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Found 20 results

  1. 2018 was a great year for movies, but 2019 looks like it's going to be even better. So, which movies are you looking forward to the most?
  2. Has anyone gone to, or is going to G-Fest? Just wondering what it's like. Godzilla is my jam!
  3. Friday 8:00PM EST: Sega Genesis/Mega Drive Classics on Steam (May ask for requests, I'm only playing the games from the 5 DLC packs. Feel free to request a mod from the steam workshop!) DLC Pack 1 DLC Pack 2 DLC Pack 3 DLC Pack 4 DLC Pack 5 Saturday 8:00PM EST: Godzilla vs Goku Painting + more(?) (Hopefully I don't get sick again) See You Soon!
  4. Friday-Gaming (8:00PM EST) Knuckles Chaotix and Pokemon TCG Online (No Crashes this time) Saturday-Art (8:00PM EST) Godzilla vs Goku Painting Progress + More(?) See you soon!
  5. Looks I'm going to my first screening of Shin Godzilla...I'm going with my two friends from High school on the 12th of October...I am feeling nervouscited for this! Who is going to the October 12th screening of Shin Godzilla in Canada? Because I will be there!
  6. As many people may know already, there's a whole new Godzilla film coming this year! A trailer has been released reccently Truth is, the movie's been in production for quite some time, and was created by Toho thanks to the success of the 2014 Godzilla film. So, whatdya think about the trailer? Gotta say, it looks quite good! Just hope Godzilla has a roar more similar to his 84-91 or Millenium versions in the film proper, 'cause the 62-75/92-95 roar doesn't fit this incarnation of him very much.
  7. Can two oddballs on the internet reach a consensus about Godzilla's first foray into animation? And why does this show seem so familiar? Omni Viewer's channel: Second Opinion's channel:
  8. I'm looking forward to the new Japanese Godzilla movie since it's been 12 years since the last Japanese Godzilla movie.
  9. Ladies and Gentlemen, the big monster movie crossover! IT'S HAPPENING!!!!
  10. Would you evacuate with everyone else or stay a loot the place hoping you would somehow survive?
  11. So I think it's very obvious what you're doing here. You are here because you are the fan of the King of the Monsters. Godzilla, the one and only first daikaiju than ever existed. His message still ives up to this day, and the story around him is tragic as hell. But since this is a respectful thread to the Gojira mythos, we will accept the fact that the 1998 movie exists, and especially that the amazing show based on it also happened. The 2014 movie is also included. But to accept you here you must answer the next questions: 1.Any Godzilla movies you've seen? 2.Are you fan of the genre? 3.Which is your favourite Godzilla monster(after the King, of course)? 4.Do you think the dark moral of the story in the original 1954 movie still holds up 'til this day? 5.What's your favourite design of Godzilla? 6.Which other monster(or a character from another franchise) you wish Godzilla fought? 7.Which of the atomic breaths do you think looked the coolest? 8.Do you prefer the nice friendly Godzilla or the Godzilla that destroys everything on its path? 9.Do you know what Godzilla means? 10. Are you hyped for the next Godzilla movie that will come out in 2018 with monsters from the original franchise? 11.Favourite Godzilla movie? 12.Favourite Godzilla show? 13.What was your reaction at the "Kiss of Death" scene? 14.Should Zilla (98s Godzilla) be appreciated in the franchise or hated? 15.From 1 to 10, how awesome is Godzilla's roar?
  12. You know, the king of the monsters. With another american attempt coming out within a couple of years, decided to start a thread.Sure, maybe not a series of movies with the best plot, but seriously... this isn't one of those movies you go for plot... You watch it for the monsters destroying everything, and each one taking eachother out.You may discuss any of the movies, the old hanabarbara cartoon, the american movie, or even the spin-off Godzilla the series...
  13. I did this drawing of Godzilla today. I always liked jagged/uneven dorsal plates, so I drew them like that. His head is a bit bear-like in structure. I do not own Godzilla. Anyway, I hope you like it! ^^
  14. Guys, before you comment. NO SPOILERS!!!! Apparently Twitter is going off at the giant beast of yet another monster movie that somehow destroys another city. If you haven't watched it, do you think you'll go? If you have, what did you think of the movie? Again, I keep stating this, but no spoilers.
  15. Couldn't find a good gif, so I made one. The King of the Monsters deserves no less. I've provided the following tune to establish the evening's tone. Please repeat the song how many times you need to finish reading this. - Originally envisioned as a giant octopus, before the look of a giant ape with a mushroom shaped head (because mushroom cloud) was considered. - "Gojira" is a combination of the Japanese words for "gorilla" and "whale". A popular idea has it that this was the nickname of a guy who was working at Toho at the time. "Anguirus" was considered, but ultimately saved for Godzilla's greatest monster ally. - It varies depending on which continuity we're dealing with, but as of right now, Godzilla stands at 80 meters (267 feet), weighing 55,000 tons. - The roar is accomplished by rubbing a leather glove down the strings of a bass, similar to the TARDIS sound effect. - The original was made practically at the last minute; Toho needed to make a movie, any movie, and fast. Producer Tomoyuki Tanaka got the initial idea for the movie during a plain flight by taking a bunch of random magazine covers and stories and mashing them together. The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms served as the basic idea of a giant monster, and Godzilla's origins (animal that was mutated by nuclear fallout) came from a story about a U.S. bomb testing mutating the local tuna population. - This pressure to get something done fast meant they had to abandon the use of King Kong-style stop motion effects. Thus, they brought in the suit. And unfortunately for the man inside it, it was a wearable hell. A drain had to be installed to easily let sweat out, and it could only be worn for 3 minutes at a time. - King Kong vs. Godzilla remains the highest grossing Godzilla movie ever. - Godzilla vs. DESTOROYAHHHHH!!!, which ends with our favorite reptilian anti0hero dying, really was meant to be the last Godzilla movie for awhile. That is, until the 1998 American remake sucked so freaking hard that Toho decided they needed to make a few more to appease all the pissed off fans. Within the movies themselves, the filmmakers took every chance they could manage to take a shit on Zilla (the American version), even going so far as to have that crappy version of Godzilla fight the real one in the (for now) final movie, only to be taken down in 13 seconds. Huh. Seems I don't know too many Godzilla fact-o-roonies. I am sad. I'm gonna have to make up for this one. In the meantime, have this.
  16. So anybody have seen this vid from screwattack yet If so, what do you thought about the outcome?
  17. Which Pony or other Equestrian creature would be best suited to challenge the destroyer of worlds and king of the monsters? And for debates sake, we'll go with the modern version, (just to make it easier on the MLP cast). Pic unrelated
  18. I apologize that I couldn't post this properly. Internet Explorer wont let me paste this from my Word Document. Hopefully the attachment wont prove difficult to use. Give it a read if you can, comment your thoughts, and let me know what you think about the new Godzilla film! Godzilla rant.docx
  19. OOC: Hello every pony, i have growen to know a lot about Godzilla, so i will be playing Godzilla, and what i mean by translated is that it wont be all "RAWR, RAWR RAWR RAR...RAWRRRR" it will be in words OC: You say there are ponys wanting to talk to me? send at me
  20. Ok, I was asking a group of people for an idea to draw; the first person to say anything said: A Pikachu riding Rainbow Dash while they battle Godzilla. And Godzilla has a jetpack. I thought that was so awesome, it needed to be drawn!