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Found 21 results

  1. Just a few drawings when I don't feel like playing games.
  2. Just gotts ta do Twilight and the mane 6 are done in the WW2 series, then i can continue with side ponies and other stuff like full on landscape drawings and stuff. anyways tell me what you think. please please please leave a comment, and scale it from a 1/10 *i think i need to edit it a little *
  3. Latest art in months, the rest are not finished yet. So here you are, non-pony art though, sorry.
  4. I havent done a graphite drawing in a while, mainly because i just dont have the right drawing paper to do it, but i will soon, so i can make bigger pictures with more detil. but i did watch a lot of drawing videos adn improved in hair detail so thats a good thing. here it is Enjoy. Hope you like it, and please reply and scale from 1/10 and dont be shy i am still trying to perfect the eyes. still am having extreme frustration in drawing the friggen eyes anyways if you liked this drawing visit my Deviant art for more links in my sig hope you add a +Watch ChAo
  5. I recently started sketching some pony again, so I kinda wanna show my progress so far This first one, I both started and abandoned back in December. I picked it back up a few days ago and did the gradation in the background, as well as that little bit of Sweetie. Poor Rarity was left staring uncertainly at an open void for the better half of a year. And then this one, I started soon after cause I was beginning to get bored of the above And, since I'm just kinda throwing art out here, I might as well slip these in too. I went to a sci fi convention about a month ago and spent a good amount of time drawing ponies in crayon on the back of coloring pages. I only took one home with me, but I have a (very very bad) pic of three of them. There was one of Rainbow as well, but I don't have a picture of hers. And, well...that's all I got for now
  6. just made my OC Elipsis as a portrait cuz i just can. hope you like it, sorry if you don't. please comment, reply, and scale from 1/10. and id like it if you checked out my Deviant Art account, links in my Signature, don't forget to +Watch if you want more of my art.
  7. I dont know, improvised, i made the name just now, and the hair was made with some lines and some curls so yea. please please pease Reply, and visit my Deviant Art, and dont forget to +Watch and scale from 1/10 dont be shy
  8. This was a pain to draw, and those stupid dark spots oh the head and neck wont go away, i tried like 5 times and they wouldn't budge anyways -_- Please tell me what you think and dont me shy please reply, scale from 1/10, and please visit my deviant art, dont forget to +Watch also if you brohoof make a reply too.
  9. I decided to draw my ponysona OC again, sense I haven't drawn him in quite a while, and I love drawing portraits! Well hope you like it, and sorry if you don't. Please reply, and visit my Deviant art profile for more, link in my signature, don't forget to +Watch and also if you Brohoof, also leave a Reply
  10. This is a pretty lame excuse, but I couldn't draw much recently because I lost my pencil sharpener and all my pencils were dull. Anyways, have some Princess Luna:
  11. Meh, I didn't really enjoy drawing this one nor was I impressed with myself when it was finished. But hey I want to know what you think. Please reply below and please please don't JUST Brohoof I want replies too.
  12. Well I wanted to use bigger paper for a rarity portrait, and it turned out alright, not exactly what I expected. But hey I'm just being modest, I don't like to be confident because it just gives me a hard time with criticism. Anyways, I used a 0.7 mm mech, 2h, HB, and 8b pencils. Please add a reply, share, and scale from 1/10. Also check out my DA profile in my signature.
  13. Well I got bored and drew rarity and did simple shading with a 2b graphite pencil. Well tell me what you think. Please Reply, share, and scale from 1/10.
  14. Here's my first Landscape WW2 drawing hope you like it , its a little hard to see, i took it from my phone like usual and the camera is crap ... anyways,this took quite a while, but it wasn't as hard, it was mainly trying to make the depth look right on the explosion. please tell me what you think. reply, share, and scale from 1/10 and if you brohoof, please leave a reply with it! *Edit:...i just noticed that smudge near the Rum bottle gotta change that*
  15. 4 down 2 to go and i would put Fluttershy in one of the most devastating parts of World War 2, D-Day Well, i wasn't very proud of this one, i guess its because of the legs. but i made her dirty with debris dust and bruises. but the main part i liked was her face expression but yea , that's really all i have to say . please Reply, Share, And scale from 1/10 And if you brohoof, please leave a comment with it
  16. 2 Down 4 to go this was more graphic than the other one, but less emotional. This was just as hard as applejack, but it didn't take as long to draw, i like it better than Applejack , mainly the face expression, because its fierce but devastated at the same time almost. Please Reply, share, and scale it from 1/10 . And of you're going to brohoof, please Reply too. *yes it is blurry! its because of my bad crappy camera, please dont point it out)
  17. This turned out having a darker theme than i thought it would ... whatever , i still loved the result of it all. i intended for it to be heavily shaded. hope you like it, please, comment, share, and if you brohoof please comment and scale from 1/10 *oh and sorry about my terrible cursive*
  18. Name: Smoke Fumes Hair: icy blue Pelt: White Eye Color: Deep blue Cutie mark: Smoke (Shrug) Personality:Smart, Experimental Hobbies: Making Medicine, Science, chemistry Occupation: Pharmacist Backstory: (im bad at backstory) Well hope you like it it didnt take long to make, it was a very simple design. Reply, Share, and Scale from 1/10
  19. Okay, so I thought that instead of creating mutliple threads just for a few art pieces, why not create my own are thread? I'll update whatever I make and will put it here second (or first depending on time of day) thing! Dev. art and all I really accept all critique, either it be negative or positive, all critique is welcome, all advice, tricks, tips, and pointed out flaws help a Great amount. I'll only be posting what I've done best from oldest to latest Ohyeah, here's some beautiful music while you're here
  20. Hey guys, another random pointless thread I'm making again. So, I've made this for my 2-Dimensional art class. I only wasted a good 2 hours on it seperate. I coud've put more detail into it, but I wanted to get this done before tommarow (Wed. 18). Is this good any(pony)body? I'm trying to not let actual drawing fail me again Not that I'm good at all to start with anyway Sorry if it seems blurry, my phone's very prone to motion blur
  21. I drew this about 2 years ago. The entire thing was done with a regular mechanical pencil.