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Found 24 results

  1. This is the most detailed draw i have ever made! I often listen iron Maiden, and Eddie is their mascot. He was the perfect character to turn into a pegasu because Eddie have a lot of differents forms, and no one before me have made he as pony or pegasu version: 3 days to draw and 50 minutes do colorize Using mouse, Photoshop, and Paint (I posted in my newgrounds profile too: This is a sketch that i was creating in paint, i was just messing and trying to represent Eddie, and it works! Here a pic of Eddie the Head for those who not have saw him:
  2. Happy St.Patty day to all my irish and irish american friends out there celebrating. I was just digging a bit through my old soundcloud and found something relevant for this day. Have fun.
  3. Hi everyone! Here's the latest track I've made! As for every of my songs, there's a tiny little story coming with it. Here it is : "Sometimes Twilight Sparkle likes to have a rest enjoying a beautiful landscape from Equestria. But be careful not to overthink Princess!" As this is my first post in Fan Music, just a few words about Mane In Green : I've started making MLP fan music in early november. There are remixes of official songs and instrumental tracks inspired by artworks from the fandom. PS : my favorite color is red, even if I'm green, and I don't like green, but I fully assume this name's choice. :awuh: Voilà! I hope some of you will enjoy, and every feedback is welcome!
  4. Like the title says: Say something like Yoda (that green, swamp-dwelling muppet) from Star Wars. You can even upload yourself doing a Yoda impression if you feel like it, but text is really all you need. I'll go first: MmmmmmmMmmmm! Like waffles, I do!
  5. I originally wanted to do this for St. Patrick's Day, but could never find the time. This was inspired by this green ponies thread. I picked 10 green characters and draw them with green food- I mostly picked the characters that were definitely green, and sorta fudged it with Lyra thinking "she's greenish blue, but that's good enough". I kinda wish I'd included more of the ponies in that thread, but I wasn't sure where to draw the line between green and "not-green". Anyways, hope you like it. And let me know (here or in that thread) if you spot any other green characters! From top to bottom, left to right: Evergreen/Douglas Spruce, Merry May, Smooze, Tree Hugger, Granny Smith, Wensley, Auntie Applesauce, Lyra, Yuma Spurs (Appleloosa Delegate), and Katie Cook's OC. A higher resolution should be available at this deviantART link (as a download):
  6. Okay, some of you know this, but @Zygen is currently working on a mare OC to be his main OC's lover/girlfriend. The design is finished for her, but he still needs to come up with a name, and other things. Zygen's OC: Mare OC: Anyway, I decided to draw a picture of them together for @Zygen. It's not too romantic, but oh well. The picture can be found below. Let me know what you guys think, and some constructive criticism for it would be nice. I'm just bumping this thread back up. I really want some critique so I can become a better artist. Thanks in advance to those who provide feedback and/or constructive criticism.
  7. Vendi

    Stiff Spike

    I did a vector of spike after his deep tissue massage.
  8. This is my first attempt at drawing a fully fledged pony. In case you don't know, her name is Viridian Meadows, and she is the official mascot of Software: Manga Studio 5 EX Hardware: Wacom Intuos Time Taken: <5 Hours
  9. So I had bit of an inspiration and came up with this. I'm not too pleased with how it came out; I was going for a bit more skeletal and emaciated but she ended up just being sort of weirdly proportioned. Anyway here is my oh-so-monstrous kelpie OC. Partially inspired by the fanfic Mendacity. I named her Nymphaea, hence the water lily in her hair.
  10. I remember about 4 years ago my dad (or maybe my friend, I don't know) introduced me to Green Day by sitting me down and forcing "¡Viva la Gloria!" down my ears. I have been listening to them ever since, so I kinda grew up listening to them. However, for a reason completely unknown to me, I never really googled much about them. Anything I read was on Wikipedia, so there was no opinions. But recently I've come across stuff on the internet, and everyone seems to hate them! I just want to see how many people here like/dislike them. Plus I'm bored.
  11. Hello =) here is my OC high hopes. she is an earth pony who's special talent is training birds she is strong, rash, passionate and understanding but can be hurtful as she isn't good at wording her opinions very well . she does have self doubts and worries but she tries no to let it show. she's an earth pony she feels sad and confused because she feels she cant fulfil her destiny properly as she cant fly along side her birds. Her friends mean a lot to her as they give her confidence in herself and her talents . here is a picture
  12. I posted my line art for this a while back, and I worked off and on for several days to color it in AA: Sketchpad for Wii U. I think it turned out pretty well, myself. It's very... Green.
  13. SO hi guys, i am making up a big art project with 7 oc's of my friends and favourite roleplayers, so i am slowly starting.. today i have made the one of my best forum friend wayzer.. here you have Nightstrike! his weapon is a mix beetween an m16 and a compound bow XD
  14. So this is my pony inspired by my two favourite characters ive encountered in my life, Faith and Rainbow Dash And my favourite color, limegreen.
  15. I am a fan of muscle/imports but since this is gonna be my first car a 67 stang is out of the question insurance wise so what about something like this: Right now I have the ability to pick uo a 97' civic real cheap and was thinking of something like that or lime green with black rims. Anyother suggestion (rice burner of other) appreciated
  16. YAY, a Changeling wallpaper, it was a request I got a long time ago, but never got around to do and eventually forgot it. ._. (Great example of how organised I am). Anyway, anyone can use this, the size is 1920x1080px. C:
  17. Hehe, My OC is COMPLETE! Haha, suck at backgrounds :'D Anyway, here is my OC, Green Pea! Lets talk about her. She has not cutie mark, she is calm, can be hyper, need's glasses, as you can see, can get annoyed at times, gets stressed at times, nice, and sweet! She was bullied in school, for not getting her cutie mark, having freckle's and glasses, and gets called a 'nerd'. She gets bullied still, but that's rare. Anyway, what do you think?
  18. Made something new, and also, testing the "Apophysis" thing! Kinda out of inspiration, but eh, who cares Anyway, hope you will enjoy! Here is a link to it - -K97
  19. Yeah, so this is my pony self, Hazel Drop. :3 My eyes are two different colors because in reality, my left eye doesn't work to good anymore because I would always put my hair over that eye....don't be stupid and do that xD But my eyes aren't really different colors, don't worry...don't have cataracts or something, that's for sure. ^^ My original ponysona is a pegasus, though my two other ponysona's, Butter Bean and Rose Ribbon, are earth ponies. They are twins, so of course they will be the same race. c: Enjoy!
  20. Butter Bean wuvs to make faces, too! She wuvs to make faces so everyone can smile! Seeing people smile makes Butter Bean smile!
  21. Just wondering... where can i find and buy a large quantity of glow sticks, i mean just enough to cover some of the walls a little cause i think that would be cool and maybe i would hang them from the ceiling cause my new room is boring its just plain white with a bed and a bunch off speakers and white furniture in the corners and a computer i need stuff to liven up my new room any ideas.. i can use the help.
  22. Here she is again! Her name is now Cassie Crimsion (Credit to Xero1 for the name) I have no idea what her cutie mark means but enjoy or whatever and comment
  23. Here's my first pony drawing. He doesn't have a name, so feel free to suggest a name and cutie mark. I didn't mean to copy the goggles from Spitfire. I'm new to MLP and didn't know about her. I hope you guys like it; I just joined and want to make a good impression. If you have any tips, feel free to criticize and such.
  24. My Little Clue: Whodunit is Magic, idk I just like using My Little (blank): (blank) is (blank) Anyways, crossover time with an old, popular board game: Clue! Professor Plum Sparkle Miss Green Shy Colonel Applejack Miss Peacock Dash Miss Scarlett Pie Miss White Rarity and finally a group photo to tie it all together!