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Hearth's Warming Helper

Found 6 results

  1. FlareGun45

    What makes Trixie so relatable

    I remember in the past when I first started watching the show, I thought characters like Pinkie and Flutters were my most relatable characters, but looking at it now, the most relatable characters on the show are the most unexpecting ones! Spike, of course, and Starlight, and even Trixie! Looking at Trixie, we can all see she's full of herself, but why is that? Well it's either her mom kept telling her how great she was, or she had a bad past, and she's using the present to makeup for that! How was Trixie's past like though? We know next to nothing about her before Boast Busters, except for the comic when Trixie went to Celestia's school, but was that really canon? Trixie's personality far outweighs her magic, and that's why I love about her best! Sometimes when people consider themselves to be "the best", it usually doesn't mean they're showboating (even though sometimes it is the case, but not this time), Trixie is well aware of her boasting! So I guess if nopony else is around to call her "great and powerful", she can only do it to herself, and it sticks around so long that it became a permanent part of her personality! It takes us alota seasons to finally realize how great of a pony she can really be - not because of her magics, but for her heart! What is it that YOU like about Trixie?
  2. Mysterycat

    Is Trixie good or bad?

    Trixie was bad when she first appeared but does she turn good or is she a bad guy? I'm asking this because some people think she's good and some people think she's bad.
  3. C. Thunder Dash

    Thunder Dash - The Pianist vs. The Unicorn

    Here's a fun thing I did this weekend. It's a piano duel between Trixie and myself. You know who wins...
  4. Steve Piranha

    Spoiler More Trixie in the way

    According to this, there's more Trix in the way
  5. Hello there enthusiastic little admirer. Trixie has some spare time to answer some questions and I look forward to receiving and replying to them so ask away!
  6. ShinyRibbonsAndSparkles

    Humanified Trixie Sketch

    I forgot to post this one. It's nothing special. I was going to do the lines, but I never did. If anypony wants to see it colored and whatnot, I'll see what I can do to get the lines and colors done.