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Found 12 results

  1. I adapted the catchy introduction of Beyond Her Garden by Glaze to guitar tablature. It has been modified somewhat; the range of notes has been dramatically reduced in this version. (The original covers several octaves. This would be very hard to play on guitar.) Beyond Her Garden Intro Guitar Tab Original song by Glaze/Woodentoaster. ( ) Adapted to tablature by Grepper at MLP Forums. ( E |-------------------------------------------------0-----------0--3------- B |-1--1-----0--1-----------0--1--------------1--3-----3--1--1--------0---- G |-------2--------2--0--0--------0--------2------------------------------- D |----------------------------------3--3---------------------------------- A |------------------------------------------------------------------------ E |------------------------------------------------------------------------ This sequence repeats at the intro and most of the quieter parts of the song. A note to mods: The music section in creative resources was the best place I could find to post this because it is a form of "advice" for playing the guitar. Feel free to move it if I posted it in the wrong section.
  2. What exactly happened to glaze? He hasn't done or was part of a brony song in almost 2-3 years. What happened?
  3. Just wonderin'. My favorites are: Rainbow Factory- That bass drop was so insane I almost had a seizure. And I thought the violin fit perfectly. Awoken- One of my favorite songs in the fandom. Amazing lyrics and a sick instrumental. Lost on the Moon- Great vocals/lyrics/instrumental and the powerful solo to top it off. There are only two songs by Glaze that I can say I genuinely don't like: Avast Fluttershy's Undercarriage- I dunno why, I guess this song just isn't my cup of tea. Pinkie's Lie- The instrumental is pretty sweet, but I generally don't care to much for songs that use words from the actual show. What are your favorite/least favorite songs by Glaze and why?
  4. I really like his style, and I want to find other artists who make music similar to his. I watched the YouTube video showing him, along with several other brony musicians, at their BronyCon panel, and Glaze said he makes a form of EDM, but I'm curious as to what exact form it is.
  5. This isn't a new thing I made, but I decided to make a topic about it anyway, just so that people could see it and stuff.
  6. Not my greatest work, but I felt like I had to make remix of this song eventually. It gets a little sloppy closer to the end due to the fact that this for some reason took a VERY long time to make, so i eventually just got sick of it and finished it off Let me know what you think! Criticism welcome!
  7. PPL R LIKE "OMZ I LUV DIS SONG BUTT ITZ NOT HOW DA RAINBOWZ R RELLY MADE!!!1!!11" "Rainbow Factory" is obviously a novel written by a pony from Equestria. Duh, guys. The song was inspired by the novel. Duh, guys.
  8. So, This was a good day. Well, It didn't start off as a good day. I have to get up at ~6:30; I must've drank around three coffee's, And I'm sure i had a Monster at some point during the morning. Problem was, The meet started at 10:00, Which was fine. The problem bit was the fact that the meet was in Sheffield. Sheffield isn't a bad city itself - In fact, It's a very nice City. No, The problem was that Live down south of England, Where are Sheffield is up North. But Musix! England is so small! What does that matter? It's still a three hour drive either way, I wasn't happy. >.< But it was all my mate, Mush's fault for bringing me there. Well, it started off brilliant - I instantly made some friends (It's important to take note the fact i was wearing a Fake moustache at this point in time) and i had finally met my good friend Mush. The thing that got me overly hyper was the fact that a man wearing green was slowly trudging through the slushy snow and ice. Ladies and Gentlemen, Glaze! For those who don't know me, I am a HUGE fan of Glaze. Talk to me for about 5 - 10 minuets and you'll understand. He is my Idol. Well, I met him. Finally. As a group, We started moving at about 10:40 ish. We travelled to a comic book store who sold nothing related to ponies what-so-ever. We then migrated to Lazer Quest while wearing my moustache. Me and my new mate were also talking in a very posh accent. (Not so hard for me, I know) In the lobby for the Lazer Quest, There was a small arcade (Of such). I challenged Glaze to that Dance Dance revolution thingy were you jump on arrows according to music. Well, I had never played this in my entire life... Little did i know, Glaze owns one. In his Room. Yeah. Well, We played on 'insane' difficulty. He beat me. The lazer quest itself was really fun, I MVP'd both matches (GO TEAM =3) but the also played the Halo 2 theme tune during the fight, So i was happy. We were then all meant to get Pizza. Turned out that we, Being Brony's, Where too lazy to trek half the city to eat Pizza, So we had to settle for a Pizza Hut. Who could only take 15 people out of our 40. So, We split into groups. Pizza Hut, Posh pizza place and Wagamama's. I had to visit this 'Posh Pizza Place'. It was, in fact, A posh place that sold Pizza. I was then sold a Rainbow Dash badge. Quite. I then had another three hour drive back home! So in all, Great day. Hope you enjoyed reading and I'll hope to talk to you all soon! -Robbo Thanks to the Yorkshire bronies for making this all happen!
  9. Just in case you are nice. This is something I drew, would say quickly but no tablet lines are stupid. And the speedpaint, as requested by someone: Critique please?
  10. I did a cover of a brony song on piano, and I do not know where else to put it. If it belongs somewhere else, please move it to whatever forum it belongs in. Well, here is (a bit of) my piano skillz recorded and posted! Here you go guys!! Original Song: I would sound a lot better if my piano was tuned... other than that, and my mistakes, how good was it?
  11. I've noticed something recently, WoodenToaster's songs are only good when he works with others, and his solo work is horrible. Now, I don't make music, I don't know how hard it probably is, but it seems that Glaze(WoonderToaster)'s work is beyond terrible compared to the work he does with others, and that just boggles my mind. It's not like the other guys he works with are bad by themselves, Tombstone has great songs, likwise for Mic and H8_Seed, so I don't even know what to conclude from this. In spite of this however, is the fact that he doesn't have much songs that he made by himself, though a fair comparison can be made. He Has 6 songs that he made by himself that aren't remixes of other songs, and they are nowhere near as good as the ones he collabarated on. I just find that weird.
  12. The Fan-art Portrait, these ponies inspire me soooo much, it would be a shame not to make them some fan-art. H8 seed, Glaze, Living Tombstone, are all my musical inspiration, I wish to become a very well known musician like them. Solrac and Rina-chan inspire me in acting and comedy, Solrac inspires me a little more everytime I watch a video. And Abluskittle is an awesome graphic designer, I wish I was as amazing as he is in drawing. and last but not least, BronyDanceParty, this guy is an amazing animation artist, I want to make amazing videos like he does one day, hopefully soon. These ponies are amazing and there is no reason for you guys not to love these guys, they’re my heroes. EDIT: FFFFFFFFF NOOOOOOOO!!!! I FORGOT MIC THE MICROPHONE AND ALEX S…. ill make them custom fan art soon to make sure they dont feel left out