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Found 6 results

  1. I do however they are just reading glasses, so I don’t have them on too often
  2. I searched for this and ended up with no result so I'm assuming this thread doesn't exist yet. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Pretty simply question really. Do you or don't you wear glasses? If you do, why? I do wear glasses myself and my reason is that I'm far sighted. So how about all of you lovely forum members?
  3. Flash was very confusing to me. But I think I figured it out. I'm tempted to try doing some audio syncs now } Been thinking of using Princess Clara audio clips from Drawn Together (Tara Strong voices her using twilight's voice, so it's a perfect match) I won't link any of the audio because it has a lot of vulgar langue, (which makes it that much more funny). I'm not linking the kickstarter here because I don't think this is the right place for it, I just wanted to share the animation that few will see =\
  4. Hello everypony I spend 3 hours on this so have fun and enjoy
  5. So today I went to the eye doctor to get some more contacts so I decided to put up this post. I've worn contacts for about 7 years now. Before that I wore glasses for 7 years starting in middle school (about 12 years old.) Soon after I graduated high school and was working, I decided to get them. It was nowhere near as bad as I expected. It only took a week to get used to them. The kind I've always worn are Acuevue Advance, which are a soft lens. When I started with them I would take them off every night and do all that and yadda yadda. Well I've figured a few things out as time has gone on. A pair lasts me a month vs two weeks like "they" say they're supposed to last. I also don't take them out every single night anymore after I found out they make some you don't have to take out all the time. I basically wear a pair for a month and only soak them at night if I've been doing something in a very dusty area or if any water has gotten in my eye. I've noticed that the contact solution seems to dissolve the actual lens if you soak them every night- making it get thinner and thinner. Some of you are probably going to be like , but I've never had any issues. When I do ANYTHING with my contacts I wash my hands with soap and water AND THEN rinse my fingertips in 91% rubbing alcohol and then rinse that off. Then I let them AIR DRY a little before touching the contacts. As for the case: When I'm done using it I rinse it with water then rinse the whole thing in 91% rubbing alcohol fill both sides with the alcohol shake it and let it sit overnight in a closed cabinet then I rinse it out with water and let it dry in a closed cabinet when it's dry I put it in a Ziploc bag so it won't get dirty Overall I like contacts 1000X better than glasses. The only time they can be annoying is when swimming. I've got to be extra careful and make sure my goggles are on good If I go underwater. If I'm not going to go underwater I need to make sure people know not to splash me because this could rinse them off my eyes or get bacteria behind them- causing an eye infection. So what do you guys think about contacts? Have you worn them? Like them, Hate them? Scared to try them? Another random thing I thought about is that if ponies had them they would almost be the size of cereal bowls!!!!
  6. This is actually just a shop of DJ P0N-3's glasses and expression on Apple Bloom's body but I don't think anyone else has done it so here it is.