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Found 29 results

  1. I was wondering if we can post our grim dark fanfics on here? You know the kind with the blood, gore, and violence etc. Etc.
  2. NIGHTSHADE :: CHAPTER ONE Summary: A long time ago, the tesseract was known as the Cube of Eden, an device that templars wanted to have to strip the world of anyone that could threaten their order, this included the Assassins. But after a war in between the two orders, the assassin's emerge victorious and hid the cube away so the templars would never have their hands on it, along with anyone else that could threaten humanity. Well the crypt they hid the cube in was uncovered in WW2 when the HYDRA found it. HYDRA and the Templars deiced to work together for both organizations had the same mission, to rid the word and people of freedom and free will. During WW2, a lot of power was harnessed for the tesseract allowing both HYDRA and the Templars Order to doing experiments. After the cube was lost, along with America's hero, and HYDRA thought defeated; the Templars Order continued on their mission. They used the power they harnessed and the descendants of assassin's to create their own way to rid the world of free will. They continued to conduct human experiments, most of them failures while others where successes. This project was called NightShade, but each experiment turned out right until a young girl the descendant of the famous Reed Assassin's was chosen for the templars purpose. She became the Templar's successful NightShade project. She was trained by her ancestors through the Animus. Now Years later, after the war in New York, Mckenzie Alex Reed an assassin wanted to help fight to save humanity. ================================ The sound of an overhead light filled the small room with a buzzing noise. The room had plain white walls with scratch marks ripped along several of the walls. There was a twin sized bed, a nightstand, and an ancient looking lamp. In the corner of the room was a young girl around the age of 15 that looked like she hadn’t eaten in a long time. She wore a lose white tank top with a few blood stains that never came out and a pair of grey sweatpants that were so big they clung to her visible hip bones. In her hand was a book, a very classic one itself, White Fang by: Jack London; that seemed to be the only thing that brought her joy. As the girl read her book, small trembles and twitch would serge through here body, that she had no control over. Her fragile frame was covered in bruises along her wrist and upper arms from mistreatment and being handled roughly. The sound of a loud mechanical click made the girl jump and grip onto her book tighter. The door to her room swung open as two scientist and a couple of guards walked into her room. The guards surround the girl, ready to use non-lethal on the girl. “On your feet, head against the wall, and hands behind your back.” One of the guards said to the female experiment. The girl got to her feet, turned around, and placed her hands behind her back. One of the guards stepped forward and placed the handcuffs on the girl, tightening to the point they dug into the teenager’s wrists. “Subject 10041221, we are to take you to the Animus.” One of the scientist said to the girl. The guards shoved the girl forward, after the two scientists were out of the room and already on their way to the Animus room. The guards had a tight grip on the teenager’s arms as they walked down the hallway with the two scientists. They all walked in complete silence to the point where the girl’s labor breathing was heard. They all stopped in front of double swing doors you would see in a hospital’s surgery room. “The rest of you can leave, we can handle it for here.” The other scientist said to the guards. One of the guards nodded, unhandcuffed the girl, then lead the rest away from the room, but not too far just in case of an emergency. “Follow us, Subject 10041221, please don’t cause any problems. It won’t do any of us any good.” One of the two scientist said to the testing subject. The girl said nothing and followed both scientist into a large room where the Animus was. The girl immediately went to a large mechanical arm and waited to be hooked up to the machine. A few other scientists came over to the girl and began the process of hooking her up to the Animus arm. The girl whimpered in pain as the stuck the needle into her spinal cord. The two scientists that brought Subject 10041221 into the Animus room, started the sync process with the girl’s ancestors brain waves. The other scientist back away to observe the Animus session that was about to begin. The girl’s body straightened as her and her ancestor’s memories sync up. The projectors turned on and the silence fell on the room. The scientists gathered around the control center to watch the feed or what the teenage girl was seeing. On the screen was an angry mob, which stood in front of a gallows; where a young girl stood in her nightgown with a sack over her head. They watched as young women in her early twenties; dressed in black assassin robes. The women stood among the mob as they yelled to have the little girl hung. The era was 1692, the year that the Salem Witch Trials took place. This one was one of the many in Massachusetts. The women quietly watch as the man on the gallows who shouted to the people about what crimes the girl had supposedly committed. The young female assassin knew the young girl, whom wasn’t a witch, but just a farmer’s daughter. People continued to scream and shout to have the damned witch burned or hung. The henchmen of man who was encouraging the people to have girl killed, shoved the girl onto the trap door and put the noose around her neck. The assassin slowly made her way around the mob and the gallows and waited quietly for the right moment to strike. The man who was running the whole trail looked out at the crowd and before he pulled the lever, his body froze then his body drop onto the wooden platform, while blood gushed out the stab wound in his neck. Behind where the man once stood, the assassin stood. People froze, some of them screaming not knowing what was happening. One of the henchmen charged at the assassin, who was ready from him and stabbed him straight through the neck with her hidden blade. Other henchmen followed suit, and landed a punch into the female assassin’s stomach. She left out a growl, causing the man to back away from her. She grabbed him by his shirt and began to smash his head into her knee. She let him go then grabbed the noose, put it around the man’s neck, shoving the young girl aside and pulled the lever hanging the man who came after her. The assassin got the young girl to her feet and took the sack off her head. The little girl gave a grateful look at the assassin. “Run and don’t look back.” The female assassin told the girl. The assassin watched the girl run off to safety, before heading in opposite direction. Soon beeping ended the feed, as the teenage girl’s vitals started to drop dramatically. “Get the doctors in here.” One of the scientists yelled. One picked up a phone, dialed a number, and told them what was happening. They turned off the Animus and hurried to unhook the girl. The girl’s body began twitch uncontrollable as foam formed at the corners of her mouth. Soon several doctors busted through the doors and went to take care of the test subject. They got an IV into the girl’s arm and onto a gurney. The raced the teenage girl out of the Animus room and to the medical wing. =============== Written 4/10/18 Word Count: 1082 ============== PLEASE TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK!!!!!
  3. NOTICE READ THIS FIRST: I HATE TO SAY THIS, BUT PLEASE DON'T REWRITE THIS STORY, CLAIM IT AS YOUR OWN OR POST IT ANYWHERE ELSE I KNOW I SOUND LIKE A GROUCHY OLD LADY, BUT JUST BE RESPECTFUL AND DON'T STEAL ANYBODY'S HARD WORK IF STOLEN YOU WILL BE REPORTED ITS NOT THE BEST STORY I WILL ADMIT TO THAT, BUT ITS SOMETHING I WORKED HARD ON I WOULD LIKE PEOPLE TO ENJOY IT WHEN THEY READ IT NOT FOR IT TO BE STOLEN, BUT WITH THAT OUT OF THE WAY HOPE YOU ENJOY MY LITTLE STORY. I know there should be commas and stuff in certain places, but I posted it anyways so sorry if any parts become confusing, but I do hope you enjoy my little story. Chaos belongs to me she is my OC Aria belongs to Demonwolfspirit And the pony crew belongs to Hasbro And without further ado here is my little story I do hope you enjoy it. =) The Chaotic puppeteer It was a beautiful summer day all the pony folk were out and about looking at stands or standing around chatting. The heat rose well above the 90's so it was a relief to all the ponies when they saw the pegasi preparing for rain showers. After about 5 minutes or so the downpour started the ponies relieved to feel the rain some were running from it while others were enjoying the relief it brought to them. Chaos who was lost in thought did not really notice the rain nor paid much attention to it she headed to Canterlot where she knew Celestia would be. She flew over the castle surveying her possible entrances she lands on a cloud so not to seem suspicious to the royal guards not that they could do much harm to her, but she did not want to risk it." Hmm it will take some slight planning, but it is doable those walls won't keep you safe forever Celestia I will get you." After carefully surveying the area and thinking through her options she chooses a royal guard to control using her magic she gets into the soldiers head, " now my puppet let's have a little fun." She slowly starts to pick away at his mind bringing him deeper into insanity showing him images of death that was caused by his hooves, " aww now look what you did you were suppose to protect them how they can trust you? Celestia will do away with you and you will be known as the royal guard who has failed his kingdom, his princess and his people." The royal guard tries to get the images out by smashing his head into a wall blood slipping down his face " get out GET OUT GET OUT GET OUT," the other guards rushed over to try and control him, " get a hold of yourself everything is going to be alright, n no NOOOOO STAY BACK " he runs off . " You can run, but you can't hide my little puppet " her lips form a small grin " your fellow guards will fall and you will be responsible you can't escape what your destined to do so your better off just accepting it. NO I I WILL NEVER GIVE IN, well he's a toughie to break that will be no issue though he will surely just kill himself in his own world of madness " laughs to herself " this will be fun to watch, but I will have to replace him there is many more where he came from." He runs trying to escape the images and haunting words being chanted in his head, " MAKE IT STOP MAKE IT ALL STOP," tears streaming down his face. He bashes his head into a tree wanting to make it stop blood starting to cover his face he sits down continuing to be plagued by the images he looks at his sword getting lost in thought he removes it from its sheath, " it will all end here " he digs the sword into his head carving the skin away until it flops over his now exposed skull he lifts a near by rock. Taking a deep breath he smashes it into his head blood hitting the ground his body soon drops his brain exposed to the cool air as it leaks out onto the grass. Chaos walks up to him " well is it that a shame I suppose he was to weak minded to handle it, o well there's always more puppets to play with " *she flies off.* " Celestia was probably informed of the guard, but that will be no problem Luna should suffice just fine as my next puppet." She lands some distance away from the castle to scope it out* " well with the guards occupied this should be a rather easy entry." She flies silently to Luna's balcony landing she places a soundproof shield around the room so not to alert the guards of her plan. " Time to have a little chaotic fun " she laughs to herself as she steps in. " So your the one responsible for the death of the guard, well aren't you a smart one princess, but its already to late for you," she slips into her mind before Luna can react causing her to see images of her sister getting all the praise while she lies in her shadow. " No I am your princess as well love me as you do her," the ponies ignore her words giving all their adoration to Celestia, " AFTER ALL I HAVE DONE FOR YOU, YOU IGNORE ME WELL SISTER YOUR TIME OF REIGN WILL END WITH YOUR BLOOD SPILLED NO MORE WILL THESE PONIES ADMIRE YOU NOW DIE!" the anger builds up within her transforming her into Nightmare Moon. " Well this was unexpected, but no matter " she changes the images of her own blood being spilled by Celestia herself " N NO YOU ARE NOT STRONGER THEN I YOU SHALL BE THE ONE TO DIE!" Nightmare Moon flies up in an attempt to break free to act on her words, but as she goes to make her escape she takes her very own life. Chaos ends the torment walking over to her barely living body, " well princess you will be spilling her blood " she laughs to herself, " but who knew a crash to the wall would break your little fragile neck well let's end that life of yours " she twist her neck a little further the bones cracking as her body goes limp. " There now that's better " she lifts her up giving her new puppet a try " you look so sad let's turn that frown upside down " she finds a needle and some thread she sews the sides of her mouth up into a big happy eerie smile " there we go perfect." She lifts her up once again her ear turns slightly " well seems we have a guest Luna " she turns her head slightly with a grin on her face laughing " I suppose two puppets are better then one your not much of a fighter without your friends little pony you'll be easy to dispose of." Placing Nightmare Moon's body down she takes a few steps towards Twilight " my friends will come and kill you for this o will they now? Who knew you were such a funny little pony your friends won't be coming " she lifts the body of Nightmare Moon up " now you be a good little pony and stay still " Twilight tries to remain strong and goes to attack, but her eyes soon widen as she is pinned to the wall by Nightmare Moon's horn with a boost of adrenaline sent throughout her body she makes an attempt to remove the horn. " Well that was easier then I thought " she walks up to Twilight's body " fight all you want my little pony you have already lost " she digs it in deeper and her body soon goes limp she removes the horn letting the body drop to the floor " your sad as well I will have to fix that " she sews both sides of her mouth forming it into once again an eerie smile. She takes a look at both her new toys " hmm something is missing " she looks them over once again " that's it " she takes the needle and thread sewing both their eyes open so they remain open. " Their perfect now time to retrieve Celestia she will make a perfect addition to my collection " she smirks as she takes to the sky with her new puppets she lands on a cloud big enough to hold herself and her new puppets she scouts out the area to ensure she will not be caught." It will be tough, but manageable " she controls both puppets seeing through their eyes she leads them carefully through the darkened halls of the castle " now where could you be hiding Celestia? Guess I suppose I should set the bait " through her control she uses the voice of Twilight to bring her out " Twilight is that you?" She steps out into the dim lit hallway " o thank goodness your here and safe, but these walls are not safe for you Twilight there is a murderer wandering these halls that has yet to be caught. Please return home my faithful student " with no response she steps closer " Twilight?" Her eyes widen when she sees the puppets before her laughter could be heard echoing through the hall as Chaos walks up " you like them princess? W what have you DONE YOU MONSTER!! o come now princess monster is such a harsh word don't you think? You will pay for what you have you done " tears start to form and fall down her face " well here comes the waterworks its so hard to find a strong minded ruler these days they all seem to well cry over such little things." With anger building up she charges Chaos wanting nothing more then her death " you'll have to do better then that " princess Celestia charges once again, but is soon halted by the puppets who have crossed their horns forming an x in front of her neck. She walks over to her with a smirk formed on her face " go ahead princess attack me, but I suppose the nice mare that I am I will let you in on a little secret " she grabs her face whispering " any movement and your dead princess " she laughs as she shoves her face away causing Nightmare Moon to stab her through her lower jaw lifting her off the ground. Celestia struggled desperately wanting to escape from the pain, but she soon felt tearing as her lower jaw was ripped away from her mouth her tongue hung out as her jaw landed with a thud. Celestia screamed out, but barely any sound was heard " what was that princess you want to join them? Well if that's what you want Twilight be a dear and help Celestia " Twilight looks over at Celestia who's eyes are now wide with fear Twilight nods and walks over " o Twilight don't ruin her perfect skull." Twilight looks at Chaos giving a nod then back at Celestia she steps closer lowering her head to her chest Celestia full of fear tries to escape, but Nightmare Moon holds her in place " there is no escape for you princess just accept your fate." Celestia unable to move gave up in defeat as Twilight starts to use her horn to carve a sun design through all the layers of skin, muscle, tissue and bone upon reaching her heart she uses a small amount of magic to cause it to explode blood coloring in the sun design." Well aren't you an artistic one Twilight you even colored it in " she walks over taking her needle and thread out once again sewing her eyes open " there we go her jaw maybe gone, but its workable " she lines them up taking a look at them " now its time to play hide and seek with our final little princess I am sure she will be alerted after this little finding " she flies off through a window using her magic to have them follow escaping just in time as the guards barge through the door leading into the hallway, but all that was found was Celestia's lower jaw they look to the window only to see the silent night. Chaos flew from Canterlot to the Crystal Empire upon her arrival royal guards swarmed the area " word spread faster then I thought, but that won't be a problem." She scouts out the area as usual looking for a possible entryway where she won't be caught she lands on a cloud leaving her puppets behind another cloud so not to be seen. She spots Shining Armor giving commands " well I just found my way in " she looks at the cloud removing Twilight from behind it " you will be the bait " she sends her down managing to get her through a doorway without being seen, " the hard part is over now to set the trap for the little prince." She has Twilight walk into a dark room using Twilight's voice she attempts to lure him in, " Shining Armor where are you? I am so scared I don't want to die I heard about Celestia and Luna's deaths she starts to cry." His ears turn towards the voice " Twiley is that you? Y yes please don't let me die " she cries " I would never let anything harm you or Cadance " he follows the crying which leads him to a dark room " Twiley you in here? Please don't let me die protect me " she gets up walking towards him " you know I wi, his eyes widen as he gets a glimpse of Twilight's face " w what are you? Your not my sister s stay away from me " she steps closer to him causing him to back up he tries to step towards the door to make a run for it, but as soon as he turns he collides with something " what di," his eyes widen once again as he looks at the figure before him princess " C Celestia? No this can't be WHO DID THIS?" Chaos steps out of the darkness with Nightmare Moon " don't you just love my work little prince? Y YOU DID THIS YOU WILL NEVER BE FORGIVEN " he goes to charge her, " I will kill you on my own your killing ends HERE! O yawn your not the first to say that nor will you be the last now be a dear and stay still " she forces him down to the floor " there now that's much better " she looks at Celestia " I suppose its your turn just remember don't damage the head." She nods and walks over to him "Celestia please if you can hear me in that corpses body " tears start to form " please spare my life " Celestia looks at him placing her head down she forces her horn into the side of his left eye socket carving around it hearing his screams of pain she steps away seeing it hang out of the socket " now Celestia we can't leave the little prince in such pain please do remove it its not like hes using it anyways " she laughs to herself. Celestia leans her head back down placing her horn through the eye with one quick tug it detaches from the socket she steps back the eye remaining on her horn " now this must come to an end before your little soldiers come and find us now Twilight why not show your brother how much you love him." Twilight walks over looking at him " Twiley I will always love you *he goes silent for a moment* and I know nothing will stop you from killing me "your words are so touching I may just spare you" r really? No " laughs," but before you do go " she uses her needle and thread to sew what eye he has left open along with sewing the sides of his mouth into a big grin " there much better." He hangs his head low in defeat as his tears hit the floor " now Twilight finish him we have a little princess to find " Twilight nods and looks at him she uses her magic to twist his neck breaking it she continues to twist it until it detaches " well that was unexpected, but will do she walks over," but I must sew it back on more work for me " she uses her needle and thread to attach his head back to his body " there we go. A stallion is a nice edition to my collection now to find the last little princess " she walks off leading her puppets along with her she moves along the darkness not wanting to alert the guards she soon arrives to their bedroom looking at shining armor she smirks " now lover boy go in there and comfort your precious little princess." Shining Armor opens the door slightly peeking in " "Cadance are you ok? Shining armor I am glad to see your still safe no sign of the killer yet? "No, but even if they did come I would protect you with my life I love you Cadance and will not allow any harm to come to you" I love you to Shining Armor and together we can stop them. "Yes we can now I must be off to make sure everything is safe, but before I leave please let me take you into my arms in case this is the last time we see each other" don't speak like that Shining Armor neither of us will die we will fight them together "just please come into my arms." Cadance walks over to him as she nears him she freezes " S Shining Armor? "Come into my arms" Cadance your not my Shining Armor " tears forms as she cries upon seeing the site of her husband " WHERE IS HE WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO HIM? "I am right here now come, " he steps closer to her managing to get his arms around her she struggles to get out of his grip, but is unable to " why are y you doing this? I love you " she cries harder her eyes suddenly widening as he stabs through her chest " well would you look at that they say true love is hard to find, but here it is before my very eyes, " she screams out as her heart is torn out she looks at him seeing her heart on his horn " seems you wanted her love forever how cute." She walks over to sew her eyes open and her mouth into a big grin " there now my collection is finally completed now time to go home " she leaves the castle having her puppets follow behind her once home she sets them up in her bedroom. " There we go she turns her head hearing her bedroom door open "hi there honey how was your day?" It was good what is all this? "Its a small hobby you like them Discord?" Why yes I do I heard something was killing the princess's, but never imagined it was you "now Discord killing is such a harsh word I merely gave them new life" that is true honey. "Maybe we can rule their kingdoms together as the new king and queen" I would like that a lot, but before we do that will you do me the honor of becoming my wife?" A big smile forms on her face she hugs him causing them both to fall to the floor " yes yes yes yes good, " he hugs her and they share a quick kiss. The wedding day soon arrives she comes out as beautiful as can be in her wedding dress made by Rarity of course she walks down the aisle passed the puppets who are all nicely dressed she walks up to Discord with a huge smile on her face. " I love you so much Discord, I love you as well Chaos " she smiles as their vows are said and the rings placed on each other Discord lifts her veil to seal their love with a kiss. " CHAOS YOUR PANCAKES ARE READY " she groggily wakes up lifting up her Discord face mask " should have known it was just a dream ARE YOU UP CHAOS? YES I WILL BE RIGHT DOWN ALRIGHT I will get you somehow Aria for ruining my dream " *she puts her Discord slippers on which laughs whenever she steps down " now where did I put that bathrobe?" She looks around the room " ah ha there it is " she levitates it over putting it on she gets one wing through, but notices her other wing is failing to do the same." Come on get through the hole now " she tries to get her wing through once again, but ends up falling over which causes her wing to go through the hole she gets up looking. " Finally I should have a word with the pony that made this stupid bathrobe " she leaves her room going downstairs her Discord slippers laughing the whole way there Aria cringes hearing the laughter " I really hate those slippers, but every time I get rid of them they just come floating back on in " the sound soon stops as Chaos arrives in the kitchen and takes a seat " its about time you got down here, I had bathrobe trouble, o I see so how was your sleep? It was very good and chaotic until you woke me up. Sorry about that just thought you would want some breakfast, its fine would have woken up sooner or later, so what was your dream about anyways?" She explains the dream " and well Discord and I was getting married then you woke me up " she looks over at her Aria's eyes are wide and her pancake falls off her fork, " o um well that's uh quite the dream hey a girl can dream can't she?" THE END or is it? *chaos laughs* I do hope you enjoyed my little dark story I have written my oc Chaos is not with Discord, but in the story she had a crush on him, but has decided to walk solo for now not sure why I decided to post that o well, but here is a picture of the notorious chaotic puppeteer herself Chaos she is right down there.
  4. Everywhere I go, I always see some Brony saying that the show should have gore, and they even question why the show has no gore. They actually question it. How illogical can you get? Why WOULD there be gore in MLP? Just because Bronies watch it DOES not mean that children watch it (with or without their families). "i hope dat dymund teara dies a paynful and horibul deth in teh end of teh seasun" "y u no make a gory deth for princes celetia i wanted her 2 die paynfulee" "y is der no gor in da show i want gor in da show" If you want to watch gore go watch an 18+ movie. Don't complain because something else doesn't.
  5. Hello, and welcome to a little project I've wanted to do for a while. In case you don't know, this is a Choose Your Own Adventure style story. I will begin by giving you a piece of story and then you choose what happens next. I'm intending for this to be a little loose with the CYOA definition, I might give you guys a bit more choices here at the beginning, and then less later. I don't know. We'll have to wait and see. Also, if you've never heard of Fallout Equestria, go check out the original story. Sound interesting? Let's get started! Heavy rasping breath escapes your lungs. Every moment of inhalation is agony, exhalation is torment. With effort, you manage to open your eyes just enough to see dust motes floating in the light bleeding through cracks in the wall. You roll off the bed you've been laying on for... How long has it been? You shake the thought away, and proceed to take in your surroundings. The walls are made from old sheets of metal, reinforced and held with wooden crossbeams. A door has been built into one wall to your left. Some boxes are stacked next to it. In front of you is an old, dirty mirror above a rusted sink. You realise how dry your mouth is and walk over to take a drink. After cooling your throat with the brown liquid, it can't be called water, you look up into the mirror and turn your face. Who do you see? Please describe what you look like, including coat and mane colour(s), cutie mark, race, eye colours and gender. Results will be a mixture of what you have voted for and/or personal pick due to setting constraints. Feel free to add a little backstory to your character as well.
  6. THIS is a fanfic that I've stayed up till 1:00 AM every night writing! It's a Fallout: Equestria fanfic, set RIGHT after the Megaspells fall. Violet (the mane character) Must find a way to survive, and keep her foal safe from this harsh new reality! Story is currently in its 2nd chapter, and I've just made cover art for it (see below) The story can be viewed on FimFiction here:
  7. So, recently on Equestria Daily, this post went up: I didn't read the fanfics mentioned or anything, but the cover picture really caught my attention. It's Twilight decapitating a Changeling. Green blood everywhere. I'm not queasy looking at it or anything, but it surprises me that this got to be on the front page of EQD, given the gore. Now, that picture is the cover picture for the fanfic as well, so the post is being representative of its source. At the same time, EQD is a very popular and very famous site. I'm sure some of MLP's target audience has found it, and many people from outside are likely to form opinions about our fandom based on what they see there. Sethisto and the other EQD people have great power, and thus great responsibility. When they wanted to feature sexually suggestive art on their "Drawfriend" posts, they'd just give a link with a warning ("NSFW" or "Saucy", I think it was). So why did this picture not only get into the post, but become its cover picture? I'm curious what you all think of this. Should EQD be responsible for filtering what's submitted for "decency" or some similar criterion? Should they just be as representative as they can of the fandom, come what will, and leave PR out of it? Other thoughts? Also, bear in mind I'm not saying that people shouldn't make this art. I'm just doubting whether it should be featured so prominently on such a widely accessible site. Here's the image, in case it gets taken down or anything. Warning: gory.
  8. I have no idea how long I have been running, all I know is my friends and all who I hold dear to me are dead. Snatched away by the hordes of monsters simply known as the Exmortis. Canterlot never stood a chance, the Princesses never stood a chance... so what other option was there but to run from the ever increasing mass? Oh Spike...I should have been there to protect you...
  9. A new video by MisterDavie was uploaded recently and my opinion to it was, a bit of fear at the first couple of seconds, then once Pinkie started running I thought, "Hey I think that this will be catchy!" Later I was just speechless until RD came and I knew she would do some awesome sonic rainboomness! But I was shocked when she lost... Until Fluttershy came and then my reaction was, "Dang." What was your reaction?
  10. I am not about to post a link to this, but I was on a "certain" MLP related site reading what I thought was a joke article. Apparently, more than one person has written " (name) is best pony " in their own blood. I thought the article was joking, but then I saw the youtube video. Seriously?
  11. WARNING: MENTION OF GORE, AND POSSIBLY THE KILLINGS OF YOUR FAVORITE TROLL/PONY (note these are the alpha-trolls) YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! Oh dear.........this is hard to explain..... ok! lets put it this way I just recently finished watching pewdiepies play-through of "Corpse party" and I automatically thought of....homestuck...dunno why But~ I wanna turn it into a story....based on the game (anime?) buuttttt this will be a hard decision...sense only 9 people get trapped and their is 12 trolls (not counting the humans) so~ What I was thinking 3 trolls and the humans refuse to do the charm, which leaves 9 trolls all together let me put a list Trolls/humans that stay behind Meenah Horrus Aranea Jane Roxy Jake Dirk Trolls who do the charm Kankri Mituna Rufioh porrim Muelin Damara kurloz latula cronus and sense 4 die in this story this will be hard because I hate killing any type of canon character Kankri-Hung by cronus (yus...) Porrim-Thrown down the hall and splattered on the wall by ghost children (hehehe I love gore) Latula-Falls into the floor after it caves in, saves Mituna in the process. Muelin-Goes insane after realizing porrims remains are the ones on the wall (yus) I shall let that sink in for a moment..... My work here is done~ (im still debating on wither or not I should make the humans the ghost children, but that would make no sense) However, Im still debating on wither or not ill mix corpse party will all other sorts of fandoms like MLP (MLP is actually one of my ideas, I just haven't made a list of who dies and who does *evil face) BIG NOTE: BASED ON THE WAY PEWDIEPIE HAS PLAYED THE GAME, SO IF THE CHARACTER DOESNT ACTUALLY DIE, WELL LETS JUST SAY THEY DID IN THIS VERSION
  12. A few year ago I used to make a video series called WTF: Games You've Never played. Well, after discovering TerrorDrome, I've decided to rebuild my old series and start anew! Here is the first episode of the new WTF series:
  13. Let me sell you my comic, friend, if you have the time... I'll tell you right now, it does not involve the Mane 6. This is written in a way that could make you say "holy crap, this could've happened in the canon and we might never know..." So, after Dead Space 3 came out, I ate it up big time (I'm a big fan of the series, even though I'm a big puss and I', very squeamish). After the first day of playing it, I dreamt. I swear, it was like some movie I was seeing through a TV. I dreamt of a big sory full of sadness, of lost love, of horror...of ponies. I dreamt of a red and pink haired unicorn getting pinned down by a necromorph pony and her yelling for help. I woke up that morning and tired my best to remember what that last bit looked like: For the sake of eating up time, I made up a backstory with my brother and put names and descriptions to characters,scenarios to events, faces to deaths...and I started becoming interested in making this. I'm not that good of a writer and I can't animate, but I know the elements of a good movie and I sure as hell can draw, so I decided to make it official and make it a comic. This is the cover page. My skills have improved since last year, don't worry. x) The story is, basically, that during the timeframe set up in episode 1 and 2 of Season 2 (Return of Harmony), it's revealed that before Discord got loose, the Solar Empire was preparing to launch a spaceship into orbit. The purpose of this experiment was to see if all of ponykind was ready for the stresses space travel and exploration. That ship was called the "SESEV (Solar Empire Space Exploration Vessel) Equestria". Launch was successful, but when Discord was released from his stony prison, he inadvertently created a rift in dimensions and (through a series of events), presented the crew of the SESEV Equestria with an evil alien artifact: a red Marker. If any of you have played Dead Space, you'll know what comes next: madness, zombies, and things that usually come with those two. The story follows a timid engineer named Righty Tighty aboard the SESEV Equestria in her journey to escape the madness that consumes the SESEV, as well as Princess Celestia (on the ground) as she has to deal with both the events of Return of Harmony and an unknown alien menace. Now, I only did this for myself, as I could never forgive myself if I just let it rot in my head, but much to my surprise, I received a nice steady fanbase who makes fanart of my comic and anxiously awaits the next wave of pages. I'm pretty happy with it, so far. This story, unfortunately, is not a happy one. Of course there's a lot of good laughs in it *(if I know one thing, it's comedy), but (like Dead Space) has a tone of despair and hopelessness around it. It's also ripe with gore, for lack of a better word. Now, I know what you're thinking. "Gore?!" I know...I'm not a big fan of gore, myself. I HATE gore, it makes me squeamish and sad, ESPECIALLY when there's ponies invovled... But this is a Dead Space crossover (Necromorphs aren't known for playing nice...), and if you manage to look past that, you'll see why people have praised it for it's likable characters and believable dialogue and for it's tense sequences of action and horror, among other things. I've even managed to drawn in nonbronies and people who don't even LIKE Dead Space. So, if you'd like, please give it a chance? You might be surprised. Here are a few random pages to get you interested... If I managed to pique your interest, here's my dA and here's the gallery that contains all 136 pages so far. I encourage you to read a few pages before claiming it's just another dumb meaningless crossover. Thank you for your time. keelah Si'lai. ---------- No one, eh? Okay, here's some more promotional art, some by me, some not. This one's by me. If anyone's read the Walking Dead compendiums, they'd know the reference. The first necromorph pony the main character encounters, a cook named Butterscotch. An awesome poster made by a fan. Looks like a movie poster. And here's a page another fan digitilized.
  14. WARNING:This fanfiction shall contain a slight amount of gore. If this isn't allowed by the standards of this community please excuse me and do not punish me for this. There is nothing too descriptive and the gore part receives little to none attention and is very light. That given pronunciations... Ao is spelled like this (AY-oh) inspired by but clearly not as poweful. Just a name similarity to symbolize how ,i bearing the same name in my facebook page, can lift my banhammer and ban others just as Ao liften his finger and instantly made Gods into mortals. As for Xross it is not an X but rather a Kay... like The X-Blade (Kay-Blade/Keyblade). Ao by me... Princess Sky by ~Sky and Queen Chysalis by Habro. Cover Art Drawn by Princess Ebet on deviantart. And now without further ado... the fanfic... Chapter 1 - The Guardians of the Princess The Alpha... the Omega... the beginning and the end. The neverending cycle of beginnings and endings cannot be broken. However there is one thing i cannot allow to end just yet... i can't allow my Queen to fall. But before i tell you of my present... you must understand my past. Each changeling was different... each changeling was born differently... i proved to be one of the changelings that used every ending to fuel another beginning. I was one of the changelings that was armed with the determination to continue when all seemed lost... thus i was named Ao. I was born at the time that Queen Amalthea and King Melon ruled. I had a semi-long silver mane with light teal scales, and heterochromic golden and green eyes. I wanted to become a royal guard. I wanted nothing but to contribute... to help... to give myself to the changeling Kingdom. Life was in no way easy... everyone fought for the top. That's not to say that none respected each other. Everyone however was relentless, everyone worked with a passion in their hearts... Our castle was located in an gorge, underground with little light reaching us from the surface. We were a hidden species after all... None knows our existence and that is for the greater good. Under the noses of the ponies their foals were exchanged with with changelings. For quite some time they grew, up until the point of maturity when they were recalled back to our Kingdom while the real ones were returned. That was the way it was supposed to be... that was the way to live up until then... In a philosophy of equivalent exchange we gave and created a life for the new foals, we gave them memories of a good life and in turned gained life in the form of all. All but the royals and the nobles experienced this. My family wasn't of high status and so i had the chance to experience such a life. My friends... my rivals... they were one and the same. I had the greatest of fights during my life with my friends, we used the conflict between us to become better. We used conflict on both the mental and physical level to become something more. We looked together for the answer... we clashed in our Quest for the Truth, our Quest for the Strength, our Quest for Life. There were of course those who were hollow... each changeling had some enemies and that was to be expected. None had the same ideals, the same virtues as the other, none necessarily played fair. But i had someone next to me that helped. Wherever i would be i was connected with my friends, my rivals... Connected in the darkness i knew that i wasn't alone. Chrysalis... Xross... those two names are ones i will never forget. Princess Chrysalis was a unique and perhaps... "good" individual. Once i earned my position in the Royal Guard i confirmed this. She had a great interest in the future, she loved the changelings, all of them... The Guard and i with them witnessed this. We witnessed it when she visited the hatcheries, we witnessed it when she tended the wounded, we witnessed it whenever she saw a changeling die... Oh she had her weaknesses. I could see it on her face... i could see it every time the power mongering nobles sent their changeling sons to court her, i saw it every time she broke into tears for her Quest for true love. But one night... one night it all became worse. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I was standing outside the Princess' room as per her Highness' orders in my armor holding a spear and on one hoof and having attached a shield on the other. Standing next to me was my friend, my comrade, my rival... Xross... he had an orange mane and tail with a single yellow stripe on both. As we were both standing is silence we begun to ponder the events of that day. Yet another false lover had tried to reach Chrysalis' heart that day... offering her everything he could muster. Empty promises of greatness ensued and i was there silently watching. There was no truth in the changeling's magenta eyes eyes... no spark, no spirit in the flow of his blood-red mane. I knew how to see emotions something my kind always could do. It was imperative for me to be aware of my surroundings, and as an empathetic species, as a changeling i had to take all emotions into account. Especially love... I could say with certainty that this changeling made a considerable effort to hide his true intentions. But it was not enough... and Chrysalis understood too... "Crimson Lance... Leave... Right now... if i see you one more time coming after me, harassing me with your lies i will not hesitate to kill you... Regardless of your status." She said with eyes slightly shining with anger as she looked from her height downwards to the changeling noble, while gritting her teeth at the same time. Being a Princess and next to the throne gave her body the capacity to grow larger than the normal changeling. Depending on the growth and power of a changeling this would increase but in a general sense Changeling Royalty was taller than the average changeling. The changeling ahead of her narrowed his eyes and shuffled his eyebrows... "You will regret it... you won't find love ever if you keep being stubborn like that." he said turning and puffing his chest and raising his head up and walking away. My eyes widened open and this ruffled my wings and made me tremble in anger. Was that a threat? i asked as i was met with a smirk from the pretentious noble. "Threat? Oh no... i am simply saying there is cause... and consequence." I thought i heard a laugh as the changeling started to leave. I'd have to inform the King and Queen... we'd have to be extra careful for the next few days. But she was still wounded. The words had gotten to her... that much was true when she requested to be left alone in her Royal quarters. I turned at my friend Xross and spoke. "She's been there for hours almost dead-silent. Should i go check?" i said worried as i looked his way. "She's fine... i can feel her aura from here. She's just... sad..." he said with an uncertain look not knowing what to feel. I was feeling empathetic... her sadness was affecting me. I was beginning to worry... as a guard i had to help the future changeling ruler. As a changeling i had to care for my Princess. "Can you keep an eye out? I'm gonna go inside see how things are going." "Alright but don't take too long... i hate guarding the gate all alone." "Understood." I proceeded to open the ornate mahogany gates of my Princess' room. As i opened them i was greeted with a luxury unlike common changeling residences. Silk curtains with hues of green, blue, teal. Blue roses and fur coats, a large drawer with tons of dresses. And there she was... covering her face in her luxurious silken sheets and silently looking down my future Queen, Chrysalis. Oh she was so beautiful even when she was sad. Her radiant mane carefully folded into a braid, her holes just in the right spot... her sleek figure, and her black cheeks as the faint moonlight fell upon her from the window. I couldn't do anything else but protect her, aid her in whatever pain she was in. "Princess?" i asked as i removed my helmet and bowed before her. She shifted her eyes a little sleepy and looked at me... and immediately from the formality i caused she turned and the shadow upon her face grew larger. I knew she had gone bitter but i didn't understand. I wouldn't have to explain however. "Why do you insist on formalities Ao? Does it look like i am in the mood for them? Why don't you try for once speaking like you truly wish to? I've had enough of pretentious courtesy..." Oh maker knew how much i wished to speak with her freely and tell her everything. How i would give my life for the changeling kingdom, how much i admired her and her open heart, how much i loved her care for me and all the changelings below me. But i restrained myself... for i didn't wish to overstay my welcome with her. I did however partially oblige to her request. "You are my future Queen, Chrysalis. I feel obliged to pay you my respects however fake you think they might be. There is no reason for you to stop believing there are good changelings out there because of some hollow crooked fakers. I don't wish for special treatment Princess, i don't wish for any position, power, money or influence. I simply wish to see the face of the Princess that made me proud to serve under her command." I placed my hoof upon my chest and puffed my chest. I was met with a scrutinizing look and my composure was inspected bit by bit from the Princess. She kept a serious look through her shadowed face. "And you believe this is worth it?" i simply nodded and puffed my chest even more proudly than before. "I am not afraid! If i need become a pillar for you to stand upon i will! If i need become a bridge for you to cross i will! If i need become a bed for you to rest upon i..." I didn't have a moment to continue my proud rambling before she said instinctively. "Even if i became as pathetic as to need a shoulder to cry upon?" i was mildly surprised... I didn't know why she asked that question, for just a millisecond i shook a bit by the realisation of what she had just said. I regained my composure and thought about it... i wanted to at least seem true, i didn't want to just say a blind "yes". After i let a respectful moment for me to think about it looked at her through my heterochromic golden/green eyes. I exhaled. "Yes." i simply declared. Just as i thought that i saw a slight smile on her face i felt a sharp sensation upon my mind. Someone was contacting me through our empathetic link. All changelings shared that link and it was often used to silently discuss things between each other, deliver messages, and share your feelings. All changelings shared this link and the stronger the changeling, the more he/she could speak to and lead more into combat. Right now the way i was contacted felt like an awful alarm clock and i knew one thing... this was an emergency. "Ao... i think we have company..." I adjusted my ears that acted like Antennas right now and connected myself to the frequency. A split second later and just as the magical conduit had formed into the ley-lines i responded. "Not a good time Xross... i was making progress." my message was dismissed as Xross continued. "Yea you can do that right after we avoid death please? Cause i think that something is... the next part of the message was heard out loud as two loud bangs and a crashing sound came from outside. "...INCOMING!" A metallic bang was heard possibly a changeling crashed against Xross and another knocked on the door breaking the lock. One side was left crooked and the other was completely knocked off the hinges leaving a large cloud of dust. As the clash of metal with metal continued outside i grabbed my spear and shield and placed my helmet on my head once again as i jumped in front of Chrysalis waiting. Suddenly a changeling dressed with jet black clothes and shining magenta eyes jumped in the air. I immediately raised my shield and charged an emerald forcefield around as i yelled to my back. "PRINCESS GET BACK!" my shield met the magical stomp of the assassin and blocked it. A lost a bit of ground as it pushed me backwards but was generally left unharmed. If i hadn't raised my shield in time the shockwave would have knocked me off my footing. It seemed that the assassin was not trained enough. In any case he, i figured he was male from his bodily structure which was smaller than the average female as per changeling anatomy, found with a murderous intent striking with lightning quick blows filled with rage. Chrysalis tried to react but her actions were met with strong shots of green mesh. While i tried to block some of them two found their targets at her diaphanous wings and her horn, placing her firmly in place against the wall as she tried to break free. I had to buy her some time... i had to buy Xross some time... the commotion would soon be heard from the rest of the denizens of the castle and i had to stand firm until that time. The shine of silver and a metallic sound was heard as i widened my eyes. This guy was serious and as i saw the two blades attached to his hooves i knew he was determined. He charged at me... i flew to meet him and brushed aside one blade with my side and the other with my spear. I headbutted him and he rolled backwards holding me steady on him. However this caused the hood of his cloak to fall backwards as he jerked his head forwards to me. At that time i saw his face... the blood-red mane and magenta eyes. "You... greedy... POWER HUNGRY MONGREL!" I yelled as I bashed my shield on his face, and made him spit some blood and teeth. Unfortunately that freed his left hoof and he didn't hesitate to try to stab me with it. Instinctively i pushed my spear and got his hoof which caused him to scream as blood rushed from it. Filled with adrenaline infused rage i couldn't hear or sense anything else of my surroundings. I was so focused on facing this mongrel that i didn't know if Xross was alright. I had to see at my situation right now... I had left myself exposed and my enemy had finally one hoof free. Determined to draw my blood he jabbed his blade at my sides piercing the soft scales of my underbelly. I heard a scream respond to mine... "Ao! NO!!!" i winced and closed my eyes as i saw her beautiful form at the side having her entire face stretched in horror of what she was seeing. I smiled... if i died i was dying for her... for the changelings, and their future. Nothing more... nothing less. As i saw the hoof readying to strike back the familiar orange-yellow tail and mane crossed my eyes as two back hooves stroke at the chest of my enemy effectively throwing him against the wall ahead. Xross was filled with blood on his hooves. To nail down his opponent he threw his spear and pierced the changeling at the shoulder. The pain from the spears that had targeted his hooves was excruciating. And him now being attached to the well i could rest. They dashed on my side... my friend, my Princess, my future Queen... i couldn't hear their words so much. I just hoped... that if i died... they would be alright. And from what i saw they were... "T-thank g*cough*... goodness. Y-you're UGH!!! you're s-safe." i said as i gave up trying to beat the pain. It was possible that i had internal bleeding and the blade had possibly hit my spleen. Whatever... it didn't matter so much. I had achieved my goal... She was alive... and i was happy. My vision faded and everything went black as my senses succumbed to the pain...
  15. I like literally almost finished it, I won't give you any clues, but I plan on pasting the whole story in one post, and if you wan to read it some other time, I'm going to attach a text file of it. Hope y'all like it when I release it! And if you read it, please leave a message or, just brohoof it at least. PEACE! It is done! I know I know, how quick was that, like I said literally almost done. "Today was a very dark day in Ponyville." said the news reporter "Today over five ponies were brutally murdered by of the local resident ponies they know as 'Fluttershy', here with me is one of the eyewitnesses, who was just a breath away from death, Twilight Sparkle. Now Twilight, if you could tell us, how did you survive?" said the reporter "Well...uh...It was Rainbow Dash, she-she....killed her-well she shot her..." said Twilight "And what happened to Rainbow Dash?" the reporter asked "She....she shot herself...she said she couldn't bear on living with almost all her friends dead." Twilight replied "I see, now folks around here say you quite intelligent, so, what is your speculation on why this happened?" "Well...I'm now quite sure yet...but-but she was never do something like this! Ever!....although, a few days ago she said she had having some terrible dreams..." "I see, thank you for your time." said the reporter and Twilight walked away "A terrible day in Ponyville, we may never know what happened, as we speak police inspectors are are still looking for more bodies. I'm New Flash for skyTV in Ponyville, back to you in the studio." They may never know what happened, but you will...This is the story of the day Fluttershy went insane.... Old Skool Brony Presents: Flutterdeath A gore/horror Fan Fiction It was a beautiful morning in Ponyville, the sun was shining and the birds were singing and everything was peaceful. For now... Fluttershy had awoken from a terrible dream, the images still in her head, she fell out of the bed. She struggled to get up, and then she walked down the stairs and opened the door. There was Angel, waiting for his food, he was growing impatient, so impatient, he began tapping his foot. The rhythmic pattern of his tapping, set something off in Fluttershy's head, and that was when she snapped. Then she marched up to Angel and hit him with her hoof, his body slammed against the wall, unable to escape. Next she held him down, grabbed his head with her teeth, and ripped it off. Blood sprayed everywhere, on Fluttershy and on the walls. She turned to face the other animals who were already cowering in fear. She spit out Angel's head and gave them a wicked twisted evil smile, and with that, they all ran away. After they fled, she closed the door, she knew everypony would get suspicious if she was covered in blood. So, she washed off all the blood, and headed into town. "Hey Chief! We found another!" said one of the inspectors, Night Watch had been the police chief inspector for nearly five years, in the Equestrian Police Department and the Equestrian Crime Unit. However, in all his years never seen something like this. Night followed his partner down toward the bridge "There, down there." said his partner, pointing to the river below. There the body floated, only stopped from moving downstream by a rock in the middle of the river. Night went down toward the body and his partner, Five-Oh followed behind. He stopped by the river bank and examined the body, he didn't even have to take a close look to figure out how the victim died. Five-Oh, just glanced at the body and immediately started saying "Well, Whaddya think Chief? Lacerations? Stabbed? Shot-" "Hold on Rookie," Night interrupted, as he examined the body a little closer and then said "Okay Five, take this down-" Five took out a pad and pencil "Victim #6 Confirmed, cause of death: Drowning. It appears the victim was thrown from the bridge and landed on a rock, due to a fracture in the back right leg. However, after compiling info about the suspect, it would seem impossible for the suspect to have the strength to throw the victim as hard and as far as he was thrown-stop-Did you get all that Rookie?" "Got it!...Um..Chief? Could I input something?" "Of course." Night replied. Five-Oh flipped through his notebook "Well Chief from what we gathered, I think Fluttershy could've had so much rage and adrenaline that she was able to throw and kill this pony." said Five. Night thought for a moment "Hm, good call Rookie-" Night's radio started crackling "Chief! Do you come in? Over!" Night clicked the "talk" button with his hoof "I read, what have ya found? Over." "We've found another body! Its at the suspects home! Come quick! Over!" "Roger that we're on our way. Out." Fluttershy was walking toward town when she bumped into another pony. Fluttershy fell over and the other pony turned around and said "Oh, hello Fluttershy sorry, I didn't see you there." Fluttershy got back up and said "Get out of my way." "What did you say?" he asked. Then Fluttershy picked him up and said "Ponies who get in my way end up ponies no more!" "What are you doing Fluttershy?! Please stop!" then she threw the pony down from the bridge and he landed in the river, he broke one of his legs after landing on one of the rocks. Fluttershy flew down to him "Fluttershy, w-what's wrong with you!?" Fluttershy held the pony down so he could not escape. The she said with an evil smile "You look thirsty, how about a DRINK!?" then she dunked his head under, drowning him. He screamed and fought but it was no use, she held him down until the body went limp, her smile grew wider. She let the body go, and it floated downstream until it was stopped by a rock. Fluttershy flew onto the bridge, her smile disappeared as she continued walking toward town. "Well Chief, what'dya think?" asked the crime scene photographer "I dunno, Scoops, gimme the lowdown." "Well Chief according to friends and witnesses this victim was the suspect's pet." "So?" "Chief, this was one of her favorite pets, went by the name of uh-" Scoops flipped through his notepad "Angel." "Okay, what else?" "It appears the victim was sometimes described as impatient and sometimes demanding." concluded Scoops. Night though for a moment "Hmm, well, if that's the case, we've found Victim #1, and more importantly, where it all started-" "CHIEF! CHIEF!" another pony came in "We've found a witness! He said he saw the whole thing!" said the pony "Alright, bring him in." replied Night. The pony moved aside "A squirrel? Is this a joke?" "No sir! My partner here knows how to communicate with it, tell him Siren." "Do you really?" "Yes sir, it was the topic of my graduate thesis at the academy." he said. Night sighed and said "Alright Siren, go ahead." "Okay." said Siren and he began to speak with the squirrel. Fluttershy had made it into Ponyville, nopony was aware of the previous events that had occurred. Her next stop, would be Rarity's. She walked into Rarity's shop, the door chime rang as the door closed behind her "Coming!" said Rarity from another room. Fluttershy looked around the room for some kind of weapon, "Oh hello Fluttershy, are you here to pick up your dress?" said Rarity "Uh...yes?" "Okay then, I'll go get it for you." she said and she left the room. Fluttershy noticed a pair of scissors on one of the counters, but did not grab them, for it would make Rarity question it. Rarity re-entered the room levitating the mannequin with the dress "Here it is!" she said as she put down mannequin. Fluttershy, with her back to Rarity. looked at the dress "So, do you like it?" Rarity asked. Fluttershy's eye twitched, and she turned around real fast and said "No! I hate it!" in an almost demonic voice. Rarity reeled back in a bit of fear "Fluttershy, what's the meaning of this you're never-" Fluttershy picked up the pair of scissors and let out an evil laugh "Fluttershy, y-you're scaring me!" said Rarity, She started approaching Rarity, then a white ball pounced onto her face. It was Rarity's cat, Precious, he started clawing Fluttershy's face, but she managed to get the cat off her face. She growled at the cat and threw it at the window and it broke through and flew out the window. Fluttershy's face was covered in claw marks. Rarity was backing away when she tripped and fell over "Fluttershy! Please Stop!" "I think you have one too many stitches, looks like we'll have to cut some!" then Fluttershy started stabbing Rarity, blood splattering everywhere, all the while Fluttershy laughing maniacally saying "DIE!DIE!DIE!" then, she carved cuts in her body, and began ripping out her organs. Finally, she took the scissors and cut Rarity's head off. Fluttershy got up, she was about to fly out the window when she noticed something in the corner of her eye. She turned, it was Sweetie Belle. She looked shocked and terrified, trembling in fear. Fluttershy gave her an evil smile and said "You didn't see anything...GOT IT?" waving the bloody scissors menacingly at her. Sweetie Belle still there, in fear, and with that Fluttershy flew out the window. The chief inspector and partner were walking from the scene of the first murder when he said "Well, atleast we're getting somewhere." then he sighed "Don't worry Chief, we'll figure it out." "Yeah...I guess.." said Night. One of the other officers had approached them "Hey Chief we found a witness at Rarity's shop." "Oh? Where?" "She was hiding in a closet, claims to be Rarity's sister, that's all we could get from her, she's too scared to say anything else. Maybe you could talk to her eh Chief?" "I suppose, I didn't become Chief Inspector for nothing, but why am I doing all the work?" he said. The two of them shrugged and Night sighed again and replied "Alright, the faster we solve this case, the sooner we can go home." "Okay then, lets go!" said Five Fluttershy thought she needed to find better weapons besides knives and sharp objects, then she remembered there was a police station in the next town. From there she could get herself much better weapons: Firearms, and off she went. It was very quiet in the Griffithville police station, Andy was at his desk just like any other day "Hey Andy, I'm going on lunch break okay?" said one of the police officers "Alright." he replied. Just as the officer left there was a call on the radio "This is dispatch, we have a report of suspicious activity from-" then suddenly the other officer flew through the window and slammed against the wall. He had a pair of scissors through his neck "What the buck?" Andy said. The door into the station opened "-I repeat, suspect is a yellow pegasus with a butterfly cutie mark and claw marks on her face do respond-" Andy was trembling, he didn't know whether to grab his gun or call the radio "C-c-c-c-copy d-dispatch." then, the pony raised a gun at him. Andy tried to pull out his gun, but he wasn't quick enough BANG! He was shot in the head. The radio started saying "South Central? South Central do you read? South-" Fluttershy shot the radio, and walked toward the dead police officer she shot. She picked up his weapon and proceeded to the armory. Flare swore she heard gunshots come from the main desk, she was in the break room, just next to the armory. Her partner, Ricochet was there too "Flare, do you think this has to do with the call from dispatch we heard just now?" he asked "I dunno, but I having a feeling whoever it is, they're headed for the armory." the two of them got up from their chairs and pulled out their weapons. Flare and Rico went to the door "On my word, we go in." Rico nodded, levitating his gun with his magic "Go!" said Flare quietly and they opened the door. Night, Five, and the other officer had arrived at the scene. As Night was led through the shop, he caught a glance at all the blood. He felt a sickly feeling in his stomach, luckily the forensics ponies had covered the area with a curtain. He thought by now, all the bodies were on their way to coroners office to be examined. "Here she is..." said the officer, she was still in a state of shock from earlier, still shaking and trembling. She had a blanket over her, Night sat down so his face was level with hers "It's okay, you're safe nopony is gonna hurt you." said Night "B-but Fluttershy-" "She's gone far far away, it's okay." "You mean she's dead?" "Well-I uh-" Night looked to his partner who nodded, then looked back at Sweetie Belle and sighed and said "Yes...she's dead, you don't have to worry anymore, now tell me-" "How did she die?!" she asked in a more alert tone of voice and no longer in a cowering position "Well she was....from what we found..she was killed." he said "Who? Who was it?" she asked "It was....Rainbow Dash..." "And what her?" she asked in a more quiet tone, as she shrank back into a ball "She...she is no longer among us..." "Oh..." "Now now, it's going to be alright, now what is your name?" "Its Sw-Sweetie Belle." "Sweetie Belle, what a beautiful name, my name is Inspector Night Watch." "Oh, n-nice to meet you." "Now, I want you to tell me everything that happened okay?" "Okay..." she said Flare looked around the room aiming her gun in all directions she started walking very slowly, then she stopped. Fluttershy jumped out and started shooting, but she wasn't quick enough. Flare was hiding behind a locker, she looked at Rico and he nodded and they both aimed their guns, she was gone, they looked around, then Rico caught something out of the corner of his eye. He turned and said "Flare! GET DOWN!" and he pushed Flare out of the way. He tried to shoot Fluttershy, but she shot him two times in the chest and he was down. Flare quickly glanced back at Rico's body, then back at Fluttershy "You killed my partner!" and she punched her in the face. Fluttershy stumbled backward and then aimed her pistol at Flare, but she knocked the gun out of her hoof. Fluttershy then knocked Flare's shotgun out of her hooves "It appears the odds are even." said Fluttershy "That's what you think!" said Flare and she kicked Fluttershy and she slammed against the back wall. Flare pulled out her sidearm and aimed it at Fluttershy "W-what are you?" she asked and Fluttershy started laughing a little "What am I?" she said, looking up at Flare "What am I?" she repeated "Wouldn't you like to know!?" and she dropped a canister and it rolled on the floor. Flare looked at the canister and soon realized: It's a flashbang! Fluttershy rolled out of the way before the grenade went off. While Flare was still affected by the blast, she took the gun out of her hoofs. The last thing Flare heard was a whisper in her ear "I'm Fluttershy." and she was shot point-blank in the head. "Well that got us nowhere, let's check the next scene. Where to next Five?" "Um...Sugar Cube Corner." Five replied "Alright then, lets go." said Night. They have soon arrived at the scene "Well Scoops, whats the uh...scoop?" "Well Chief from our examination of the bodies, the victims were killed by projectile type weaponry." "So, you're telling me that the suspect got their hooves on some firearms?!" "Yes sir." "Well how the buck did she manage to do that?" "Well there is a police station in the next town, uh Griffithville I believe-" "Take me there." Night interrupted "Uh-uh, yes sir, I'll call in a cruiser." "Good." said Night. After the cruiser arrived, Night Watch and Five-Oh headed for the Griffithville police station. When they arrived, there was already other officers there. Night started to walk into the police station "Hey! You're not authorized-" Night flashed his badge "Oh! Chief inspector! I-" "Relax lieutenant, what happened here?" "Well-uh we-" "Have you checked the security footage?" "Well..uh no-" "Well I'd like to take a look at it and any thing else that may be useful in solving this case." "I don't understand sir, what-" "It's okay, I'll explain everything when we get inside." said Night After Fluttershy gathered some weapons, she headed for her next stop: Sugar Cube Corner. Pinkie Pie was at the counter just as if it was another normal day. Then, Mr. and Mrs. Cake rushed over to Pinkie "Pinkie Pie! You may want to listen to this!" said Mr. Cake setting down the radio "Attention residents of Ponyville, this is at the request of the Griffithville police department. There have been multiple sightings of a yellow pegasus who is armed and dangerous-" then Mrs. Cake interrupted "That sounds like..." "Fluttershy." Pinkie said. The continued listening to the radio "Please stay in your homes do not attempt to make contact-" "PINKIE...." said a Fluttershy in a long droning, menacing voice. All three of them started to get very nervous "Where are you?" Fluttershy said in the same voice. The door opened, and Pinkie hid behind the counter. Fluttershy aimed her pistol and shot and killed Mr. and Mrs. Cake "Pinkie? Where are you?" said Fluttershy. Then, came the sound of the door closing, Pinkie waited for a few moments, thinking she Fluttershy had left before she thought it was safe. Slowly, she poked her out from behind the counter. She looked around the room, nervously "H-hello?" she said. Then, suddenly Fluttershy popped from behind the front of the counter and yelled "Boo!" Pinkie jumped and landed on her back on the floor. She could now see Fluttershy, menacingly hovering over her, with an evil smile and brandishing a shotgun in her hooves. Pinkie Pie tried to back away, but she was trapped. Fluttershy flew down to her and held her head against the wall "Seeing you like confetti so much..." she started "I'm gonna turn you into confetti!" she finished, laughing maniacally. She put the barrel of the gun in Pinkies mouth, Pinkie tried to scream but it was no use. Then Fluttershy said "Have a blast..." and she blew Pinkie Pie's head up with the shotgun, laughing even more as the bits of giblets began raining everywhere. A few moments later, Fluttershy proceeded to her next stop: The Apple Family Orchard Night had reviewed the security footage and the radio broadcast from the dispatch, but he still wasn't getting any closer to why this pony would such an evil thing. His only evidence right now was based on the assumption that some terrible nightmares induced her to do this, but he didn't buy that. He would not stop until he figured out WHY, not only so the citizens of Equestria will know, but so he will know so this sort of event can be prevented in the future. Night sighed heavily as left the station "What's wrong Chief?" his partner asked "What's wrong? What's WRONG!? This case is what's wrong! We haven't gotten any closer to solving why this happened!" "Whoa Chief, calm down...maybe we should just...give up?" Night stopped and turned to face his partner "Give up? Listen here rookie I'm the chief inspector and "give up" is not in my vocabulary! I will not give up until I solve this case!" He said "Now if you'll excuse me, I have a case to solve, if you want to give up, you're more than welcome to! I'll solve this case by myself if I have to." Night started trotting away "I'll stick with you, Chief." Night turned around "W-what?" "I want to solve this case as much as you do, I'll stay with you." Night was a bit shocked, then he chuckled "You know rookie, keep that kind of determination up and you'll have a definite spot at my position one day. Maybe when this is over I'll consider a promotion." said Night "Well what are we waiting for? We gotta case to solve!" said Five-Oh "Alright then, lets go!" replied Night. Fluttershy flew over to Applejack's and went into the barn. She looked around, then she heard something click behind her "Put the weapon down." said Applejack. Fluttershy turned around with an evil smile "I don't wanna hurt you." said Applejack "That's the thing Applejack, you wouldn't hurt a dear friend, would you?" "I don't know....Are you my friend?" she asked and Fluttershy's smile grew wider "Or just the hollowed shell of what was once my friend?" Applejack said "I guess we'll see." added Fluttershy "Yeah I guess we will." said Applejack. Then, Fluttershy was bucked by Big Mac, but she was able to recover before she hit the wall. She looked at Applejack and laughed "Is that all you got?!" Big Mac took out a double barreled shotgun and said "Nope." "Well that's not fair, two against one, I think it's time to even-" Fluttershy threw something at Big Mac: a knife "THE ODDS!" she finished, Big Mac got stabbed in the neck and killed "Big Mac!" said Applejack "That's it!" she said and she aimed her revolver at Fluttershy. Fluttershy was rapidly flying toward her, she fired four shots, they all missed. Fluttershy tackled Applejack and had her pinned, she put pistol to Applejack's head "Time to hit the hay!" and she shot her. Fluttershy got back up and started walking away "Applejack! Applejack! It's Fluttershy! She's gone-" Rainbow Dash had flow over to the front entrance of the barn "Oh.." Rainbow Dash saw Fluttershy and she flew off "I don't think so!" said Fluttershy and she ran outside. She aimed her gun at her as she was flying away and fired, she hit Rainbow Dash, she fell and crash landed in the field. When Fluttershy had reached her, she started to pretend dying, then she faked her own death, praying, PRAYING Fluttershy would fall for it. She did, Rainbow Dash heard fly off, when she thought it was safe, she got up. She saw Fluttershy flying back toward town "Oh no! She's gonna kill Twilight! I gotta stop her-ow!" she couldn't fly with one of her wings shot, she'd have to run. She ran back to Applejacks body and grabbed the revolver, two shots left, she saw Applebloom run to her "Rainbow Dash! What's going on? The whole town's in a panic!" "I dunno," she began putting on sunglasses "But I'm gonna find out." she said at last. Twilight was very nervous, she had bolted the door "Twilight...I'm coming to get you..." she heard Fluttershy say. Then, the door burst open and there she was. Twilight started backing away "Fluttershy please I-" "It looks like you'll be getting a "D" for DEAD!" Fluttershy was about to shoot her when she heard "I don't think so." and before she could turn around BANG! she was shot. Fluttershy fell to the floor and Twilight saw who it was "Rainbow Dash! You saved my life I-" Rainbow Dash started coughing up blood "Are you okay?" "Yeah-cough-I'll be fine, but I didn't save everypony else..." "W-what-" "Don't worry Twilight, I'll be fine." she said putting the gun to her own head and taking off the sunglasses "I'll be just fine, but I can't bear to live now that almost all our friends our dead, goodbye....Twilight." "Rainbow Dash! No-" Bang, and she shot herself. As Night Watch and Five-Oh were walking back into Ponyville, Five was saying to Night "You know Chief, I just can't figure out what would posses somepony to do such an evil thing." "Yeah I-" then it hit him "Repeat that last bit about evil!" "Uh, posses-" "Yes! I got it! Haha! I can't believe believe how naive I was!" "I don't understand-" "Don't you see? She must have been possessed by some kind of magic!" Five-Oh thought for a moment "Oh my-Chief! You may be right!" "Come on, let's head back to Twilight's, if your right, you can count on the promotion!" "Yes sir!" and they ran for Twilight's When then arrived, Night started knocking on the door furiously "Twilight! It's the chief inspector, I think we've solved the case!" the door opened "You what?" she asked "I think we solved the case!" Night said very rapidly "Whoa, whoa, whoa, slow down." "Chief, why don't we come inside and discuss this..." said Five "Good idea..." After they went inside, Night was able to collect his thoughts and get himself together he said "I think we solved the case." "What? You mean, you think you know why-" "Yes, but we're not sure, however our theory is she was possessed, and folks 'round here say you no a lot about magic, so maybe you could...enlighten us?" "So you think it was some kind of magic?" "Dark magic." added Five "Well before you arrived I had come to the same conclusion." she levitated a book and set it down in front of Five and Night "It is said that this sort of magic became dormant long before the days of Equestria, long before the days before days. There is very little information on this though, but what may have happened was Fluttershy must have been overcome by this dark magic, it is also said that the magic will die off, only if the host is killed, or the curse is eradicated by some other magic." "So you mean, it's gone? The magic?" Five asked "There's no other living creature in Equestria that could use this kind of magic." she replied "Well...It looks like this case..." Night began putting on his hat "Is solved, come one Five, lets shake it." he said. Before Night left, he turned back around to face Twilight "Twilight, thank you so much for your help, everypony wishes you the best. Well, I bid you farewell." he said "Chief! Come on lets go!" Five said from outside Twilight's house "Right, coming!" and he nodded to Twilight and she nodded back. He turned around, and left, soon his partner following behind... THE END? SEQUEL?...Eh, maybe... We'll see....
  16. WARNING! This Story is not for the weak hearted or weak stomached. You have been warned. Prologue The Cutie Mark Crusaders were In there clubhouse deciding on what to do to next to get there cutie marks. "What are we gonna do next to get our cutie marks?" Scootaloo said. "I don't know Scootaloo, but we should figure it out quickly, its almost sundown. Applejack said I need to be home by then." Applebloom said. "Yeah and Rarity will want me home to." Sweetie Belle said. "Umm Applebloom, can I sleepover at your house again?" Scootaloo said. "You've slept over at my house for the past 3 days Scootaloo. Don't you think your parents miss you?" Applebloom said. That was a giant stab in the heart for Scootaloo. Being reminded of her parents. She would never tell them that she had no parents, if she did that they might not want to be her Friends anymore. She held in her tears and said, "Nah, they don't care." "Alright then. I'll ask Applejack if you can stay over again." "Should we get going?" Sweetie Belle said. So they decided to head to the farm first. Since it was the closest. "Hold up girls. You here that to?" Applebloom said. The girls heard a small beeping sound coming from the barn. Scootaloo was the first to react. "RUN!" Beep......beep.....beep.....BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM! The CMC were thrown thru the air and landed in a tree several meters from the barn. They would of been thrown out of PonyVille had that tree not stopped them. The Bomb impacted all of Pony Ville. "Everypony ok?" Applebloom said. "Im ok." Scootaloo said. "Just a bit bruised, but nothing serious," Sweetie Belle responded. When They climbed down from the tree they looked around. All that they loved, Was gone. Chapter 1 Ponyville "Wha- where is everypony?" Applebloom said. "There all gone!" Scootaloo replied. "No they're not there's, Lyra's over there. And so is Bon-Bon." Sweetie Belle said. The three girls started galloping towards the two mares but suddenly stopped in their tracks as two bloody ponies came up behind Lyra and Bon-Bon. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH-" They said as they saw the ponies behind them. The ponies licked their lips and chowed down. The two ponies started with the head and brains, Then the organs. That's all the Crusaders saw because they were sprayed with blood and they ran away as fast as they could. They ran to the ruins of the Apple Family Farm. When they got there, Applebloom remembered her family. "APPKEJACK?! BIG MACINTOSH?! GRANNY SMITH?!" She shouted as loud as she could. "Don't worry Applebloom we'll fid them." Scootaloo said trying to calm her down. "Oh-no! Rarity! I forgot all about Rarity!" Sweetie Belle said. "EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEKKKKKKKKKK!" Applebloom screeched. "What is it Appleblo-" Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle said in unison. They turned there head to see Applebloom Puking next to Granny Smiths torn apart body. . Will update soon
  17. Hey Hey every pony. Anyone else a fan of old school deathmatch and I'm talking proper old school: DOOM? I think it'd be cool to form a brony group on zdaemon (a program that allows people to deathmatch on the original DOOM games) if your interested you'll need a copy of doom and doom 2. (legit ie bought through steam or just downloaded/torrented the game doesn't matter to me Then you'll need zdaemon which you can get here If you're interested add me to you 'buddy list' on zdaemon and leave a reply with your player name on Zdaemon and I'll add you on my buddy list also. My username is: comiccon Don't know what the hell I'm talking about? Check out the below video I explain what zdeamon is and show what the typical game looks like. Hope to be bro-hoofing some of you with a super shotgun sometime soon
  18. The tag below should open a Windows Word Starter thats a story about a unicorn named Nero whom lived in a dull town called "Pony Vile" Do please rate and tell me any errors I may have made. Nero Amentia.docx
  19. I wrote all of this myself, inspired by the Rainbow Factory FanFic. I will perhaps not finish it, unless you already think it could be finished now. Anyway, enjoy. The pony sits in the queue of the factory, anxious to sign herself up and do the job she had heard so much praise for; rainbow making. She shifts her flank on the soft cloud floor, her large black eyes scouting the room for interesting things to look at. She sees, through a window into the inner factory, a large machine, a dark red liquid pouring in and spectra of bright colours pouring out through tubes. What caught her eye was a robotic arm in the background, it looked like it was dragging a pony through the room. She must have imagined it, nerves making her see things. Time passes and finally she gets to the front of the queue, she signs herself up and is told to put on her white uniform and begin work immediately. She does as instructed and readies herself, trotting happily to the door she had too meet her tutor at. Her tutor was a large, strong dark green stallion with a short cut red and blue mane and tail, his voice was deep and loud. "This way, recruit, your job for today is to help ready the...," the stallion pauses, sweating slightly, "To prepare the... subjects for spectra making." he finishes his sentence, with a hint of relief and delight. The young mare nods, excited to start her new job in the Rainbow Factory. Her tutor leads her through a maze of corridors and past doors and windows looking into the otherwise hidden inner factory, as she passed, she sees horrible sights of pegasi everywhere, some workers, pulling levers and watching where things unseen by the mare move from one place to another, some pegasi locked in cages, cowering in terror, and occasionally, the top opens and a robotic arm picks a pegasus up and takes it elsewhere. And the worst of these sights, a pegasus, strapped with thick steel bands, to a table in midair, its chest opened and its heart and blood removed, going down tubes into spectra machines. The young Pegasus gulps and flaps her light blue tipped wings nervously, her courage depleting, wishing she hadn't applied for the job. Alas, she arrived to her sector, the large stallion turned to her and opened the door, "Go in here, the ground level of the factory, every pegasus in here is yours to check. You need to take your supplies in that room over there and use the syringe to take some blood, then test it in the small spectra machine. If any ponies struggle, take a knife of your choice and don't be afraid to remove any limbs. We're counting on you, newbie." And with that, the tutor pushes the mare into her workplace and leaves her to do her bloody work in the Rainbow Factory... The mare passes the cages of pegasi, thin and tired, like they have been kept in the cages for weeks. Some yell out to her and plea for release, but all the mare is thinking about is that she has to do her job right, as wrong and disgusting as it is. She enters her small workroom and sees her tools, readily laid out on the desk. A variety of syringes, ranging from small to large, a meat cleaver, a large kitchen knife, a scalpel and a rusty dinner knife. She examines them all with care and weighs them in her hooves, taking a large syringe with a sharp needle and the meat cleaver and scalpel, carrying the cleaver in one hoof, the scalpel in her pocket and the syringe in her mouth, she wanders to a cage with a small yellow pegasus with a crippled wing in. "Please release me!" the pegasus cried feebly. "I-I cant! This is my job, its against the rules!" the new worker replied, "I need to just take a sample of blood, I'm still not sure what for, though..." She sets down the cleaver and fumbles with the syringe, while preparing, she notices that this small pegasus must only be a small filly, she closes her eyes and grits her teeth, digging the needle into the filly's now unhidden forearm. As she does, the foal screams in pain, the pain obviously unlike one she had experienced before. As she does, she tries to pull her forearm back, struggling against the new worker. "Stop struggling or it'll hurt more." she whispered through gritted teeth. "S-sorry..." squeaked the filly through streams of tears. "It hurts" "It will, but it will be over soon." the worker smiles, but one of her black eyes twitches slightly as she pulls the syringe back, the blood of the yellow filly steadily going into the glass phial. The syringe is pulled out of the filly's arm, a small blood spot remains where the needle was pushed through the flesh and the filly is sniffing her tears away. "Is it over?" she asked in between sobs. "Yes. But you cant go home. My tutor says all the ponies have to stay here for a bit after I do my job." the worker replies. "But you'll be back?" the filly looks into the mare's black eyes, with fear in her own eyes, as if she knew what her fate was. "If I can..." replies the worker sadly, who had cottoned on to what the factory was for. Then, the worker picked up her cleaver and walked slowly into her workroom to prepare the blood into spectra, fearing for the filly's short life and her close inevitable death. The worker puts her cleaver onto her desk, back in place with the other knives and locates her small spectra machine. Quite simply, it looks like a large metal box with seven tubes for output and one tube for input. She places the needle end of the syringe into the machine and presses the other end, the filly's blood squirting into the machine, bright spectra pouring out of the other side, yellow being the most prominent colour. The shaken mare looks at the chart lain out by a worker for her, the brighter the spectra, the better it is for rainbow making. That small filly was going to meet an early death at the hands of the rainbow factory, there was no way out. The mare scribbles down the results and sighs, wishing she could spend more time with the foal. But her job would not allow it and she would have to watch her die. She shivers again and picks up her cleaver and a clean syringe then walks out of her workroom, past the filly whom she gives a somewhat reassuring look, and toward an older, slightly overweight pegasus. "Arm," she says bluntly. The colt whimpers softly and pokes his arm out of the bars of the cage, she sticks the needle in his arm and tries taking some blood, however, he struggles and tries breaking free of her grip. "Hold still!" she snaps, but he doesn't listen and starts yelling out, he struggles more, the needle coming loose and cutting down his arm, causing him to yell out and squirm more. "I said HOLD STILL!" the worker shouts, jerking his arm suddenly. But she jerked it too hard and they both hear a cracking and popping sound as the arm is pulled from its socket. The colt looks in shock at his arm, then back up to the worker, who still has the needle in his arm and is looking at the disjointed arm. "Thats what happens when you struggle! Now," She removes the needle and puts his arm down, "Give me your other arm." The colt whimpers but puts out his arm for her, she takes the blood without him fussing and puts her syringe away. "A-aren't you going to fix my arm?" The colt says quietly to her. "Whats the point, you wont need it again. Either keep it like that or I get rid of it, your choice." Replies the worker, shocked about the words that came out of her mouth, as normally, she would've helped him. The colt just mumbles something inaudible and turns away. The worker picks up her cleaver and returns to her quarters, still shocked about what she said to that pegasus. She tests the blood and it comes out dull, meaning it is useless. But it was what she read she should do with useless pegasi that shocked her the most... The horror of what the poor worker had to do to the overweight pegasus she had already harmed, weighed on her mind. she didnt want to go out of her quarters for she knew that if she did, she would have to kill the colt. But it was her job. After a while, she decides to go and do it, it was her job after all. She grabs her cleaver, the large kitchen knife and makes sure the scalpel is still in her pocket. She was all set, ready to destroy the pegasus. She walks past the filly, giving her a warning look and gets to the pegasus' cage. "What do you want now?" asks the colt, a tone of spite in his voice. "Y-your blood was unclean, unfit for rainbow making." The working mare replies, her voice trembling. "So you're here to fix me and release me?" "Im here to end your life." she readies the cleaver and unlocks the colts cage, grabbing a few spare restraint chains from the outside and jumps on the pegasus, forcing his wings open and chaining him to the bottom of the cage. He is paralyzed in fear, his wings flap feebly as the worker stands above him, her eyes twitching, glinting with a touch of insanity. She takes the large cleaver in both hooves, taking large swings at his wing in an attempt to cut it off. The colt screams in pain, the sound of his pain reverberating around the walls and in the workers ears, the sounds of the screams satisfying a lust for blood she never had before, she brings the cleaver down again, the blood spraying on her and the colts faces, the muscle sinew ripping and the bone splintering and cracking. She brings the cleaver down again, and again until is snaps through the wing and it drops from the colts body in a spray of blood and more screams from him, tears streaming from his eyes. She does the same with his other wing, but right at the end, instead of cutting it clean off, she cuts until there is only some skin left holding it onto the colts feeble body, then she puts the knife on the floor of the cage and uses both hooves to pull the wing off, more blood going everywhere as she does so. "Please stop!" yells the colt in terror and pain. "What has to be done has to be done, I can't shirk my work." Replies the mare, brandishing the kitchen knife. She takes the knife and cuts shallowly into the colt's flesh, only half a centimetre, and cuts around his chest and belly into an oval shape. Then takes hold of what she cut and rips it away from the colts body, he yells louder than before as she does then casts it, and the wings aside as if they were used toys. She rubs a hoof on the exposed flesh and muscle, causing him more pain, then takes the scalpel from her pocket, and cuts halfway up his belly until she can peel back the sinew, muscle and flesh to reveal his internals, working and untouched. "This isn't what we want! We want the good stuff! The REAL organs!" She yells maniacally as she cuts higher revealing a still beating heart and working lungs. "Thats better." The colt protests, knowing what she is planning as she brandishes the scalpel in front of him and digs it into a pipe coming from the heart. As soon as a clean cut is made, the colts blood sprays from both ends of the tube, and she cuts all but one as she grabs the heart and yanks it out afterwards, tossing it aside like she did the wings and skin and walks from the cage back to her workroom, leaving the pegasus to quickly die on the floor of his cage. The worker goes back to her workroom, laughing low and pacing the room, licking the blood from her hooves and knife. She looks agitated and her eyes twitch and have gone dead, the screams of the colt still ringing in her ears, making her ears twitch too. She tries to lie down and settle but shifts her flank constantly on the floor only to get up and pace again, something pressing down on her mind like a vice. She yells out in frustration and paces faster, her heart rate raising and her blood running hotter and faster through her veins, her brain feeling like it was throbbing, screaming out in pain. she roars in frustration again and lies down again, shifting her whole body until she was relatively comfortable. Then the burden of sleep pressing upon her, closing like a door, a door being slammed by an angry child. And it went black. Her dreams her hardly better than being awake, she was haunted by the open, wingless corpse of the pegasus, taunted, questioned, tortured. Like a nightmare she didnt have the control to wake up from. Like being back in school, being bullied in a desolate playground, pushed around like a doll and cast aside like a toy, like the wings, skin and heart of that pegasus. The pegasus that was not the first to be haunting her dreams.
  20. Yep, a dark Mother crossover, as the characters will be "tested" on in the Chimera Labs. It will follow Fluttershy most of the time, but there will be following of what happens with the others to. It will also have a lot of flashbacks.
  21. this is timmy, a young killer with incredible strength. he wields a 500 pound hammer called the Crater Crusher, he has a demented mind and enjoys blood being splattered everywhere. (MWHAHA this is something you guys didnt expect, every entry i get for my armory adopt, i shall redraw and use later on in a very big project of mine! lets just say, timmy will be meeting some other contestants in a short while ) armory parts 1 and 2
  22. Well I searched and didn't find a thread for MY FAVOURITE MOVIES OF ALL TIME! Therefore I bring upon you the thread where you can post your opinions on the Saw movies. In this thread you can state your favourite of the six movies, your favourite machine/trap/murder device from the movie, favourite character, or try to convince me they aren't that good. (P.S. It won't work. ) It's impossible that I'm the only one on the forums who loves these movies. So for my opinion... My favourite of the six movies was number one because that's where I got my first mind blowing of how elaborate Jigsaw's traps were. At the end when Jigsaw got up and was there all along... That was a total jaw drop moment for me. As for my favourite trap I would have to say the one where Strahm pushes Hoffman into that glass case only to find out that it would have saved him. Also Hoffman was my favourite character.
  23. Yet again i felt inclined to draw my OC mass murdering. Painfully, Painfully mass murdering. More like mass torturing. Yes that sound better. Please comment, it helps me improve my drawing skills.