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Found 9 results

  1. I use firefox since it's open source, tons of addons, tons of themes. Artemis: Restoring the post to an earlier, more detailed revision.
  2. Back about a week ago, Mozilla announced Firefox Quantum, their newest, and greatest, version of Firefox yet. I decided to drop Chrome for a week and try this new Firefox as my daily driver. Here's my opinion on it
  3. Wouldn't it be a good idea to improve the notification-system with the Google notification-function for those who use Chrome? I think it's more useful if you can see what's going on if the browser is closed then switch everytime just to check if there're new messages or notifications. Here's an example. And here is how it could look like: It would be more convenient for the users and I belive it isn't that hard to do. Simple PHP with variables and the JS code should do it. Hope that's something that can be added to the forums. Respectfully Marcel / Spacethunder
  4. Here's how it goes: You use the Google Chrome/Firefox/IE console by pressing F12 or by selecting the text and right clicking "Inspect element." Then, change the things that the person said above you, their profile name, or whatever around them. Don't forget to screen capture it. For example: Have fun!
  5. I hope I am posting this in right section. For about a month already I am experiencing a problem with Shockwave flash on google chrome browser on both my PC and my laptop. It isn't serious, but gets very annoying, because this problem causes browser to freeze for a while and only thing I can do then is wait for a message about stopping Shockwave to pop up. I tried googling the issue, but only "solutions" I've found were utterly long and full of theory why it happened and in the end - confusing (they were not in polish, my first language). I don't want to know what caused it. Especially if it is essay-like text. I want to fix it. I improvised a bit myself. Turned it off in browser. Did not work. Reinstall - did not work neither. And here is, where I ran out of ideas. Eventually I've found that there might be two plugins which do same thing in google chrome and that causes the problem. There indeed were two installed. But removing one did not remove the problem. So.. can anyone help? Just tell me how to fix it. I am honestly getting tired of that message.
  6. Google Plus really sucks, It's broken so many things to do with YouTube it's hardly believable at this point. There are so many things wrong with it that I couldn't even begin to cover it in a single post and I doubt anyone else could either. So I started this thread My main problems with Google Plus can be summed up in this video:
  7. Hey there! Post a screenshot of your GC theme, whether it be ponies or something else. I'll start off with mine. GO!
  8. The top of the drop down menu is always cut off when viewing the forums on Chrome on my iPad. Subsequently, my mail and notifications don't show up and are not clickable. I'm not sure if this is a forums issue, a Chrome issue, an iPad issue, or yet another clueless Apple user issue but I thought you would like to know. The forums title image doesn't show up either. It's not really a huge deal to me because I can view the site just fine in Safari, but Safari kind of sucks, that's all. Here's a screenshot
  9. Okay, so basically, Google Chrome has just started doing this thing for me on this website and on my Tumblr where, when I try to click on a text box to type a blog post or a reply on a thread here, it simply won't register that I clicked or did anything, thus preventing me from accomplishing what i intended to get done. Has anyone else had problems similar to this? And does anyone have any advice as to how to help? Edit: I'm making this thread via Internet Explorer