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Found 14 results

  1. Back when the Brony fandom was young and we were all gushing over how surprisingly good Season 1 was, many of us (mostly fanfic writers and speculators and such) conceived of the idea that Celestia and Luna were like the Egyptian, Roman, Greek, and Norse gods. This made sense, as they were bigger than all the other ponies, the only winged unicorns in the show, and could raise and lower the sun and moon. It was a logical conclusion to make, as many myths and legends feature sun and/or moon gods. Going further, many would assume that Celestia and Luna, or perhaps their parents, were the creators of the world/universe/planet Equestria is located on/in. At some point, the fan theory that Lauren Faust, or rather, Lauren Faust’ Alicorn OC “Fausticorn,” was Celestia and Luna’s mother and the creator of the world was made. However, as time went on, more seasons came out, more alicorns were introduced, lore regarding the founding of Equestria and the movement of the sun and moon by unicorns was revealed, and Celestia and Luna (and even Discord as of the Season 6 Finale) were revealed to be quite weak, the theory of Celestia and Luna being divine beings is pretty much debunked. Many Bronies still stick with the Fausticorn theory, but I think it would be better to find something a lot more cannon to look to. If were to make a bet on who or what is the true creator and Divine Being of the world of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, the only choice there is, of course, the Tree of Harmony. Why? Well, here’s my reasoning: If The Tree of Harmony is the Divine Being, it would have to have existed since the beginning of time. In Princess Twilight Sparkle, we see that the Tree existed during Discord’s first reign. You might think this breaks the theory, seeing as the Fires of Friendship of Hearthswarming Eve predate this. First of all, the Fires are a one trick pony. All they do is kill Wendigoes and keep you warm. Powerful magic, sure, but not divine. Second, in the past vision where Celestia and Luna take the Elements out of the Tree, you will find that the tree is the exact same size as it is 1000 years later in the present. This means that the Tree was already mature 1000 years ago, and also ages very slowly. Plus, from seed to sapling to fully mature, trees take a looooooong time to grow. Not only that, the Tree of Harmony is huge. If a Redwood tree can live for 2000 years, I’m sure a magical crystal tree can live many times longer. I punch the numbers into my calculator and I get “In the Beginning was the Seed.” Next, the Tree needs to be omnipotent. To find that out, let’s check out all the time aspects of the Tree had to show their strength. First, the Elements of Harmony. Now, let’s get something clear: if the Elements were not used correctly and the results were either lacking or non-existent, it is not the Tree’s fault. A good comparison would be Samson in Judaism/Christianity. Samson’s superhuman strength came from God, but God told Samson not to let his hair be cut (among other things). So, when Delilah cut Samson’s hair, Samson was defeated. God was still omnipotent, Samson just forfeited his rights to that power. So, first the Elements defeated Discord. Then Celestia used them all by herself against Nightmare Moon, so she was imprisoned instead of purified. Nightmare Moon was unable to destroy the Elements, and the Mane Six used them properly and purified her. Celestia and Luna lost their connection to the Elements, so the Tree removed its power from Discord’s stone prison. The Mane Six tried using the Elements while they were corrupted, and without Rainbow Dash, so the Tree denied them its power. They used them properly the second time and defeated Discord. Then we have the Plunderseed Vines in Princess Twilight Sparkle. I’m going to skip over this and save it for later. Don’t worry, it’ll all make sense a little later. Then we have the Rainbow Power, which was able to defeat Lord Tirek instantly. Tirek had ALL THE MAGIC IN EQUESTRIA. This means that the Rainbow Power is stronger than ALL THE MAGIC IN EQUESTRIA. Then there’s the Cutie Map, which was able to survive SEVERAL COMPLETE REWRITES AND HARD RESETS OF THE TIME-SPACE CONTINUIM in The Cutie Re-Mark. I’m pretty sure this proves the Tree’s omnipotence. As for omniscience, the Cutie Map is a clear example of this. The Cutie Map knows exactly what problem will happen, when it will happen, where it will happen, how it will happen, and who will be the best ponies suited for the job of solving it. Yes, I know that this is a TV show with writers, but within the actual world this show takes place in, this Cutie Map, and therefore the Tree of Harmony, is clearly omniscient. I’m not sure if omnipresence is important here. If anything, the fact that the Tree is aware of everything that happens in the world through the Cutie Map is a kind of omnipresence. The way that the Map existed in alternate timelines can be considered omnipresence too. Now, I know you’re all thinking about the part I skipped earlier. You all think that those Plunderseed Vines disprove my theory, because those thorny vines nearly killed the Tree. Fluttershy herself said the Tree was dying, after all. Sure, the Tree was brought back to life through the sacrifice of the Elements, and the Tree gave the Mane Six a gift through its resurrection, but still, it was almost killed. Well, to avoid getting into trouble or triggering anyone, I’ll be both brief and vague here. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is a Canadian/American show. Christianity is the majority religion in these two nations. Now, tell me, who is the main figure of this religion and what is He well known for doing? I’d rather not get banned or anything, so I’m being intentionally ambiguous here, but I’m pretty sure you all know what I’m trying to say. Love and tolerate, please! So, what do you think? Is the Tree of Harmony the Divine Being of the world in which Equestria takes place? Is my reasoning sound, or did I make a mistake or overlook something? Please, leave your own comments and opinion, because I’m sure that this can be a great source of ideas and speculation for all Bronies. Also, here is a Fanfic written by someone who is also convinced that the Tree of Harmony is the Divine Being:
  2. I Have posted my mythology of equestrian a few posts down please read it. this thread is for the purpose of getting everybodys opinions and hearing there ideas, so as to make this a good thread. this thread shall deal with 1. the creators of equestrian 2. where alicorns come from I hope the community posts all there thoughts and ideas no matter how far fetched. lets make a mythology!
  3. I don't think its been explained who created equestrian, and I don't mean the writer of the show. I would like it to be introduced in the show somehow. plz post your oppinions even if there just theory. FOR ODIN, AND FOR EQUESTRIA!!!
  4. As much as everyone appears to hate this eventuality, it appears to be the only one that makes sense in twilights new "castle of friendship" where everyone has a seat - if everyone is immortal then you have a far less chance of traumatizing children when those "mane 5" eventually grow old and die. That and luna and celestia can go elsewhere or go have a party on the moon or something.
  5. The Genesis Of Equestria Book 1: LIFE So I've had an idea for this sort of origin story for a while, years even. Basically I wanted to do a fan fic series that goes through the entire history of the MLP world. This is the first chapter of that series, I guess we'll just see where it goes from here. It's sort of written like a bible (as you will see as you read through). Now I do have a question, I was wanting to post this on a fanfic site but I can't seem to find any other medium that could support this format. Do you know of any sites that could if there even are any sites that could? UPDATE: I decided to post this on fimfiction (if I can get it approved). My profile:
  6. Got this idea from a thread on deviantART. Make up a clash between two characters from ANY universe...Injustice style! Here's some examples I made up: Bane: "You're just a child..." vs. Shana (Shakugan no Shana): *unsheathes sword* "You're just a big oaf!" Death (Darksiders 2): "Speed alone won't help you..." vs. Rainbow Dash: "When you're the best flier in Equestria, it will!" Deadpool: "Slade! We should totally hang, man!" vs. Deathstroke: "That is never going to happen..."
  7. Simple, just think of a god from Greek, Roman, Egyptian, Norse, Chinese, etc. mythology and choose one that is similar to the above user.
  8. I wish to touch multiple issues with this so mods... bear with me even if the tittle doesn't touch all subjects. So... let me say a few things about myself first. My name is Dennis or Dionysios and i come from Greece. Unfrotunately while i have found some greek bronies upon the Internet i unfortunately haven't stumbled upon any of you who share the same nationality with me. I litterally feel like i'm the only greek guy out here. It's seriously baffling... maybe Mlp isn't that popular in Greece? Hmmm.... In any case let me just start to say something here. I have noticed some people here on the forums mistakenly quoting popular greek myths just from the way they have seen them from movies. I sometimes feel that shows and movies litterally KILL the myth they choose to depict. That's not just the myths though... that's history as well. Let me just say an example... The "300" movie were supposedly 300 stood up against the Persian army... was a joke... I'll have you know that there were actually over 1400. I will not delve more into the subject because i could talk hours about this i'll just say out of 1400 we glorified the time-old tradition of 300 war mongering spartans. That is all. Now back to MLP i have seen that MLP has taken a quite... better view of the mythology. In any case it at least respects and is truthful to the myth even if it changes the attitude and it's approach on the myth. So far i haven't seen a case of inaccuracy as far as i'm concerned. So question number 1:Do you feel like MLP has respected the mythos and general legends it has touched? That being said i see many similarities with the non-directly referenced things in Mlp. For example see this... In Greek mythology, Nike (Greek: ???? , pronounced [n? ?k??], meaning Victory), was a goddess who personified triumph throughout the ages of the ancient Greek culture. She is known as the Winged Goddess of Victory. Nike is the Goddess of strength, speed, and victory. She is a symbol of how fast the news of victory can travel and the fastest deity in ancient mythology. Notice the similarities anyone? Also did you know? Luna's Original name was Selena Great similarities i might add... Or perhaps Twilight as Athena with her owl Owlicious? Or Applejack as Demeter? Fluttershy as Artemis? Or Pinkie Pie as Dionysos? Or... well perhaps i don't think it fits her but Hermes Rainbow Dash? Or Aphrodite Rarity? Or Octavia/Lyra Apollo? I personally see similarities of Queen Chrysalis to Metis who is a titaness shapeshifter of cunning and wisdom. Or perhaps Proteus "God of Elusive Sea Change" who was capable into transforming anything! Question two:What figures do you see resembling acnient greek gods and why? Or in fact do you see them resembling other pantheons? If so then why... So three... i thought that MLP had stopped referencing Greek Mythology for quite some time... then comes Orthros... allegedly as the myth says brother to Cerberus two-headed dog. Well i was mistaken... it seems the Greek Myth influence is still strong with this one. There are a lot of things that could be encountered... like Scyla and Charibdys or new species like mermaids, or i don't know... anything! So here comes my third and last question... Question number 3:Do you believe that we will see more greek mythology references? Which are the ones you would like to see? What kind of creatures from said mythology would you like to see? LET THE FUN.... BEGIN!!! Note to mods... i know there might be threads about this topic but they seem to be like a year or more old so i figure it's about time i refreshed this.
  9. I just had to make this thread, since I'm so obsessed with Greek mythology (I blame the Percy Jackson series). So, write what each pony would be like. Gender doesn't really matter. example: Twilight: Athena Celestia: Apollo Luna: Artemis Cadence: Aphrodite and so on, and so on. Please post, I need to stop my obsession!
  10. Assuming hypnotically.... and seemingly impossible that the MLP FIM exist in another universe, created by our imagination. Does that not make us Humans sort of the Ponies' gods? I wouldn't want them to worship us as gods. For someone else may have created us with their imagination in another universe.
  11. This thread is a place for debate and discussion for gods and deities of different religions and pantheons, throughout the ages. From Greek, to Egyptian, from Aztec, to Chinese, and almost anything in between. However, there are a few ground rules that I would like to lay down before anyone begins posting. Rule 1: Be respectful, you may not believe in certain religions or deities mentioned on this thread, but others may believe differently, so please don't show any disrespect, this is a civil discussion thread. Rule 2: No "who's real and who's not real" arguments! Everybody is entitled to an opinion and belief, but don't shove your belief onto someone else. Rule 3: No mockery or parody deities! This is an important one, because if I see anyone listing or discussing the "greatness" of Doge, the flying spaghetti monster, or anything else of the sort, you will either be ignored, or reported. Everyone is entitled to an opinion, but in this case, please keep it to yourself... And with that, you may begin discussion any way you'd like...if anyone want's to discuss at all, that is...
  12. So, I just participated in a thread about banishment to the moon, and my argument was that Luna is different from everypony else, so the same rules might not apply. Then when I read a thread about the Sisters' hair flowing, I just started wondering. Exactly what are the Celestial Sisters? Their past is shrouded in mystery, and they are immortal and godlike. There are things which separate the sisters from all other alicorns, and ponies in general. Their flowing mane, their birth as alicorns, their immortal status, and influence over nature itself all mark them as unique figures who are almost on a completely separate level from anypony else in Equestria, save Discord. Are they even of the pony race? Here is what I personally propose. Celestia and Luna seem to be very similar to Greek gods of nature in many respects. I think that Celestia and Luna are most likely spirits of some kind, or represent some type of pony from ages long past. They are tied to Nature, and seem to be in a separate class altogether from anypony else. So, what is the nature of this class of being? Are they gods? Spirits? Where did they come from? How are they related to ponies, if at all? What are your thoughts everpony?
  13. and why Zeus-King of the gods Hera-Queen of the gods, and marriage Poseidon- God of the sea Demeter- Goddess of the harvest Ares- God of war Athena- Goddess of wisdom Aphrodite- Goddess of love Apollo- God of the sun, poetry, prophecy Artemis- Goddess of the hunt, wildlife, virginity, and the moon Hephaestus- God of fire, blacksmithing, and invention Hermes- messenger of the gods Dionysus- God of wine my favorites would be... God - Poseidon, I love the ocean. Goddess - Demeter or Aphrodite I like all the goddesses except Hera.
  14. I ask this because I recently had a personal realization that I was feeding my god of anger (Mars) more often than my other gods/goddesses. We're so quick to feed our "Mars" instead of "Venus" that it almost seems natural. Are you feeding your jealous, hyper-masculine god, like Jehova? Or your goddess of rage, Lyssa? Maybe it's time to step back and just evoke your goddess of loonacy and sillyness, Eris? Sometimes, we just have to question what gods we're truly feeding.