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Found 21 results

  1. I'd figure I'd start showcasing some non pony artwork that I've made over the years from going to an art school. first i'll start off with a Cinema 4d still image of a classic steel cage around a wrestling ring. It was relatively easy to make. What do you think?
  2. My first piece of art relates to my first post here Here it is: This is a wallpaper showcasing 6 other ponies representing the Elements of Harmony. I used Gimp to make this.I got the characters and elements from Google images so I don't own anything. I used a gradient for the background and lowered the opacity for the Mane 6.Behind the elements I used a gradient flare for each of them. And as you can see these are my choices for the ponies who would carry the banners for the elements if by some chance the Mane 6 couldn't defend Equestria. I just thought it would be a neat concept. What do you think of it?
  3. Meh I make graphics, I like to make em as a side hobby and for free and such and do a lot or not to much given my mood! So here is a thread of my graphics from ponies to Wallpapers and side stuff for others and etc! See Wallpaper! Also a pony:
  4. So I thought for the season to make some MLP themed Holiday cards that you are all free to use to send Holiday greetings and wishes to family and friends! My Goal is to least give you folks five to use in this being one of five! Happy Holidays All!
  5. Howdy! I just finished making this low poly styled lion portrait, so I wanted to share it here. First time doing something like this and took forever to do . Let me know what you think!
  6. Been wanting to do a wallpaper with this guy for a while and I got one more in the works. Kept it simple but wanted to get a slight more darker to dirty tone with this one. Used a few textures and fading in a few parts, kept to colors of purple and greens we see in the use of dark magic in the show and smudged and some blur and texture and glow effects on the brushes. I changed Sombra's a bit into simple black and white and keeping in tone to the style I've been using the last months of no eyes and things simple. Used: Gimp 2.8 and Paint.Net Time: 3 days Textures:… Sombra:…
  7. Hi everypony! I've made this Obama-election-poster-style image in Photoshop, I hope you like it. This would be good as a T-shirt print, eh? : D
  8. Hi Everyone! I want to ask You about Your experience with graphic tablets. What are You using? What would you recommend? What do You think about this one (of course if You used this) Wacom CINTIQ 13HD? And how was Your first time with using graphic tablets? I know that most of them haven't display like this Wacom CINTIQ, so is it easy to get used to it? I mean coordination between space on screen and space on tablet. Give me some advices please, how to choose? What is the most important? Thank You!
  9. So I've posted this before and and got some feed back on drawing but what I want to get is some help in learning how to make ponies/ocs in using graphics programs/using bases and yes I tried to look up videos in how to make ponies in: inkscape. Now it mostly how to vector the ponies and their outlines, not make ocs and its the same in DA sadly. I found one youtube video on how to use Paint but it just that, what I need to know is HOW? Like how to make manes/tails/color/shading/add in garments and such details! (No I will not use paint tool sai). If anyone can help me, give me some links maybe (also my glasses are broke which sucks...) or talk to me a bit , I would love it! I want to make the graphics not just for myself but to help out other people get their ocs also made! What Programs I have: Inkscape (I Dont like this program, hows it laid out and how it works....Yes I have tried it...) Gimp 2.8 Paint Thanks Tao Also the one to few tutorials I did fine was on drawing or how to vector the pony from a image of the show sadly and I have been looking, and I can not find much also on DA which just seems to repeat on how to draw a pony or vector from a shot of the show...
  10. Almost 2am, post post post! So I had a blog the other week featuring the following as a random cover for a novel. I've had this idea going in my head for a while, but haven't done it yet. So I've been drawing up some ideas so that way I don't forget the moments in my head. I'd give captions and reasons for the following pictures, but I have no interest on having things stolen. (I've run into enough fans that have done so with my work.) Lets just say that down the road, this will be much more than a war story--with deep politics, insurgency, religion, lore, and pony PLOT twists-it will be potpourri , something for everyone. I'm also considering getting a few people together for a dev team if anyone actually shows interest in this. I'll probably need someone else to help with all the art and someone to help with the story. But, first! Tell me what you think of it with the pictures so far! If interested in one of the two positions open on the team, PM me. I've been drawing these random sketches/panels all day. Hoping to get more done tomorrow as well. All progress will be posted here. When the stuff is set in stone. I'm hoping to release these in a similar fashion to "Romantically Apocalyptic" Where panels are released here in there that slowly add to the story. But hopefully in larger chunks than just a single panel release at a time.
  11. i personally like them i find them at barnes and nobles there are old ones and new ones the old ones are filled with comedy and cutaways the new ones have acton and adventure i recommend this one SPOILER ALERT!! knuckles is a cyborg in this comic and is married
  12. Hello everyone and welcome to my art thread! I recently purchased a Wacom tablet so I plan to start making art regularly. I will keep this thread updated as much as I can. As I am just learning to use a pen tablet, I would love some feedback/suggestions on my work. Thanks, I hope you enjoy. Programs I use often: Photoshop CS6, Paint.NET, Gimp My OC (No tablet used/made via Paint.NET)- Pinkie Pie (Final and Sketch)- Rainbow Dash (Final and Sketch)- Crazed Twilight (Final and Sketch)- Rarity (Final, Progression, and Sketch)- Wallpaper (Wallpaper Final, Background Final, Sketch, Layout, Development and Original Scene)- Button Mash GTA5 Delay Reaction(Final, Ink, Sketch, Original Scene)- Button Mash the Stache(Final, Sketch, Original Scene)-
  13. Finally finished up the last bit of this wallpaper and I must say, I like how it turned out. In total it took around 13 or more hours as everything, including the characters and background, was drawn by me. I hope you enjoy. Resolution: 1920x1080 Background Development (many images): Character Development and such can be found within my art thread.
  14. This took me a good 5 hours or so. x-x... All done by me aside from the signature in which I used a text maker XP. Program(s) used: Paint.NET
  15. So these are pretty much all my work. Some aren't in there because I don't feel like posting some of my digital doodles. Then there's some private tags. And collabs. So these are thumbs, they're bigger. I would like some opinions of my work if I can get some. :)I don't own some of the stocks/resources/renders in this, so if you're curious, I'll try to tell you the source! I don't own the resources used in the makings of these, nor do I use them for commercial use.
  16. I don't normally make artwork but when I do, this happens! It's probably one of my better drawings, that's if doing in Photoshop with a graphics tablet technically counts as drawing. I'm too pleased with the shading on his hair but I'm happy with it on his front right leg. Getting used to drawing properly with a tablet now rather than vectors with a mouse! So yeah, waddya thing?
  17. I had a spurt of creativity and decided I wanted to do something in Photoshop. Not sure what anime this is from, but I liked the render. Once again, the username is from another forum. Here is what I came up with:
  18. I thought that id have a go at drawing Luna in sort of a graphic stile with more wafty wings and gnarly mane and tail (not to mention belly button!) and I hope you guys like it. constructive criticism and all feedback is appreciated
  19. Hello everyone, I decided to upload a couple of graphic things I made for all of you to use! I will make more and upload them as well Signature for the forums: And a background for your desktop What do you think?
  20. These are some of my random OC's and fan arts Some are new some are old. I'll update this thread form time to time with new stuff and such this is one i did of my friend sam Random practice drawing First ever chibi First full female form using a graphics tablet. Yes i know she looks stiff but it was just a practice thing lol Ichigo from bleach Shuhei from bleach first time ever using a tablet my man thing Yoruichi from bleach hand drawn, scanned into the computer and coloured in photoshop using a mouse Yachiru from bleach method same as before aaaaand some more Renji abarai from bleach Byakuya Kuchiki from Bleach Chikorita - Pokemon Mewtwo - Pokemon <3 Celebi - Pokemon
  21. Quite often I see the question being asked "what is a vector?" Well, lets get started on answering a few questions about vector graphics... WHY ARE VECTORS USED A LOT WITH PONIES? They seem to be used a lot in the fan art (not all of it though) because the actual show its self is draw using vectors, in flash, an animation program. One of the possible reasons why flash uses vectors for almost if not everything is because when animating say you want something to get bigger or move closer to the camera, it will get blurry or pixelated if it is a raster (bitmap) image. Although I rarely use flash another reason for its use could be that it is easier to animate with...but I don't know. WHAT IS A BITMAP/RASTER IMAGE? A bitmap or raster image is a type of image that is "pre rendered". The basic content of a bitmap file is pretty much, the location of each pixel and the colour that it has at the location. These are the most common types of images you will find on the internet, and if you try to enlarge them, they will always become blurry and pixelated. Some of the common file types of a bitmap image include; PNG, JPG, GIF and BMP. There are more but those are the most common. Some examples of bitmap/raster programs include; MS paint, GIMP 2, Photoshop* and pretty much anything that can export one of the file types said above. WHAT IS A VECTOR? You mean vector graphic, the term vector its self is a different thing (sorta) However because of the popularity of the term vector in the context of art, it has become acceptable as the term vector to mean vector graphic... back on topic. Quite simply a vector graphic is a type of digital art that is drawn differently to a bitmap image in that it uses mathematical curves (Bézier curves) and other mathematical equations to make it retain the same quality through out being enlarged. Theoretically you could resize a vector and print it off to any size...imagine having a massive rarity poster the size of your wall that doesn't look blury? The thing with vector graphics is that they aren't all that popular on the internet in every day use (like the icons on a website are most likely to be a bitmap) so there aren't that many vector formats out there, the most popular format is SVG, the reason for it is: >because it isn't specific to only one program > It can be viewed in all modern web browsers >relatively small file size > can contain raster elements in it ( best of both worlds? however doing this is pretty much useless anyway.) there are plenty of other file types as well, but as said above most of them are specific to one program only or are very rarely used to day. Some of the common tools for drawing a vector include: Inkscape, Illustrator, Photoshop* and flash. *photoshop is primarily a bitmap program, however the PSD file contains some vector elements in it, if it was to be imported into a vector program, it would act like a normal vector (provided that everything in the PSD is a vector graphic,) Here are some related images, These will help you understand vector graphics Some helpful resources about vector graphics: http://en.wikipedia....Vector_graphics http://en.wikipedia....i/Bézier_curve http://en.wikipedia....Raster_graphics If you have any questions you can ask me... if something I said was wrong PLEASE tell me, I have the feeling that everyone knows more than me about this so if I said something that was factually incorrect, I would gladly fix it for you and others. Try to enjoy :3