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Found 41 results

  1. I was going to have all rambly and long-winded intro to this topic, but it basically boils down to this - Once upon a time, in the distant mid-nineties, in the internet before Google, there were search engines that pulled up pages people searched, but didn't sort them well. Then, Google arrived on the scene with the novel idea of putting pages that were most linked to by other pages to the top, basically ranking them by popularity, and it was such a massive improvement over the current system that everyone and their mother started using it, once said mothers figured out how to get onto the internet in the first place. And now, it seems like we came full circle, where the system has been thoroughly dissected, analyzed and gamed into oblivion that "search engine optimization" - i.e. gimmicking a site or page so it appears closer or at least near the top of the results - is something routinely done as a matter of designing a website to the point that it's not uncommon to have the search results saturated with pages that don't even contain the terms searched for, as long as they contain specific trigger words or phrases. It doesn't seem to be constrained to Google itself either as most, if not all, major search engines seem to suffer from subversion in sites' mad scramble to the first page of results. Are we back to square one, only this time with chaotic, unsorted searches now replaced with results of an ongoing game for perceived relevance? Is there actually not a problem, and the system works just fine as it is? If there is, and searched-for information actually is being gated by chaff, what would the recourse be?
  2. I was using Google for the replacement of the site's search. Then I came across a message saying the site hosted malware. I never had this message the other few times when I used Google as the alternative. So I opened up the details to find this:
  3. Im confused. I know the site uses google as a search, but how can Google or Bing browse a topic? And why is it unclickable like it's banned?
  4. It started from a question I asked in the "Answer the question" thread. I really loved the results so I decided to make a thread out of it Premise: Google Image search your Username and find the best you can find . Rules: 1. You don't have to choose the first one google gives you, you are allowed to choose from any of the pictures. 2. subtracting words from the search such as typing "(username) -mlpforums, -mlp, -etc" to remove mlpforum pics (or otherwise repetitive pics such as my name being mostly planes and spock). is allowed 3. You can post more than once, if you happen to find another pic you think is interesting and to to kick things off here is mine
  5. Personally, I think that Google FI is going to throttle the three largest cellular carriers, and force them to cut their crap on these bogus contracts and agreements, by being excellent competition for them. I think the fact that the Google FI is currently NEXUS exclusive is holding the service back, considering your average consumer wants devices with that competitive, cutting edge (the new shiny toys that come out four times a year). At that same time, they're marketing to young adults who don't want to be forced into an agreement, don't use much in the way of mobile data, and need a cellular bill that fits their lifestyle. Personally, I use too much mobile data, and the service would become more expensive month-to-month than my current bill under and agreement. The concept of leasing data packages from other carriers and distributing it from the nearest tower, in relation to the user, is hardly original; but the Google FI project seems to be making it abundantly clear that by using their competition (competition that's still overcharging their customers I might add), they can provide a cheap and manageable service without redundant fees and a mess of contractual hubub. Oddly enough, the services Google FI is modeled after failed to deliver on that concept. Those are just my thoughts, working in the cellular industry as an employee for Google FI's largest competitor. I want a consumer point of view, and I'd love to know if anyone has tried it, and what they think.
  6. Hello! My suggestion is very simple: I would LOVE to see some Google Calendar integration for the calendar events on this site, like say the friday night movie thingy or any other special event posted to that little segment of the site, so that those who use Google Calendar can get reminders of when such and such is gonna happen. The reason I think this would be a good idea is as followed: I LOVE going to the Friday Night Movie Night thing. However, I often times forget when it is on, and I miss the whole first movie and half of the second. And anyone who knows me knows that I believe that it isn't worth the confusion to watch the second half of a movie if you hadn't seen the first half, even if you've seen the movie already. While I cannot think of anymore personal experiences that would require this integration, the movie night thing is VERY importaint to me, and I'm sure their are others with similar problems regarding site events and being forgetful. So here is what I'm suggestion: find a way to insert Google Calendar into this site, so that those who use said calendar can get reminders of when such and such is gonna happen. Another reason for this, is that with Google Calendar, you have better selection options for recurring events. Like say you have an event that would take up monday, wednesday, and friday for three weeks. You can do that with Google Calendar, but with the site's calendar, I'm pretty sure all you can do is set it to weekly for one day to reoccur for weeks. Also, I'm aware of the settings in the options for e-mails, but I dunno about others on this site, but I rarely check my emails. That's why I turned off all my email notifications that I could. Because I can't handle more junk that I already read on here when I visit this site. Also, I am one of many who spends about 90% of their online time on a phone or tablet. What I need is pop-ups while I'm doing stuff on said device(s) to remind me of stuff on this site. And that is what Google Calendar does. Give me pop-ups for stuff like Movie Night when I'm, let's say for an example, I spend too much time watching YouTube videos and I lose track of the time. Thank you for reading this and giving me the time of day. I hope to hear from you guys soon, and I hope you agree with me on this!
  7. Type in those and google image them, you can also google search and snap with snipping tools. I'll start What do you get when you cross MLPForums with Stockings?
  8. So google recently had a contest for people to do a google drawing fitting the theme what makes and this is my entry. Voting will be in february, so you should all vote for me.
  9. So, I was telling my dad about "pony rule 34"--if it exists, then there's a ponified version of it. Jokingly, he said, "Ok, how about Stephen Hawking?" He figured that he had disproven the rule. Later that day I emailed him this and simply wrote, "You asked for it." So here's the game: Google "mlp" followed by whatever thing the user above you says, and see if there's a ponified version of it. The rule is you cannot make it yourself--it has to already exist. Post the pic, then say something for the next user to Google. Let's see if we can disprove the rule, or find out that everything in the world is ponified! I call it the Pony Rule 34 game, but I didn't want to title the topic that, cuz, you know. So, forum rules still apply, obviously. I'll get it started with a pretty easy one, just to get things moving. Batman. Go.
  10. oh my dear Celestia! i was on google looking for a male pony base and oh dear! i found this gem. i would like to see what you think the story behind this. i hope you enjoy!
  11. Hey, guys! Who here was excited for the Lullaby animation??? I have loved the song for years and followed this animation for nearly as long, and so for the premiere, I released a little bit of a love project for this ^^ hope you enjoy!!!
  12. So I just saw a video on this and I thought it was a pretty cool thing to share. Basically it is just family fued by yourself but, instead of asking people it takes google auto finishes. Quite cool.
  13. I'm thinking of purchasing the show on iTunes. I bought a season pass consisting of thirteen episodes a few months ago for a similar show (Littlest Pet Shop), and I figure MLPFiM would be priced the same. ...I'm wondering if anyone else has purchased whole volumes of it, via the known digital stores, (I currenly know of it being available on iTunes, Google Play, and YouTube-which I think is functionally like purchasing it for Google Play since YouTube is owned by Google) ... Does anyone have any clues as to why a Season Pass is not currently available on iTunes or Google Play? When I purchased a Season Pass for my other show, the first two or three episodes had already aired and became available to purchase individually. so maybe that Season Pass availability doesn't kick in until the episode after the premiere. How do you like the visual quality or sound quality, or the way the show is presented in the files? Do you wish the show was more widely available on digital media stores and stuff on other places and services?
  14. Can somepony help out? I was on Chrome and accdentally created a bookmark of a page on MLp Forums. I got rid of the bookmark but the link still won't go away from the url box when I type stuff in. Any help here? (I'm using incognito window if its of any relevance)
  15. My most recent conversation. It definitely made me smile. (Yes, I obviously added the Rainbow Dash and 20% cooler, but the conversation was real) I'm pretty sure there isn't a thread for this yet, so... What are your favorite/funny Cleverbot moments? (Cleverbot sings along with "Still Alive" too!)
  16. Alright first off, my name is Roguesoul and I want to one day be a writer. Now I was on Fimfiction a few months and came up with this idea, but I thought it would be cool to do it here. The Bronies Write Ponies Project. For the next year anyone who wants to will have access to edit and write a fanfiction on Google Docs. Just PM me your email and I'll share it with you so you can edit. This is for fun and hope anyone who reads it will enjoy the sheer madness of some number of bronies writing it so get the word out and message me when you want to start writing. I love you all, Rogue
  17. One of the main gripes I've heard against bronies is that you (and by association, little children) can easily find mature content when image googling SFW topics like "twilight sparkle", even with Safe Search on. I don't know about you, but I've had enough of that criticism. So I propose we do something about it. Specifically, we should form some sort of group that's specific job is to image-Google topics that children would most likely search, like "my little pony" or "MLP pinkie pie" and look for any images one may deem "inappropriate", like r34, sexy equines, violence, things like that. Then we mark them as mature content, by basically doing this: It'll be like that Tumblr movement, but with less crippling self-righteousness. While this won't prevent you from finding the stuff if you really want to, it'll at least make coming across any mature pictures by accident a much rarer ordeal. Together, we can make haters shut their greasy face holes on this particular matter. And something about children not coming across mature stuff by accident too, I guess. *suggested searches* My Little Pony My Little Pony friendship is magic Mlp fim My Little Pony rarity My Little Pony pinkie pie My Little Pony rainbow dash My Little Pony twilight sparkle My Little Pony applejack My Little Pony fluttershy Ponies
  18. Source: (There's also a source within the source in the description)Let's be frank here, guys; every single one of us uses YouTube. I always have a tab up for YouTube with video playing, whether I'm watching it or if it's in the background while I'm doing other things. I'm always using YouTube! It's one of the biggest media sources ever! But do I think Yahoo can compete with something like YouTube? In all honesty... I have no clue. There're other video sharing sites like DailyMotion, but none of these sites have nearly the amount of content or publicity as YouTube does. YouTube is backed by Google and Facebook, and thousands upon thousands of videos are posted there everyday. If Yahoo want's to even hold a candle to YouTube, they'll need to have a trick or two up their sleeve. What do you guys think? Would you check it out?
  19. So, if you go and see in google suggestions, with safesearch on, that if you search up something like "celestia and luna" it will come up with r34 as a suggestion. I just found this out just now after I did a internet cache clean with ccleaner and I was logged off so its not my search history (I dont look at clop anyway). I know for a fact that there is more pokemon r34 than clop, and if you type something like "ash and misty" (two pokemon characters) or even if you type anything related to r34 other than ponies with safesearch on it will not show anything. I've had clop pushed into my face when I typed "cadence and shining armor" even in organized groups. Why does google allow this? Are they just being obvious trolls, allowing their algorithm to organize r34? Whats your take on it? Note: This is not a personal insult to anyone, I'm just asking a question.
  20. Have you seen the latest “Google Doodle” for International Women’s Day? It's very bright and inspiring, but why not the Mane 6? It had Dora The Explorer, and Chamki from India's version of Sesame Street (Sesame Workshop produces international versions of Sesame Street all around the world); so why not the Mane 6? Feel free to discuss your thoughts. Happy International Women’s Day everybody and every-pony!
  21. Google has made a few more changes to YouTube that make it, get this, easier to use. What spore of madness is this? Now you can switch the main page to show only your subscriptions instead of all that pointless information you don't care about. There is a pull-down menu for all your important stuff (favorites, playlists, and such). And the notifications are working a bit better (still not perfect though). So...Google is actually making YouTube better?
  22. Hello everypony. I would like to make a thread for anypony interested in talking on GTalk (recently changed to Hangouts) and possibly other less used chat services. Skype is well and all but it's not really good on mobile devices and it's really bad with third-party clients. I understand that posting email might be not desireable, so PM'img with gmail address might be the best way. Other option of (relatively) safe posting of your gmail is by making an image with it. Mine is Feel free to add me If topic like this already exist, please excuse me and point my silly face to it please
  23. An article using ponies to describe some of the shenanigans of Google and Facebook and on another note I want to know where he got those figurines. I want the AJ and Pinkie Pie one.
  24. I noticed this while searching on Google Trends. It lists atheism as a religion. A religion is defined as 'belief in, or the worship of, a god or gods'. Atheism is a religion in the same way not collecting stamps is a hobby, or not smoking is an addiction. What are Google's motives? A multi million dollar information company making an innocent mistake? Or something more?
  25. With devices such as the GoPro camera and Google Glass, do you think we might be able to follow a person's every footstep in their daily lives? Once devices like these evolve and get more sophisticated, could they support live steaming? My questions are 1. If live streaming is eventually achieved, would you be interested in recording every second of your life through GoPro/Google Glass and have people watch? 2. Would you watch someone live streaming their normal daily life like if it were friends or family?