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Found 25 results

  1. OK, I keep seeing people who are leaving or have already left the forums, and most of them don't tend to explain why. With that, I'll cut to the chase: is there something that offends people about the forums, or do that many people really lose interest in ponies after a couple of years. Is the fandom's turnover really that bad?
  2. Well friends, it's taken me a long time to come to this decision, but I feel it is the right one. I am logging off, and will probably never come back. It's not really a big deal. I'm not active here anymore, and evidently there isn't much activity to speak of here, so I write my final blog post. Thanks for everything and goodbye. It's been a pleasure.
  3. Hello, everyone. Due to a lot of recent events, as well as just not watching the show as regularly as I used to among other things, I have decided it would be best for me to just leave the fandom... I may still come back here on rare occasion, but, ultimately, I no longer consider myself much of a Brony or even just a fan of the show anymore... During these past few months in the fandom, I have recently experienced nothing but drama among much of the so-called "Horse Famous" parts of the community, I have lost friendships that I've either never been able to fully restore or just couldn't get back, a lot of the people in the fandom I liked have moved on to other things, I feel like I joined too late and my most recent memories of the fandom have just been bad. I'd like for things to change, but, right now it seems like there isn't a chance of that happening and even then, I have been moving on to other interests. Before I finally leave, I just wanted to say thank you to all my friends for putting up with me for this long. If by any chance you still want to contact me, I'm primarily on Discord as Nightfall Gloam#5622. I'm not quite sure how to end this but, for me, being in the fandom recently has only felt like more and more of a chore and I do just feel like I should just put all this behind me and start doing more things I might actually enjoy... It was fun being in the fandom for the brief period of 2014-2016 when I first joined but, it hasn't felt the same ever since, and I honestly believe the fandom is shrinking anyway and from my perspective, it just feels like the people still in the fandom aren't really all that passionate about the show or certain aspects of the fandom like they used to be... Over the years, I might remember my time here fondly and forget a lot of the bad stuff, as the human mind tends to do after long periods of time, but, ultimately, there is nothing that can be done to bring me back in to the fandom, and if you still want to contact me regularly, I'm on Discord. -Nightfall Gloam
  4. Hey. I've been pretty inactive as of late. There's a reason for that. I'm leaving MLP Forums. I've become disinterested in staying here and talking, posting discussions, and making new friends. On top of that, and the increasing drama I see, e.g. "My opinion is better than yours", The increasing amount of "Why do people like this character" some members assuming every MLP fan has to conform to certain standards, the list goes on. I'm also not going to pretend the staff are perfect, either. Far from it. I see why members like Ghostie, and some others left. While I haven't had any run-ins with the staff, my point still stands. This is not the air we want to have for new members. They'll be turned off and go somewhere else. I could stay and post in the two topics I follow, but the one is pretty much dead, so that's a no-go, and the other one is getting the same way. Anyway, it's been a decent 2 years here, but I'm done, and I probably won't come back. I'm not leaving the fandom, just this place. Good-bye.
  5. I have left the brony fandom. I've been inactive now for over 3 months. I just want to say, thank you soo much for all of the enjoyment I've had in this community. I've grown further and further apart from the fandom after I was unable to watch season 6, and so I have started to leave the fandom, and no longer declare myself a brony anymore. Goodbye everypony, thank you for this wonderful time.
  6. Littlecandylulu here. I just thought it would be good to let anybody who gives a horseapple know that I am in fact, permanently leaving the site. Why, I hear you cry? Well, I'll explain. Because of my bad judgement and lack of decent social skills, I have made numerous bad decisions which have had numerous consequences. This was a tough call, but in the end, I think it's what's best. If anyone wants to talk, they can still do so via my email And this is Lulu signing off.
  7. I am sorry but I have too leave But I promise I will still be here some days I won't be here often because of college =(=(=( I feel sad to leave all of you but I need to go to college I'm sorry -love-pony P.S. Like I said, I promise to be here some days so don't worry P.P.S. I will leave in a few hours for sleep then next morning Gone
  8. Hey everypony, just wanna tell that from this point on l am not going to be logging onto MLPForums again, l'll miss you all, but l don't feel like thisis a comfortable place for me anymore, sorry. l wish all of you ponies the best and will be with you in thought. You were all very awesome, take care!
  9. Well Guys Its Official If you go to you will see this image Of all the Animatronics from all the FNaF games (1,2,3,4) with some of them waving at YOU, With Big Letters that say ''Thank You!'' Well, its been fun while it lasted, Well, We should Also Thank Scott (The Creator Of The FNaF) for everything he has given us :') Well before we say goodbye to FNaF What Are Your Final Sentiments (or Thoughts) on FNaF Ending (for real) And What You Liked From All The FNaF Games And ETC. Well I Am Gonna Say This -no scott, THANK you for everything you have given us over the last few months, hope you have a good life and a great time with your time and everything. thanks for everything scott
  10. I'll keep this short; though "sweet" doesn't necessarily enter into it. Things, unfortunately, didn't work out for former member Candy Star (his last user name being Tom Snyder) here at the forums. Since he's not in a position to do so himself, he asked me to express his goodbyes to MLP Forums. "Thanks for all the fun and your support."
  11. I've recently heard a rumor about NASA ans the sun. It has a big solar filament, the biggest recorded solar filament and the second biggest thing in the solar system, only the sun itself being bigger. Solar filaments cause solar flares, just like sunspots, but the solar filament will cause a huge one, and maybe it'll point to Earth and wipe us all out. Farewell, at least a possible farewell. Be prepared to die a very painful death, and prepare for blindness too, it's extremely bright and hot.
  12. Hello everyone... Yes, that day has finally come for me. We might as well start by looking at my past. So over a year ago, say, in January 2013 I practically became a brony. It was the time when I first learned about the newest incarnation of My Little Pony. I still remember when I was a kid my sisters used to play with ponies, and THAT, my fellow bronies, is when I last heard/thought about ponies. Really. I mean it! For some reason I had been able to avoid all the pony stuff up until that day. Sure, someone might've simply said "pony", or that but I never looked at MLP videos or any material related to the My Little Pony franchise. In real life it's a whole other story than in internet. As I received my own PC at the end of 2011, I eventually began using the internet more, eventually leading to the point I see ponies everywhere, so I had to find out. I had not been a member of any fandom before, except Sonic, although VERY casually. I didn't have any online friends. So, back to the point, I first thought it was another of those memes I also saw around, but then I found out it was a legit thing. I watched a few episodes and got hooked. Ever since I've kept it a secret, although I DON'T consider myself a brony, since I'm not into the franchise/merchandise. I just like ponies. But nevertheless, that's what developed my interest in ponies and I also joined my first pony forum in July that year, when a new friend of mine, also a brony, introduced me to it. We however cut our friendship later, when we couldn't be together... Now, onto the actual point of my goodbye message. So when I joined that forum I learned more and more about the brony community, as I grew with it. I was a very fresh brony since most have been with it since 2011/2012. I loved the forum so much I spent most of my time there and even bought a subscription. By also this time I had been starting to use Steam more, in which I also created an account around the same time I got my PC. But what I mean is I started logging in more regularly. In fact, I had no use for Steam before, and I don't remember any of my account's creation. Anyways. One of my friends in that forum let me know about MLP Forums, so I had a peek. I always thought the community of that forum was a bit more casual, not so much for RP and the MLP atmosphere, so I wanted a change and created an account here too. I eventually left that forum for keeps a year after registering. I just had enough. But now, unfortunately, I will wave goodbye here as well. Why? Read the below paragraph. I now learned something about myself. I'm not a forum person type. While that first forum created the base for my online friend network, especially by having a chat, I now noticed that Steam is the place I like to be at. It's great for privacy, and it has the chatting system, which MLP Forums lacks. And as I just mentioned, I'm not a forum person type so I haven't spent much time here. I thought I would've blent more and more into the MLP community but I didn't, after all. There was also some dramatic events that prevented me from coming here. Even so, I haven't been around much lately, haven't posted or done anything. Just checking if I have any notifications. This is like a second Facebook for me. I don't chat there either. So all this time I've been using Steam and I have to say it's my main focus now. ALL of my online friends are there. I made all my friends there, and kept just a small part of the friends I made in the first forum. But now, it's over. I give up. Not because I haven't spent much time here or that I should, but it's just, I only use forums if I need them for something. I didn't need MLP Forums. I just signed up to see if I would come up with something. I found it hard to make friends, too. But before I go, I have to thank the forum, it was really refreshing and is incredibly active, on a whole other level than the other forum (which I loved too, considering the subscription and all). I wanna tell that keep up the good work on being a child-friendly forum which has nice people around (even though I did not witness all of it). So, that's all I had to say. I'm not abandoning the brony fandom, nor do I consider myself a brony. Sounds weird, but basically means that ponies just helped me get friends, as it's such a friendly fandom. Now it only serves should I put it. Well, I just like ponies. If you wish to chat, find me on Steam. Link on my profile. P.S. I even sent an application to join the administration but I wonder why I never got a reply... "2-3 weeks" they said but it has already passed. But I don't care anymore, I wouldn't have been a good mod anyway. ^^' Farewell~!
  13. As most already know when someone is banned you never notice until there inactive for so long that you try to get on there profile. (unless your staff of course) So I was thinking that maybe we could have something in peoples settings where they can type something that would be send as a pm to there friends after the ban or maybe an automated message from mailmare to tell people that a friend has been banned. And before people ask no I don't have anywhere near 900 points
  14. This is what I read to my daddy tonight. I am going to try and post again later tonight to say something else but I just don't know if I can. ***So it is later. I am fine. I was really ok. I think I am going to be ok. I feel at peace. I got through the night with surprising grace. Below is the letter I read to my dad at the family viewing. I read it alone in private. This is something I wanted to do since I posted "My piggy" on a different blog. I couldn't think of a better time than tonight. Dear Daddy, I wrote this thinking of you a little while ago. I wanted so badly to share this with you but I never got the chance too. I am sorry. Ok, I will start with a bit about me, I am stubborn and a little childish (like you), I like cheese. Cheese is so good! My favorite way to eat cheese is fried in a fry pan.... gooey on the inside crispy on the outside. It's so good. I remember when we went through an entire BIG block of cheese just frying it and eating... you couldn't keep up no matter how hard you tried, and I am sure we could have easily done another block. What else is on my mind today? Racism in chocolate bars! (gosh dad you hear this? best influence you were) I am unsure if this is unintentional or not but I can't go around calling people dark if they are black they get offended. So why do we call it dark chocolate? Also has anyone else noticed that white chocolate is always before the dark and milk.... just puttin it out there. People get angry over such dumb political correctness I bet one could actually create a chocolate up roar and have the name change to sound 'right'. NOT trying to be racist or anything I was just thinking of how people are offended by the Red Skins team name, it got me thinking that people take things way too far. I will get those names changed to be politically correct! For you and down syndrome brawlers!! I would like pudding right meow. What kind of desserts do my readers like? My daddy brought me over a care pack and I made so much chocolate pudding! You knew it was my favorite easy desert. I always appreciated the care packs... even the darn beans. They made my day, my week even. You would go out of your way for anybody, and you always were there for me. You took care of me everyday even if you were not able to be with me. Just like my piggy daddy you were my best friend. I didn't value you as much as I should have. I wanted to give back to you so badly. I wanted to be able to take care of you. Dad I wrote this next bit specifically for you. I often wrote about my love for you in my blogs. You were my biggest support. I miss my piggy he was the ugliest, most cutest piggy I ever did see. My daddy gave him to me when I was born, ever since then my piggy was always there for me. I remember if I had a bad day at school, if my friends were picking on me, whatever happened good or bad piggy was there lookin at me cheering me on from the confined space of my bedroom. In my mid teen years I forgot how important he was to me and I stopped telling him what was going on ( I know this sounds weird but I had no one and I have had no one for as long as I can remember.) I know you know this feeling dad, you so often felt it too. I should have realized it more and been there to hug you. I am so sorry. please forgive me. Little by little I neglected my piggy. Then something tragic happened, I lost my home and for a long while I lost my family. Its a long story that ended in flames. My house burnt and I moved away to finish school even more alone than I ever realized possible. I worked full time and finished high school, I didn't graduate at the top of my class but I exceeded my expectations, and as much as I would like to say I was completely alone, I wasn't my piggy was there through it all just like you were daddy. You were always there to make me laugh when no one else was. Through all the crazy moves, the guns that were pointed, the frantic struggles, my piggy was there through it all. The worst incident was the first house I lived in, I was threatened by my land lord with a gun and ended up leaving with the police I had 20 min, to get everything and leave he was there. He was there when the next house I could find was a crazy ass nun who went through my personal stuff and destroyed my ability to go to church. He was even with me at the next house I could afford... my roomate was a coke head! It pains me greatly to write this next bit, the tears won't stop. The last move, the place I am at now 2 years since my life went to absolute shit my piggy is no longer with me. I lost him in the last move. I don't know where he went. My only friend, where did you go? I am so sorry I wasn't there for you like you were for me. I am sorry I could not be as faithful as you. You always were there to listen and soak up the tears. You would remind me of when things were good. Now you are gone. gone forever and it pains me so. I have not mourned the death of family like I have mourned the loss of my piggy. I cry almost every night thinking about him, it haunts me every night. I did not think it was possible to miss my piggy more. But I find myself using you and my piggy interchangeably I have lost you in the same place. I lost my best friend. I wish I had more to hold onto you with and this part is probably what pains me so. I miss you and you seem further away, more now than ever. So I have made the decision to live my life as you told me. I won't ever stop shooting for those stars dad, I know you wanted the best for me and I will NOT stop until I have succeeded in doing so, I will not rest until I am able to meet with you once again. I look forward to telling you all the success you made possible for me and never got to truly understand. All I want to say is I miss you dear friends, you will always be greatly missed. Like my piggy daddy you are gone, my dear friends you will be greatly missed. I cherished every moment we had together <3 I will love you forever and always. Your little girl, Alaynnna
  15. What? I'm leaving? Nonono, but here's the problem. I'm sure some elder members understand what I'm about to talk about... For you newcomers/whippersnappers, I'm here to open a thread to discuss why we should limit "Goodbye" threads, and maybe to convince others to stay on the forum. These are the main reasons why people make these threads: [*]Forum Drama [*]Bored of Forum [*]Attention [*]School/Work [*]Other If you happen to be undergoing some forum drama... take the innoiative, and fill a report than sob about something that can be solved. If it's something more serious, it'll take a bit more time, but rest assure... I'm sure it can be helped. Forum drama seems to be a constant anyways.... At this point of time we're in a state of boredom, because we have no more pony episodes to talk about. How you solve this is really up to you. I'd suggest joining in the making of fan projects to keep your hooves busy. I know I produced a bit of MLP Fan stuff over the summer. Plus, there's tons of fan-made art, animations, games, crafts, and the list goes too far. I am a class clown.. I crave attention always, but some people come on this forum with major issues seeking comfort, and love. I don't think we should infringe our problems among other people, and make them feel guilty and stressed afterwards, because your resentful. We should remain calm, and love the forum for ponies! School is starting, and people need to keep the priorities straight by keeping focused on their studies. It happens, and sometimes people have to leave for a period of time because of work too. If you either get departed to Afghanistan, or another work related departure. I work, I'm busy, I know. Other could be a whole list of reasons, but I thought I'd share an example of a good reason to make a "Goodbye" thread. Where there's something to learn from it. For the few members that knew Ol' Sarge he had something unfortunate happen. The gist of the conflict was you had to be more careful, because people take stuff too seriously. Those are my thoughts of people leaving the forums. I just want people to ask if it's really necessary to make a leaving thread? Versus just making a simplistic status update. I've seen a few people put their online status as private to avoid peeking around secretly. A forum is a medium where ideas and views on a particular topic can be exchanged. Not to say your farewells, and why you hate the site... What I'm asking for the moderating team, is hiding unnecessary "Goodbye" threads.
  16. It's time for me to go. I no longer feel at home, or welcome on these forums. In fact, to be perfectly honest, I feel quite hated. I have my reasons, but I'm not going to elaborate any further, because I do not want to give certain people the satisfaction of an answer. I will say, though, that there is certain amount of elitism in the air here. I'm leaving you to figure out what that means. I do realize that my time here was very short (just over three months), but in that short time, I made many new interesting friends and acquaintances, three of which I'd like to thank right now. @ghostfacekiller39 and You both know that I think you're the shit. You have a sick taste in music, and I think I pretty much clicked with both of you on nearly every single level. You're real honest and legit dudes, and I'm hoping you'll stay that way. Keep the big ol' rock rolling. You have good things coming your way, both of you. @Scootalove You're an opinionated, well-articulated, and straightforward person who doesn't bullshit anyone. We see eye-to-eye on many things, and I'm fairly certain I got about 70% of all my brohooves from you. Keep doing what you do. I like it. I'm deeply sorry for any requests and promises that never got fulfilled, but I just can't stay anymore. I'd also like to add that I am aware that there are members on these forums who don't take kindly to people announcing their leave, but what the fuck was I supposed to do? Just leave people hanging without telling them a thing? You're free to do just that if you want, but I'm not that kind of a person. That just about does it, I think. I'm leaving a contact info dump here, just in case someone wishes to keep in touch with me. With that said, I will now be on my way. Take care, good people. Peace, love, and empathy -Gabriel. Skype: Bron-Yr-Aur (Finland, Derpy avatar) deviantART: Tumblr: Mail:
  17. Nothing particularly good, but I felt as though I had to do something. So long, friend. You added to the good pile.
  18. Now as 2013 comes to a close, there has been many people that have left these forums for different reasons. I think it would be nice if everyone got to say their final goodbyes to their friends thats have left. It could just be a simple this and that person or maybe a more formal paragraph on what that person meant to you. Please lets keep this civil, lets not discuss why the person has left, rather it be from them just leaving or a ban and lets not talk ill about the people that have left I'll start Rinku- even though I only knew you on here for about 2 months them were the best 2 months I had on here. You were about 90% of the reason I came back everyday and with you no longer here this place this place seems less fun and sad. I'll miss having a pm from you everytime I log in, I'll miss seeing your drawings and sculpture posts and I'll miss the joy that you brought me here the most. Sorry other friends that I have lost dont have time for a full paragraph but here are their names Rory PinkiePieness Hunter Scars, he should be back though i think A jewel of rarity And if i forgot anyone I'm truly sorry
  19. Behold... God's Country Good evening everypony (at least evening to those of us in the Western Hemisphere)! Not much of a blog for ya'll tonight, but I just wanted to give you all a quick explanation as to why I will be absent for the next couple of days. Shocking as it may sound, I, the Batbrony, one of the biggest superhero-obsessed members of the forums, will be missing the premiere of "Power Ponies" tomorrow *cue the inevitable forum-wide gasp*. Now, in most instances I would consider this an unthinkable sacrilege, BUT... this is different. My mother, sister, and I will be embarking tomorrow on a 2-day trip to Wisconsin to the heart of Packer country itself, Green Bay! There, we will be watching our beloved NFL team, the Green Bay Packers, playing the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday in the most majestic stadium in the country, Lambeau Field itself!!! We've never been to a Packers game before (even though we have visited Lambeau Field a couple times in the summer, and even the Packers training camp one year), and we've been planning this trip for over a year. On top of that, the Packers are playing a do-or-die game with their playoff hopes on the line. They've got to win their next two games or else they most certainly will not go to the playoffs. So basically this'll be Lambeau Field this weekend, and NOT just because our playoff hopes are on the line! Needless to say, this should prove to be amazing and epic, and it's one of the few things I'd be willing to miss a superhero-themed MLP episode for in all the world! Now, that said, we will be driving back on Monday, and should be back late afternoon or early evening, so I should be able to watch "Power Ponies" then, and yes, I will most certainly be cranking out my usual review in both the episode thread as well as my own blog. Sure I'm sad that I won't be getting to experience the epicness that this premiere should prove to be live with all you guys, but I know that this is going to be an amazing trip, and I don't want any of ya'll to wonder where I've gone in my absence (since I'm sure my absence will raise more than a few eyebrows given the content of this episode ). I will be back everypony, just in a couple of days, and I can't wait to share in the awesomeness of "Power Ponies" with ya'll!!! Hope ya'll enjoy the episode and have a great weekend; me, I'll be freezing my plot off in God's country with tens of thousands of fellow cheeseheads watching the greatest football team in the world. GO PACK GO!!!
  20. I, Harmonic Revelations, am leaving the forums. Whether this will be permanent or not depends on how things go. Anyways, I really wanted to tell you guys in a way that expresses how much the forums mean to me and why I decided to leave. When I signed up for the forums, I had no idea what I was getting in to. I thought I'd spend a week or so on here, tops. Oh how wrong I actually was. I very much enjoyed my time here, but things have changed, perhaps for the worse. The main reason is that I feel under appreciated. If people don't care what I say I shouldn't waste my time saying things, no? That is the main driving force behind my leaving. I don't have the same driving force behind the things I say that I used to. Nothing I say matters, because nobody really cares what Harmonic has to say. They cackle and roll their eyes, ignoring anything I actually do for and with the community. Then there's the fact that certain people from the forums that I will leave unnamed have been sending me death threats through my E-mail, this is something I don't appreciate, and it's definitely something that has a bit to do with my decision to leave. It's uncalled for and when you attack me everyday, it's not something I take lightly. It boils down to the fact that nobody here really cares about the things I say or do anymore so it doesn't feel like it's worth it to do or say these things anymore. I sit here for long periods of time running in circles and doing nothing meaningful. The way I spend my time helps nobody so I don't think I should bother. This may or may not be permanent, I may have a change of heart, but as it stands, that is my decision. Goodbye, my friends. ______________________ EDIT: I'm not leaving, due to the assistance and kindness of no less than everybody. I had several long and thorough talks with various people (Especially @SCS) who have convinced me to stay on the forums. I would like to thank them for their continued support through this situation of a quite complicated nature. I'd like to thank everybody who commented and everybody who personally went out of their way to help me. On the subject of the death threats, it is being taken care of, and for that, I am grateful. Things were incredibly stressful last night and I honestly had no idea what I was doing, I appreciate all those who went out of their way to talk some sense into me. Thank you.
  21. To go get some fudgesickles I will be right back.
  22. Welp. I've come to a conclusion that I'm not too pleased with. I'm leaving the site. Why? Because, I don't like it here, that's why XD A lot of people I've met here were really... kind of standoffish and prickly, not very nice at all ): I'm given rather harsh reviews on pictures, I mean, sure, I posted it and I should be able to handle it... but I didn't ask for critique, now, did I? I've also had a lot of people give me smartass answers when I'm trying to point something out, like when I explain that I don't use the MLP style completly, and that my style is mine, I've had some folks tell me that I should stop making my charas look so MLP-ish if I'm gonna say that I'm not using the style. Yeah, screw you too. I don't need this extra drama in my life. I may only be fourteen, but for the love of Christ on his rickety crutch, folks! Stop being so cold to others. It doesn't really define the common brony all that well, does it? I'm stressed enough as it is, so if I've ever been a little mean or something, I apologize. My gramma was recently diagnosed with cancer, and I'm dealing with a crap-ton of other stress, and I don't need the extra drama of stupidity on this site, thank you very much. Seriously, grow up. I don't care if you think my chara doesn't look right. It's my flippin' chara, so buzz off. If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all. To those who were nice to me and I actually got along with in my short month or so here... I'll miss you bromigos and bromigas. I do have a dA page if you ever want to contact me in the future. At least folks are nice over there... and not as stiff. So... I'll see you folks on the flip side, I guess. -Cozzie
  23. Ok, so I as the topic title says, I have something to tell you. University is starting, and I am going to stop beeing online every day, reducing my free time to atleast sunday. So I thank the MLP Forums for cheering me up, and having fun here, but from now on I will only be available at weekends. I will post way much less, and probably will be on hiatus or perhaps my precense will be canceled in every roleplay I've signed in for. I will start beeing offline soon. So I will give you a farewell until next weekend. Goodbye~
  24. I took the original video by SwomSwom and replaced the music from Dead Island with the song by Gary Jules called Mad World. I did this for a friend of mine, who was a pegasister and died of brain cancer, called Tina. She was an admin of a page on Facebook called Pinkamena Maniac Pie. R.I.P. Tina.
  25. Im sorry to break this to Everypony but, Elder Uribe - Trixie`s Lover has been forced to leave & delete the forums by his parents due to what the say is full of Strangers, Molesters, & Murders. I was talking to him on Skype when he was telling me this. I tried to ask him why they would think that but he said that it was his Parent`s house & he will go by their rules so i can`t say anything about that. & he might have to get rid of Skype too. So in honor of Elder Uribe - Trixie`s Lover. I hope you will take the time to read this & give a vaild response towards this. Thank You. By Quan - The Cosmicwarrior From Elder Uribe - Trixie`s Lover