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Found 16 results

  1. Which would you prefer and why?
  2. Is it just me or has AMD really started upping its game recently? Whenever I've been asked for advice when it comes to building gaming pcs, I've always answered that it's easily worth spending the extra premium on intel cpus (i5/i7) and getting an nvidia gpu, as amd's bulldozer micro architecture can only seem to compete with the equivalent intel cpu by adding more cores pushing its clock speed to the point where you could use it to heat a medium sized house, and its gpus just don't seem to match nvidia (at least the high end of things). But then, AMD released the RX480, which was a very competitively priced mid tier gpu (and the cheapest entry into pc VR if you're interested in that sort of thing), which I think is a sign of things to come. Their Ryzen cpu's are apparently going to be on equal footing with the equivalent intel offerings, but at a much lower price point (their $500 8-core/16 thread processor matches, and even exceeds, the $1000+ intel Broadwell-E 8 core). Assuming these prices, benchmarks and demos are all accurate - that is a phenomenal price/performance ratio (especially considering they have an 'auto-overclock' feature that keeps upping the clock speed while thermals are safe), and they are meant to be even more energy efficient than intel too, so no more furnace running inside your computer A demo of their Vega gpus also showed a single card running Doom at 4K on ultra at 60fps. Granted Doom runs on Vulcan, which apparently plays better with AMD than DirectX, but still! If they can price their Vega gpus as well as they can their Ryzen cpus, Nvidia should be worried. I dunno, I feel that all the Nintendo Switch news has kinda overshadowed this, and while I am interested in the Switch, I think this is a lot more exciting as I feel that with Intel holding the monopoly on the CPU market, they haven't had that need to innovate as much, and the result of that I feel is that their desktop lines have suffered for it. I'm hoping that AMD, now back in the game proper, will force them to start focussing on their desktop lines more - which will benefit us all, especially those who need a powerful machine whether we are into gaming, video production, audio production etc etc. (Their recent announcement of a hyperthreaded i5 might be a result of this already) I am interested with what will happen with Nvidia too, as I don't feel they have become as complacent as Intel, as the release of their 1070/1080 GPUs was (imo) a good step forward. So, what do you guys all think? Could this be the start of an exciting new arms race, or do you think that it's all just hype and once released, Ryzen/Vega will quickly be forgotten? Also, is anyone thinking of making the switch to AMD because of this?
  3. So, while I'm very much of the opinion that gameplay and a good story are more important than graphics - it is always a nice bonus to have all three. By this, I don't just mean the greatest display of graphical graphical power - a perfectly replicated grey hallway is still just a grey hallway. I'd rather take the colourful, but lower res, vibrant outdoor scenescape. So, whether it is because of lifelike graphics, interesting use of colour or even an 8bit game that has some great design choices behind it, which game (or games) would you say have some of your favourite visuals? For me, I'm going to go with Elite Dangerous. It has nice graphics, granted, but the main thing is that I've played MMO's before (of which I loosely consider Elite), and none of them have felt like an actual living world (or in this case: universe). Elite is one of the most 'alive' games I've ever played in this regard, and I think a lot of that is due to the design choices in the game. Everything looks like it is something that could legitimately exist in our future, even to the point where each manufacturer of ships have their own unique style compared to the rest. I've got the Xbox version, which will be graphically inferior to the PC edition, but even so - I think most players will remember their first exit from warp, coming face to face with a star: It is one of the few games where I can just stop and take in the view. So yeah, that's mine - which would be yours?
  4. So I thought of making a role play for MLP and stuff and the idea was finding the forgotten or lost spirits that a group of ponies has to find to bring back order and peace to the lands and etc in a epic quest of sorts. I went on to design the ocs/npcs and thought maybe some feedback on HOW they look would be welcome if I need to rework and stuff. These are all "first drafts" if anything so feed back is a welcome and wanted! Soul of the Storms: A little lost on what to do with her mane and tail in color and such, she is super rough if anything and still in in the works just I keep getting a block on what to do with her in the layouts. Main part is she is the keeper of storms/lighting/thunder etc. Keeper of the Stars: She is the guide in the stars and the spirit who gives them the power to shrine and even grant wishes to ponies who wish hard a enough. Soul of Dreaming: Mostly this pony helps to give ponies their dreams and creativity , mostly like a Greek muse would work
  5. Been working on these two for some wallpapers and other stuff on the side. Took to more simple black and white with Sombra in holding more to his smile shown and outline of his armor in white. Kept the aura from his eyes just due to it makes him stand out and we all know him for that. Adding in soft glow effects in a few places lightly in highlights. Cadence was fun and a bit more harder to do given her coloring. I made her all while minus the hair and mane and her outlines! The outlines in more pinksih and purples and kept the glow around her horn in use of magic and added in some glow effects and soft light ones on the side. Once more the cutie mark stays and the crown and armor of the Alicorn, All done between Gimp and programs:
  6. So we have a TON of talent when it comes to making the ponies and many do it for free based on request which I would love to thank all you artist for doing that for us! Now after working on graphics like I have, I would love to learn to not only make my own but also help out other people out! A base can be used and things added like mane/tail/colors and what ever a person may ask for! Also graphics programs can be used or a tablet (tablet I think works better) but I only have a mouse and my fingers (I plan to get one of those pointer pens I can use on a mouse pad) and the following programs: (I'd be using bases from Online) Example: Paint-Seen vids on how to use it. like the set up and used it for my own graphics. Gimp 2.8-My main graphics program. Inkscape-Kinda scared of it... Now yes people can say "oh look it up, read it or youtube it" but its not my thing, I like to ask questions and learn from real people and get feedback! So If any pony could help me to learn or set in a right path to start making some ponies, I would love it and thank you! Tao
  7. So I got bored and made some icons/avi's on the side of my anime films and Disney just for the fun! Would love some feed given they are my first outside of MLP and such!
  8. Think it's about time I make this thread. In this thread I shall be posting whatever graphic I make for the community/out of boredom. Everything in here is free for use (credit, though no necessary, is appreciated. Just don't claim that you made it) if you wish to. This thread shall contain various Wallpapers/backgrounds, signatures, and possibly, avatars. I may also set-up some .xcf and .psd files for pre-made backgrounds that you may use to make your own signatures (credit is requested if you're going to use them though, but just for the background itself). Most Recent Creation(s): Wallpapers: Signatures: Avatars: XCFs and PSDs:
  9. I have seen that plenty of newly released games for PS4 and XB1 run at 30FPS. This made me wonder about how console gamers feel about graphics vs framerate. So what do you think? Should 30FPS continue to be an accepted framerate, should developers shift focus to having games run at 60FPS with the possibility of graphics not improving or even getting worse? Or should there be a balance and have games run at 45FPS? What do you think?
  10. Jamie


    Hi. So i'm thinking of creating a blog sharing my stories to everyone concerning my life as Poniverse's graphic designer. And as you've probably noticed by now, this is the first post. If I get into the swing of things and continue to do this, dont expect them to be super long or delve into some secret stuff im doing behind the scenes with the team, but maybe some teases and hints. Depends. So most of the things I post will just be about me designing rather than specifically the things im designing. And also there will probably be a lot concerning non-secret things such as designs I do for school. All fun stuffs!
  11. I'm a huge fan of the Blender project and just wanted to know if there is anyone else here who shares my love towards the freedom of creation. (If you like Maya, Max or something else, I'm still interested in your opinions.) Write about anything in the subject. eg.: What features do you use the most? Works you've done? Years of practice? The UI wars? (active users should know ) I started using (heh) after I saw my cousin playing around in 2.4x (old times), but it turned serious only when I began attending art lessons and spent all my time on the classroom's only working computer. I still do My favorite parts of this amazing software are the modeling and simulation tools, compositing and Cycles nodes. I think the interface is 98% perfect the way it is and would prefer seeing improvements in modifiers (especially the boolean) and Unity integration than the developers wasting time on editor tabs. So far I've been doing it for ~2 yrs and now that I have my tablet, nothing can stop me My 2 bigger projects were a request and a present, one for my crush (a logo for her fashion show) and an OC for my best friend. They both sucked from a Blender point of view, but the look on their faces was worth every sleepless hour and coffee brewing and occasional missing from school. I want to do this all my life. PS.: 2.7 RC is out!!! Let's open that champagne!!!!
  12. This is just a little thing I've been noticing through the gaming community. It doesn't apply to all gamers, but I am going to be asking the gaming community as a whole this question. Around the time Battlefield 4 and COD Ghosts was released, I talked to a few gamers about the game. One question I asked all of them is "Why did you buy the game?" Most of their answers were centered around the visual presentation. Not one of them brought up the core gameplay, what makes a game truly a game. This got me wondering; do we, as the gaming community, have standards? Are we losing what's most important? Are we drawn in with graphical presentation or story and not what makes the game what it is; the gameplay?
  13. Hi got a Wacom Bamboo Graphics Tablet for Christmas, i love it but there is one problem, the pen if 'funny' when i go to draw or write, the pen will both right click and draw, but the right click will "over overpower" the pen. I do think it is either the pc or the settings. Please Help! Edit: Nevermind, The program i was using wasn't working with the Pen XD
  14. So I often use fractals when making my backgrounds or signatures, but never really knew where they came from. A couple days ago I came across the program people use to make them and started to get into it. This is one of the things that i've made after following a tutorial (with my own little spin on it).
  15. So I blew some dust off of my drawing tablet today, and decided to actually try to make something with it. It was just a quick sketch to test out the program I was using(MyPaint). The mane isn't good at all, and the anatomy and proportions are pretty bad, too. I also need to work on smoothing my lines a bit. Opinions?
  16. Hey guys, I'm kinda' stuck on what to think of, the next gen consoles. So, just tell your thoughts on the future generation. Xbox One, or PS4?