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Found 8 results

  1. In case you didn't notice the title, be wary that this thread is one, giant spoiler. And what are your thoughts on this case?
  2. So, it's official! AGT 2014 has already begun! And it has begun with a dose of OMG! A young pianist led off the season and blew everyone away! So, what more do you expect from AGT 2014, and what do you NOT expect to see?
  3. Hey guys... By now, many of you will have already read my most recent blog post that expressed my frustration at the forums, particularly the higher-ups, for not doing enough to be involved with the rest of the community and making them feel welcome. Well I wanted to apologize for harshness of tone and the manner through which I presented my frustrations. I happily say that the forums does do a fabulous job helping people out. While I still think the forums can do more for those less popular people who have their own talents to share, I realize that venting it out in anger wasn't the best way to express such concerns. Much of my frustration boiled over after my parents were hostile towards my intentions to pursue a Masters degree in Biochemistry in order to pursue a pharmacological career. My mom even called the professor's life "an easy one", and expressed nonchalantly and angrily that it was my life and that she didn't want anything to do with it anymore. Looking at the forums, I hastily saw that ignorant and cold-hearted spirit being played at many spheres in the forum community and that got me very frustrated. That being said, I still disagree in a forum that places hierarchy and popularity first. These are characteristics any forum should avoid at all costs. When I first joined the forums two years, I was never popular, but I never asked for it. I was already content with Feld0 continually interacting with the rest of us that made us realize that the mods were indeed human beings. Nowadays, that view is being jeopardized, most likely because of the massive growth the forums underwent, particularly in the last year, and an apparent complacency of forum members like me who have felt they've done enough to make the forums a better place. With a larger forums comes greater responsibilities for the mods. They've been less available due to the immense work they have to put in here and their real lives. I myself have undergone that same strain as a guild master in a free MMOPRG known as Spiral Knights. The fact the forums are still together now after this incredible size change says a lot about them. Although I see technical and social quirks and issues here and there, it's to be expected with such a large forum. Size is something we cannot control, but at least we can better organize our time for everyone. At least we can reply to people when we say we're busy, or at least we can give assurance that we read an interesting status update by replying to it. It's those little things that make members feel welcome here. We're not perfect, but at least we can try. That brings me to the World Cup itself. Despite the issues, the forums did a wonderful job helping me promote the 2014 MLPF World Cup, a tournament that had many aims, some of which were as follows: 1. To raise awareness of 2014 being a World Cup year and soccer as a worldwide sport brings people together. 2. To gather bronies together to share in their love for their favourite character, from the strongholds of the Mane 6 to the minnows of Mayor Mare and Dinky Doo. 3. To help artistic bronies realize their talents by drawing banners, trophies, and mascots through art contests. 4. To realize my dream of hosting a massive World Cup where a large chunk of the forums is involved (ie, at least 200-300 voters regularly) While the World Cup was largely successful in fulfilling the former two objectives, I still feel that the third and fourth objectives need fulfilling. While I realize that the final objective may be impossible, the third objective is still possible, and I was frustrated that the mods weren't getting to my request to update the announcement for the World Cup to include the contests for the artists. That was part of the issue that left me angered. Ok... now that I've said everything that needs to be said. I just wanted to conclude by apologizing again for any hostility I created through my anger. I was becoming frustrated at the people who felt left out, those people who I agreed with it. I was frustrated at my family for not caring about my future. I was frustrated with my friends for ignoring me when I tried to say anything. Finally, I was frustrated with my closest friends because they were always unable to reply promptly to private messages. The anger let out, and I couldn't control it. I will make sure to better control them from now on, and I will make sure to respond by contributing to the forums by making new friends with people who don't have any friends. That's what I wanted to end with. See a friend feeling lonely? Talk to em. See someone referring to something you know about in a status update? Reply to em. They may seem really small, but for someone feeling lonely, it means the whole world. That's what I aimed with the World Cup. Those wonderful pictures you guys post of very cute ponies and talking about your favourite pony. That's a huge step to making people feel welcome.
  4. Oh cool, a Fan Music section! So, let me introduce to you my very first MLP fan song So, basically, this is a demo/preview song. Why? Well, the goal of that project was to find "somepony" who want to make lyrics and sing on this song. I'm asking that because, I'm not a English (as I said when I introduced myself to that forum, well, I just learned english until highschool and also practiced by myself) and I don't want to make something with poor grammar, If you understand what I mean of course About the song: This music is more or less between hip-hop and rap style, and I also made a custom bassline in that song, to make it sound like an american rap with bass song (and also because I like car audio, and I consider myself as a basshead...SUBWOOFA POWAAAAA ) Hope you enjoy this song, and If there's someone who want to work with me on this little project, warn me on this topic of send me a PM. PS: Making music is my favorite hobby, I don't consider myself as a professional, but I hope one day I can reach the level of our best artists like The Living Tombstone. I'm not asking to be famous ... well...of course it is always good to be known,but just want to improve my level of knowledge in electronic music (music made by software) and hope that my work pleases everyone. More songs coming soon!
  5. Alright so I updated my OC a bit and I realized I didn't like his leg. Not the drawing, it's amazing special thanks to Mayuen on that ^.^ But the whole leg in general. Here's the pic. The front left leg, (left as in on Fluttershys side) has to go! I would like if somepony could remove it and give him a Prosthetic. Preferably in a Steampunk style, that would look nice with the original pic! If anyone wants to know Solar is my only Pony OC and I put time into him. I just get onto whims and decide things. This happens to be one of them If someone could do this I would be very appreciative! Heres a model I like, tweak it anyway you want but something sorta like this except, for a pony Artist for that model is Tyvm!
  6. i made this when i got the idea. i think that it is worthy for brony eyes and some might even think it is awesome. tell me if you like it. sorray i spelled cider wrong
  7. HELLO GENTS this here is my cover of pinkie's smile song for equestria's got talent program so here it is! thank you! (i know some parts are quieter than others and the mic is that good so yeah )
  8. So today I met my first brony in real-life At school today we had a substitute teacher in one of my classes and he let us talk amongst ourselves. I talked with my friends for a while, before I decided to attempt to draw a muffin. I failed... Anyway, sometime after I finished drawing my fail muffin (sorry Derpy ) one of my friends (I say friends but it we were more of acquaintances) approached me asked, quite directly, if I was a brony. At first I was all like, "Whu?" but I realized what she had asked, I was all like "OH!" I quickly answered, "Yes!" and she seemed momentarily stunned. The shock was quickly replaced with sudden happiness as we began to talk about ponies. Long story short, I made a new brony friend today in my English class, and now I want to hear about your real-life encounters with your fellow bronies! Did you ever meet an unexpected brony? Have one of your long-time friends ever revealed their love for the show, without knowing that you were a fan yourself?