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Found 1 result

  1. COVID-19 has messed things up for a lot of people. Normal life has been disrupted and it's time we all collectively vent our frustrations over it. So how has the Corona Virus screwed over your daily routine and future plans? For example: I only got to spend less than an hour at my local cafe before they told me that due to low turnout, they were now gonna close 3 hours earlier than normal. Meaning that they'll now close before I get off work for the foreseeable future. I was gonna see Brazilian metal legends Sepultura along with NOLA metal pioneers Crowbar and the reunited Sacred Reich. The tour has been postponed. I was also gonna attend my first All Elite Wrestling show on the April 1st. 2nd row VIP seats. The show has been rescheduled to the 28th. Of October. Speaking of wrestling. A crap ton of shows have been canned thanks to travel and public assembly bans. There's a real possibility that WrestleMania and all the indy companies and performers who get their huge paydays during that weekend might be postponed or canceled for the first time in it's history. Since I'll be travelling later this week, I now have to take extra precautions around planes and air ports because humans on the go are unsanitary, regardless of the circumstances. The stuff I as planning on doing during My Little Vacationtm in San Diego is now in jeopardy. Honorable mention to my dad who's already there and won't get to see his San Diego Padres on opening day due to the MLB season being suspended. How about you? What frustrations with COVID-19 would you like to get off your chest?