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Found 6 results

  1. So I will admit that I'm doing this to show off, but I genuinely what to know how much blood have you donated all together. I hit the gallon mark yesterday.
  2. Happy holidays, everypony! I have never actually celebrated Christmas with my family, so I thought I might as well celebrate it here with this wonderful community. It's the Christmas season, and one of the major parts of Christmas is giving presents. Which user would you give a present to? Make sure it's the "Best Gift Ever!"
  3. It's nearly that time of year (5 freaking days) and well I want to know what you guys want. Not that I can give it to you My list: -Portal 2 for steam -eShop card for 3DS -Sonic: Lost World -Animal Crossing: New Leaf -20$ steam card -money in general -Minecraft for PC How about you guys?
  4. Sometimes, the hardest decision I have to make is if I should give to a beggar. I’m actually kind of thankful that this decision is the hardest choice I have to make sometimes. My childhood was far from ideal. My four siblings and I were poor too, although our parents had every opportunity to pull us out of poverty. They just couldn't give up their old ways. My father was a heavy drug user. He used methamphetamine and marijuana. It seemed like his whole being revolved getting his next fix. And when he couldn't, he became violent. My mother was no better than he. She could have left him at any time, but she didn't. It was like she needed him, and the thought of one second away from him freaked her out. Codependency, I guess. Because of our plight, my siblings and I grew up on a healthy diet of ramen noodles. Mostly. The food bank also helped us out in our time of need. We never had any food because they would sell the food stamps to the drug dealers. Basically, they’d give away the card PIN to the drug dealer and let the dealer spend however much the drugs cost. It got that bad. So we were beggars ourselves. We lived with family or friends for most of our lives. And we never stayed in the same house or school for more than six months. My parents never held down a steady job, and we were starving. Now when I was 15, I was taken into a foster family who taught me some life skills and values. I’m in college so I don’t have to go back there. I manage my money so I don’t go broke. I want to make sure I never need to rely on the help of another person for money again. So when I saw a lady holding a sign that said she has three kids and she can’t feed them, it really pulled at my heart. At the time, I didn’t have any cash so I couldn’t give her anything. But the fact that I hadn’t given was tearing me apart. I was thinking about driving straight to my apartment. My mother did much of the same things. She’d beg for money. But then she’d go spend it all on drugs for my father and herself. What if this lady was going to do the same? What if there was someone waiting in the bush nearby to rob me? These were only a few of the thoughts that went through my mind. On the other side of that, I thought, What if her children starve tonight? What if the burden of being poor pushes her over the edge and she kills herself because she can’t make ends meet? I felt like I had a legitimate reason to give. I felt like I had an equally legitimate reason not to give. Then I decided that there was a time that I couldn’t afford to not have been given to. Now I can afford to give. What if she can’t afford to not be given to? What if she really does kill herself tonight because I had an opportunity to share what I have, but didn’t? And who am I to keep that from someone who needs it far more than I? So with this in mind, I turned around as soon as I pulled in to the parking lot at my apartment, went clear across town to the ATM, and went back and gave her a little money. And you know what? It looks even worse for her than it initially appeared. She’s a native of Romania. She probably doesn’t know 50 words in English. Because she can’t speak (and therefore read/write) English in a small Oklahoma town, she probably doesn’t stand a chance of finding a job. She can’t even make any connections with anyone so they can tell her about job openings. It really breaks my heart for the poor thing. So yes, this will TOTALLY screw up my budget this month. I’m in college. I have to live on a really tight budget. But at the end of the day, my problems sound much better than hers. So what do y’all think? Do you give to someone in need only for them to spend the money on drugs, alcohol, or other things that don’t provide for their needs? Or do you not give and possibly allow their plight to get the best of them? What’s the greater evil?
  5. Fox

    Merry Christmas~

    Ah, Christmas. The holidays always seem bright to some, but let us not forget what we some don't have that we take for granted. Family, wealth, shelter, and food. This is just a reminder that this season is the season of giving. If we could all give back to make everyone's Christmas happier, I'm sure we could accomplish it, if it was that easy. If you haven't already, please make a hearty donation to a charity of your desire to make another's holidays a bit more cheerier~ I always believed in this one principle of giving in your community. More so the monkey see monkey do cliche. When I was in high school I brought in popsicles on a hot summer days, or other sorts of tasty candies on random occasions for my peers. To make that day a little bit better. Essentially, I really tried influencing a bunch of people to give to the less fortunate. I hope when people open their gifts on Christmas not to judge the present by it's value, but the thought that was put in in the gift. As the thought can be valued more so, as it is much more appreciated if you understand how much the person whom had gifted you, understands you best by kindly purchasing something among your interests. To my friends who're traditional Muslims or other religious groups that don't celebrate Christmas. I know you have different norms around the Christian/Catholic holiday. However, I wish you to a happy winter holiday and a great New Year~ I, more than thankful to what wonderful friends I have and want to give back. I do not seek return as I am blessed to have great friends. Merry Christmas~
  6. This is the gift thread. It's a thread. For giving. Gifts. With Thanksgiving around the corner, as well as the absence of a thread like this so far, I thought it'd be a good idea to start an organized thread so you generous folk and those willing to receive from said generous folk can engage in all the giving and receiving their hearts desire. Now, obviously it's easiest to give away Steam gifts, Minecraft codes, download URLs, etc. but if you want to go all-out, swap addresses, and give someone an actual physical object (dun dun dun DUUUUUN!) feel free. Just please keep this organization to personal messages. If you want, you can even run miniature contests to decide who to give it to, or just choose someone at random. To start things out, I'm going to give away a gift copy of the Humble Voxatron Debut (which ended today) in case anypony missed out on it, which includes the games Voxatron Alpha and Gish. I'll give it to the first person who offers a gift of their own to give to someone else.