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Found 22 results

  1. On my about me the Video URLs are no longer working. Why?
  2. Okay, So every time I have a notification I go to click it like so, [ And when I click on it, this happens. And it just stays like that. I always have to Rightclick and click Open in New Tab. So...what do I do to fix this. I've already cleared my browsing cache, restarted my computer and reset my router.
  3. Glitch in the Matrix can best be defined firsthand accounts of some small but puzzling occurrence that has no logical explanation. So, have you had an event happen to you, like have you witnessed one thing but, later on you witness something else? Something odd.
  4. Hi Everypony!! not sure if this was the right place to post this but I have to share this glitch with you all before it gets taken away. I have discovered a glitch in the official mlp game specific to the gem mine mini game. I believe this is exclusive to laptops or pc's, okay so when you are in the mine hold W on the keyboard it will activate a permanent shield I don't know if this helps but I'm always using a 5 star twilight sparkle as the passenger also the when you collide with something the shield will be down for a half second or more and you may even have to press and hold W again to reactivate it. this glitch will not be around forever so share it or tag Ponies here who you know play the game so we can make the most of it. Also again I'm not sure if this was the right place to post this so it might get moved or removed from here. ENJOY!! AND HAVE FUN MINING!! P.S. yes I am a 26 year old man playing this game don't judge me lol also it's a glitch so don't always assume it's going to work so keep trying to dodge things.
  5. Height limit of 750px for a single image? Oh come on, you can't ruin this for me. *cough* *cough* Nice, but now what it is about? I'm pretty sure this is something, that most of us know and just ignore, nevertheless, I couldn't resist to bring this to attention in a FABULOUS way. The thing is, that each time you access editing of the post, another character counter is added to the stack, just like in the comic above. Simply doing this: Edit post -> cancel -> edit -> cancel -> edit and so on... is enough to create a funny-looking wall of these. It's not really problematic, as I don't think anypony will ever have the need to edit the same post many, many times without reloading the page etc., but it's still a glitch and it shouldn't be like this, so that's why I'm just mentioning it. In fact, I have reported a similar (if not exactly the same) issue in my previous silly comic. It was fixed back then, but apparently that character counter came back to seek for revenge. So... while there's no need to panic, I hope you enjoyed that little comic. I just couldn't resist. Also I am aware, that the comic isn't 100% accurate to how the editor works, as normally you have to submit the post first in order to edit it afterwards, but otherwise it wouldn't really work for the comic ~ you get the point.
  6. I could be wrong, but I feel like I have more posts than I should. I noticed when I was suddenly a phoenix, but I don't think I was that close before. I heard spmeone else say they may have been affected too, but others are not. Is this a joke/glitch or just me not paying attention to my post count.
  7. So, for the past few days, whenever I pull up the site on my phone, it's on the full version and reverts to mobile as usual. However, whenever I try to go back to full, it just brings me back to the top of the page. I look on the URL and there's a "#" at the end of the link. So it goes from to which doesn't do anything. Is this a coding issue or an issue with the platform overall? It's a real nuisance because before this, I could go to the full site just by pressing the button once.
  8. Hello everypony, I've encountered a glitch related to the forum software. From my experience I know, that IPB doesn't handle special characters very well. By special characters I mean various symbols and emojis coming from the depths of the Windows' Character Map etc.. I know, that it's possible to easily corrupt things here and there to make them not view-able anymore. However, I didn't know about this one, because I haven't tried that yet. What's wrong? I can't view messages when clicking the letter icon to open the messenger. It opens, but it gets stuck loading forever and eventually closing back. How does it look like? The conversation's topic looks like this: Basically, these are unsupported by forum characters/symbols. The forum replaces these with <?> symbols, that cause issues later on. Now when I'll click the letter icon on the panel, I can only see that loading.gif : ~And nothing can be loaded. This pony keeps going and going. Is there any workaround? Yes, there is. I can always right-click the letter icon and open it in a new tab. That opens the Messenger Screen, where it shows all conversations: Everything works as it should from there. Solution Deleting this conversation solved the issue, as simply it removed the special characters from the list, so they don't have to be loaded anymore. Sorry for bothering; thanks for reading, ~Rikifive
  9. What are your favorite video game glitches? I prefer answers pointing out a helpful glitch, but it can be a funny one too. Any glitch you actually like. (Slight Payday 2 spoiler, very minor anyhow.) My favorite is a glitch on the Xbox 360 version on Payday 2. Sometimes, there won't be any police coming in the building on the second day of the Firestarter mission. The police will be outside, but not in the building.
  10. Hey, I was wondering if anyone could help me? Ever since the new Alicorn Rarity banner came up, the forums have been glitching a bit for me. The banner is only half-visible for me, and a bit of it is glitched. I've taken a screenshot here. Secondly, the text box for general posts and PMs don't appear properly, so I can't access text options or enter new paragraphs. Thirdly, my alerts are messed up; they either don't appear, or clicking them takes me to a new page instead of opening the dropdown menu. Would anyone have any idea what's going on? Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!
  11. Sometimes there are moments in games that are hilarious, they could be for many reasons. Maybe a glitch that does something weird, a character makes a snappy one liner or you just end up making a stupid mistake. For me quite a few moments come to mind, the first one is this glitch in Donkey Kong Country which I would love to share the video with you guys but would probably get pulled off of here where it looks like Donkey Kong is humping Rambi. One I can show you though is this one time I accidentally killed George Washington, the video isn't me doing it but I think you should get the idea. There are alot of hilarious moments in the Assassins Creed Series like the one where he calls one of Leonardo Da Vinci's inventions a pezzo di merda (piece of shit) right to his face and where he tells the pope to go fuck himself. And of course there is this one trick where you can poison guards and throw money at them to have them kill people. And this one zinger Ezio said to Vieri Di Pazzi
  12. I was scanning codes on 4chan for the free pokemon exploit when I ended up with this beauty. I've quarentined it and it hasn't done anything, I was just wondering what I should do with this thing, thanks.
  13. So, whenever I try to search for my name, it only gives me 9 results. I have previously done it and it has given me a lot more results than that. Is there some glitch in the search feature?
  14. hiya ponies! it never happened to you that you feel like you are living a simulation? it happened to me years ago, is like something that you do suffers a change like if you drink a cola drink and throw it to the trash suddenly you turn around and see the can just there unopened? is not something random or funny, is real and Deja Vus are a common proof that we are living a simulation. Have you ever feel that you did something but then you see that you not? or the oposite, that you think you didnt do anything but you see that you did it? is something about the memory or is something else out there? If you had experiences like that, dont doubt to share your experiences on the replies
  15. my notifications don't automatically appear anymore unless i refresh is this normal now?
  16. During a PayDay 2 heist me and me crew encountered a really odd glitch. If it isn't obvious the civs are dancing in a jewerly store whilst knowingly being in the middle of a heist.
  17. Just a small error but I thought I should report it. Everything is normal...Until suddenly! THE MAGIC DOT OF IDEGAF HAS APPEARED! Srsly Idk what to do bout dis.
  18. As seen here Whenever I go to my Notification Options Page. It just stays a blank screen.
  19. Whenever I try to download a pony song onto my Ipod it downloads it fine but when I play it it randomly plays one of the songs I already have on the Ipod instead of the actual song I download can someone help me fix this please.
  20. So, I was creating an OC, and I put a random code into the ponycode thingy, and THIS happened! Weird! Right?
  21. A 7 minute chill track, full of glitchy wubs. Kind of a chillstep/glitch-hop hyrbid I guess. I wish I could say this song is complete, but in reality, it's not. My computer couldn't handle the song during production, and literally shut down on me during the mastering process. So I apologize for the quietness of the track. I even wanted to change up the second "drop" a bit, but trying to load another instance of Massive caused my computer to have a seizure..... So, yeah. I'm sensing a computer upgrade in my future..... Even though I had a ton of trouble with this song i'm still pretty happy with the way it turned out. Also, if you can guess what MLP song the chopped vocals are from, i'll give you a cookie!!
  22. In Revelations, I went through and did all of the first person Desmond Puzzle sections. And after completing the last one, it reset my progress to zero. 23 Hours of gameplay just gone. Like it never happened.