by giving away EVERY SINGLE KEY from my bundle. Each key will be given away separately if possible. If you would like to take part in this please reply to this post (brohoof's will not count for entry) and your name will be added to a list on here which will then be input into a random selector. (You cannot win more than one key.) I WILL ALSO BE GIVING AWAY TWO STEAM BACKGROUNDS! Total Price of all games normally: £210 OR $215 END DATE: Monday 19th @ 23:59PM (GMT +0/UTC +0) ENTERED: Sir Flutter Dash Repsol Rave Chigens And Kay Vermillion Happy Dead Pony Doompony BenBen471 Antidermis SwitSwat T-90MC Sky Chaser DudeGuy676 Mr. Dash Konata Izumi Artemis Harmonic Revelations Ano170 Retro*Derpy PhaZd EDIT: IF REQUESTED, I WILL STREAM THE ACTUAL DRAWING OF THE NAMES FOR ALL TO WATCH
  15. Something was here.Something was here.Something was here.Something was here.
  16. It's over! So basically this is what happened. Inside my head, The Original PWD's "Arcane" and Alpha Centauri's "Freida Furry Ears" were having a epic battle. Arcane firing his uber lazors of cuteness, and Freida building an incredible amount of sheer awesome power simply with her presence. Suddenly Arcane shot a bolt of cuteness directly at Freida, but she dodged just in time. Freida's aura exploded back at Arcane and then.....! * Commercial break* During the final lead up to the end of the contest, I got an excellent submission from Winterbass. Unfortunately, it didn't quite fit, but was still really amazing. In a later post, it came up that he had actually hurt his drawing hand. So, I don't know if it's healed yet, but everyone wish him well! As a second honorable mention, Basileus Soundgarden submitted possible the most incredible OC ever. As you can tell, it wasn't right to use in the animation, because this character passes the amount of work and quality that goes into characters actually used in MLP: FiM. Basically it was too good for the animation. Unbelievable. You are an inspiration to us all. Alright, now back to the epic battle between Arcane and Freida. Something happened about a second cuteness lazer, huge explosions and various other epic stuff. In the end, I couldn't resist the cuteness anymore. Congratulations to The Original PWD's "Arcane"! Thanks to everyone for making this possible and submitting such awesome OCs! The only thing left to do is finish the animation, and having everyone contribute to it is a huge honor. I don't totally know when I can finish it, but hopefully it will be fairly soon. Thanks to everyone for posting, and have a great day! It's been fun... But now it's done. Congrats to everyone. If you want to, you can see the original post below.
  17. One of my steam friends decided to unload all of his Dota 2 games to me without explaining, so I thought, well if he doesnt want them anymore, who here wants one. just post your steam username so I can find you and give you one first 10 comments gets one (wish i could give more, but its all i got)
  18. Hey all, I've got quite a few copies of games that i don't want in my steam inventory, i'm sure that there are others here on the forum that have games they don't want or need in their inventory too so here is a thread to relive you of your pesky items. The concept is simple, you have something you don't want, others have things that they want, post any games or items within your steam inventory that you are willing to give away within this thread, anypony who wants the item you list simply quotes your post and asks for it. I'm gonna say that its completely within your rights to ask requirements for having the items such as 'You must have X post count to have this item' or 'You must give me a good reason to give this to you' but it is entirely down to the item owner as to what requirements they have to give away their item, However, this is not a trading thread, you may not request other items for your item/game. Once you have given away an item, please edit your post and strike through the item and give the name of the user you gave it to. I'll start off, here is a list of games i have that i don't want/need. (yeah, i have 6 copies of DOTA 2, i've given out about 7 others so far)
  19. Requires Steam! So I got the Humble Bundle, and one of the games included was Titan Quest... Which I already have. So I thought - why not give it away? And to make things interesting... Why not make a small contest, or something like that? Like a question? So... The first one to answer correctly (or get close enough) in a reply wins! Now to make up a good question... Aha! Two of them! Question: My ponysona/OC's called North Light... - What are the norhtern lights / auroras? - Why did I call him North Light? As there are two questions here, I'll give the game to the first to answer correctly (or close enough) on either of them! So the prize is: Titan Quest Note: If any other games are added, and I already own that (and want to give it away), then it's the first to answer the other question, or the second to answer the first question who'll get it... So it's kinda worth trying even if I've already given it away, but I wouldn't get my hopes up!
  20. Hello MLP Forums! Feel like playing a pony game? How about winning an iTunes gift card? In partnership with appsNminded, I'm pleased to announce a contest which will give you the chance to do both! appsNminded recently launched a new, free iPad game called My Pony Girls. Now, while they carry as much affiliation with Hasbro as MLP Forums does, the inspiration behind My Pony Girls is quite clear even with a cursory look at the game's screenshots and promo artwork. Gameplay includes: entering your pony into dress-up contests taking care of pets at the pet shop baking sweet desserts decorating cupcakes keeping Ponyville's weather under control MLP Forums will give away a $50 iTunes gift card, generously provided by appsNminded, to one lucky winner. How To Enter Download My Pony Girls from the App Store to your iPad. Enjoy the game! Keep playing until you feel ready to review it. Write a review of My Pony Girls. You're free to write and format it however you like - we just kindly ask that you make it a minimum of 500 characters long. Post your review as a reply to this thread. The deadline for entries is 12:00 AM PST on November 8, 2012. The winner will be contacted via personal conversation to claim the gift card. Full Contest Rules To be considered a valid entry, your review of My Pony Girls must: conform to the MLP Forums Global Community Rules. be at least 500 characters long, as determined by MLP Forums' character counter. be posted as a response to the designated reviews collection topic. comprise a fair assessment of the game, indicating that you spent a decent amount of time playing it (should go without saying, but your entry will be discarded if it looks like you did not actually play much of the game before reviewing it). Entrant Eligibility: You must be a registered member of MLP Forums. You must own, or have access to, an iPad that you are able to download and install My Pony Girls to, and subsequently spend enough time playing the game on to be able to write a fair review. You must possess or have access to a USA iTunes account to be able to redeem the prize gift card. MLP Forums, in collaboration with appsNminded, reserves the right to decide which entries are eligible and which ones are not. The winner of the contest will be chosen by using's random number generator to choose an arbitrary entry from the pool of eligible reviews. This is not a skill-based contest - the winner will be chosen at random from the pool of reviews that meet the minimum requirements set out above. So, as long as your review is fair and honest, you have an equal chance at winning even if writing isn't your strongest suit! If you have any general questions about My Pony Girls or this contest, feel free to ask them here on this thread. If you're ready to post your review, head right this way!
  21. Ok, so, i've given away a few DOTA 2 invites so far, so here is another one. I have 1 spare copy of DOTA 2, if you want it then just post on this thread, i will pick one person at random tomorrow to receive it. Requirements: YOU MUST HAVE STEAM! - Dota 2 is a Valve game, therefore it requires Steam to run. YOU MUST PLAY IT - Don't enter if you are not going to play it, i've given away atleast 7 copies of DOTA 2 so far, only one person played it for more than a few hours. The last person who won on this forum played for 1 hour. How the winner will be decided - I will load up a random number generator, and whoever's post number comes up is the one who wins it.
  22. I just bought X-Com UFO Defence and Frozen Synapse Complete Pack off sale from GamersGate. However, I had a bit of a derp and managed to first buy a gift-only version of X-Com. I also noticed that the Frozen Synapse pack includes extra giftable copies of both PC and Mac versions of the game (not the DLC). (Edit: more Mac fun discovered) Long story short, I have extra copies of the two games I don't need, so I might as well give them away here. To clarify, the games are: - X-Com UFO Defence (for PC) - Frozen Synapse (PC version) - Frozen Synapse (Mac version) - Amnesia: The Dark Descent (Mac version) Here are links to their pages on GamersGate: http://www.gamersgat...ozen-synapse-pc So, tell me if you'd like to have one of those games (I'll send a redeem code to your e-mail). You propably don't need to have a GamersGate account, but I'm not sure. Creating one is easy enough, though. Now, I expect a lot of people jumping at this opportunity, so I'll also have to figure out a fair way of choosing who gets the games (I'm not giving all of them to one person, at least). Suggestions?
  23. So I was at a LAN-party with a few friends last night, and after 2-3 hours of constant Warcraft 3-gaming, I got a bit tired of it. And then they started playing RuneScape, BUT THAT'S NOT THE POINT~ So I basically thought that I hadn't drawn anything for a while, and I had never drawn an OC-pony without a base before... So I decided to make one. So here you go - my first ever pony-drawing that's pretty much completely my work (no bases n' stuff): So yeah, what do you think? Please give me your opinion. His name is Dreamy Cloud... But that's pretty much a WIP-name. And also: He might not be finished. I need your input on this: Should he be a pegasus, unicorn or an earth pony? To help you on the way - His CM is a cloud with bubbles on it. Basically, he's a dreamer, and I thought of his special talent as being dream-based, though this can always be changed! And what should his name be? I just wanted to hear your opinions and ideas before I post this anywhere... Like dA. Well, I guess I just posted him here... And to finish this off - I already have an OC. Anypony interested in this one? Just ask~ Whoever get's him get's the first word on anything related such as backstory (you make one, but I can always help~) and special talent (I can always make a new CM if you want to~) So yeah, I'm giving him away if anypony wants him... I might just pick one of ye at random, or the first one. I've not decided that yet!
  24. This is over, the winner has been messaged :] OK so, Vicke's post sounded fun so I decided to do my own. Games available: (winner will pick 1) Minecraft Terraria Garry's Mod The Binding of Issac Super Meat boy Legend of Grimrock Mountain Beat Hazard Torchlight II Portal 2 Portal Cave Story+ World of Goo (Thanks to Vinyl Pon3 Scratch) Trine 2 Engie (Croaks) is the winner! Thanks everyone for signing up.
  25. Hey guys! So i decided to give you guys some games! However, only ONE can be the winner! These are the games i will give away to the winner: Amnesia: The Dark Descent [DLC included] LIMBO Psychonauts Super Brothers How to win: Make a comment and answer the question. Simple as that. I will contact the winner via PM. This giveaway will end in 24H. Good luck ^^