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Found 1 result

  1. This is probably coming at a bad time considering the other quite recent resignations of the team but it's something that's going to have to happen. Unfortunately in the recent months my time has been stretched and stretched to the point where everything is in a constant rush, my work is giving me more and more to do and my own projects and social life is suffering due to this. I'm becoming irritable and lethargic and there's a sheer lack of motivation to do anything. I don't have time for my other hobbies anymore and it's getting on my nerves I'm having to turn down nights out because of a lack of time. Becoming a moderator fell at an awkward time to start with, I had recently started dating my girlfriend and I was a full time job at the company I had previously done work experience for. Even the whole Brony aspect was still fairly new to me and then I was suddenly asked to become a moderator for a massive forum. However after a few weeks I felt I'd managed to settle in properly and just got on with it. I'd actually never had to opportunity to be a moderator on any forum and I have to give a huge thank you to the other moderators and admins who helped me get to grips with the system, I've learned so much on how to deal with all manner of things, even from just hearing about some situations are dealt with. The team is full of awesome people, none of them have a bad bone in them and they all have hearts of gold. It's been a good run and for my first moderating experience, it's been a blast. However there's no point in me staying if I'm not doing anything, it's just not fair on the rest of the team. In the last month or so I've come online and had to leave 5 minutes later due to other affairs. I want to do something but I'm either dragged away or I can't get on in the first place. So therefore it's with some regret that I'm handing in the old resignation form. As much as I've enjoyed it I think it's fair that I'm going to prioritise my friends and life over a forum, I think many will agree with that. It's no-ones fault but my own for taking on more than I could handle. Other things are going to be shelved as well, it's just unfortunate that my moderating duties are included in those. I'm probably not leaving the forums entirely but my interaction will be very limited. I never really posted much anyway and spent most of my time reading rather than posting but even so my time being spent on the forum in general is having to be cut down. Again I am thankful for the experience and the opportunity to help the community. I think that the team deserves more thanks than they are given, as someone who has seen what happens behind the scenes they do a lot more than people realise. So yeah...thanks for the ride guys but it's time that I left. Plus as I'm sure many people know, the girlfriend/wife always gets priority . It's going to be weird not having all those extra little buttons on my screen anymore. Cheers! Aaramus