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Found 5 results

  1. A long time ago when I was just a little filly, I took a trip to my auntie and uncle’s place in Manehattan to try and find out who I was. And I did, or at least I thought I did. Few weeks past I got in touch with another side o’ me and I don’t know if I’ve ever been happier. The gals seem to have mixed opinions about the deal, sadly. Rarity looked mighty upset and kept mutterin’ things like “Where did it all go wrong? “, RD just chortled about it, and Pinkie Pie wouldn’t stop followin’ me and prodding my mane and tail. I’m still not sure why a silly manecut and my new lease on life are such a big deal to everypony, but I figured it’d be best for y’all to spit out any questions you have now so we can just move on with our lives.
  2. So these apparently are coming soon. Do they have to have Gothic ponies though? Of course, Applejack is left out yet again. I personally think this is funny.
  3. "Darkness, suffering and angsty stuf...umm, if that's ok with you..." Seemed appropriate to post this for Halloween! Ran out of pink minky and had some cheap costume jewellery and leather scraps lying around!
  4. Ok the 4th review is on my favorite guitar that I have played so far, my Epiphone SG! Price- 10/10 At $280.00 this guitar is cheap, but it doesn't sound cheap, or look cheap for that matter. I would pay $500.00 tops for this guitar Durability- 9/10 I've had this guitar for about 2 years now and during those two years I've accidentally ran it into many walls and it actually fell on the ground once. IT DIDN'T EVEN HAVE A SCRATCH!!! This guitar sounds just as good as when I got it. Ease of play- 9/10 This guitar is great for any player. The neck is large enough for big hands, but small enough for small hands. Hardware- 10/10 here it is from the website itself... Body mahogany Neck mahogany, glued in Scale 24.75” Neck Profile SlimTaper™ “D” Nut width 1.68 Fingerboard rosewood, 22 fret Fingerboard Radius 12” Neck Pickup Alnico Classic™ humbucker Bridge Pickup Alnico Classic Plus™ humbucker Bridge LockTone™ Tune-O-Matic Tailpiece Stopbar Controls Neck pickup: 1-Volume, 1-Tone/ Bridge pickup: 1-Volume, 1-Tone w/full-size 500K O potentiometers Hardware Nickel Tuners Grover® 14:1 ratio Color Pitch Black (PB) Sound- 9/10 This guitar has such a wide variety of sound it's amazing. It can do heavy metal to country to pop at the snap of a finger. The sound can get weird around the 12th fret of the lower strings, but what guitar doesn't do that. Total 47/50 Highest scoring guitar yet... This guitar is almost perfect and I would recommend it to anyone who plays and wants to play the guitar.
  5. Hey, everypony! Finally finished up the cover of d.notive's Vicious Lies. Vocalist stopped having bronchitis, yay! Check it out.