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Found 16 results

  1. What are the main goals in your life that you'd like to accomplish? I want to travel around the world.
  2. Alright, well I'll get things started here. If I could do anything I would probably eradicate disease across the entire universe forever.
  3. Early, yes. It's still not a bad idea to start thinking, or just start it 3 months early. So if you guys do New Years Resolutions, or at least try, tell me what yours are for 2016. Mine, which I'm starting now, is to not drink soda for a whole year and to start an outside hobby, to obviously help me lose some weight. If yours are similar or the same, say that also. I don't know if I'd put it on here, as probably noone would care, but I'm monthly going to record progress in my journal to see what the final result will be by December 2016. You should update your monthly progress on here if you don't mind sharing!
  4. Every year make resolutions/goals to improve things in their lives. What are some of yours? This year my goal is to get in shape..not burn pounds or running but to get my body into peak condition..goodbye love handles, hello six pack.
  5. My main goal here, is to reach the rank of Pegasus. Has been ever since I joined. It’s taken me two and half years to get where I am now, just one rank shy from my goal. And after that, well who knows. What about y’all? Have a main goal you still have yet to reach here on the forums? Or have you already reached it?
  6. A lot of us wish to travel. A lot of us also have desires to go on adventures. These aren't the same things though. The old adage is "the journey is more important than the destination" but that still entails having a destination, a goal, something specific you're trying to get to. So, given the financial and practical means to do so, where would you venture to and what would be your quest? It can either be a specific destination or all the places you go to have some unifying theme. For example you could start in Bejing and travel all the way to Uttar Pradesh, following the same journey as Journey to the West. Or you could take a boat down the length of the Nile from one end to another. Or you could travel from the East to West coast of the U.S. following the Lewis and Clark trail. OR you could visit every building in Europe that was bombed by the lufftwaffe . . . I don't know, that example was too weird for me not to use. One catch though, you can't take a plane for each leg of the journey. You have to take ground or water transportation for at least a significant portion of it. With that said, where would you go, and what is your quest?
  7. In almost 3 months, the confed cup starts in Russia. Will you watch it? Do you care? Do you have any opinions towards any of the teams participating? I for one really look forward to it, since Germany is also participating as reigning World Champion and as favorites to win the confed cup. I think though that Chile could be really dangerous too and you should never underestimate Mexico. Portugal is overrated in my opinion and i fear that Russia could really dissapoint at this cup.
  8. Hi everypony. I want to make Christmas this year very special to my heart. Last year was the darkest time of my life, so I want to make this year super special to me and to you. My main goal is to project my heart to others across the MLP forums and the rest of the Brony community. I will generously be doing special presents and gifts to most of the members who have remained dear to my heart. The gifts would mostly be hand drawings or something else But I love you all. I will also host a Watch2gether of pony videos on December 16th or 17th as a celebration with you all. God Bless you all
  9. Thread finished. It is broken down into these categories in bold writing and underlined. Intro Guideline for Mentors Guideline for Mentees (people sharing their goals) Application for Mentees/sharing your goals Application to be a Mentor Hey everypony. Have you ever made a goal, but have never stuck to it, because there was nobody around to keep pestering you on how you're doing. You only relied on yourself and it was easy to say "I can't be bothered to yourself?" But when you're being held publically accountable it can make it easier to achieve goals. I want to make a thread that requires help from the whole Brony/Pegasister community, where you can fill out an application form for any goals you can achieve. Anyone who wants to be a mentor for someone will also fill out a form. I'd prefer it if you became a mentor for the first person who posted that doesn't have a mentor yet. But if some other person has a goal in an area you specialize in, say "They're studying for a physics exam, and you have a degree in physics" then you can choose to have them as a mentee instead. So whilst I'd prefer you to just take first in first serve, I think it's also important for you to mentor someone who you have the full capacity of skills to be able to help. A mentors job is simple. To check up with their mentee once a week or once a month in PM, and ask their mentee to give them a written report on their goal. Before I give you the applications format. Underneath is the guidelines for Mentors to follow. There is also a guideline for Mentees to follow. This is just to ensure that everyone gets the most out of this. Guideline for Mentors # 1 You're responsibility is to ask your mentee once a week or once a month, depending on what both of you agreed too for a written report. To make sure the written report isn't made up. It's best to establish some parameters. The parameters you arrange depends on the mentee and their goal. So lets look at some examples. The mentee has an exam coming up in 30 days and he has 30 concepts to learn. He could learn one concept a day, and after a week give you a report on 7 concepts. Ask them what they had trouble with, what they found easy. Help them if you can. And if you can't tell them to check out this homework thread for homework help. The thread was created by Bronyette If the goal is longer, say a weight loss goal that spans over a year. They might only want to report to you once a month. Now regarding weight loss, it is very normal and common to only lose 10% of your body weight in 6 months. When you follow the tried and true method of exercise and moderate healthy eating. Keep a track of your calories etc, then don't be surprised if a whole year goes by and you have only gone from 100 kg to 81 kg this is realistic. Also you are allowed to eat junk food in moderation. Regarding weight loss goals, go see a doctor and dietician, so that you have a plan you can follow before you apply to have a mentor. As a mentor check with them regularly. Like say once a month. Because losing weight realistically and healthily is a slow process. It might be better to ask them to give you the foods they ate over the week, their calorie report, praise them over the smallest amount of weight loss even if it's only 1 kilogram after a whole month, and maybe ask them to give you a report on anything else that means something. Say "lower blood pressure" "lower blood cholestorol" or even "a lower resting heart rate" which means they are getting fitter. So in other words don't put all the focus on their weight loss, but in the whole scenario that leads to their health and wellbeing. And praise them for that. So if they can run a kilometre longer than they used to but haven't lost much weight, jump up and down in the air for them and tell them they're on the right track. Regarding exercising for health and fun. Again check with your doctor if you don't feel confident and eat healthy. As a mentor you should ask them questions like "How much can you lift now?" say if they're weight training and then when they check back in with you "Ask them how much they can lift now?" And ask them for their reps. If they are doing cardio training ask them for how their resting heart rate has improved over time, or whether they can run longer than before. These are just a few examples and the questions you ask depend on your mentee and their goal. #2 Be honest but kind. Be fair but strict. This means that if your mentee fails to report what they said they would report. So if they said they'd get back to to you with x number of reps or x number of blah blah or even a food diary or something like that or whatever but they don't..then ask them what the situation was: If the situation was stress, sadness, feeling depressed and unmotivated and lack of self confidence in themselves to to achieve their goal. Then give them encouragement. Give them advice, ask them if they would like to restart their goal from where they left off. And maybe send them regular encouragement beyond the reports. If it's a case of "I just couldn't be bothered" then you need to give them tough love. You don't want to be too fairy fluffy, because you don't want them to feel like they don't need to push themselves. So just be politely honest. You could say "As your mentor I expect you to try your best in achieving your goals. You might not care, but I care about your success. And you made a public commitment to me, and so I would be grateful if you could keep it." Like in a "Screw it not even my priority moment" you want to be straight up no beating around the bush with them. Because that's what they need. If you act too fairy fluffy they won't be motivated because they know you'll just come back with "A If they're pushing themselves to far and their goal is unrealistic, give them advice for how they can tweak their goal. And even if you think their goal is too easy and that they can do better than that, then tell them straight up So it all depends on the mentor and mentee and the persons individual goals. And most importantly respect your mentee. Only be straight up and strict if you really have to be. Some excuses are genuine, and some are not and as a mentor you need to be wise in what you decide is or is not a genuine excuse. If your mentee disagrees then speak over it politely. Just be supportive, honest, fair, but strict when you need to be. Guidelines for mentees Make sure you have specific goals you want to achieve. Make sure you have date deadlines- but leave a healthy amount of room for social life, fun stuff, and family emergencies etc Make sure you have a plan of mini goals that you must complete each day leading up to your goal. Make sure you respect your mentor. Your mentors job isn't to sugar talk you. So if you fail to complete job due to a "I can't be bothered attitude" then expect to be told very honestly by your mentor that they expect better from you. If you disagree with your mentor, discuss this and come to a solution in a civil manner, or agree to disagree. Applications for goal achievement What is your goal? Please be very specific. Tell us what you want to achieve. Tell us what the deadline is. Your goal plan? What mini steps are you going to take each day to achieve your goal? This is also so your mentor knows what questions to ask you whenever they check in PM with you. Make sure your goal is S.M.A.R.T Specific: What are the exact things you will do each day to lead up to your major goal. Measurable: Did you complete your mini goals for that day Achieveable: Make sure you are not selling yourself short or going in way over your head Realistic: Don't make a goal that your going to be able to run a marathon in a week when you've been a couch potato for 20 years Time frame: I.e by setting mini goals Why is this goal important to you? People who know the why behind something are more likely to achieve it. How often would you like your mentor to check in with you? Once a week? Or Once a month? Will you keep in contact with your mentor? To let your mentor know if you had to change a part of your goal plan because it was unrealistic. Or to let your mentor know if you're struggling or whatever. The goal promise I think it's important that you type up the promise below instead of copy pasting it. Because when you feel like you've made a promise to somebody you are more likely to stick with something. I (fill in your Brony/Pegasister username here) promise anyone who wishes to mentor me that I will stick to my mini goals and my mega goal as best as I can and report to you once a week or once a month. I promise that I will strive to do the best I am able and minimize excuses. I also promise that I will strive to meet my deadlines and if I am unable to do so then I will see if the goal needs to be adjusted, or if my motivation and attitude needs to be adjusted. Application for mentors Do you promise to be honest but strict. Fair but kind, and supportive? Like if they're depressed be supportive If they don't believe in themselves be supportive If it's hospital visit or something be understanding But if you think it's just a bad attitude, then don't hesitate to be polite but honest. Do you promise to give help and advice. Praise and discipline. Do you promise to ask your mentee for a report once a week or once a month, and if you don't want to/are unable to do this anymore do your promise to let your mentee know? How many mentees do you think you can handle? 1? 2? 3? You can have up to 5 mentees max Will you PM someone to let them know you would like to be their mentor? The promise Remember writing the promise is better than copy pasting it. As most of us are designed to keep promises as best as we can. I (insert brony/pegasister username here) promise to check in with my mentee(s) once a week/once a month depending on what they asked for. I promise to be supportive, encouraging, honest, strict, fair, and kind. I promise to let my mentee(s) know if I can no longer mentor them. For everyone: If your mentor can no longer mentor you. Then just ask for a new mentor and give a link to the page your application post is on. So your new mentor knows your goals and how to help you. I hope this helps everypony. .
  10. I'm wondering if this topic can be a thread where we talk about things we would like to accomplish in the limited amount of free time we get in our 24-hour days. Some of those hours have to be spent sleeping, and some of those hours are spent on responsibilities such as work, school, or family/household responsibilities. Perhaps you can explain your situation of how much free time you tend to have, and what you do with whatever X amount of hours you get. Do you feel like what you do makes you happy? You don't have to detail your personal situation if you do not want to. Is there something that you keep saying you will do for a feeling of personal acheivement, such as drawing, reading, writing, learning about something... that you tend to end up not doing because you did some more idle or distracty activity, or were too afraid of not doing it so great? Sometimes I am afraid of drawing because they might turn out wimpy-looking and I will have to look at characters looking misshapen and not interesting. Today I solidly drew for two separate hours. I drew Minka Mark, the monkey from Littlest Pet Shop, on te same piece of paper as an earlier Blythe Baxter drawing, and made sure to draw her at a size properly proportioned with Blythe. And then I drew some of Sunil before retiring from drawing, for the day it appears now, at 3pm. I feel more alive than I did yesterday for doing that. I have a chime on my watch that beeps once every hour to remind me that an hour has passed. After that, I assess what I did that hour.
  11. I saw a thread asking people waht their goals in life are, but I didn't find one about things you have already accomplished in life. Have you completed any of your dreams or goals in life? One minor goal of mine was to lose the weight which I gained a year or so ago. I don't even remember it happening, but one day I just realised how much heavier than normal I was. A bit more work in the gym, and some more care for what I was eating, and or the past few months I've been in better shape than ever ^.^ Before After (Was dying my hair in the pic...only one I can find that's suitable atm :3) EDIT: Fixed images >.>
  12. Alrighty so welcome to my blog, I am going to start positing one entry a day (hopefully). I have a few premade on a different site. Those ones will be moved here and slowly trickle out. This should allow me time to keep up with posts as well as give me a break when I need it. So this entire mission is now dedicated to my father. As I write this tears roll down my face, I gotta roll one to keep it going, this part of the post will be quite raw. This part is my current un edited emotions. I look forward to the journey I am about to embark on. If you guys want to come along, I would be honored to have you by my side. Gimme a sec guys to collect some thoughts and spark some creative thoughts..... Sorry about that. As some of you know my father passed so my next few posts are predated, so that I can hopefully keep up with one a day. So it would be supper cool if people followed my blog. lol I have never been all that important, I suck at spelling, I dunno if I am interesting, I rant about dumb things that sounded smart in my head I swear, and there is a good chance that I could be insane....... o.0 that is a lot of stuff working against me, but hey i think I am cute.... that's one thing for me right? So yeah, if you actually manage to follow and read my blog I am impressed. So essentially I am going to blog, at least once a day. I wanna keep up with my journey, almost like a public diary I guess, but it should help me to stay on track with my projects, I am hoping at least. It is going to be raw, down to earth, weird, funny, sad, I don't really know. What I do know though is it will be an adventure, I have many HUGE dreams and goal that I will acomplish one way or another, so if you want to follow me on this journey, man that would be cool. If you don't like what you see move along don't bother I don't have time for negative attitudes I wish only to surround myself with positive people and thinking. That being said constructive critisism is welcome and encouraged I want to get better and I only want to learn, so if you wanna pass on some wisdome, bring her on. Random rants right^^^ If you made it this far without exiting the page that means you are actually interested in my dreams or ideas..... What I would like to do is make people happy, I hate being sad, everyone does and now and then everyone needs some cheering up, but some people more than others. I want to start with children who are sick, I would like to go to hospitals with my handmade pinatas filled with treats and toys for patients who are expected to be there for a while. What would make it even more special is if it got bigger than that, If I could get voice actors, athletes, whoever the pinata is modeled after to sign it and maybe even give it to that child imagine that smile? Being that sick kid who idols someone and one day got to meet them because someone took the time to care. That is what I want to do. I want to do this so badly but I have no clue how to go about doing this. So I am in need of help, I hope the right people see this and are able to help me help others, share your knowledge if ya got any for me. I am just so sick of working in fast food and handing out cigarettes, I can't do it any more. I want to do something better, something more. Hopefully one day I can do all the great wonderful things I truly want to do. If your interested I invite you to follow my story, I will try to post as often as I can. I promise to keep it real, post my struggles, my wins, my failure, my laughter, and tears. For now though it's time for a bowl of cereal and back to my newest creation. I gotta keep plugging forward afterall. That is one of my dreams, I will not give up on it ever! I will post about other random stuff but this is going to be a continued subject Below are pics of my pinatas. Yes I made them ~
  13. Hello everypony ! Today I would like to ask a little something to you. A little something related to a big problem that cannot be truly resolved. (in my opinion) Happiness. How does this word sounds to your ears ? What ideas does it bring to your mind ? Does it make you think of those moments where you are happy because something nice happened to you (or someone else !) Or do you fall in deeper reflexions about the sense of that word, in an empirical way ? Does happiness represent something to you ? Or is it represented by something ? The discussion is open (I'll share my thoughts a bit later )
  14. In contrast to the "your top three fears in life" thread, what are some of your personal goals? Some of my aspirations include working with little children, linking psychology and computer science to somehow better understand human beings and their behavior (somehow helping improve people's lives), and finally to find a permanent cure for diseases namely cancer. Both of my grandparents are very old and age and both have cancer my grandfather has prostate cancer, and my grandmother has bone marrow cancer. I want to rid the world of all unfortunate diseases for everyone including myself. Though it is not certain that I will actually get cancer, the chance of me actually getting cancer is higher if both of my grandparents have it.
  15. Happy New Year, everyone! May bounteous gaiety surround you as we bid farewell to 2012, and welcome a brand new year, hopefully full of love and tolerance the world over! First, a bit of reflection: 2012 was the first full year for which MLPForums has existed. According to my incredibly detailed research, exactly [pony] new members have joined, and activity has sped up by a factor of [pony]. As the title suggests, this is the obligatory thread simply asking what you want to accomplish in 2013. Do you want to undergo a personal change for the better? Do you want to finally finish that project you've been procrastinating? Do you want to come up with more questions to ask people in New Year's resolution threads? Share your answers below!
  16. So yeah, what're some fun things you'd like to do/life goals? I'll start first, Life goal: Become a youtuber with at the least, 1000 subscribers. Fun thing: Stand on street corner wearing a shirt that says "life". Hand out lemons. Goal: Live in Ireland for a year-two years. Fun thing: Meet Ashleigh Ball So those are some of my goals, what are yours?