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Found 11 results

  1. I've noticed lately that Grammar has seemingly been getting lazier on the internet. People just don't seem to care about things like punctuation, and capitalization as much anymore. People will often revert to some form of "text talk." I'm making this thread to promote the usage of correct grammar since it makes things easier to read. I mean, we've all stumbled across those horrid wall-of-texts before that are basically just one giant run on sentence before. Now, it's reasonable to make a few mistakes every now and then. We all make mistakes after all. But I firmly believe that attempting to use correct grammar is a noble feat. The only thing stronger than fear is hope correct grammar. Now I know what you're probably thinking. In some aspects you're right about that. However, I understand that people make mistakes. Some common grammatical errors I see are similar to the examples given below. (Mostly examples 1, and 2.) Example 1: i think rainbow dash is the best pony she has an awesome mane and all of the other ponies their jealous of her awesomeness!!! Example 2: capitilization? what's that? i've never head of it before. Example 3: I'M SO AWESOME BECAUSE I TYPE IN ALL CAPS!!! So would you kindly support correct grammar? You don't have to be a Grammar Nazi. I mean, there are other options. Everybody likes Weird Al, right? If you wish to learn more about the ancient art of correct grammar usage, check out his new video. Disclaimer: This thread isn't meant to be taken seriously. It's more or less me joking about the poor grammar on the internet.
  2. Grammar is mad important and u need 2 tak it srsly cuz no1 wants 2 reed a story when it looks like dis. We’ve talked about plot lines, we’ve talked about characterization, and we have talked about Writers Block. Now we should talk about the thing everyone loves to make fun of, and that’s grammar. You could have a great idea for a plot, but it means nothing if you can not convey it properly. If the plot is the life of everything you’re doing, the grammar is the frame work. It should not hurt my eyes to read what you’re writing. That means no walls of text (like above), proper spelling and punctuation, and the knowledge of how to write dialogue. That seems to be a main issue for a lot of new writers. It takes some getting used to but it is fairly straightforward. So let’s go over examples of how NOT to write dialogue: SCRIPTWRITING FORMAT A story is a story. A script is a script. There is no middle ground. Bob: I relli luv tis blog Bill: I h8 it it sux nd so duz the guy writing it Bob shoves Bill, Bill shoves Bob, and tempers rise. This is an excerpt from the story How To Lose A Reader In Three Lines. You will not get far with this format. It’s not the correct way to write dialogue and were you to use it in school or a major publication you would fail or be embarrassed. This is not even the correct scriptwriting format either, poor grammar aside. SENTENCE FRAGMENTS AND RUN-ONS “I really love apples” said ted “That nice but we should see other people” said teds friend apples We’re getting closer now. We see some quotation marks which is a good sign, but we are still missing a few fairly important punctuation marks. As is we have run on sentences galore. These become confusing and annoying. Sooner or later your reader may throw in the towel here, but you will probably get a few pointers from some critics which will be good. ”I did not hit her. It’s not true. It’s bulls%#@! I did not hit her! I did not! Oh, hi Mark.” said Johnny. ”Oh hey Johnny, what’s happening?” asked Mark. We almost have it. Here we see much better grammar for the most part but we still have a few mistakes. First of all, you don’t censor or bleep out a curse word in a story. It’s not reality tv. Just write out the fucking thing you’re trying to say. Second is one of the most common errors I see in dialogue: the period ending a character’s spoken words. “Oh hi Mark.” said Johnny. Here we have two incomplete thoughts thanks to the period in the middle: ‘Oh hi Mark’ and ‘said Johnny’. To fix this is simple: replace the period with a comma: ”Oh hi Mark,” said Johnny. The comma tells us to pause a moment but not for a full stop like a period. Therefore we have a complete thought. But what about Mark’s response? He got it right. There’s nothing wrong there. The question mark is excused because we need it to help understand that the statement is really a question. THE WRITE WAY “Oh my God!” exclaimed Malory. “What shade is that?” ”You have metal shards in your hand and you’re gushing arterial blood. I’m the only guy here who can save your hand, and probably your life,” said Michael. ”I like you just the way you are.” ”Did you know that the foam remembers me?” asked Tobias. “That’s why they call it ‘memory foam!’” If you’re not sure of how to proceed, look at a book you may have lying around. Otherwise, these will usually get you through what you’re trying to write. A well polished story always looks nicer than a story that forsakes grammar and spelling.
  3. Personally, mine is spelling. I'm fine with typos, though, because everyone has those once in a while. I mean things like misspelling "maroon" as "moron". Yes, it's happened. EDIT: I realized I made a spelling error when I typed this post, whoops.
  4. Assume it is Friday, the 1 st of the month. What does it mean when someone says, “this weekend?” Are they talking about tomorrow, the 2 nd? What if it is Monday, the 28 th and someone asked, “What did you do this weekend?” Do they mean yesterday, the 27 th? Surely not, because in one case “this” means the upcoming weekend, while in the other case it would mean the past weekend. In fact, it makes no sense to say “this X” unless you are in X. Consider the logic. If you say, “this year” you mean the year you are in. Right now it is 2016, so if I say “this year” I mean 2016. If it is December 31 at 11:59 pm, “this year” means 2016. At 12:00, 1 January, “this year” means 2017, because that will be the year we are in. If I say “this month” I mean the month we are in. If I say “this week,” I mean the week we are in. If we shrink the time window from year to month to day, saying “this” means the one we are in. Further, saying “next” means the immediate one coming up. If it is Friday, and I say, “next Saturday,” then logic demands that I am referring to tomorrow. If it is Friday and I say, “this Saturday,” then this produces a logical error. Making a comparison to computer programming, we can “cascade the operator,” or whatever the correct terminology is. Maybe we can define the rules as such: “this X” refers to the X we are in, unless we aren’t in a X. If this is the case, then we refer to the one next. In this case, if it is Friday and I say “this Saturday,” then I mean tomorrow. But saying “next Saturday” would also refer to tomorrow. Would you want “this” to refer to tomorrow and “next” to refer to 8 days from now? This could, technically, be made a consistent rule, but it would be so awkward and confusing. Let us stick to simple, logical rules. “This” means the one we are in, and “next” means the immediate upcoming, regardless of how soon or far away it is. produces tomorrow. produces whatever day it is, for example Saturday. also produces tomorrow.
  5. Sunny Fox

    Then vs. Than

    I am, I will admit, a bit of a "Grammar Nazi." You could even go so far as to call me a pendant, because I always strive to be correct in my use of language. And 99% of the time, I am. Although I prefer the term "Grammar Fascist", since the Nazis were hardly the only fascists around at the time, and why should they get all the publicity? So I'm going to set some people straight on the difference between 'then' and 'than'. I come across this particular error frequently. And when it's a person who isn't a native English speaker, I am willing to forgive it. If it's just due to laziness, then I feel no particular need to be charitable. Of course, the usual objection is "if the meaning is clear, who cares if the language usage isn't perfectly correct?" Well, I do. Blame it on being an English teacher (or a smartass, the two are virtually one in the same ) Besides, I think being correct in one's use of English indicates an attention to detail and a careful disposition, both of which I find worthy traits. And why shouldn't you strive to improve, native speaker or not? That said, please don't consider this as snobbery. I just care about the English language and wish it to be used properly. So when to use 'then' and when to use 'than'? Ironically, 'when' is a determining factor. 'Then' is used when describing some kind of sequence. It could be a simple description of timing, e.g. "I had a bath, then I ate dinner, then I went to bed." In this sentence, the order of events (when each event happened in relation to the others) is being described. "I had a bath and ate dinner and went to bed" provides the same information, but in this case, it's not explicit in which order the events happened. It could well be that "eating dinner" came before "having a bath". Context dictates that "going to bed" should be understood to be the event transpiring last, since it's hard to imagine a situation in which you ate dinner or had a bath after going to bed, but it's still technically possible. A second use of 'then' is when used as a conditional, e.g. "When English is used correctly, then I am happy." or "If it rains, then I will stay inside and watch ponies". It's more subtle, but the sequence is still there. The clause before the 'then' occurs first, and is the cause of the clause after the 'then', which has to happen second. 'Than' is used when a comparison is being made, e.g. "Rainbow Dash is faster than Lightning Dust." And that's it. If you find yourself wondering which one to use, remember that comparing needs 'than', when needs 'then.' PS:
  6. The iron roses gleams with a silvery glow Under the sun they sit A site that will make you stare in awe When a plant could shine like this Pick them and bring them back into town Swirling shapes shatter shared space It seems they don't want to leave The fog rolls in out of the blue A great grey shroud gives way Putting them back the fog will fade Making their message clear as day Either appreciate with your eyes or don't come back again Those iron roses.. those iron roses
  7. Now a little back story: I'm a senior in college. My roommate has enough hours to be a senior but he's still probably 2 more years from actually finishing and getting a degree. But we're roughly the same age and we've been pretty close friends since 8th grade. We found we liked Pokemon (a lot) in high school and gaming is kind of our thing. But we're also pretty imaginative sometimes and we start making up some crazy stuff. Anyway, this is a running gag between us for the last five or six years or so. It started when we were diagnosing cereal mascots with psychotic disorders. Trix Rabbit: Lots of pent up anger because he sees no reason that Trix can only be for kids Lucky the Leprechaun (Lucky Charms): Severe paranoia that "they're always after" his "Lucky Charms" Sonny the Cuckoo Bird (Cocoa Puffs): Severe ADHD + Panic discorder. That bowl of Cocoa Puffs is always the straw that breaks the camel's back for this guy. That's just a few. This eventually evolved into creating our own superhero. He was years in the making. He lives in a little of all of us who patrol the internet. He is the Nazi of Nazis. Some accept and love him. Others reject and hate him. He is.... He is...Grammarman. It started with a conversation about people who are too lazy to be grammatically correct. We agreed that people spend 12 years in school being taught the only language they know. We're taught how to read, write, and use English for two-thirds of our childhoods. Therefore there's no reason to suck at it. If you were taught how to play piano for 12 years from the time you are 5 years old, would you absolutely suck at it or would you demonstrate some considerable skill? The same goes for language. We also agreed that if you're multilingual, you get cut a lot more slack on this. I can see how it would be easy to confuse the spellings of various words when you can be thinking in two or more languages at any given moment. Alright, now that I have that mini-rant out of the way, let's move on. . The story starts with a woman. One of those over the top feminist women who think guys are jerk bags when they hold the door because that makes them look weak. The Grammarphone (yes that's a pun on a gramophone--as in a vinyl record) goes off. It's a message from the store owner Owner: Grammarman! We need your help! Grammarman: I am on my way! [Grammarman strides politely into the McDonalds to find our scene] Grammarman: What is the problem here? Cashier: We gave her pickles on her cheeseburger. Woman: And I didn't want no pickles on my burger! Grammarman: [to woman] Did you want pickles on your burger? Woman: No! I didn't want no pickles on my burger Grammarman: Those sentences contradict each other. Woman: I didn't want no pickles and I got pickles! Grammarman: Exactly. Woman: And I told him I didn't want no pickles! Grammarman: Then, ma'am, I fail to see the problem. If you "didn't want no pickles" and you got pickles, then you did, in fact, order pickles. You got exactly what you ordered. NOW SHUT UP AND GO EAT THE FOOD YOU ORDERED! And so, thanks to our beloved Grammarman, a problem that never existed in the first place was resolved because someone was too stupid or lazy to properly use the only language he or she knows. What future struggles await our hero? Find out in the next issue of Grammarman! We had too much time on our hands in high school Grammarman hasn't popped up in conversation in a while, but his legacy lives on. Grammarman is the SSID for our internet router. We've also called it The Awesome Narwhal and NSA Monitoring Station before (thanks to Evilshy for that last one), but Grammarman is its current alias.
  8. Canon: (n) In the context of story franchises, canon is the official accepted story on which third-party material is judged. If something is non-canon, for example, that means it goes against what is officially established or it won't be considered to be part of the actual story. Fanfics are non-canon by their very nature, for example. Cannon: (n) a combat weapon that is used to fire large ballistic projectiles. I.E., the cannons on a battleship, a classic colonial cannonball cannon, or a handcannon (which is slang for a remarkably large handgun). Please to be not mixing these terms up kthxbai
  9. HELLO PPL my name is PONESLAYR i hate PONEIS but IM also a TALNTED ARTST so pls c my comx ISSUE 1 ISSUE 2 ISSUE 3 ISSUE 4 ISSUE 5 ISSUE 6 ISSUE 7 ISSUE 8 ISSUE 9 ISSUE 10 SPECIAL ISSUE 11 ISSUE 12 ISSUE 13 ISSUE 14 ISSUE 15 ISSUE 16 ISSUE 17 ISSUE 18 ISSUE 19 ISSUE 20 ISSUE 21 ISSUE 22 ISSUE 23 ISSUE 24 ISSUE 25 ISSUE 26 ISSUE 27 ISSUE 28 ISSUE 29 ISSUE 30 ISSUE 31 ISSUE 32 ISSUE 33 ISSUE 34 ISSUE 35 ISSUE 36 ISSUE 37 ISSUE 38 ISSUE 39 ISSUE 40 ISSUE 41 ISSUE 42 ISSUE 43 ISSUE 44 ISSUE 45 ISSUE 46 ISSUE 47 ISSUE 48 ISSUE 49 ISSUE 50 SERIES 2 ISSUE 51 ISSUE 52 ISSUE 53 ISSUE 54 BRONEY COMIX SERIES 1 HELLO PPL my name is now PONELUVR i luv PONEIS ISSUE 1 ISSUE 2 ISSUE 3 ISSUE 4 ISSUE 5 ISSUE 6 ISSUE 7 ISSUE 8 ISSUE 9 ISSUE 10 ISSUE 11 ISSUE 12 ISSUE 13 ISSUE 14 ISSUE 15 ISSUE 16 ISSUE 17 ISSUE 18 ISSUE 19 ISSUE 20 MLPFORUMS BIRTHDAY SPECIAL ISSUE 21 ISSUE 22 I MAK MOR REGLARY SO CHEK BACK PLS *So this is an idea I got a while back but finally went through with. All over the internet, we see haters, sure. But what if there was a person who hated ponies and bronies so much that they actually spent all their time in a festering pit of rage? And this person focused his hatred into making pony hate-comics? Behold, this thread. In it, I play the role of an over-the-top hater. This is just satire. I really don't mean to offend anybody, since I highly doubt anybody like the star of this comic actually exists. Any time I don't act like PONESLAYR in this thread, I'll mark it.
  10. Don't you just hate it when people comment about your grammar in your fanfic? There's a solution. I found a website that spots any grammar errors being made and gives you ideas on how to correct them. Here's the link:
  11. I was kind of curious as to what kind of spelling do most people prefer. Personally, I'm from Canada so I grew up spelling things how the British do. A lot of my teacher's tell me that since I live in the US now I can't spell things the way I learned growing up. I think that's a load of garbage, but that's not the point of this thread. Which do you prefer British spelling or American spelling. Also, if there is another spelling that I don't know about put it down anyways.