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Found 20 results

  1. This is the content you are looking for... Trust me, I remade it. It will always be good. Jk...
  2. This is a thread for da Wakfu TV Show!
  3. Continue the FNAF song! Only 1-2 verses per post, please. Don't know if this is actually gonna be famous or not, anyway.... Song: Just Gold
  4. Hi everyone! I know Im really late with this, but just watched Fast&Furios 7 and it absolutelly crashed my heart. Of course I mean the way they paid tribute to Paul Walker. That was sooo beautiful. Crying a river after that scene. The way they did this and those feelings. Damn! So deep. Can't stand it. Too emotional. But so amazing. I just think that I love this series because of cars and racing (of course) but much more because of friendship and family shown there. This is the real reason I just love watching this. I feel that's great that they are showing what really matters in life. Those people. I mean THOSE people. Those who are worth fighiting for/ living for/dying for. That's what is worth everything in life. Without those people, without home and family (no matter if biological or choosen one) we got nothing. What You guys think about this? Agree with me? Do You like those movies? Let me know.
  5. (btw, this is pretty much just gonna be a "Ask Sherlock" from the movies, not the original stuff) Holmes: (looks off into the distance smoking his pipe) Yes, tis' I, the great Sherlock Holmes, here to answer any and all questions that you may have reguarding me or my assistant, Dr. Watson, but let's do try to keep them short, I have many cases piling up on my desk. (smiles) Watson: (puts his hoof to his temple) Holmes, you haven't had a case in months, don't lie to the ponies here. (sighs) How do I always let myself get dragged in to your little games? (shakes head, then looks at topic title) Since when am I your ASSISTANT? Oh, well, I may as well play along and answer any questions that I get as well. Holmes: (claps Watson on the back) Now, there's a good fellow, now all we must do is wait patiently for any questions to arrive.
  6. This is perhaps the most heated debate that has ever existed. It's kept me up for many nights, but I believe I have finally found the answer to the age old question. Toilet paper. Should we set it over or under? I have come to realize that the superior solution to this problem lies in the virtue of efficiency. It takes literally less burned calories to extend your hand and grab toilet paper that is set over, than it does to grab toilet paper that is set under. This is simply because toilet paper set over, is slightly closer to your hand than under. Do you dare disagree?
  7. I was just fishing through Tv Tropes "Weak, but skilled" page when they brought up Trixie, and something just occured to me. Magic in Equestria is not just something you can pull out of the air. It takes a while for unicorns to learn even basic levitation, powerful spells require advanced study. Many times, Twilight Sparkle has even had to resort to magical formulas off of books and scrolls themselves in order to perform spells, the time travel spell and the reformation spell being two off the top of my head. Trixie performs an age spell in seconds. To start with, it's obvious that Trixie would never have been able to perform an age spell under normal circumstances. Only the highest level unicorns can use those spells, a circle which apparently doesn't even include Twilight Sparkle herself. She would have had no ability to practice this kind of magic, and no need to study it. Furthermore, it's not just age spells, she performs a wide variety of complex spells, including weather manipulation and transmutation. She even came up with a spell specifically to cause pain, something we've never seen before or even heard mentioned. For all intents and purposes she created that spell herself, something which few unicorns have ever done;Celestia praised Twilight for finishing a spell,creating one out of scratch is absolutely amazing. Trixie was stated to have attended Celestia's School for gifted unicorns. However, she's traveled all over Equestria when we've seen her in Boast Busters. Going back to Twilight, during the first episode, it mentions she's studying abroad,which means she still hasn't graduated. Trixie was either kicked out of school,or dropped. But why? What if the reason was that Trixie was simply born with a low magical yield? While she's intelligent, she simply doesn't have the raw power unicorns like Twilight have, and so is unable to do the things they can even with proper learning. It would explain why she couldn't graduate from school; she'd be unable to pass any of the tests given to her. It would also explain her attitude. Trixie is arrogant because she knows that she's not Great and Powerful, but she pretends that she is so that everybody will think she is. Nobody would ever figure out she's secretly putting on two shows. It also explains her hatred of Twilight. Twilight has insane amounts of magic, but treats it like it's nothing. To someone like Trixie, it would be a slap in the face; imagine if you spent your entire life trying to lift a car, only to see someone casually backhand one thirty feet into the air...on their way to the mailbox. Twilight also exposed how powerless she is to the world, something she never wanted them to know. Boast Busters would literally be Trixie's own personal hell. So is Trixie secretly a genius who's cursed with low magic levels? What do you guys think?
  8. I just finished watching "Bronies: the unexpected adult fans of my little pony friendship is magic" (I know I'm a little tardy to the party on that one) but it made me realize how amazing everyone in this community is and how proud I am to be a part of it. I am so thankful I have the ability to escape the world and come to a fandom that fully understands me the way that this one does. To all you artists, musicians, animators, voice actors, fanfic writers, and whoever else; Great job and keep up the amazing work. Thank you to all of you. You are all truly 20% cooler (I can't believe I went there either.) I extend to all of you the highest of brohooves. ............../\ ............./..\ ............/....) .........../..../ ........../..../ ........./..../ ......../..../ ......./..../ ....../..../ ...../..../
  9. So I downloaded Paint Tool SAI and considering I have a Wacom Bamboo Tablet (which I rarely use) I decided to draw PONIES! So I drew ponies that don't really look like FiM ponies. But I like making them, it is easier. So here are the three ponies I have drawn today: <--- Ocean Breeze <--- Sugar Mane ^^^ Holly Dash, for my sister and a failed attempt to draw a humanized Fluttershy. Don't look directly into her eyes, she is a bit scary :S So those are pretty much all the drawings I have made until now. I'm just 11 so that explains why they are so awful ^-^
  10. So I made this today.
  11. So I came back from Petersburg and it was interesting, but exhausting But I bought a mask from there, and it's kinda from "V means Vendetta"! So enjoy it! Link to wallpaper P.S I made a tutorial of it, so watch it and learn it - -K97
  12. So, who else is stoked for this game? It has gotten pretty good reviews. I've been looking into the series ever since I ran across the excellent DS game: It's a series that started as a (surprisingly entertaining) ripoff of the Mario series developing it's own personality under a new and very talented group. And it has awesome music, too.
  13. I, The Great and Powerful Trixie, has taken time out of her hard-working day of magic, for you, MLPforumians to ask Trixie questions! Be prepared for amazing stories! All of them happened to Trixie herself! Now you may ask.
  14. I have found a new banner for which ill use form now on, (THE GREAT AND POWERFUL TRIXIE SAYS, SPREAD THE PEACE New Banner VVVVV
  15. Hello again, the Pillow Plushy Project is almost over but there is still time. Check out all of the work done so far, from the very first pillow plushy prototype to the large scale version. I am trying to make affordable, large plushies that any MLP fan can enjoy. With my focus for the brony community I will be able to make plushies at the cost of only $36 (including shipping to US buyers) of anypony. Eventually including many of the background ponies. The Pony Pillow Plushy Project: A project to make affordable plushies of all of our favorite ponies. Here is a special message from the Pony Pillow Project's youngest and probably most adorable fan all the way from New Zealand:
  16. Hello my fellow Pinkie Pie fans. For too long we have remained divided. This is only because none of us ever thought about joining forces. But no longer! From this day forth, we shall band together under the flag of the LEPPF! So, who's with me? Flag: Motto: "In Pinkie Sense we trust."
  17. This was the first song we performed last night at Brewha...
  18. Well, first me and my group Unique Kase played our first REAL show this evening. There were about 300 people there... Yeah, after we were done, one of my friends Andrew started dancing around and he ended up doing a catchy song... So here's GRINDFEST!
  19. After going to bed at 1:30 AM, waking up at 5:30 AM , and completing another long day at school and track, I struggle to stay awake. However, instead of passing out, this is what I do instead. Note: Windy day, turn down speakers. There are also moments where I just feel like being a dumbtard, so please excuse me. (It gets better after the first few minutes... I make a new friend )
  20. That is probably the best FiM trailer. Ever. I didn't make it, it was made by the talented starrose20 FANTASTIQUE.