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Found 5 results

  1. Sunset Rose

    Story Suggestions

    Hi readers and listeners! This is something suggested by our community, and I think it's a fantastic idea. Please use this thread to submit links or titles to stories you would suggest for a live reading. If you have a favorite reader, then you can suggest their name as well, but please keep in mind that the stories must be suitable for listeners the age of 13. Also keep in mind that longer stories may not be too appealing to the readers. I love Harry Potter, but it would take me perhaps a thousand reading sessions to get through the series. ^ ^; Thank you!
  2. To go with our brand-new forum section, we will also be introducing a new staff role- the Golden Oaks Readers! A library isn't much of anything without a person with their nose in the book is it? The reader is a person who will be reading fanfiction and other forms of literature over the microphone on a special channel of the Poniverse Discord. That channel will be open for all to listen in to, but only readers will be able to speak. Readers will be able to set their own schedules provided that schedule includes at least one biweekly reading (concessions will be made for those who are having troubles in-person or experiencing burn-out). All readers must also have access to the Reader Schedule and post their blocs 24 hours ahead of the desired date. This is just to give other readers an opportunity to schedule their own time around yours and to give listeners a date and time to be ready for. This is a fun and unique way of interacting with the community here at MLPF, and readers will also have the opportunity to work on their speech and public speaking skills as well. I'm really looking forward to listening in on as many readings as I am able to, that's for sure! This is very new to MLPF, and because of this there are very likely some things we have overlooked in the explanation of this position, but if you have questions or comments, please feel free to leave them here. Applications are CLOSED for now!
  3. Twilight Sparkle

    events The Golden Oaks Library

    Good afternoon everypony. I have an announcement to make! It is with great pride that I bring to you all today, the grand opening of the Golden Oaks Library! ( the image) The library will be the home base for an ongoing event that the ponies of Poniverse will be hosting. For this event, ponies of the library will read their favorite stories aloud to others in a show of great community fellowship. The library used to be my cozy home, so it would bring me great pride to see this become a success. See you all there!
  4. Sunset Rose

    Golden Oaks Suggestion Box

    As this section and type of event is relatively new to MLP Forums, we're bound to either run into a few speed bumps here and there or manage something in a redundant fashion. If anyone who has any ideas of how better to streamline this event or make things more accessible, please either leave them here or if you are uncomfortable leaving a public post then either get with @Rosie or a member of staff so we can talk with you about what you'd like to do. Thanks everyone!
  5. New episode "spoilers" below if you care. I am still bothered as to why the scene of Twilight looking at the ruins of her old home in the new episode, "Castle Sweet Castle", has any weight to it. She seemed all sad and it seems to effect her psyche significantly as to how she perceives herself. She ends up not wanting to live in that castle at all. Why can't Discord just bring the tree back? It would be easy. Just a snap of the claws and poof... the tree is back. Right? It wouldn't be anything Discord couldn't do. It would perhaps be best for Twilight and everypony else.